Retirement Project - Teaching John a Lesson

by Daydreamz

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Lettie's little brother can't contain his curiosity - or his developing dick.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   .

John Mellors was a well-behaved boy who didn't normally go trespassing in neighbours' gardens and spying on people, but today the urge to see what his sister Lettie was doing had overwhelmed him.

For weeks now, from even before the summer holidays had started, she'd been disappearing across the road to Mr Whitaker's house, to swim in his pool and work on her school project with her best friend Janie. She'd been staying at Janie's a lot too, but John hadn't paid much attention, until two days ago he'd overheard his mum saying something to his dad, in the kitchen. It had sounded like: "I don't know what they get up to over there, and I don't want to know." His dad had replied: "Well they won't come to any harm with David, he's the nicest old chap you could think of," and his mum had just said "I suppose so."

What did that mean??

John had recently started puberty. His voice had gone deeper, in a wobbly sort of way, and his dick had suddenly started going big from time to time, out to a good four inches long, or a bit more even, and feeling great when it did. Girls were sexy, not a nuisance after all.

Sex was on his mind generally.

He was a bit worried about the way his cock had gone hard when he and a few of his friends at school had felt up each other's dicks, after class, which they'd done three times. And about how for one boy especially it went up fast and easily. Was he gay??

Being homosexual would be terrible. Anyone who was even suspected of being gay was picked on mercilessly. The very word 'gay' was used as a general insult. Even being Lettie Mellors' brother might not save him.

He and his best friend Simon had compared each other's dicks and touched them, but neither of them had wanked yet. They didn't talk about the touching; it was compulsive, but guilty. They'd discovered sex on the web, and watched pictures and videos, in awe, and now they were acutely aware of a new world that had yet to be explored in the flesh, as it were.

And Lettie and Janie were sexy, as the whole school knew. Older boys were always talking about them; in fact they were the centre of attention wherever they went. There was something special about them but John hadn't quite got hold of exactly what it was. Though Lettie had always been Miss Popular as far back as he could remember, even if for some reason she didn't have boyfriends like most of the others.

So when John had seen Lettie flitting across the road the previous afternoon curiosity had got the better of him, and he'd decided just to take a walk along the public footpath that runs between his village and the next. At one point it goes only one small field away from the end of Mr Whitaker's big tree-lined garden.

He'd crossed the field and looked closely at the high wooden fence, before his nerve had failed and he'd beaten a retreat. Today though he'd come back with more resolve, and when he'd faintly heard Lettie's voice he'd scrambled up and over the fence.

He'd dropped down between some trees and bushes, then crawled forwards through more bushes until he could just see, through the leafy branches, the house and its big lawn.

And now John was trying to cope with what his eyes were seeing: a lawn full of naked girls!

It was hard to know where to look first. Movement drew his eye the most – there was old Mr Whitaker on top of a girl, all naked, with his ass going up and down. That was FUCKING, wasn't it?

But he was as old as Granddad, either of his granddads, and the girl looked like Ann Keighley from the year above! Could that be right?

He dragged his eyes away to Lettie, who was sitting cross-legged in a group of other girls rolling one of her joints, with her bush just completely on display to the girls AND HIM! Her bush was brown and fluffy, and the secret bits must be right below - a CLIT and a PUSSY!

Her tits jutted out, just as much as they did in her clothes, but now he could see her NIPPLES. They were exciting too, just for being visible.

Lettie was talking, as per usual, and waving her hands around one at a time with the cigarette paper and grass in her lap that their mum and dad didn't know about. Janie and two other girls were listening, all naked and all sitting really close to each other and touching knees and arms and feet.

John could hardly believe he was seeing Janie Simmonds in the nude, as he'd fantasised about so often recently in his dreams. Janie was not only completely sexy but she said 'hello' to him and smiled at him even at school.

He recognised Ella Green, the little blonde girl everyone went on and on about, and Jo somebody from Lettie and Janie's year, quite tall and sort of a dark blonde, whom he knew but not her name.

Just as he was starting to look over the girls properly, comparing their tits, those he could see at least, a rattling noise started in the trees and the girls all leapt up and ran for the house.

It had started raining! How unfair was that!

Old Mr Whitaker didn't seem to care though, he just kept on with his ass going up and down, though he did speed up. Ann was starting to make a gasping noise in time with his ass going down - which John was realising had to be his COCK going right into her!

It looked terribly animal and intense; a bit scary, with the rain now beating down on Mr Whitaker's back and Ann Keighley's exposed legs but them not bothering, and now John could hear a slapping noise as Mr Whitaker bashed into her thighs and butt!

Mr Whitaker made this big groaning noise and Ann gave a long gasp and they stopped moving for a few seconds and seemed to be clasped together.

A few seconds later John watched as they separated and stood up, soaking wet in the pouring rain, then ran across the lawn into the pool building on the side of the house. Ann was laughing, so she must've enjoyed it!!

With the lawn empty John realised he was being dripped on and was getting wet himself. He retreated further under the trees, then when the rain kept on he gave up, climbed back over the fence and ran for home, where he had to make up an excuse for being out in the rain getting soaked.

John hardly dared look at Lettie when she got in for dinner. He couldn't stop thinking about her naked – her amazing tits and her pubes. And what was she doing nude with all those girls from school?

He was all set to go back the following day, but it was grey and cold with showers, so the girls wouldn't be out sunbathing.

Even though it was July he had to wait almost a week, not able to think about anything else, until the sun shone again, then when it did he went straight back over the fence and was peeping through the foliage once more.

This time he went early, not to miss anything, and sure enough at about half past eleven one of the doors of the pool room slid open and Lettie came out, followed by Ella, Janie and then Mr Whitaker, all in the nude again! The other girls didn't seem to be there this time.

John watched, riveted, as they spread towels out and lay down, chatting casually as though they did this all the time. Which perhaps they did!

He noticed more detail this time, like how they were all tanned evenly all over. Even Janie had a bit of a tan, and Lettie and Mr Whitaker were quite brown. Ella's skin was a golden sort of colour.

John had never seen all-over tans before. It certainly looked like they must be nude a LOT!

Janie and Mr Whitaker lay down and Lettie and Ella started spreading stuff from bottles on them. Sun cream, or oil perhaps.

John watched Lettie's and Ella's tits as they leaned over to spread the cream. Ella's swayed to and fro slightly, whereas Lettie's hardly moved, though they were about the same size really, just a different shape.

Their tummies, even with them being bent over, didn't have any bulges. Their asses looked pretty smooth too, Ella's a bit smaller than Lettie's. Their shapes were different in general, with Ella having wider shoulders and hips that were about the same width, whereas Lettie's hips were definitely wider than her shoulders and her thighs were bigger than Ella's too.

John was fascinated. He knew both the girls were highly rated for their bodies at school. Evidently there was quite a lot to it, being sexy.

Their backs done, Mr Whitaker and Janie turned over. John very, very nearly gasped out loud - Mr Whitaker had an erection!

It looked enormous, so much bigger than his own; like twice as long AND twice as thick. If that's what girls like Ella liked then he was doomed!

And she obviously DID like it. She was giggling, swapping comments with Lettie and Janie, and after she'd creamed Mr Whitaker's chest and legs she put her hand round it! Right round his cock!! Well as far as it would go at least.

And then she played with it and was laughing about it, not taking it seriously at all, putting cream on it and rubbing it. John tried to imagine what it would feel like if a girl had her hand round his own cock.

Mr Whitaker seemed quite relaxed about it too; obviously this wasn't the first time. He reached up and stroked between her legs. She didn't seem to mind. It was hard to see at that distance but his hand seemed to be pointing up rather than along; what was he doing?

And then, incredibly, little Ella swung a leg over him and lined up the ginormous cock between her legs!! She was only five feet or a bit more, surely she wasn't going to ... she'd lowered herself and the great big old dick was disappearing right inside her!

John watched in astonishment as the small girl proceeded to fuck herself on the old man's big cock, sliding up and down and writhing her hips. John could see the big, dark torpedo shape disappearing and reappearing between her thighs.

She had a big smile on her beautiful face. Her blonde hair flowed around and blew in the wind, and she gasped and sighed beautifully in time with her movements.

John's gaze was distracted by movement next to the fucking couple. He looked at Janie and Lettie. They were KISSING!! Lettie actually was lying on Janie's naked body, snogging her totally, and Janie's arms were round her and stroking up and down her back and through her hair.

They were LESBIANS!!

John was torn. He knew some boys thought lesbians were queer and being one was wrong and stupid, though nobody said so out loud after Lettie made Aaron Fletcher cry in front of everyone. It wasn't as bad as being a boy and gay, but not good either.

And now here were the two girls he most admired in the whole world and they were it!

And they'd made his cock go hard, he realised. The way they were kissing was sexy, anyway, even if it wasn't supposed to be. Lettie had one thigh each side of one of Janie's and was starting to move up and down on it.

They writhed about together for a bit, then turned over so Janie could put cream, or perhaps it was sun oil she was spraying, all over Lettie. John watched her rub it slowly over her, including her face, her neck and her amazing tits that stuck straight up.

While Janie was doing that Lettie was stroking Janie's big thighs. John didn't know WHY Janie's thighs were sexy, but they were. And so were her tits, which were slightly more curved than Lettie's but a similar size – not 'big tits' but very noticeable!

And when Lettie started stroking them Janie seemed to really like it. John heard her gasps even from where he was, twenty or thirty yards away. The way they used their hands was different, not trying to move anything just like saying something with touching. He wondered what they must feel like.

His attention was drawn back to Ella, who was also starting to make gasping noises. She was moving faster and Mr Whitaker was moving a bit as well. Ella's face had gone a bit funny, as though she wasn't concentrating on where she was but on something that was somewhere else entirely.

Her gasping got a bit louder; she groaned as well and went all stiff, for quite a few seconds; then she sagged down onto Mr Whitaker and lay on him while he stroked her back and ass. John realised it had been an orgasm. Also he realised that her ass was smooth and pert and sexy.

His hardon was uncomfortable in his shorts, it was bent over somehow. He rolled onto his side and undid his shorts so he could rearrange it. But he found that when he touched it, it felt good. Really good. He didn't want to stop.

He pulled his briefs down a bit so he could curl his fingers round it, and gave it a little squeeze. It was hard not to gasp out loud. He looked critically at it: it was bigger than it used to be, but a lot smaller than Mr Whitaker's. Still, it was the same shape at least, and if he squeezed the top of it it felt especially good.

When he looked up again the scene on the lawn was still developing: Ella was now with Lettie and had her head between Lettie's big thighs ... well they were bigger than Ella's at least. Could she breathe? What was the idea? Lettie seemed to be enjoying it, anyway, judging by the noises she was making.

Janie was with Mr Whitaker, who was on top of her and beginning to fuck her like he'd been fucking Ann Keighley. John was a bit surprised he was doing it again after fucking Ella: he'd supposed that a man fucked a woman and that was it for some time, that day probably, but he hadn't been sure.

Anyway Mr Whitaker had his arms under Janie and was moving very slowly. It looked like they were in love or something.

John felt a surge of jealousy. He was almost in love with Janie, but obviously he was too young and his cock was too small.

A cold dab suddenly struck the back of his arm! He whipped his head round, toppling forwards onto his cock which landed on a sharp twig and hurt. Two huge dogs were standing right over him!!

"Arrrgghh!!!" he yelled in fear and surprise, scrambling to his feet. Two Greyhounds stood wagging amiably at him, and he realised he'd met them when he first came for a swim and they were friendly. Where had they just come from? Through the bushes of course. Meanwhile, he'd SO blown it.

"Who's that?!" Lettie was marching across the lawn. The others were getting up. He started to run for the fence but Lettie had seen him.

"JOHN! What ARE you doing?"

He stopped. He was the most busted EVER.

"Come here!" Lettie was furious and dreadful.

He walked sheepishly back to her, trying to do up his shorts. Lettie grabbed him by the ear and marched him onto the lawn. He was still a bit smaller than her, though he would never fight her anyway. Especially with her being in the nude!!

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING??" Lettie was both pulling on his ear and yelling in it. "Spying on us, skulking around in the bushes, in someone else's garden!"

"I'm sorry!" John didn't even dare look at the others, all naked and no doubt furious too, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have, it was wrong, I just wanted to know, you know, know, about it. And after Mum said..."

"Well why didn't you say? That's so stupid!" Lettie interrupted, still scolding but letting go of his ear. "What do you think we're doing anyway? You could just've SAID instead of skulking about spying with your dick out.

"And coming into David's garden like that, without permission. You can jolly well apologise! And to Janie and Ella as well, perving all over them from the bushes!"

"I'm sorry, really I am," John made himself look up at the others, seeing Ella with a towel round her now but the other two just standing naked and not seeming to care. "I shouldn't have done it, I'm sorry, really, and I won't do it again!"

"All right John," Mr Whitaker didn't sound especially cross, to John's surprise, "I was curious too when I was your age, but ask first another time please, if you want to come over. Now then: what did your mother say that made you think there was something to see?"

John had to think. "She said she didn't know what Lettie and Janie were getting up to over here and she didn't want to."

"Shit," Lettie was diverted from her crossness with her little brother, "she's guessing, after she pretty much caught us in my room. She half knows, really."

"Well it's OK isn't it?" Janie reasoned. "That's better even, if she doesn't even want to know."

"I suppose so," Lettie had to agree, "as long as she doesn't change her mind. But what if she starts watching and sees Ella and the others coming and going?"

"How did you get in John?" asked Janie.

"Over the fence at the bottom, sorry," John confessed, "from the path."

"Hmm," David was thinking about it, "I'd been thinking about putting a gate in to walk the dogs that way. I'll check with the farmer about using the edge of his field and perhaps then Ella and the others can come and go that way. Not many people use that path."

"And talking about going..." Lettie had remembered how cross she was with John.

"Oh don't send him away," Janie was a surprise supporter, "he came to find out didn't he? About sex? I think we should show him, like we showed the others. And he's so pretty!"

She laughed, slightly at him and slightly not. John was thrilled at the idea but scowled at being called pretty.

"Yes I suppose," Lettie was still a bit cross, "I suppose that's what I meant really, if you'd only ASKED!"

His sister was not against it! "What do you think?" She looked at David and Ella.

"Fine by me," said David, and Ella was nodding too.

"As long as he's naked too," she grinned. "He is pretty isn't he? Gorgeous."

John suddenly felt very insecure, but very excited. "I'm not pretty," he defended himself, "I'm a boy. I'll be a man soon!"

"Yes but John," Janie was unnerving him by moving closer, her sexy body so naked and freckled everywhere, "right now you're not a man, are you? You see we like girls AND men, Ella and I. Well Titty too but you're her brother. So for us it's lovely you being as small as us and all smooth and not hairy but having that cute cock."

John looked down: he hadn't got his shorts done up and with his briefs still pulled down his cock was sticking out, looking terribly small.

"And you do have a cute face, you're going to be sooo handsome, but right now it's all smooth with no beard or anything and so it's pretty. And your skin is all nice like Lettie's and you have her eyes a bit and you're such a nice shape too, all sort of slim.

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