Hunting Deviants

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: The second Deviant war continues as they strike yet another Kaire system. Of course Kaire are not just warriors, they are hunters and sometimes those are more deadly. The Kaire have learned to avoid direct combat with armies of drones. Now they just have to find a way to kill the Deviants that control them.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   .

The Deviants had struck Norsa hard and fast and the few warships in the system barely slowed them. When their assault shuttles screamed down the warriors that had remained behind began killing them. Unfortunately the Deviants had done this before and kinetic missiles streaked down to kill anything around where the firing was coming from.

Within a day armies of drones were spreading out from the port. They ignored the other continents to conqueror this one. Of course the warriors that had fired the missiles were not the only ones to stay behind. I was eighteen and a hunter and according to my teachers one of the best. Now I was a warrior and as far as I was concerned these Deviants were diseased animals.

I watched the column of prisoners moving slowly past me towards the outer buildings of the Mel city. There were five hundred drones guarding them and only one Deviant. When the floating control vehicle began to pass me I slid the mine under it with a long pole. I touched the sensor and rolled away as the vehicle screamed and crunched into a small ball of metal.

I ignored the frozen drones and yelled, "this way!"

Ten warriors appeared and started gesturing and the prisoners came alive and started to move the way we wanted them. I glanced at the others and then collected my rifle and trotted into the city. I watched ahead and went through buildings when I saw the sensor poles. I was not the only hunter in the city, they were filtering in from every direction.

I was in the center of the city when I saw the small army around a warren. From the vehicles on top this was one of the command centers they had set up. I kept back from the window as I began to scan the street and then moved to another position to repeat it. That was when I saw the way in and moved out and began to crawl.

There were bodies and rubble and vehicles in the street and I moved extremely slow and kept my weapons under me. It took two hours to cross the street and reach one of the side entrances. The whole way the combat drones slowly moved around and even over me. After I had crawled in and to the side I stood.

I began to slowly close the door before I moved down the hall. I was going to use the ramp to climb to the upper floors. When I reached one of the large clan gathering rooms I heard the growls. I glanced in to see two Kaire teenage girls back to back. They held knives and four drones circled them and kept shocking them.

A computer enhanced voice kept telling them to fight each other or the shocks would get worse. I hesitated before removing my pack and pulling out a confounder. I would only be able to use it once here but I could not let the girls be harmed. I knelt and switched on the confounder and slid it into the room.

The drones froze and any vids would be killed with the comm systems. I gestured to the girls, "come with me."

They stared at the drones and then at me before they started moving. I pulled them around the corner and knelt and reached in. I switched the confounder off and pulled it out before I spun and stood. I moved towards the ramp while putting it away and the girls followed me. I glanced at them, "try to move quietly."

I heard more voices on the lower floors but continued climbing. On the second floor from the roof I moved to the south side of the building. I glanced at the girls as I opened a hall door and moved out and onto a building ledge. It was beside the climbing wall and I put my pack on and then looked up, "do not look down and watch where I put my hands and feet."

I glanced at the girls before I carefully moved out and onto the wall. I started up using the small hand and foot holds. At the ledge on the next level I moved off and turned to help the girls. I turned and looked at the closest balcony ledge, "follow or wait here."

I used the very small ledge and crossed to the balcony and glanced back to see the two girls following. I moved to peer into the set of rooms and knelt to remove my pack and rifle. A Deviant was sitting with his back to me watching dozens of screens. Two guard drones were moving in and out of doors.

I went to my stomach and crawled in as I pulled my knife. They had just shoved any and all furnishings to the outer walls and that hid me as I moved closer. When I reached the end of the cover I began to time the drones and finally came off the floor. I moved fast and struck the Deviant and stabbed into the huge head and twisted before yanking out the knife.

I spun and dove for the cover and crawled behind it as one of the guards appeared. The Deviant was slumped into the screens while I continued to crawl. When I checked the two drones were frozen. I went to bring the girls in and set my rifle and pack on a table, "stay here."

They nodded and I pulled my pistol before I moved to one of the inner doors. The pistol used a grav pulse and propelled a expanding bullet at low sub sonic velocity so it was completely silent. I snuck into the next set of rooms and around one of the guard drones that was moving. I glanced into the room and did not see drones as I brought up the pistol and fired.

The Deviant's head exploded and I slid back and waited before I moved. His drones were not moving as I went through the room and kept hunting. I killed ten before I finally returned to the girls. I looked out and down to see all the drones frozen. I put my pack on and grabbed my rifle, "now we have to destroy the control units."

That was another trip through the rooms with stops by each dead Deviant to smash the control units. That killed all their drones and I relaxed as I headed for the ramp, "now we can free everyone."

Of course it was not easy to get everyone to follow but the girls surprised me. They growled and struck more than one that started to argue. Thirty minutes and I was leading them out and following my path into the city. When I finally saw the other warriors waiting I turned and gestured to those following, "go to them and do as they say."

They did as I told them and I turned to head back into the city. I glanced at the girls when they joined me, "you should go with the others."

The silver one grinned, "I am Glow Saj Hiss Urr and I see you."

I blinked and glanced at the other girl. She was all black and grinned like the other one, "I am Night Nas Elic Gre and I see you."

I grinned as I kept walking, "I am Kin Sa Sil Ous and I claim both of you."

They laughed and I chuckled and walked into an empty warren. The Deviants had already searched it and taken what they wanted. I climbed the ramp for several floors and went to one of the outside homes. I stayed back from the opening and looked out before I moved towards the eating area, "it has been a long day."

I looked at them, "after we sleep I ... we can check this warren armory and look for any weapons that were left."

Glow followed and smirked, "first we milk you for sperm and then you can sleep."

Night laughed as she followed and I glanced at both of them, "you will be leaking in your sleep."

They laughed and I grinned as I found food in the stasis unit. We ate and cleaned up before the girls pulled me through the home and into the master bedroom. I began to undress as the girls moved onto the bed. I set my weapons where I could reach them before I moved after them.

I moved over Glow and rubbed her jaw before I moved down. I stopped to suck on her nipples and she shivered and held my head while Night laughed and pulled me down. Glow spread her legs as I looked at her pussy and then leaned close and began to lick and nibble. She jerked and lifted her hips, "ooohhhh!"

She wiggled and shook while thrusting up and I caught her clit and began to suck and tease it with my tongue. She bucked and spasmed as she spread her legs and tilted her hips, "aaaahhhh!"

Night rubbed my back as I growled at the scent of pussy. I moved up and pressed against Glow and started to hump and thrusts. My cock emerged and pushed into her and stretched her pussy. She lifted her legs and clutched me as she started to howl. Night covered her mouth as I began to fuck her.

She bucked and spasmed while her tight pussy squeezed and milked my cock. I continued to sink into her and started to press and rub. Glow was clinging to me as I used firm thrusts and she began to wail. She was shaking and jerking as her pussy constantly grasped and milked my cock. She bucked and thrashed as I fucked her hard and deep, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I used firm thrusts and kept pressing to get deeper and she thrashed and twisted. It was awhile before I buried my cock and held her as I pumped sperm. She hugged me tight and wiggled and squirmed while her pussy milked the cum out of my cock and into her, "mmmm!"

When I was done I relaxed and licked under her ear before I slowly pulled out. She sighed as she laid back and I moved towards Night. I bent to rub cheeks before I moved down as she spread her legs. I kissed her clit as it peeked out and then I began to lick through her pussy. She shuddered and lifted her hips and I kept licking her.

I wiggled my tongue on her clit and sucked and squeezed it. She gasped and thrust up as she shook, "ooohhhh!"

I continued to lick and nibble and suck and she struggled and started bucking, "mmmm!"

I finally stopped and moved up and settled as I nibbled on her neck and began to hump and press into her. She put her arms around me and squeezed as my cock emerged and sank into her, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I kept pressing and grinding and her pussy kept squeezing. A minute and she was slippery as I pulled back to fuck her. I used long thrusts and she covered her mouth as she wailed and spasmed. Her tight pussy was clenching and milking my cock as she lifted her hips, "aaaahhhh!"

After awhile I was using firm thrusts and she was twisting and bucking. She clung to me as I fucked her firmly and pressed into her. She wiggled and shook and finally she began to spasm, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I fucked her hard and deep and kept it up as she struggled and bucked. Finally I buried my cock and nuzzled and licked under her jaw as I gushed strong spurts of sperm. She shook and shuddered and her pussy milked my cum into her, "YES!"

When I was done I relaxed while she panted and then I slowly pulled out. Glow pulled on my tail and giggled as she turned and went to her knees. I grinned as I moved behind her and stroked her tail and pressed into her leaking pussy. I woke to dawn's light in the window and shifted as I pet the two girls, "time to rise."

First we went to the bathroom and then took another shower before we got dressed. We found food for breakfast and then I led them out and down to the armory. It was open and half the weapons gone but I found what the girls needs. They each got belts and vests for pistols and ammo and two rifles.

Now it was time to hunt and I led the way out and into the city. I was very careful to avoid drones patrolling the streets and searched for another warren that might have Deviants or prisoners. It was afternoon when I saw one and met up with four other hunters. They were watching the same warren from another while I slowly circled it to look for a way in.

When I slipped up and surprised them they growled but I gestured them away from the windows. Once they reached the ramp I had the idea and knelt beside my mates, "I think I have a way in."

They looked at me and I looked at the girls, "the climbing wall."

They hissed but I shook my head, "the drain system has a grate a couple of steps from the chimney. The vehicles on the street block the drones from seeing it. Once in the chimney, climb all the way to the top slowly. Use the side platform and cross to the balconies. We can move around and slip in to kill the Deviants which will shut the drones down."

I stood, "we can enter the drain system from the next warren where the rubble spills into the street."

I started down with my mates following and it was a few moments before the others followed. We worked our way out and crawled behind the rubble to the grate. I struggled to lift and slide it aside before I looked in. I turned and lowered my legs and then hung from my hands before dropping.

I landed in a crouch and checked around me as Glow hung and then dropped. I caught her and turned to set her down and then caught Night. I moved a little down the drain towards the other warren. One by one the others dropped down and in and I continued to move. The water in the drain was barely enough to wet the bottom of my feet.

Finally I looked up to see the next grate and moved to the wall. I slung my rifle and started up the built in ladder steps. When I reached the grate I struggled to lift and move it quietly. Once it was out of the way I took a breath and peeked out and around. I crawled out and to the chimney in the wall.

Next I squeezed in and stood and slowly reached up and began to climb. I could see the drones over the vehicles but they kept moving and did not react to me. Slowly floor after floor I climbed until the chimney flattened out into the wall. By then we were all on the wall and high above the street.

When I moved off the wall and crossed to the balcony I knew something had changed. Just inside was a guard drone and I froze before moving back. My mind spun as I tried to think of a way around it. I blinked as the building circulation system came on and warm air came out the vent above my head.

I looked up and then grinned as I turned to face the wall and carefully climbed up. I gestured to the others that followed. I worked to remove the vent vanes and then the screen and handed both down. Next I pulled my pistol and wiggled into the open vent. I moved slowly and turned right when I reached the intersection.

I looked out and down through another vent and saw a large living area with consoles. A Deviant was working them and I saw two guard drones. I silently shifted and aimed through the vent and waited until the two guard drones were both facing away. I fired and the Deviant's head exploded and it fell.

The drones spun and a moment later they stopped moving. I knocked the vent out and crawled out and dropped to the floor. I turned to help Glow and then Night and moved to look out and into the entry. I came back as the other four hunters looked over the Deviant. I growled, "okay they have started guarding the balconies."

They looked at me and shifted the rifles they carried. I shook my head, "we hunt them and use stealth. Use the vents or find another way instead of charging like a Kracal."

I grinned at Night, "or we could use misdirection."

They looked at each other and I gestured, "what would they do if they heard a growl?"

Glow grinned, "send the guard drones to kill us."

I nodded, "and if the growl was on a balcony the guard drones would go out and the Deviant would be unprotected from the door."

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