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Chapter 3

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Sex Story: Chapter 3 - Uncle Al and his niece, Carrie Jean, fall in love because of something she posts on Twitter. Then there's the issue of Carrie's roommate.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Uncle   Niece   Group Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   First   Oral Sex  

Over the next week, Carrie called me every day, at least to tell me she loved me and couldn’t wait to be with me again; sometimes that turned into a phone sex session. She also filled me in on all the little details of her newfound lesbian love life with her roommate, Lisa, though she kept wondering out loud if that I might be jealous. I kept assuring her that I wasn’t jealous at all, which I wasn’t. I have had several lovers and I have grown to accept the fact that they see other people. Hearing these details aroused me a lot, so if I was upset it was only because I couldn’t watch or join in. I desperately missed my young niece, wanting her back in my bed as soon as possible so we could make love again.

CJ came to stay the next weekend and we barely left my bed except to eat. In between our bouts of lovemaking, during the small talk and the reassurances that we loved each other, she told me that she had let slip to Lisa about our incestuous affair. I was shocked and a little concerned about this going public.

“I thought we were keeping this a secret,” I said.

“She’s not blind, Uncle Al,” Carrie replied. “She’s noticed how much I’ve called you lately and that I’ve moved a picture of you close to my bed so it’s the first thing I see in the morning. She started asking questions. I’m a terrible liar, Uncle Al, so I ended up telling her everything.”

“What’s done is done, I suppose,” I sighed. “How did she take it?”

Carrie giggled. “Considering that she made love to me until my pussy was raw, I’d say she took it pretty well, but I think she’s a little jealous about me spending this whole weekend with you. I’ll be spending all of next week making it up to her.”


“By worshipping her pussy, of course,” Carrie giggled, “just like you should do for mine. Right now!” and so began another round. Needless to say I was exhausted by the time she left on Sunday evening.

That next week we talked every evening and most of the time we masturbated as we told each other the sexy things we’d like to do, trying our best to reach our climaxes together.

Fall break was the next weekend, and since there weren’t any classes scheduled for Friday, Carrie suggested that I take the two of them out for dinner on Thursday night. I willingly made reservations at a nice restaurant about halfway between the university and my downtown condo, so the girls were going to meet me there. I was so eager to see my loving niece that by that evening that I had to make myself wait to leave my condo, and had to constantly remind myself to slow down on the drive over there. It worked out that my timing was just about perfect. I had just started to walk across the restaurant parking lot when I saw Carrie’s car pull in.

The girls got out of the car as I walked over toward them. They both looked delicious! Carrie wore a little black spaghetti-strap dress that barely reached mid-thigh and dipped deeply between her small breasts. Lisa’s deep green wrap style dress was equally short on her, the top dipping low enough to show an enticing view of her cleavage. Both girls had obviously taken extra care with their hair and makeup.

“Uncle Al,” Carrie said excitedly. “You remember my roommate, Lisa, don’t you? You met her on move-in day.”

“Good to see you again,” I nodded, trying not to stare at this vision in front of me. Lisa, with her auburn hair, deep green eyes and alabaster skin, had looked amazing enough in shorts and a tank top when I had met her on that hot August afternoon but now, dressed up, she was totally stunning. “Shall we go in?”

Our conversation over dinner got around to classes and Lisa mentioned a big project in one of her computer courses – a project in a programming language I use all the time – and I offered to help her. She gave me the most beautiful smile as she eagerly accepted and we arranged for the girls to come over the next day, Friday, and I would help Lisa with her assignment while Carrie worked on a paper she was writing.

After dinner we went back out to our cars where CJ gave me a deep kiss that made my cock swell in my pants. After that, Lisa gave me a tight hug and a sweet kiss on the cheek, then the girls piled into Carrie’s car and went back to their dorm. I went home reveling from my young niece’s hot kiss and the feel of her roommate’s ample boobs crushed against my chest. Yes, I masturbated to fantasies of having both of them in my bed.

The next day, Friday, the girls showed up after lunchtime and Lisa showed me the project for her class and pointed out where she thought the program was breaking. We went through her code line by line and it wasn’t long before I spotted the actual problem, which in typical computer code fashion was actually a couple of lines before the apparent problem. With only a few hints from me, she quickly completed the rest of the project. Carrie, on the other hand, was deep in a stack of books and typing furiously on her laptop.

Rather than disturb her, I took Lisa back to my office and showed her some samples of my work. She was captivated as I showed her several of the websites I’d done, including the code behind them. Most peoples’ eyes glaze over when I start rattling on about HTML, CSS, Java, Ajax, JavaScript, PHP, SQL Server and other computer languages, but Lisa was a computer science major and genuinely interested in the subject, so we stayed in there for quite a while, seated close beside each other in front of my computer. She caught on so quickly that I was actually impressed with her aptitude for these things.

I was also aware that Lisa kept moving closer to me the longer we browsed on the computer, and it wasn’t long before her shoulders, hips and thighs were being softly pressed up against me. Her sweet scent – a combination of her shampoo, body wash, subtle perfume and fresh young woman – was very pleasant. After a little while I went to the kitchen to refill our water glasses. When I returned, I noticed that Lisa had loosened a couple of buttons on her shirt, offering a teasing look at her ample cleavage. I sneaked a glance now and then as we continued to look at computer things and was rewarded a couple of times with a glimpse of the baby-blue lace bra cradling her creamy breasts. It wasn’t enough to get me hard, but I will admit to a few twitches in my groin. Eventually we heard a yawn from the living room. Was that a signal from Carrie that perhaps we had been in there too long?

When we came out of my office, Carrie was curled up on the loveseat with a textbook. Lisa walked ahead of me and I saw her shrug her shoulders and put her hands out in a gesture that said, ‘I give up.’ I saw Carrie roll her eyes at her. I apologized for monopolizing Lisa’s attention, but Carrie smiled at us both and told us it was OK. “You two were so into the whole techie thing that I thought it was cute, and I had to get this ready for class on Monday.”

My niece glanced at her roommate briefly and said, “Got any ideas for dinner, Uncle Al?”

I didn’t, really, but I always have a little something in the fridge, so I told them I’d whip up something. I did just that. While dinner simmered to a finish, Carrie came into the kitchen and hugged me from behind, pressing her delightful form against my back.

“Do you mind if we stay here tonight?” Carrie asked me. “Getting across town on Friday night when the bars are closing doesn’t appeal to me.”

“Not a problem, CJ,” I answered. “You know where the guest room is.”

“Thanks!” she chirped. “You’re the best!”

“Besides,” I added, “This way we can all have a glass of wine with dinner.”

“Yay!” my niece squeaked and went off to tell her roommate what had just been decided.

The two of them came into the kitchen together, but while Carrie sat at the island to watch me cook, Lisa moved in with a kiss to my cheek and said, “I don’t think I would’ve ever finished my project without your help. Can I call you if I get stuck?”

“You bet. I enjoyed helping you.”

Lisa moved to sit next to CJ and we chatted and laughed about everything and nothing until dinner was ready. We moved to the table with our plates, I poured each of us a glass of wine and we tucked in. The girls seemed to enjoy the impromptu meal. I know I enjoyed their company. Then again, who wouldn’t enjoy the company of two such beautiful and intelligent young women?

We lingered at the table for a while after we finished our meals, somehow finishing the whole bottle of wine while we were at it. After that we moved into the den and continued our rambling conversation for a good while longer. When we finally paused for a second, I notice that it was pretty late.

It’s getting late for me,” I yawned. “This old man needs his rest, so I’ll just say good night. Turn off the lights when you give up for the night.”

“Good night, Uncle Al,” Carrie said as she stood and molded her body against mine. Her lips met mine in a passionate kiss that we only broke because Lisa started to giggle. My niece blushed a little as she stepped back from me.

Lisa moved right into my arms as CJ stepped away. She molded her body to mine almost as tightly as Carrie had, but there was stiffness in her posture that told me she was still a little shy. The kiss she planted on my lips was chaste – there was no tongue involved like my niece’s kiss – but there was still the promise of some passion behind it and she didn’t seem too bothered by contact with the erection my niece had caused. I heard them talking quietly for a little bit after I’d crawled between the sheets – nude, as is my habit. It wasn’t very long before I drifted off to sleep.

At some point in the night I was having a very pleasant dream in which my cock was being sucked. I slowly began to realize that this was no dream. My cock was, in fact, being sucked. It took a little longer to realize that my niece and her roommate were taking turns, and that Carrie was quietly whispering instructions to Lisa as she taught her the art of fellatio. Needless to say, Lisa was obviously less experienced at fellatio than my darling niece, but she was learning quickly under CJ’s tutelage.

I finally let the girls know that I was awake by asking, calmly, just what the heck was going on.

“Well, Uncle Al,” my niece replied, pulling her mouth from my stiff dick. “Since you’re obviously too slow to recognize all the signals that my dear sweet roommate and I have been throwing at you since dinner on Thursday, we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands.” She stopped to slurp a drop of pre-cum from my erection, then added, “Or so to speak.”

“OK,” I mumbled. “I’m slow. What do I do now?”

“For now,” CJ stated, “you lie still and let me teach your new lover how to suck your cock. Do you realize yours is the only one she’s ever had in her mouth?”

“I had no idea. Get on with the lesson then. Don’t mind me.”

My niece giggled and then went back to teaching Lisa about giving head. Given Carrie’s history with boys, her roommate was in good hands. I lay still and tried not to get overexcited too soon as the tutorial went on. Carrie was a thorough teacher, explaining about pre-cum (which Lisa thought was delicious) and how to read the signals and keep a man on edge for a long time. Most of the time she talked and explained, letting Lisa be the one who did the sucking and licking. Occasionally, she’d demonstrate so that Lisa could see how to do a particular technique.

This went on for quite a while. I hadn’t looked at the clock, so I couldn’t tell you if it was ten minutes or two hours, but Lisa and Carrie Jean pushed me farther and farther toward climax and, just as expertly, pulled me back from the edge to leav me panting and nearly frustrated.

“He’s really close now, Lisa,” Carrie whispered. “You probably should decide whether to spit, swallow or dodge.”

“Huh?” Lisa mumbled around my dick.

“If he cums in your mouth, you can swallow it or spit it out. I like to swallow, personally. You can also pull your mouth off and jack him off – dodge the cumshot, in other words.”

“What do you think I should do?” Lisa asked her.

“I think you should dodge this time,” CJ replied. “Taste a little afterward and see if you like the flavor. Next time you can swallow if you like it.”

With that, my niece joined her roommate/lover and the two of them gave me a double-headed blowjob. Lisa was running her lips and tongue up and down one side of my shaft while Carrie did the same on the other side. When I finally blasted off, Lisa pulled away to watch the eruption while my niece tongued that special spot just below the head where all the nerve endings come together. It extended my ecstasy as jet after jet of hot cum poured out of me. The first three shots had reached my collarbone and the rest, though progressively weaker, still had some force behind them.

“Suck him some more,” Carrie ordered her, “but be really gentle. He’s super-sensitive now.” So Lisa tentatively took the head of my cock in her mouth, tasting the last dribbles of cum that still oozed from me. She gave a happy moan and applied more suction to get even more.

“I think I’ll swallow next time!” she announced.

My niece, who had been licking up the streamers of semen on my chest and belly, slurped up a big blob of it and kissed Lisa. The open-mouthed kiss gave her an opportunity to pass a mouthful of cum to her and I could tell she liked it because she moaned and returned the kiss passionately. Then they broke apart and dived down on me, playfully competing for the last remaining drops of cum spattered on my torso.

Carrie came up and kissed me, leaving Lisa down there to finish licking me clean. I ended up with a generous helping of my own cum from that kiss, but I didn’t mind at all. Lisa soon came up for a kiss as well, but her mouth gave me only a hint of the cum she had consumed.

“Most guys won’t kiss you after they cum in your mouth,” CJ explained, “but Al doesn’t mind. In fact, I think he kinda gets off on it.”

“He gets off nicely,” Lisa giggled.

“Just wait ‘til he gets off in your pussy, girl,” my niece laughed. “You’ll love it!”

“I can’t wait.”

“We have to get him hard again, but that shouldn’t take much. Why don’t you let him feast on those amazing boobs of yours while I suck him into readiness.”

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