Buying School Clothes

by wcoyote

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Humor Sex Story: The continuing adventures of Art and Rose. Just a Boy Warlock and his Succubus making their way in the world.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Drunk/Drugged   Magic   Humor   Paranormal   Snuff   Gang Bang   Violent   .

Rose and I were moving through a bad neighborhood outside of LA. Rose needed a big boost in power to be able to move to the next stage in her development (No, it's not leveling up in a video game. What? Okay, it's exactly like leveling up in a video game. Geeze, take a wonderful part of a young succubus's life and make into something cheap.) So we were hunting. There had been a number of police reports of young girls being abducted in this area. The best guess was that they were being held as unwilling sluts for the gangs in the area. Some had been traced to brothels across the border. But when Mexican federal agents had visited the brothels the girls had always disappeared.

Rose was walking along the sidewalk looking scared. She had on a very prim and proper Catholic school girl uniform and looked very much fourteen. Thanks to a spell by her Mom, no one could see or feel her horns, tail or wings. My Rose was a damn fine little actress since she wasn't scared in the least but pretty damn excited. Over the summer, we had a number of adventures. This was in a way our graduation exercise. We were both in some danger but we were the hunters not the hunted.

Who the hell are we? Sorry, I always forget this part. Hi, I'm Arthur Wise, Boy Warlock. And Rose is my succubus. We are "married" for some given value of married. But being a succubus, monogamy is not an option. So Rose's mother had set us up a series of encounters that helped us both deal with our unusual situation.

In addition to lots of sex with each other and others, we had been tutored. We both learned to fight. Eventually we would start on martial arts. So far was purely fighting. We learned combat and healing spells. Oh, and a bunch of sex spells. Succubus know a shit load of sex spells.

More about all that later, now back to our hunt. Like I said, Rose was in full Catholic schoolgirl mode. I was a lot less friendly looking. It wasn't the khaki cargo pants or combat boots. The black tee shirt and khaki photog vest even seemed fairly normal. But the bandoleer of potions hanging around my neck either said Dungeons and Dragons Geek or dangerous person. Which one was according to how knowledgeable you were. And the 1917 naval cutlass hanging down my back said unfriendly to anyone. But that was all a moot point as the amulet around my neck meant no one could see me. Well, that is not really true. True invisibility spells were still outside my reach. This spell keeps people from noticing me. I looked like someone that should be there if I am moving. Standing still, I tend to blend into things or look like inanimate objects. The spell works directly on the part of your brain that recognizes things. Pretty cool, huh.

Rose was walking down the street looking fearful at every dark alley. I was paralleling her on the opposite sidewalk. We had been walking for about ten blocks and I was considering calling it off. No bites, it was hot out and Rose was looking damn hot in her outfit. I was thinking about dropping the hunt and just going home and fucking our brains out. Suddenly a white van pulled up, a half dozen latino guys jumped out and grabbed Rose. She screamed as they threw her in the van and sped off. "Finally" I thought to myself. I triggered a spell I called "Spiderman" and ran across the street. I caught the van before they got to the first corner. The spell allowed me to hang on to the van, well, like Spiderman. I was hanging on the right rear corner and standing on the bumper. I have to say it was a thrilling ride for the first few blocks until they decided no one was following them. The funny thing was that after driving around for almost ten minutes we ended up only three blocks from where we started. I guess their "turf" wasn't that big.

The van pulled inside an old, abandoned looking warehouse. Once inside, I dropped off the bumper and moved close to the wall. Looking around, I was a little worried when I saw a group of young latino girls sitting around on some old ratty looking couches. When they started cheering as the guys dragged Rose out, I relaxed, no "Innocents" here.

Rose went into her act as soon as she was out of the van. "Please let me go. I am a good girl. Please, I will say prayers for all of you and have the priest light candles in your name." They just laughed at her and snatched at her clothes. I noticed several of the girls helping strip her. Rose kept thrashing around but never in a way that would keep them from getting her clothes off.

Her clothes in tatters, Rose tried to cover herself with her hands. She acted scared but I could see telltale drops running down her thighs. My dear sweet Rose always liked it a little rough. I could tell being gangraped was right up her alley. "Please" she said, looking around. "You are Mexican, right? That means you are Catholic. You mustn't do this. If you do, you will surely go to hell for raping a virgin."

A big guy I had figured for the leader stepped in front of Rose and spit on the floor. "That for your priests. We are the "Aztec Warriors" and we don't answer to anyone, especially any stinking priests." Everybody cheered his little speech. Gotcha, I thought. With that, they had given up any call they might have had on the "White Christ". Oh, the Holy Roman Church would still kill me for being a warlock and being bonded to a demon and Rose for being a demon but they couldn't say we were poaching. Devoted followers of the "White Christ" could also have what they called guardian angels. The "angels" weren't what christians thought they were but not something I wanted to fight right now though.

With that, the guys dragged her roughly to the center of the floor. There were a couple of nasty looking mattress stacked there. From the stains, it was not the first time they had done this. The leader undid his pants as several guys held Rose spread eagle on the makeshift bed. He thrust into her as she flopped her head side to side and shrieked, "No, No. Please stop." He just keep on rutting. When he came after only a couple of minutes, he noticed the blood on his dick. "Damn, she was a virgin. How about that, guys. We get to fuck a virgin in all her holes tonight." He looked around, "You guys can have her mouth and pussy. Nobody touches her ass until I am ready again." (Now I knew she was not a virgin and had not been for a couple of months. She told me later she had used a fingernail to scratch her labia minora.) The guys standing around quickly agreed. At the direction of one of them, Rose was turned over and "spit roasted" with a man in her mouth and one in her pussy.

Rose lifted one hand and flashed me a quick sign. I moved to where she could see me and gave the sign for "agreed". And yeah, Rose could see me the whole time. With her bond, she always knows where I am, my health and mood, etc. To keep HER from seeing me would be very difficult.

I softly voiced a short cantrip and blew a fine powder across the room. The cantrip was just to evenly spread the powder across the room. I activated the powder with a word. The powder was not something I could make yet. I had paid good money and a visit from Rose and me to a very high powered (and priced) Witch. It was expensive but worth all blood and pain. Rose and I were immune but everyone else was affected. They now only cared for themselves. Not much of stretch for this bunch but it went deeper. As the first two rapists finished, no one noticed that they staggered off to a corner and never got back up.

I could move around freely now. No one was going to pay any attention to me. I walked over to where the girls were sitting. I noticed that all of the girls had their hands between their legs or were making out with other girls. Since this was not part of the spell I cast, I guess this was just their normal reaction to the rape of an innocent. Pretty twisted but I wasn't complaining as they all had dropped their panties and shorts. In some cases they had just dropped panties and pulled their skirts up for easy access. So I was looking at a bunch of cute little pussies.

I used another potion from my bandoleer. As it settled over all the girls, they turned to look at me. "Girls, I am your Master. You want to please me. You will tell me the truth and not try to hide anything. You will do anything I ask you." "Yes Master, we will do anything you want." they chorused. That potion I was really proud of as I had made it. I couldn't do anything else for the rest of the day which Rose was a little perturbed about. But it was still a damn good job if I do say so myself. I had modified a sex spell from one of Scarlett's grimoires. No one thought I had enough mojo to make it work. But I did and impressed everyone including myself.

I sit down in the center of one of the couches and told all the girls to sit down in front of me. I asked each one their name and age. Once I found out the age of several, I had them get dressed and sit off to the side. I upgraded the male members of the gang from rapist bastards to pedophile rapist bastards. Any second thoughts I had about what Rose and I were doing got erased then. I talked to a couple more girls that had been coerced into joining the gang. The final three seemed to be the leaders on the girl's side and as twisted as the guys. I had them sit on the other couch as I talked to the more or less innocent ones. The ones that I thought were too young to really understand or hadn't wanted to join in the first place. These I told to go home and confess to their parents what they had done. When two of them told me that their parents knew and approved of where they were, I called Mom. Witches are a very matriarchal society so they ran or supported a number of abused women's shelters. I gave them the address Mom gave me and told them who to talk to at the shelter.

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