Having My Way With Mom

by Striker

Copyright© 2015 by Striker

Mother/Son Incest Story: A 14 year old boy fantasizes about his sexy mother, but one night he gets an opportunity to make all his fantasies come true when she returns home drunk from a party.

Caution: This Mother/Son Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   NonConsensual   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   .

My mother gave birth to me not long after her 18th birthday. I never knew who my father was, and I suspect, neither did she. This meant that when I turned 14 my mother was still quite young, only 32 years old. She was also very attractive. She looked after her body, and worked out at the gym 3 days a week. She also had the most amazing big pair of tits. Whenever she wore a tight fitting t-shirt her nipples were always very obvious, sticking out at least 5mm despite being pressed down by her bra and t-shirt. I could only imagine how huge they would be if let free.

I would often lie in bed at night and fantasize about her tits, about touching them and rolling those huge nipples between my lips. On a few occasions I had managed to get a fleeting glimpse of them. I had learned that on weekends, she would often not wear a bra, and I had discovered that if I sat at the breakfast counter in the kitchen, I could often catch a glimpse of them down her t-shirt as she bent over to load the dish washer. They were dark and thick and just begging to be sucked! I also learned that if I timed it just right, and took a walk down the hall to the toilet a few moments after I hear her go to her bedroom, I could often catch a glimpse of those beautiful breasts through her slightly open bedroom door as she changed into her night gown. This view was usually from the side, and I could make out her big heavy breast resting firmly on her chest as it sagged slightly.

When I did succeed in seeing her, my heart would pound and my cock would immediately become rock hard, straining and threatening to burst out of my thin sleeping shorts. I would get so turned on that I would have to quickly continue to the bathroom and jerk off into the toilet, all the time fantasizing about my cock slipping into the warm crease between her breasts and eventually spewing its thick load of cum all over them, running down and dripping off those thick dark nipples, rather than just wasting it into the toilet bowl. This was always such a let-down, but I knew I would never get any better opportunities.

Soon after I turned 14, my mother's behavior changed slightly. She decided that as I was now 14, it was safe for her to leave me at home alone on a Friday evening, which meant that she could catch up on some of her missed youth, and go out partying with her friends every now and then.

The first night that she left me alone, I waited a few minutes after she had left, and then raced up the stairs to her bedroom. I carefully opened the door, afraid that any sound would somehow let her know what I was up to, even though she was long gone. I walked carefully over to her laundry basket and opened the lid. I searched through the items in there until I found what I was looking for; a pair of her worn panties. I lifted them delicately from the basket and stared at them. They were a delicate pair of lacy black thongs. I looked closely at the crotch, and found what I was looking for. A slightly darker, still damp patch of her wet pussy juice, my own mothers' pussy juice! I lifted it to my nose and took a deep breath, breathing in her sent. It smelt musty and fresh all at the same time.

I immediately felt my dick starting to grow hard in my trousers and begin to throb. I moved the lacy damp crotch down from my nose, and placed it on the tip of my tongue. It had a very slight salty taste. This was almost more than my 14 year old hormones could handle. I walked over to her bed and sat on the edge. I slipped my trousers down and my dick popped up, dying to be stroked. I wrapped the soft panties around my shaft and began to stroke. After only a few seconds I shot thick cum all over the panties and my hand. This was the most amazing wank I had ever had. However, after a few minutes, my head began to clear and I suddenly panicked. How would I explain the goo all over her panties? I rushed over to the toilet, threw them in, and flushed them down, hoping that she would not notice they were missing. I then went to my bedroom and fell asleep with the scent of her pussy still in my nose.

Later that night I awoke to hear my mother come home. She walked quietly down the hall, and then opened the door to my bedroom. Still feeling a little guilty, I lay dead still and pretended to be asleep. After a few seconds, she drew the door shut, and went to bed. She never did mention the missing panties, much to my relief.

A few weeks later, my mother decided to go for another night on the town. This time however, I was too nervous to go into her room again, in case I did something that gave me away, so I just watched some television, and then went to bed.

Later that night I woke once again to hear my mother coming home. This time though, I did not hear her come up the stairs or down the hall or to my door. I lay still in my bed for a while and listened, but nothing. So, I got up and walked down the hall and downstairs to the living room. As I walked into the room I could smell alcohol. My mother was lying on the couch, passed out.

I walked over and tried to wake her, but nothing happened. She just snored a little and mumbled a bit when I shook her shoulder. She was too heavy for me to carry, but I thought I should at least try to make her comfortable if I was going to leave her there. Both her legs were over the edge of the couch, still on the floor, so I decided to lift them up so I could lay her flat and make her more comfortable. As I lifted the first leg, her short red skirt rode up her thigh, and I was greeted with a clear view of her white lacy panties, just barely covering her obviously clean shaven pussy.

My dick immediately began to harden. My gaze moved up towards her face and I noticed that the top buttons of her shirt were open and I could just see the top of her breast as it curved down into her bra. Immediately I felt a throbbing start in my trousers as my dick got harder at the sight of it. A wicked thought crossed my mind. I bent forward again and shook my mother's shoulder to see if she would wake, but once again she just moaned a little and continued to sleep. By now my dick was hard and throbbing at the thought of what I was planning to do. First I glanced around the room to make sure nobody could see me (I don't know who I thought would be there, but I was so nervous). Then, slowly, one by one I started to loosen the remaining buttons on my mother shirt, checking after each one to make sure she was not waking up. Soon I had them all open, and peeled her top apart to reveal her amazing breasts just covered in her lacy white bra. This was almost more than I could take, and I was sure I was going to cum right there and then, but I concentrated on keeping control, because I did not want to waste this moment.

I slowly and gently lowered my hand to her chest and placed a finger on her exposed breast. It was so soft and warm. I moved the finger slowly down towards the edge of the bra, then under the lace, my fingers eagerly seeking that big fat nipple. Soon, I felt the firmer flesh of her nipple, and my fingers closed on it. Immediately it grew harder and pressed against her bra, trying to break free. I was now so turned on that all rational thought and fear had gone. I gripped the fat nipple, rolled it between my fingers, pulled firmly on it, at the same time lifting my mother's heavy breast out of her bra.

I could not believe I was finally getting a close up view of that amazing soft whit breast with her huge nipple surrounded by a dark areola. My heart was now pounding in my chest, and I had a ringing in my ears. It was almost too much to handle.

I lowered my head and clamped my lips over that firm nipple, sucking for all I was worth, savoring every moment as I rolled her now rock hard nipple between my teeth while my hand reached into my trousers and pulled my hard penis out.

It was throbbing in my hand. I slowly started to stroke it back and forth as I nibbled and licked her exposed nipple. I could not believe this was happening. This was my fantasy come true.

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