Walking in the Fog

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: A young man starts a job as a constable in a city with nightly fog. Besides having to learn from his partner, they have a killer that is hunting women on their beat. The first time they meet it is with a body of a woman. The second was when he flees and he is almost caught. That is when the killer begins to stalk the constable and it is his turn to set a trap.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   .

I was eighteen and had just finished the training to be a constable. The sun had not set when I woke and slipped out of the wide bed. It was to bad I did not have a woman to share it with. I went to eat and wash before I dressed carefully. I adjusted the new pistol on my right hip and the nightstick on my left before I walked out.

The Grey Downs was not far so I walked and nodded to the people I met. I reached the station with plenty of time before the shift briefing. An older man walked in while I was reading the wanted lists. I glanced back when he tapped my shoulder and gestured to follow. In a quiet corner he looked me over, "I am Alexander. I will be your training officer."

I nodded and he looked around, "we have had two killings around the mid of night so pay attention and do not let your guard down."

He sighed, "this is not like the academy. You listen to me and do what I tell you."

He gestured, "take notes during the briefing."

That was simple since I had a very good memory. Thirty minutes later we were walking out and heading for our area. We would walk an area of ten square blocks, half residential and half business and rooming houses. At first there were lots of people out and we greeted everyone. We answered three calls before midnight, all were minor domestic arguments.

The fog had rolled in and thickened so we could barely see a dozen paces. We were walking one of the streets with businesses including a tavern. When we heard the scream I forgot to follow Alexander and started running. I heard him curse as he followed but the girl screamed again and I turned into an alley.

I almost stopped when I saw the body but pulled my nightstick, "CONSTABLE!"

The girl screamed just out of sight and I heard a man curse. I walked towards them quickly as Alexander caught up, "do not move!"

Out of the fog appeared the man and I saw his arm coming down in a throw. I slashed across as the knife came towards me and it was knocked away. The man spun and ran into the alley and I was left to stare after him as Alexander caught my shoulder. I jerked in surprise and he hissed, "damn it kid slow down!"

I nodded and moved towards the girl. She was in a recessed doorway and holding a broken broom handle like it was a sword. I glanced after the man, "are you okay?"

She sagged down the door and nodded, "he was bent over Maggie."

I glanced back and gestured for her to come out, "he is gone now."

Alexander had gone back to the body and I led the girl towards him. He looked up, "leave her with me and go call in and get an inspector."

I nodded and gestured into the alley, "he threw a knife and I knocked it to the right."

I walked out of the alley and turned to go to the corner. I used the call box to call the station and then came back. An hour and there were a dozen constables, two inspectors, a doctor and the station commander. The girl was able to describe the man and one of the other constables said there was a fingerprint on the knife.

I ignored the other constable making a sketch and stood where I had been when I saw the man. I borrowed a pad and quickly drew a sketch of the man I had seen from head to feet. I gave it to Alexander and he looked at it and shook his head, "I do not recognize him."

The other constables looked at it and finally the body was taken away and everyone left. We walked the girl home and started on our rounds again. This time I was more aware of sounds in the fog. As dawn approached we turned to walk back to the station and a man stumbled out of a door and almost into us.

Alexander growled, "go home and sleep it off."

I reacted different since I recognized him from one of the pictures on the wanted lists. I yanked him around and threw him face first into the wall of the building. I followed and caught his arm and twisted it, "he is wanted for murder in the Chapels."

I pulled out my restraints and started putting them on and Alexander moved to catch his other arm and yank it out and up. He shook it and a knife fell and I yanked the other arm up. The man screamed and Alexander twisted his arm. I locked the other half of the restraint around the wrist.

I searched him and held up the pistol from the small of his back. We pulled him away from the building and I shoved him, "start walking you."

We turned him over to the desk sergeant with the knife and pistol. Alexander had me write the report before sending me home. It might be morning but the thick fog was still like a blanket over this part of the city. People were out and walking as horses pulled wagons or carriages.

I was almost home when I saw the teenage girl. She was damp from the fog and shivering in a doorway. From the look she was homeless and if she had not started she would be another street walker within a week. I stopped and she looked up frightened until she saw my uniform. I sighed, "where is your family?"

She bit her lip, "dead sir."

I thought of the dead girl laying in the alley and held out my hand, "come with me."

She hesitated before stepping out of the doorway and taking my hand. I continued home and led her in and up to my rooms. I closed and locked the door and looked at her before I gestured, "go wash and then come to the kitchen."

She walked away and I went to start water for tea and then opened the ice box. I took out bacon and eggs and went to the stove. I made the slices of bacon thick and started cooking them. When the water was boiling I poured it into two cups and added the strainer balls. I put honey and cream in each before I returned to the stove.

I glanced at the girl when she returned and gestured to the table, "sit and drink the tea."

After I finished the bacon I cooked several eggs and then toasted thick slices of bread. I set everything on the table on two plates and sat across from her, "eat."

By her look I knew she was starving but she ate slowly. I drank my tea and ate and when we were done I took everything to the sink. The girl moved to help me wash the dishes and clean up. When we were done I gestured, "you can take a bath and nap on the couch. I have been up all night so I am going to bed."

I headed for the hall and she cleared her throat. I stopped and looked back and she smiled, "my name is Taylor."

I smiled, "a pretty name. I am Chris."

I undressed in my bedroom and slipped into my bed and slowly relaxed. I could hear the girl in the bathroom and closed my eyes. They snapped open when the girl slipped into the bed with me and snuggled against me. She was naked and shivered and I sighed and shifted and hugged her.

I woke to Taylor slowly stroking my cock and looked at her, "that is not safe to play with."

She smiled and turned and straddled me. She lifted and held my cock before slowly pushing down. Her pussy was tight and my cock stretched it as she groaned and wiggled to get it deeper. She sat and looked at me and I smiled as I reached up and felt her breasts, "you got it in. Now you need to see if it will go off."

She grinned and wiggled before she began to rock and push down. She rolled her hips as she began to breath harder. Soon she was twisting and rubbed her pussy back and forth. She shuddered and jerked and her pussy kept clenching, "aaaahhhh!"

Each time she became erratic she almost fell as her pussy gripped my cock. I finally pulled her down and rolled before I started to fuck her firmly. I was shoving into her and pressing and she was cling to me and wailing. She jerked and spasmed as her pussy kept milking my cock, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I finally buried my cock and held her as I gushed and pumped sperm. She jerked and wiggled and squirmed when she felt the warm cum, "mmmm!"

When I was done I began to grind and then pulled back to fuck her messy pussy again. She grinned as she hugged me and wrapped her legs around my waist. I woke around noon and looked at the naked girl half on me. I caressed her hip and she shifted and sighed, "mmmm?"

I grinned and caressed her again, "time to get up."

She lifted her head and looked around and I moved off the bed, "bathroom?"

She stretched and then followed me and I let her go first while I started filling a basin to wash in. That was fun and I made her cum several times as I tried to clean her pussy. We got dressed and I cooked a thick ham steak with greens. After we ate and cleaned up we left my rooms. I glanced at her as we walked, "do you know how to sew or cook?"

She looked at me and nodded, "I can cook and sew."

Just down the street from my building was a dress shop that had a sign in the window. They were looking for someone to do embroidering and I looked at Taylor, "can you embroider?"

She grinned and nodded and I led her in and across to an older woman. She smiled and I asked about the job. Thirty minutes and I was sitting and sipping tea while Taylor embroidered flowers on the bodice of a dress. Mrs Jenkins hired her before she even finished but after she was done we left, she would start work the next morning.

I took her shopping with me and bought her woman's herbs, a new dress and shoes. When we returned to my rooms it was time for me to change. We put the food away and I gave her a kiss and headed to the bedroom to change. I left her the second key to the rooms walked to the station feeling good.

That did not last as I found out no one had seen the killer or recognized him. I looked at the wanted lists before sitting with Alexander and taking notes. After we left and reached our area Alexander led the way to the alley we had found the killer in. We walked through it slowly and I glanced at him, "what are we looking for?"

The sun was setting but there was more than enough light to see. He glanced around, "if I was the killer I would not want to keep running in the fog or be caught wearing bloody clothes."

I looked around and then turned to look back into the alley and walk backwards. I stopped and gestured, "look at the fire ladder."

Alexander turned, "it has been greased and pulled up."

I nodded as I walked towards it and then jumped to catch bottom rung on the ladder. My weight pulled it down and then we locked it. I went first and climbed up and checked each window as I did. On the top floor the window slid open silently and I looked down at Alexander. He gestured and I slipped in and moved to the side to wait for him.

Once he was in he knelt and gestured, "a dried drop of blood."

He looked down the hall and I moved to the hall lantern and lit it. We looked at each door and then I gestured when I reached the hall cleaning closet, "I have dried blood on the handle."

He crossed to me and I used a handkerchief to open the door. I lit the storm lantern on the wall and we began to search the closet. In one corner behind a box of cleaners Alexander found the bloody clothes. Ten minutes and we were using a call box and one of the inspectors was coming out to look at what we had found.

While Alexander waited he had me go look in all the alleys in the business areas and by the rooming houses. He wanted me to check other fire ladders to see if any had been greased. In the dark it was not easy, I had to climb a lot of ladders but found three. We began walking our beat and each time we returned to the business area we checked the alleys.

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