Abbi's Panties

by h20wader

Copyright© 2015 by h20wader

: a rape, a husband's doubt, a greedy woman,

Tags: Rape   Fiction  


It was Friday. Tonight would be the night. She had waited 18 years for this. Tonight her virginity would be given to Derek. He had been dating her for four months (thirty dates in all) and last Saturday she had promised him this night.

It hadn't been easy for her to hold out this long. His kisses melted her, his hands inflamed her and her desire urged her on but she wanted everything to be just perfect. Over the last three dates since her promise, he had insisted that she do more than just kiss and touch. The first date after her promise, she had let him have her bare breasts. He was gentle with his hands and mouth. The next date, he demanded more so she had let him explore her womanhood but refused to allow him to enter her. The third date he had been much more insistent so she agreed to make love with him Friday night.

She was a virgin and wanted to save that for their very special FIRST time. She found what he was doing to be exciting but wondered about his confessed love for her. Why was he rushing her? Why couldn't he wait and have all of her? Why was his need and pain greater than her need and pain?

After much talking, he had finally agreed to her bedroom not a cheap motel. But to get that, she agreed to forgo the nice restaurant and a special dinner. They would meet at her house. She would prepare the meal and have it waiting for him.

As she dressed for the most important night of her almost eighteen years, she thought of her mom. Her mom needed to be out of the house and agreed to visit Becca, her older sister at the college just 30 miles away. Her mother would stay overnight and be back early Saturday morning but not too early. Lord, her mom was wonderful. There was none of the arguments that her friends and their moms had. Her mom was understanding, trusting and always there for her. She told her mom everything.

She had bathed in the tub with the hottest water she could stand, used bath oil and lots of fragrant bubbles. She wanted every nerve to be totally alive tonight. She couldn't wear the dress, the heels and the stockings with a garter belt without the fancy restaurant dinner as Derek had told her to be very casual. However, she could wear the underwear that she and her mom had purchased at Victoria's Secret.

They had spent a lot of time deciding what to wear. White was too virginal, black was too slutty, red didn't go with her light brown hair. They finally settled on pink for the color of the panty. It took them additional time to settle on a style. Briefs were too girlish and a thong was way too much. The final choice was a pink bikini with lace around the top and around the legs. The bra matched the panty color. No push-up just a simple bra that showed the tops of her breasts plus some cleavage and was thin enough to show her nipples when she became aroused.

Again she wished Derek had accepted the restaurant as she really wanted to show off for him.

The only thing she did was write Abbi in indelible ink in the smallest print she could manage on the tiny label in the back of the panty. She wanted him to have them as a keepsake. He had asked her and it was something she could easily do. Even Mom agreed with that.

What would she do without her mother?

Mom always accepted her, never lied to her and loved her very much. Every secret she had was safe with Mom. When the periods started, she had been well prepared. When masturbation started, she asked and her Mom gave her some hints. (Scented oil was very nice.) She could tell her mother things that even her best friends would never know. She did know that her mom was worried about the last three dates with Derek. She told Abbi that he seemed to pushing too fast but Abbi had assured her mom that she was ready for the coming event. She began the bath as soon as mom left for her night with the older sister.

Derek arrived at seven o'clock as planned. She had made a simple meal of red beans, rice and spicy sausage. She had a bottle of good wine to set the mood.

"Welcome, Derek."

He kissed her and she tasted whisky. As he pulled her toward the bedroom she struggled.

"Derek, wait until after..."

"We can eat later. Right now I want you on your bed."

In just seconds, she was in her bed room and he sat in the chair at her study desk. The need he had expressed made her nipples erect.

"Take off your clothes!"

It didn't seem to be a question and she looked at him in wonder. Why wasn't he seducing her, using his hands and kiss to inflame her? However, if she could arouse him with a simple undressing that would be good. It only took a minute and she was almost nude before him. She deliberately left the panty on for him to remove before he claimed her prize.

He undressed in less time than she had used and she could see that he was very aroused. His size frightened her but she and mom had talked about that, a slow and gentle approach would cause very little pain.

He pushed her back on the bed without turning down the covers; he wouldn't see the sheets she had washed, ironed and sprinkled with her favorite perfume.

He kissed her and she felt his tongue inside her mouth. It tasted heavily of alcohol. She suddenly went rigid with fear.

"No, stop. Derek, you are drunk. I cannot do this if you are drunk."

For the first time he spoke to her in anger, "You teasing bitch, you have been jerking me around for four months. You promised and I am going to take you here and now."

She struggled to get out from under him. He outweighed her by a hundred pounds and he quickly grabbed her hands in his large left hand. His right hand was trying to pull the pink panties with lace at the top and around the legs down her legs. With his weight and her resistance, he was having some difficulty removing the barrier. She began to think that he would give up and let her get off the bed.

Then she felt his fingers pull the leg of the pink panties aside. The head of his penis was against her. She screamed for him to stop. He pushed hard against her. The pain exploded inside her as he ripped through her hymen and entered her dry passage. She almost fainted as she screamed again. Her insides were forced open to permit entry of the invader. The tears started and she began to sob.

"Please, no, not like this, please not..."

She screamed again as he again slammed deep inside her and the pain was overwhelming. She tried to move away from him.

His voice sounded foreign to her, "Yeah, baby, move that ass, make it good for me!"

Her heart froze. Who was this monster? Where did he come from? Why wasn't he gentle like before?

He withdrew and slammed into her again. The motion made her bounce on the bed. As she bounced upwards, he met her with a down stroke and the bounces became her only movements. She saw her clock and it was three after seven. She closed her eyes and prayed that this horror would end soon.

"This will be a good long fuck, you cock-teaser. I had Mary Lou fuck me twice before I came over here."

It was long, almost forever before he filled her with his seed. The clock lied when it said 7:05. Surely an hour had passed. Her woman's survival instincts had taken over and provided her some natural lubrication. He looked at her as his climax ended.

"Give me a few minutes and a blow job and I'll do you again."

She felt him roll away from her. He leaned over and took a bottle from his pants pocket.

He drank deeply, "You want some of this?"

She was filled with anger and disgust. The anger replaced the fear and the pain.

"Get out! Get out now or I will call the police!"

He looked at her with some surprise, "You stupid little cock teaser, I ain't leaving until I have all I want of you! I am going to fuck you all night in every hole you got."


He laughed as he reached for her again, "When I get finished with you, you will be my fuck toy! You will beg me to fuck you!" He pulled her to him. "Now use your mouth to get me hard!"


There was a popping sound and Derek fell across her. She was pinned beneath him as the bedroom light was switched on and became a blinding glare.

"Abbi, are you all right?"

Through her tears, she saw Billy Hewitt, the 15-year-old boy from next door. There was a baseball bat in his hands and he looked very scared.

Her brain kicked in, "Get him off of me."

Billy easily rolled Derek away from her. She was naked and embarrassed. She was only wearing the special pink panties, with lace, but they were no longer special. There was nothing for her to hide behind. She covered her breasts with her hands.

Billie talked to hide his embarrassment, "I heard you scream. I was scared because I knew Derek would be here. It is all he has talked about this week in school. But when you kept screaming I had to come over. I heard enough and I hit him. Is he dead?"

The room fell silent. Derek was easy to hear as he was taking deep slow breaths. The suddenness of the entire night closed around her and the tears started. Billie did the only thing he could do, he held her as she cried.

He patted her shoulder and said the needed words, "It will work out somehow."

He didn't believe it and neither did she but it would do for now. It took a long time before Abbi could stop the tears.

"Thank you, Billie. He was raping me. I didn't want it to be like that."

Billie still looked scared, "What do we do now, Abbi? He will wake up sometime. What will he do?"

Abbi's anger was now driving her and she looked around the room. Her old softball bat was in the corner and an idea blossomed in her mind.

"Billie, go home. I will be okay now. I will take care of everything. Go home and this never happened. Mom and I will take care of it. Say nothing to anyone. It never happened."

"But he will try again when he wakes up."

"No, he won't! Now leave and never tell anyone about this. No one must ever know. Promise me you will never tell anyone!"

"Abbi, I promise but are you sure?"


She walked him to the back door and watched until he was in his own house. She walked back to her bedroom. She picked up her old softball bat and using her best swing she slowly beat the unconscious figure on the bed. She stayed away from the head but the rest of the body was all hers. His back and his legs were struck repeatedly before she stopped to breathe. For the first time since he had entered her home, she was smiling. There were dark marks already showing over the back and legs of Derek's body. She rolled him over. She again lifted the bat and proceeded to make the same dark marks on the front side of Derek's body.

Abbi placed a small rug on the floor and rolled the limp form onto it. It took a while until he was positioned just so. She walked into her mother's kitchen and returned with a small paring knife. She got on her knees and took the flaccid penis in her left hand. Carefully she placed the end of the blade under the foreskin. Then as quickly as she could she jerked the knife upwards. She was surprised by the amount of blood that spilled out. She ran to the bath, returned with a towel, and held him in a pressure hold to stop the bleeding.

Finally, she called her mother, "Mom, it went wrong. I hit Derek with my softball bat and he is unconscious."

"I will be there as fast as I can."

She entered the shower with the panties on. She dropped them on the floor and used the hand held the shower head to flush out her very sore vagina. As she was drying off, she saw the bloodstain in the crotch of the pink panties. She removed the wet garment from the floor of the shower and put it in the laundry basket.

The trip from the older sister to home was normally thirty minutes but mom was there in less than twenty minutes.

Abbi very calmly told her what had happened. Her mom was shocked. However, the real question was what to do with Derek. As a football player, he had suffered several small injuries in his playing career so the beating with the bat wasn't that big of a deal. He would be very sore but he would easily recover. The cut penis wasn't going away. It took until ten to decide on the proper steps to take. Pregnancy was not a problem, she had been on birth control pills for six months.

They dressed him. It was very hard to dress a limp man of his size even if he wasn't resisting he was still unconscious, from the alcohol or Billie's bat to the head or the beating from Abbi, they didn't know nor did they care. All they needed to know was he was alive and breathing. He was big and they were small but they got it done. They used a wheeled office chair to move him to his daddy's pickup. They tried for five minutes to get him into the seat of the truck. Finally they loaded him into the bed by standing him up and letting him fall into the bed

Abbi wore gloves and didn't move the seat. She perched on it and drove Derek to the back side of the nearest roadside lover's lane. There were trees there that hid the nighttime activity of the lovers from prying eyes. Mom followed with her car. With one of them pulling and the other shoving, they were able to roll him out the truck. They left him on the ground at the back of the truck with the driver's door open. The keys were left in the ignition of the still running truck as they left for home.

They gathered up the bloody rug, the towel, the softball bat and the knife. Mom drove into the countryside where they buried everything deep in a wooded area about fifty yards from the road. The full moon helped since they wanted no lights. They got home as the sun was climbing over the horizon.

They sat at the kitchen table, ate breakfast with coffee and made plans for the coming questions. There was a call to the college to make sure that the elder sister knew that Mom had left at seven pm the night before. With a plan in place, they waited.

At nine o'clock, the phone rang and Mom answered, "Good morning,"

Derek's father spoke, "I understand Derek had a date with Abbi last night. He hasn't made it home yet. Is he still there?"

"No, he arrived at my house drunk and Abbi refused to let him into the house. He left here just after seven last night."

"Are you sure? He told me he had a very important date with Abbi. I am sure he wouldn't have done anything to mess it up. It was very important to him."

"Abbi was frightened by his drunkenness. After he left she called me and I came home. I have no idea where he is. Where does he normally go when he is falling down drunk?"

"The police are here. I have to go," his speech was hurried.

Mom got her last comment out before the phone went click, "Make sure the police do an alcohol test. He was very drunk when he left here."

It was ten o'clock when the two policemen arrived at Abbi's house. They wanted to talk to Abbi alone.

Mom was quick to answer, "No way."

"We will take her downtown to the station house."

Mom was ready for that, "Fine but I will go too and I will be with my daughter at all times. I want a lawyer present before you ask any questions. Abbi, you will say nothing until the lawyer and I are with you."

Abbi sat listening to the conversation without saying a word and fighting back laughter. After 10 minutes of back and forth, the men in blue decided that they would ask the questions without the women making the trip to the station house downtown.

Abbi told a very simple story. She was waiting for Derek to arrive for their very special date. He had arrived drunk and she didn't let him into the house. After talking for a few minutes, she ordered him to leave. He left and she knew nothing more.

The eldest police officer tried to explain why they were there, "Derek was found in a lover's lane about 10 miles from here laying alongside his daddy's truck. He was badly beaten and cut with a knife."

Both Mom and Abbi expressed alarm for the poor boy's safety.

Mom looked even more worried than Abbi, "He shouldn't have been drinking. Did you do an alcohol test? Was there a bottle with him?"

The nice police officers told them there was a pint bottle that was empty. The test had shown a high level of alcohol but not overly excessive amount in his blood but the blood was taken some hours after the beating. The police were thinking that he had gotten into a fight and some unknown person or persons who had beaten him with something, maybe a nightstick or some type of club. The knife injury was the problem.

Abbi, struggling to hold back her joy, asked the question, "Exactly what type of wound does he have?"

The older police had a serious look on his face, "We cannot discuss that right now."

Abbi had more questions to ask, "Will he be okay? There were no serious wounds, are there?"

The older policeman answered again, "He has a severe concussion and his body is heavily bruised. The doctor thinks he will be fine in a week or so."

Abbi turned to her mother, "Mom, can we visit him in the hospital?"

Mom showed a great smile, "Sure, honey, if the policemen are finished with us here."

"We are finished here for now. Young lady, go visit your boyfriend."

Her face flushed with anger, "He is NOT my boyfriend any more. I don't date boys that get drunk. Who knows what he might have tried to do?"

Abbi and her mom arrived at Derek's room in the hospital at just after noon and after they had stopped for lunch. They both stood at the foot of the bed looking at a heavily bruised Derek. With the exception of the right side of his head and face, every part of his body they could see was covered with large ugly dark bruises.

Abbi's voice was cold, "Derek, you came to my home drunk for our most important date. I told you to leave and you left. I don't date drunkards and I will never date you again."

With hidden fear she asked the question that had to be answered and both she and her mom feared, "What happened to you?"

His voice sounded strange, maybe it was the drugs, the concussion or maybe it was from the beating. Abbi and her mom didn't care.

"I don't know. We were in bed together and suddenly everything went black. I had just..."

Abbi was quick to correct him, "Derek, we were never in any bed together. You were very drunk and I made you leave. You never got into the house."

"No, I am sure that..."

"DEREK! You were not in my house last night. I do NOT sleep or have sex with drunks. You must have imagined it in your drunkenness."

Derek's father entered the door and spoke in anger, "Then you must still be a virgin. Will you submit to an examination?"

Abbi looked at her mom, this was a question they were prepared to answer, "Sir, I haven't been a virgin since I was fourteen. I let Derek think I was so he would keep dating me. I knew if he thought I wasn't a virgin he would drop me like a pot potato and stop dating me. It seems that he has this silly thing for, as he said. Popping Virgins. The way he acts, one would think he was playing a game of some kind."

Derek and his father looked at her with amazement.

Abbi giggled, "Oh, Derek, if you had been sober last night you would have gotten your virgin. It is very easy to fake. I have done it three times already."

Their business completed, Abbi and her mom left the hospital. There were no goodbyes.

Derek never called her again. He did miss out on a football scholarship, it seems he had a bad left knee. One of the blows in the beating he took was to the outside of the knee. The tendon must have been weakened and Derek's knee gave way in the first practice session of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. It was a simple tackle but it ended his football career. He could have stayed in college but in anger he quit. Derek knew that something had happened that night but there wasn't any proof.

It was only a few days later when the washer had been completed its job and the drier was doing its 'off for now' trick. Abbi's mom needed to get a new one but she also needed a newer car and some repairs done on the house. Abbi and Billy carried the wet clothes to the Wash and Dry to finish the laundry. When she returned the panties were not there. She never looked for them as they were just a reminder of the past.


It wasn't as if she was a tramp. She didn't do this all the time and with just anyone. Now and then when her husband was out of town, she would dress and go out to one of the hotels near the airport and pick up a nice man and spend part of the night with him. After all, her husband was probably getting some when he was on the road so fair was fair.

Oh, she was careful, very careful. She only hit the hotels during the dinner hour when there were many men available. She looked for well-dressed men in expensive business suits. She had a ready supply of latex protection even though she was on the pill. She also used a small can of spray foam before every act in case of a breakage and sometimes to aid in lubrication. Often she was asked to dinner by the selection of the night.

It had all started so easily. Her husband was out of town from two to three weeks at a time. She was bored silly in the first three months. Bored she could take but she was out of her mind horny. Then she heard a conversation at the restaurant where she worked as a waitress and was on a short lunch break. Two men in their forties were talking about women on the road. They never noticed her in the next booth.

"Look, Tom, I go into the hotel bar and look around. There is usually one there, maybe mid-twenties. You know, over twenty-one and less than thirty. She will be dressed in business casual. I buy her a drink, if there is dancing, I will dance with her. I let her feel my meat as we dance. We may have dinner and I invite her to my room. We do the deed, usually twice sometimes more. I leave four hundred in her small purse when she showers. They always insist on a condom and often use foam before each act, not that I would ever go bareback with those women. I am safe and she is safe. If she is really good, I will ask or her cell number. If she thinks I was really good and if the money is right she will give me the number. Then whenever I am headed back her way, I will call and she will meet me. My wife will never know. Hell, most of them are married. It is just sex but damn good sex."

"Frank, I just cannot do that to my wife."

"You haven't been on the road that long, Tom. It is damn lonely and boring as hell out there. I hide the cost in my expense account."

Once planted the idea took root. Her husband would never know. She wouldn't have sex with a man with a huge thingy, so he would never find her looser beside a woman was supposed to bounce back to the right size fast. She did think about it for two weeks.

On that Monday and after her husband flew out, she dressed in her newly purchased business causal and drove to the airport. She parked in an off-site lot and took the shuttle to the most expensive hotel. She entered the bar from the lobby and sat down on one of the bar stools. She never even ordered a drink. He was in his early fifties, tall at over six feet, with an expensive suit and a Rolex on his left wrist.

"May I pay for your drink?"

"Certainly, I need some company anyway," she ordered a Sex on the Beach, a drink she thought would tell men what she wanted.

"And may one ask why such a beautiful woman needs company?"

She decided to go with some of the truth, "My husband is out of town for three weeks."

He grinned at her, "I am George and I would prefer we make it an early night. Can we go upstairs now?"

"How big is your thingy? Be honest now, I don't do men with monsters."

"Just a bit over seven inches."

"I am..." she thought of the old movie she had watched last night, "Holly. Holly Golighty. Let's get it done."

She got $500 and three climaxes. It was what he said about his company that got her attention.

"I am being promoted. You are my promotion gift to myself. There is a merger coming with Associated Electronics. I will be in charge of making the two companies into one unit and combining the companies' employees. Allied Tech will double in size. I will be the man in charge of weeding out the dead wood in both companies. I will be the one who fires a lot of people. I also will be paid a lot of money. The public will be let in on the news in thirty days. By then I will be cutting staff and tightening up the defunct Associated Electronics."

Holly was intelligent woman so it occurred to her that there was more than $500 and sex to be had.

Six weeks later, it was Wednesday. Holly moved to the bar stool and like a genie from a bottle, there he was.

"I'm Barry."

She smiled a freshly learned smile that said 'Let's go to bed'. "I am Holly."

He sat beside her. They chatted for a few minutes. The drinks were served and emptied. He looked at the Cartier on his right wrist, "Do you want to get an early start?"


They went to his room, 1122. He had sex with her and did it very well all four times. He gave her almost as many climaxes as she would have had with her husband. Barry was a talker. He was a high-ranking officer at Enron and he was disgusted with the financial end of the business. He was sure they would declare bankruptcy within three or four months. He was cashing in his stock options and selling his Enron stock. He had already accepted a position at another company and was bailing out before the crash.

Early in the morning, she showered, dressed, did the mirror thing for makeup and

"Would you like my cell phone number?"

It was a flat rate cell from Radio Shack. As needed, she would add minutes of life to the phone and she had it password protected.

"No, Holly, I won't be traveling this way again. You were fantastic, your husband is a very lucky man."

"Oh, no, I am a very lucky woman."

Friday night she was there early. She found Peter. Peter petered out early. During her shower, Peter did leave three hundred in the purse. She went back down to the bar and found John who left her three-fifty. Holly was thrilled, money for sex and her urges were kept well satisfied.

Again, her husband was out of town, she was showered and getting ready to go. She was, as many men had told her, a very good-looking woman. She looked at herself in the mirror as she dressed. Thong, she hated panty lines. She also hated vaginal hair so that was well shaven. She was wearing the kind of bra that allowed her breasts to sit high and proud while exposing a good part of their upper level. The business type skirt was two inch above her knees. A button-up silk blouse that could be partially opened or closed depending on what she was thinking about the man she was with at the time. Her husband was a full exposure man. His best friend and boss was a very conservative no button open man. She generally wore a sweater or a light jacket as the bars tended to be cool and her nipples would protrude. The stockings were stay-ups with no garter belt, unless one of the known men called and asked for the garter belt. Tonight was a pick up night as no one had called.

The clothes, with the exception of the lingerie, were standard wear for the standard traveling young businesswoman. The last thing she wanted was to be arrested for soliciting. She wasn't a whore. She kept her visits to the hotels on the calendar in her cell to prevent being at the same hotel too often. There had been a deliberate change in her method of operation, she wanted as much good sex as she could get. She also wanted as much useful information as she could get. And of course the MONEY.

Therefore, she rotated among the hotels and high quality motels and scheduled her visits. The idea was to be at one of them every other night her husband was gone. No one seemed to care as she looked like a road warrior and that obviously kept any possible problems down. She once visited the downtown Detroit hotels but learned that was controlled by black pimps. She never went back.

She decided to find two men and let the winner be the one who fit her requirements. Hopefully it wouldn't take too long. She wanted a full night of sex.

Fifteen hundred miles away from home, Steve walked into a Wash and Dry. He was out of clean shirts and since they were wash and wear, he did laundry on the road. Once a week, it gave him something to do while traveling. He put the five shirts in along with some boxers (knitted not broadcloth), handkerchiefs, two hand towels and his exercise clothing. He worked out while on the road so he had two sets of exercise clothing, white shorts and t-shirts, several pair of white socks and five pair of white briefs. He needed the support when he exercised. The exercise also filled half of the lonely nights on the road. All this clothing was part of the one wash load. He poured in the Tide from the small bottle he carried on the road and started the machine with the correct amount of quarters.

He sat down to wait and looked over his expense report and added the money for the wash and the soon to be used dryer. He then returned to his sales reports. This made him very happy. A few more trips like this and he would have a nice office in Livonia, Michigan. He would really like that. The main office for his company was near the Six Mile and I-275 intersection. That was only three miles from his home. He could, in nice weather bicycle to work.

The washer buzzed. Steve moved the contents to a dryer, tossed in the antistatic thing and fed in the required number of quarters and returned to his sales reports. This was a great trip. He could see a baby in his future. The money was good and getting better. As he was well known by his customers on the road, his income was growing very fast as he was the subject of many conversations in the office. Hell, if he stayed on the road he could be a millionaire in three years. However, in another eight months, he was sure to move into that office at I-275 and Six Mile.

He dreamed of that until the dryer buzzed. He hung the still slightly damp shirts on the four wooden hangers he carried for them, started the dryer again to dry the rest of the load. The shirts would completely dry in the warm air in the Wash and Dry. The dryer finally buzzed again. The shirts were hung on the hooks in the rental car, everything else had been crammed into the laundry bag. He left for the motel. He tossed the bag on the floor and hung the shirts in the closet.


Holly had just arrived at the hotel bar when she saw her two men that would be the competitors for her tonight. They were sitting together and it appeared they were at least passing acquaintances. She sat at the bar ordered a Sex on the Beach and waited for them to notice her. It took all of sixty seconds before a new drink showed up in front of her. She moved to their table carrying both drinks. She was smiling, this would be a fast pick-up.

"Which one ordered the drink?"

"I did."

"But I paid for it."

Well, they were truthful so far. She could see wedding rings on both of them. She never had sex with a known single man. She believed sex with a married man was safer as there was a wife to lose. These men were the road warrior type, aggressive, with pleasant personalities and just her type. There was a piano and a piano player. She asked the taller of the two to dance. There were three couples dancing so this wasn't an unusual thing. She soon found that taller does not always mean longer. After a dance with each man, she knew who was going to win her body tonight.

After the second dance, she left with the shorter man. He was just over seven inches long and just a tiny bit larger around than her husband. He was good for three times but faded after that. He was very good in the touching and fondling department. He let her use oral to bring him back up after his orgasms. Holly got off seven times. It was a very good night.

Anal was the last place to be used and there was no vaginal after that. She knew from experience that even with a new condom it would cause her a rash. She talked with him while waiting for the last erection. He was in the legal department at some company or the other and there was a stock split coming up. He would be so glad when the next two months were over and he could get back to his wife instead of spending all of his time running his ass all over the country.

He changed the focus of the conversation, "Holly, why do you give so much for so little? I am on the road a lot. Most women limit the time to an hour or two at the most. You just spent over four hours with me."

She answered him honestly, "I love sex and we enjoyed each other. No one was used. There is a gift, yes, but I would have done it without the gift. I just wanted the sex."

This answer always seemed to please the men. Often they would add an extra fifty or two to the purse. She checked the bills carefully but rarely flashed the money in the presence of her ... client?

She gave him Holly's cell phone number along with the small list of her requirements. She would only accept calls between 12:05 pm and 1 pm Monday through Friday. She would agree to meet if she had no earlier call, if her husband was out of town and if she knew he was a good in bed. The secret requirement was if he was talkative about the business where he worked. Like 99% of the men had done before there was a gift and she found money in her purse after she showered. Other than a very small hint, she never asked or acknowledge it. The men never mentioned it. This time there were three hundred dollars in fifties. She found traveler's checks now and then. A bartender that she trusted would give her cash for a 20% cut. The men who left traveler's checks always left a larger amount usually twice the normal cash.

It varied from $400 to $800. One man gave her a single fifty and she had faced him and ripped the bill into tiny pieces. He had become angry and cursed her as a filthy whore. He did not get her cell number. The correct money had to be there before the cell phone number was given. The correct money was anything larger than the lowest in her cell phone file. This man with six hundred would be placed above the five hundred fifty man.

Now the lowest was $600. She was sure that soon the lowest would be $650. The $800 man always had first pick. She would break dates with others for him. It wasn't just a money thing, well, it was, but he was smaller than her husband was, so hubby would never know that Alex had been there. Alex was a marathon runner with wonderful stamina; he could go all night and still want more. If she wasn't married, he would be the top man on her list.

Money aside, the biggest requirement for a man to become a repeater was his position in his company and the information he could give her. There were six men who paid very well and were vice-presidents in the top brokerages in New York. All were very talkative. After all, she was fun in bed and was just one more girl on the road. Those six were the basis for almost one quarter of the information she gathered.

Since her husband was due back in two days, she was done for this trip. She wanted to be tight and squeaky clean when he returned. She knew from experience that she would be tight after one night. She was glad her husband didn't care much for anal. Strange how the money in the purse went up if she allowed anal. It doubled. She was thinking about letting more men have that. Especially the ones with smaller thingies, it didn't hurt and the money was much better when she vocally bragged about the size they had. A dance or two and she would know what to expect.

She thought about the special accounts she had set up to invest in the stock market. Holly had a very good investment company and she was doing very well. On the 5 tips that first month she had collected just short of $125,000. It was, however, the information that was invaluable. Of course, the investment company knew how, where and when to invest it, thanks to Holly's information.

Steve and Gloria

Steve rolled into Detroit Metropolitan Airport at one o'clock on Tuesday afternoon. He was tired and very happy. It had been a hard three-week trip and he was happy because he had made commissions that would give him over $450,000 this year and more on the continuing orders. In addition, there were still three months to go. He took a cab to the office. Gloria never picked him up from the airport. They had discussed it but she was adamant about it. He didn't wonder about it. She said she hated the noise, didn't like to fly and hated all airports. Whenever she had to fly, she flew alone. She was determined that both of them wouldn't die together in a crash. Actually, there was no reason for her to pick him up. He always landed in the middle of the day while she was at work. He always reported in at the office and for that he didn't need her.

Jim Marpet, the leader of the road squad was waiting for him, "You son of a bitch. You're trying to get my job."

Stave grinned at his boss, "Sure am, Jim. More trips like this one and I will be your boss."

They were friends and when Steve was home and had the time, they played golf or handball. Jim had recruited Steve from college and was very proud of his star subordinate's achievements. Steve and the other sixteen employees he had brought into the company were quickly pushing him into a vice-presidency several years early too. Jim was as happy as Steve and for exactly the same reasons.

As Steve would be in town for a week, the golf and handball games were planned. Arrangements were made for the wives to join them for a small dinner/dance at the club on Friday night. It was nice to work for a company who treated their people right. Both PDA's were used to keep things straight. Then they went over the sales figures. Both were even more pleasantly surprised when there were more orders than Steve had recorded. It seemed that some of the buyers had ordered more than Steve had showing in his records.

Suddenly Steve wanted to be with his wife. He was going to take home well over $400,000 this year and that was before the bonuses were calculated. It was time to start a family. She could come off the pill and there would be the pitter-patter of little feet in the household.

The afternoon lasted forever but he was home with iced champagne when Gloria walked in the door. As soon as she saw him, she knew he had reached the set goal and it was baby making time. She accepted the glass of champagne.

He made the toast, "Here's to the baby and all the baby-making sex." He sipped the champagne and looked at her, "Gloria, I have made it. You can go off the pills."

"Steve, I want to wait one more year."


"The tipster at work will only deal with me."

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