by Ka Hmnd

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Science Fiction Sex Story: As a younger grandson of the leader of clans I had to put up with many things. One was the constant demands from clan leaders for me to mate. I had put up with it for years but sometimes it is how you answer and not the answer itself. I also chose to leave for Nor and follow my heart. I wanted to grow things, to be an agronomist but even there I had to fight for what I wanted.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   .

I was finished with my finals and had just entered the warren exercise room when one of my younger sibs slipped up beside me, "the council is meeting."

I tensed, "they meet every week."

He grinned, "they are arguing with grandfather about making you accept a mate they have chosen."

I growled as I reached the weapons wall, "four years I have refused why would they think I would accept one now?"

He chuckled, "they are demanding it since you are in the line."

I pulled two heavy curved short swords from the wall and spun and stalked out. I was angry and ignored the clan guards as I went through the halls and kicked open the council chamber doors. Everyone went silent as I strode towards the table. I leaped up and over the table between my grandfather and father and landed inside.

I glared at all the clan leaders as I walked to the center, "I am Samuel Urr Saj Kin Liious and if even one of you demand I mate one more time I will challenge you! I am my own person and you do not have the right or say in who I will mate."

I looked around as they shifted, "speak of it again to my face."

One cleared his throat, "you think you know better than the..."

I strode to the table in front of him and brought one sword around and down and then the other. The table split in half and fell as I yanked the swords free and kicked out to send the debris flying. I stalked towards the clan leader and his two guards moved between us. One reached for his weapon and started to pull it and I shifted to strike.


I stopped and looked passed the guard at the clan leader, "you are a coward."

I spun and walked back through the debris and towards my grandfather, "I will not accept a mate."

He sighed, "you are eighteen Samuel..."

I slammed one of the swords into the table and lifted my hand to point at him, "I am not your heir and even if I were I would find my own mate. No one accept me and the female I chose has that right."

I looked back, "you have my warning."

I tossed the other sword onto the table and vaulted over and started for the door, "I am done with this!"

Talking broke out before I even reached the door. I was packing when Misty peeked into my room, "what did you do?"

I glanced at her, "they were demanding I accept a female they selected and I let them know I would not."

She was sixteen and had been staying with us since she was ten. She was a distant cousin to a human emperor and here because of some gossip or shame. She had long red blond hair and perfect curves. She grinned as she crossed the room and looked at the float chest, "you are leaving?"

I sighed, "I finished my advanced agronomist course. If I stay they will only keep poking at me."

She smiled and turned and put her hand on my chest, "Samuel Urr Saj Kin Liious I see you."

My eyes narrowed, "that is not funny Misty."

She touched my lips, "I am a Human Kaire breeder. This is my choice."

I looked into her pleading eyes and finally sighed. She had always had a way of ... I caressed her cheek, "Misty Alexandra Wellington I see you."

She put her long fingernails on my chest, "I claim you."

I shook my head and gestured, "go pack. Istaban clan ship Fang is in port. It is heading to Nor and I plan to be on it."

She spun and started to leave but stopped and I looked at the door to see a teenage Kaire female I did not know. She was orange with yellow and black spots and I growled but she ignored it as she walked in. Her tail swept back and forth as she came straight to me. She smiled as she looked at me, "they say you are not a warrior or a hunter."

I shifted as my eyes narrowed, "I am a agronomist ... a farmer."

She nodded, "I was in the council chamber and saw you."

I growled again but she reached out and put her claws on my chest, "you might not be a warrior but you have the heart. I was there to renounce their right to send me to some male in the Kin clan."

I blinked and she looked at Misty, "I am Kimba Sil Elic Nor and I see you."

I sucked in a breath but Misty grinned and caught my arm, "she is perfect Samuel."

I looked at her for several moments before I sighed and nodded as I accepted her wish, "I am Samuel Urr Saj Kin Liious and I see you."

Kimba grinned, "I claim you tom."

I smiled, "of course you do."

I gestured, "go pack. We are going to the port to the clan ship Fang."

She nodded and spun and walked out, "I have a bag ready."

I gave Misty a push, "pack and send a message to your family."

I turned and went back to packing and finally pulled the float chest out after me. I found my father and grandfather in the main hall. I ignored them as I headed for the door and my father hissed, "where are you going Samuel?"

I glanced them, "Nor. I am going to accept great grandfather's offer of a ride."

They looked at each other and I sighed, "I have accepted two mates."

I looked at my grandfather, "this nonsense of the council choosing a mate will cause serious problems. I was not the only one there to tell them to leave me alone."

He sighed, "Samuel I have been arguing and fighting it since long before you were born. I do not like it and Keit..."

I snorted, "you are the leader of clans and they are breaking Kair law. Either you change the law or you enforce it. Do not tell me you are trying to make them stop until you have done either."

I looked at Kimba hurrying towards me with a single bag and turned, "goodbye and good hunting."

While we were taking a public vehicle to the port I called the ship to let them know we were coming. I had met my great grandfather a couple of times and for a human he was ... different. My great grandmothers were another story and I was not sure about them. Three were Kaire and acted like something else and one was human who acted like ... a grandmother.

And then there was the Istaban clan which was a mix of many races. I released the vehicle and walked towards the huge ship. A very tall human was at one of the cargo lifts. At least I thought it was human until we were closer. I smiled but covered my teeth, "cargo master."

The huge being smiled down at us and nodded, "cousin."

She gestured to the lift but I turned to look back, "we are waiting for our mate."

Kimba moved closer and held one hand up, "I am Kimba Sil Elic Nor ... Liious."

The Cartell smiled, "we have a few of those aboard."

Kimba looked at me and I shrugged, "great grandmother Caris and cousins."

I saw the fast moving vehicle speeding towards us and shook my head, "and that would be Misty."

She grinned as she pulled out a single large trunk and sent the vehicle back. Inside the ship we were met by a Kaire who grinned as she looked me over. She turned to a blue sphere, "Jonathan this is my cousin. Samuel Urr Saj Kin Liious and his..."

She glanced at me, "mates?"

I nodded and she gestured, "and his mates. The captain has granted them full access."

"Understood Nova. Please escort them to their quarters and let the weapons officer know of their weapons."

I blinked, "I do not..."

Kimba cleared her throat and I looked at her and she shrugged, "I am Nor."

After the hatch in our quarters closed behind us I glanced at Misty as she sighed and began to strip, "what are you doing?"

She grinned, "finishing my claiming."

I growled and then stopped and moved towards her and rubbed a nipple, "you have an implant?"

She snorted, "I am a breeder Samuel."

I looked at Kimba to see her stripping and finally started to remove my clothes. Misty waited and then pulled me towards the bed, "finally."

Kimba chuckled as she followed us and I shook my head and caught Misty and tossed her onto the bed. I moved after and over her and rubbed her cheek with mine, "crazy she."

I moved down as Kimba laid beside us. I pushed Misty's legs open more and bent to lick through her pussy. I growled in the back of my throat at her scent and captured her clit and sucked. She wiggled and shuddered as she lifted her hips, "mmmm!"

I teased her clit with the tip of my tongue and kept sucking. She moaned and continued to hump and shiver, "aaaahhhh!"

I glanced up when Kimba started to suck on our mate's nipples and gently squeezed her clit between my lips. She gasped and spasmed and bucked, "YES!"

I laughed as I moved up and over her and began to press against her pussy. A few moments and my cock was emerging and pushing into her very tight pussy. Misty groaned and put her arms around me as I kept pushing and buried my cock. I licked and nibbled under her ear before I pulled back and started to fuck her.

She gasped and clutched me when I sank my cock back into her, "ooohhhh!"

I continued to fuck her and it was not long before her pussy was slippery. She went from shudders to bucking as she started to wail, "fffuuuccckkkkk!"

Her pussy kept grasping and squeezing and pulling and I fucked her firmly. She twisted and thrashed and struggled, "SAMUEL!"

It took awhile before I finally shoved into her and held her as I pumped a stream of sperm. She jerked and shook when she felt the flood of warm cum, "YES!"

When I was done I pressed against her cheek and slowly pulled out. I looked at Kimba who grinned as she reached for me. She pulled and rolled me onto my back and one hand rubbed and stroke my cock sheath to keep my cock hard and out. She twisted and straddled me and slowly impaled her pussy.

She shuddered and shifted as her pussy was spread and stretched, "mmmm!"

I reached up to rub her nipples and then gave them a tug, "our mate already said that."

She jerked and her pussy clenched, "ooohhhh!"

I laughed as her tight pussy kept squeezing and she twisted shuddered. She grinned as she looked at me and then started to drag her pussy back and forth. She rocked and turned and kept rolling her hips while her pussy rippled and grasped. A few minutes and she was spasming and her pussy was constantly clenching.

She fell and I rolled as I hugged her and began to fuck her firmly with long, deep thrusts. She lifted and cocked her legs as she hugged me tight, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I licked under her jaw and nibbled on her neck and she howled while clutching me, "mmmaaaattttteeeeee!"

I fucked her hard and deep and she writhed around before she began to buck and struggle. It was awhile before I shoved into her and held her tight as I gushed sperm. She twisted and spasmed while clinging to me, "YES!"

When I was done she was still jerking and panting and I licked under her ear and pulled out. She groaned and shuddered as she sagged to the bed and I turned to Misty. It was a long trip and the two girls made sure I fucked them a dozen times a day. They also spent time together while I searched for our home.

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