Clan Leader's Daughter

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A human bodyguard leads and teenage Kaire into the jungle of a first colony to search a set of ruins. Besides ending up claiming her they make a major find. The first clan leader's clan had come here but like at home they were now gone. They also discovered this had been the first Kaire colony and the Maury clan had split from here.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

I was a human protector and a good one. I glanced at the Kaire teenager following me and shook my head. Why had she insisted on coming here and why had her father allowed it? He was a major clan leader and she was only a daughter and one from a later litter. Kathera or Kat as she asked me to call her was golden with black strips.

That was not a uncommon coloring for her people so she did not stand out. We were on a vague and very distant world once called Aur where some of the Kaire were wild and primitive. There were a dozen small cities but we were not in a city. In fact we were in a jungle with very large and dangerous predators.

That was why I was here and why Kat followed while pulling the grav sled. I had the large bore rifle slung over my head and under my right arm so it hung across my chest. I was using a large sonic cutter to slice through the jungle while pausing to listen. We were headed for ruins spotted using special sats.

The latest news out of Maury and the bio scans that told of the two races being the same species was still creating a stir. I sliced through a bush and looked at the stone wall. I reached out to feel the edge of one cut stone, "Kat?"

She moved up and wiggled under my arm and looked at the wall. She grinned, "find us water and someplace to set up camp."

I glanced down at her and smiled, she only wore a utility belt with a long knife and a pistol. I do not know why I did it but I slid a hand down and cupped her butt, "move back kitten."

She looked up at me quickly as I looked at the wall and turned to the right. She moved as I started cutting a trail along the wall. I wore almost clear imaging glasses with a sat look down of the area. We moved past several sets of ruins before reaching a wide fast moving stream. I turned to the left and into the next set of ruins.

I gestured to Kat as I cleared the ruins and pulled out all the vegetation. I pulled the sonic barrier posts off the sled. I set them up around the outside of the ruin walls before going to bring a container of water back. Kat helped set up the tent and the tarp where we would be cooking or working. I attached the small reactor and hooked up the barrier before I relaxed.

So far we had only encountered smaller predators. Game was plentiful and easy to kill if we needed it. I turned to see Kat examining one of the walls and my eyes dropped to her bare butt and the movement of her tail. She giggled a moment later and I looked up to see her looking over her shoulder at me.

She smiled, "I am a young unattached Kaire female Greg and from the look you want something."

I blushed as I turned to go back to setting up camp. I spun at the crash of brush and lifted the rifle. A large predator leaped out and towards the barrier and I aimed as it screamed while going through. I fired and followed as it crashed to the ground. Kat hissed as the animal spasmed and died and I moved towards her.

I looked at her and she was staring at the animal, "what?"

She looked at me, "that is a wild Kratcal and a large one."

I looked at the animal and shrugged, "it is a dead whatever now."

She shook her head as she started to move closer and I pulled her back, "wait until it is still kitten."

She nodded and then took a deep breath, "it should not be here."

I shrugged and glanced down at her tail wrapped around my leg. I looked at her and reached out to rub her cheek, "okay?"

She glanced at me and then down at her tail before she grinned, "a little wet between my legs but okay."

I rubbed a bare breast and nipple, "careful kitten."

She shuddered and jerked and I blinked as I looked at her in surprise while she clutched my arm. She growled, "do that again and I will fuck you right now."

I grinned, "you would get a lot of sperm."

She shivered and grinned before moving to the animal and kneeling. I looked around before I knelt beside her. She pulled the lips back to look at the teeth and looked at its belly, "this one was born and raised here and has mated at least once."

She looked at me, "which means it was not brought and released for a Hunt."

I pulled my small skinning knife, "okay now it is my turn."

She laughed as she stood, "very well hunter."

I looked at her before I began to skin the animal. I had to pull it a distance from the camp before I returned and spread out the pelt and let the two small cleaning bots go to work. Kat had been busy creating a detailed holo image of the ruins around us under the tarp. She glanced at me when I stopped beside her, "I think I have my first site to investigate."

I looked down at her tail once more wrapped around my leg. I caressed her butt and she shivered and growled as she turned and reached for my belt. I undid her belt and let it fall as she opened and pushed my pants down. I caught her by the waist and she growled louder. I smiled as I lifted her and her eyes widened.

She wrapped her legs around me and I felt one hand position my cock before I lowered her. As she slide down my cock and was impaled she began to spasm and convulse, "aaaahhhh!"

Her extremely tight pussy grabbed my cock deep inside her. It rippled as it squeezed from the opening to her pussy all the way to her womb like it was trying milk my cock. She jerked and twisted and struggled as I held her and enjoyed her pussy. I looked around beyond the camp before I knelt and then turned to lay on her.

I shoved in and rubbed her cheek before I began to fuck her firmly with long deep thrusts. She thrashed and howled and wailed while I kept fucking her and planting my cock as deep as I could. Several minutes and she was bucking and struggling while her now slippery pussy constantly massaged my cock, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I licked up and behind her ear as I continued to fuck her hard and deep. She clutched me as her convulsions became more violent and I shoved into her and pressed. My cock was throbbing and my balls churning before I began to pump cum. Kat spasmed and wiggled and squirmed while her pussy kept squeezing, "YES!"

When I was done she was panting and I pulled out and stood. I pulled her up and after me to the tent and pushed her down before following her. I fucked her until we were both tired and she snuggled and rubbed my chest. I finally got up and helped her before going to find my pants and dressing.

I exchanged the cleaning bots for tanning bots. I cleaned and put the bots away and went to make dinner. While we were eating I looked at the site she wanted to look at the next day and planned a route. I cleaned up after we ate and then cleaned the tanning bots before starting to roll the pelt up.

Kat cleared her throat, "put it under our bed."

I looked at her, "our bed kitten?"

She nodded and I smiled as I went to do as she asked. Night comes very fast in the jungle, one moment there is light and then next it is dark. I pulled Kat into the tent and closed the screen before stripping. She was laying on the bed and pulled me over her when I was done. I fucked her cummy pussy slowly while she jerked and spasmed and bucked.

I woke to sounds of the jungle waking up and looked at the young Kaire girl. I caressed her pelvis and she began to purr, "keep it up and I will not let you out of bed all day."

I laughed and bent to suck on a nipple before escaping and climbing out of the bed. She shuddered and groaned before she sat up. We washed and I smiled as I watched her use a human douche I did not know she had brought. I dressed and checked my rifle as she finished and put her belt on.

I looked at the location she wanted to go to and looked around and listened. I used the remote to shut the sonic barrier off and then turn it on after we left. I moved carefully with Kat right behind me. I cut a path towards what had been the center of the city. I glanced up above the trees when the tall building appeared.

It looked split with a lot of balconies which to me meant lairs or dens for predators. When we reached the building it was massive and not just split one way or even one building. I slowly cut a path in and hesitated when I stepped out onto huge stone blocks. I looked at Kat as she stepped out, "stay behind me."

She was looking around but nodded and I started moving into the space between buildings. I knelt a minute later to feel the stone and shook my head, "this is not stone."

Kat knelt to feel it and grinned, "a composite."

I stood and glanced up at the balconies before starting to move again. When we reached the very center it was like a huge square with pillars going out like spokes in a wheel. Kat stopped to caress one of the pillars, "clan pillars like on Kair."

I looked at her and then at all the pillars, "one pillar for each clan?"

She smiled as her tail flirted, "no. One pillar for each major clan and inscribed on the pillar is the sub clans."

She turned and straightened before starting past me. I growled and caught her shoulder, "behind me kitten."

She grinned and gestured, "and you get to be behind me tonight."

I snorted as I started moving, "and between your legs and..."

She giggled and I smiled as my eyes swept around and above us. I went to the very center pillar and turned as she slipped around me. She muttered and murmured and started to move around it and I sighed as I followed. She pulled a small device a few minutes later and slowly began to scan the pillar as she walked around it again.

She hissed when she finished and kept looking at the devise. She went to each of the closest pillars to scan them. When she was done she looked around and started for one of the buildings. I growled and she stopped and grinned at me as I moved in front of her, "it might not be safe going into the building kitten."

She rubbed my shoulder, "just this one for now."

The entrance was sealed with a slab of stone but she kept looking at it. She grinned and gestured and we pushed on another stone on the wall that slid aside in a groove. I pushed on the door and then moved to one side to try it again at her suggestion. The door swivelled to leave a meter and a half gap.

I looked inside before stepping into thick dust. There were a few plants but not many and no signs of animals. We moved into the building carefully and Kat whispered that we needed to go up. I glanced at her before looking at the door and the wall. I pushed the door closed and was not surprised when a stone on the wall slid over to lock the door like the one outside.

It was almost dark inside as we moved deeper into the building and looked into many empty rooms. We found a set of stairs and I slowly led the way up. I was tempted to stop on each floor but Kat kept pushing to go higher. When we came out on the roof she grinned and looked at the thick jungle that had taken hold.

We went down one floor and began to move through the rooms. In one large set of rooms she gripped my arm, "this was the royal suite."

I looked at her and she pointed to marks on a wall. That was where we found the first sealed room. It took awhile to find a way to break the seal before I could open the door. It was like stepping back in time when we walked into the room and Kat grinned, "this is the royal archives."

Her tail caught my leg and I looked down, "did they have a breeding chamber?"

She looked at me and then smiled before catching my hand and pulling me after her and through the suite to a large room with a balcony. She slowed as she reached the balcony and looked at me, "for the breeding of the heirs they had to do it out where everyone could see and watch."

I checked and weighed each step as we went out onto the balcony. There were no other balconies close but there was also no rail. I grinned as I turned and pulled Kat down onto her knees, "you wanted me behind you?"

Her eyes went wide before she grinned and turned to go to her hands and wiggle her butt. I looked around once more as I opened my pants and pushed them down. I went to my knees behind her and held her hips as her tail wrapped and pulled. I pushed into her tight pussy and sank deeper before I looked out and down.

She pushed back and I grinned as I pulled back and started to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. A couple of minutes and she was shoving back and howling while her slippery pussy constantly clenched, "MATE!"

I looked at her as I kept fucking her firmly and caressed her slim hips. She wiggled and squirmed and rocked back onto my cock over and over. I finally shoved into her and held her while her pussy tightened. I pumped and spewed and spurted while her tight pussy massaged and milked the sperm into her.

I pulled out and she sank to the balcony floor with a sigh, "I wish..."

I bent to rub her bare butt, "up before I spread your legs and do it again."

She looked back with a grin before turning and standing. I pulled my pants up as I stood and we went inside. Our next find was the royal nursery and then another sealed door beside it. It did not take as long to break the seal and open the door this time. We stepped into what was not a primitive or even an ancient looking med suite.

If I did not know better it looked more advanced than modern Kaire medical equipment. Kat was almost bouncing and looking at everything. She moved to a counter and it looked like a holographic comp screen. It woke and I shifted before moving closer, "there is still power?"

She nodded as she read the Kaire symbols before looking at me, "it is set for bio regen."

I looked from her to the screen, "of what?"

She turned and touched my chest, "the heir's reproductive system."

I blinked, "something bad must have happened."

She nodded, "it is still operational."

I looked at the screen, "I am sure your..."

She touched my lips, "a minor adjustment and it could ... you would be able to really breed me."

She bit her lip and I sighed and turned, "you want me to trust something several thousand years old and unused?"

I looked at her and she looked down which made me sigh, "if I do this you walk like my mate."

She looked up before nodding quickly and I began stripping, "I can not believe I am doing this."

She pulled me to a standing tube that was open and free of dust. I turned to look at her and stepped back before I changed my mind, "what I do for a little pussy."

The opening slid around and closed before I could stop it and then I was blinking as it opened. I stepped out and Kat caught me and steadied me, "what happened? Did it not have enough power?"

She looked at me and then smiled as she bent to grab all my things and pull me after her, "it worked."

That was when I found out the tube had slid out, tilted and laid back before a dozen spiky arrays had dropped down. The tube had glowed and I was hidden until the arrays lifted and the tube moved back to where it was. Of course I spent the next half hour and change on the balcony fucking Kat until she was senseless.

Strangely besides adding two testicles there were tiny backwards spines around the head of my cock. That was not something the Kaire had, at least not now. I dressed and looked at everything before I bent and lifted her to my shoulder. By the time I reached the ground Kat was revived enough to walk.

I led her back the way we had come and froze just before I reached our camp. Kat peeked around me to see a Kaire girl a little older than herself looking at the sonic barrier. She had a woven leather belt and a long knife but that was it. I glanced at Kat and moved forward and touched the girl's shoulder. She leaped into the air and spun as she yanked the knife out.

My reactions took over and my rifle dropped on the sling as my left hand snapped out. I caught her knife hand and twisted and as I yanked back. My other hand went around and I caught her other arm and Kat was suddenly there and spinning us. She caught her girl's throat and her claws were out, "what are you doing here?"

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