The Mark of a Warrior

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: The Deviant war continued as the Kaire slowly begin to react. This time it was the system of Glint. A new warrior is sent to one of the distant plains cities to fight. His idea to strike from building to building works extremely well. Before long they are sending captives to safety and killing the last of the Deviants.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   .

Glint was a pretty blue green world with twelve other planets in the system and three far asteroid belts on the rim. Like all Kaire we were hunters and warriors but we were also space miners. We had six huge refining stations and two major mining platforms as well as a very large ship construction station.

There were twelve large major clans in the system not counting the few visiting or looking for a new clan site as well as Noss and Sizz. The Noss were mostly on two southern continents and the Sizz in a single one on the equator. My clan was not only one of the largest but one of the oldest, we had many clan sites in many systems.

The fighting drones were set for live combat with the safeties locked out. I had already shown I was expert with a rifle or pistol. I had made the thousand kilometer trek through the wilderness alone with only a knife. I had also completed the required test of clan law. This was the last test before I became a warrior.

I slid to the side and yanked the kick back while turning. I let the leg go as I kicked out and back. The drone folded and grabbed my foot but I was already jumping and spinning while bringing my other foot around. The first crashed to the ground as I rolled and struck the second in the head with my other foot.

The head snapped to the side and the drone dropped. I landed on the ground and arched my back before shoving with my hands. I came to my feet and twisted and slashed out as my other hand brushed a striking hand away. My hand crushed the throat of the third drone and I stepped and turned while yanking it behind me.

I caught the striking arm of another drone and pulled while spinning and bringing my other hand around and across. I caught the head as I let the arm go and turned while yanking and twisting. The head turned and bent before there was a pop and the drone fell. I continued to move as the last drone leaped towards me and an alarm went off.

I struck up and into the throat and turned while catching the head with my other hand. I yanked down as I knelt and the drone tumbled and crashed to the floor. I stood and looked at the clan leader at the door comm. The alarm was still going off and he spun and gestured to the four clan strike leaders, "we have warships attacking the system."

They ran for the door and he looked at me and smiled slightly, "help the clan evacuate the warren."

I opened my mouth before I nodded and he grinned as he moved towards the door, "warrior."

I grinned as I ran for the door and down to the armory. The next few days were filled with panic but we evacuated everyone to a distant set of caves. These were actually already prepared emergency shelters for more than one clan. After the last set of clans arrived and we hid the flyers and transports I was ready to return and hunt the Deviants when they landed.

The space battles for the system were going badly for us. The order to return to the planet had been given. The space stations had been evacuated and trapped. My clan leader caught me as I loaded extra ammo into a pack, "Sy?"

I glanced at him and then at the two girls following, "sir?"

He gestured, "the clan leaders have spoken. Each and every warrior will take mates if they have not already done so. This is to make sure our clans survive just in case..."

I straightened and then bowed my head, "we will not fail."

I looked at the two girls, "I am Sy Urr Alt Saj and I see you."

They were frightened but carried packs and weapons and seemed ready to use them. One was orange with black petal like spots and she smiled, "I am Petal No Mel Nas and I see you."

I looked at the other, she was cream with white ghost stripes and grinned fiercely, "I am Muse Sil Kin Press and I see you."

I bowed my head, "will you accept my claim?"

They looked at each other before nodding and I glanced at the clan leader, "may I return now?"

He shifted, "the reports say these ... beings take prisoners and force them to fight each other. They also breed the females and engineer the young. Do not fight like a Kratcal. Hunt them and not the drones they use. If you kill them leave quickly because they could be linked and use a missile to kill all around where they are."

I nodded and glanced at the two girls and gestured to put their packs in, "how many are hunting the port city?"

The clan leader snorted, "several hundred. I would you went to the plains city of Brows. There are only a handful of warriors there."

I turned and moved and let the girls climb in, "we will do as you ask."

After I lifted I accelerated to the max but stayed close to the ground or trees. It took several hours before I saw the city ahead. I frowned when I saw large warships landing to the south and turned towards the north more. As soon as we crossed the Herz river I set down and opened the door, "we walk from here."

The girls nodded as they got out and we grabbed our packs. I checked my rifle before I started to lead the girls and we slipped into the tall grass and bushes. I used the low ground as we worked our way towards the city. I froze at a faint sound and gestured to the girls before I set my pack down.

I crawled out of the stream bed we had been in and through several bushes. I stopped to look out at hundreds of drones on line and moving away from the city. One look and I knew they would pass us by. I watched the drones and the vehicle following to one side with a dozen drones patrolling around it. I glanced back before I began to crawl out behind the line of drones.

I angled towards the constantly moving line in front of the Deviant control vehicle. I had to move a little faster than I wanted but finally I was in position. I waited and the drones guarding the vehicle circled over me since I was not moving. I shifted as the vehicle began to pass over me and rolled onto my back.

I pulled a grenade and used a piece of cord on the pull tab. I shoved the grenade up and into the under carriage and let the vehicle pass over me while the cord fed out. Once it was gone I watched more drones circling and tightened my grip on the cord to stop it. It pull the tab and a moment later the grenade imploded in a screech of torn metal.

I came to my feet as all the drones stopped moving and went to check the hatch into the vehicle. It was popped open and I could see the dead Devaint inside before I turned and started to trot towards the stream and the girls. I pushed through the brush and gestured as I moved to my pack, "time to run."

We stayed in the streambed and ran while continuing towards the city. We had just reached the outer edge when the kinetic missile struck where the dead Deviant was. I slowed to a walk as I began to stalk and hunt for a place to stay. All around us were single family warrens but I did not trust them to be safe.

It was a couple of hours before I saw the perfect place. We had turned and were almost back to the river and had come to one of the filtration and pump stations. I moved through the huge tanks and ignored the operating building. On the edge of the river was a plasticrete building that monitored the river and the water intake.

I bypassed the door lock sensor and held the door for Petal and Muse. I looked at the wall of displays and went to open another door. It was a small cooking area and to the right was a door into a fresher. To the left was a door into a large storage area. I pointed that way, "we will sleep in there."

I went to check the cooking area and then removed my pack. I set out rations and then took the pack into the storage area. I looked around and moved three metal shelve units. I took the upper shelves off and left the middle and lower. I tied the three together with adhesive binder I found on one shelf.

The girls pushed me aside and started making our bed across the three shelves. I smiled as I returned to the cooking area and began heating the rations. The girls returned and we sat at the small table to eat. When we finished I put everything in the recycler and turned in time for Petal to catch my hand and pull me after her.

In the storage room she turned and began removing her clothes. I glanced back as Muse turned me and started to strip me. When she finished she pressed against me and rubbed my cheek, "claim us mate."

I smiled and she pushed me towards Petal and the bed they had made. She was already on the bed and I climbed on and moved over her and rubbed her cheek and licked under her ear. I moved down as she shivered and sucked on each of her nipples. When I reached her pussy she spread her legs.

I began to lick through her pussy and wiggle the tip of my tongue on her clit. She shuddered and kept lifting her hips as she purred. When I started to squeeze it and suck she gasped and spasmed, "aaaahhhh!"

She twisted and tried to close her legs and I moved up and over her and held her down. I licked under her jaw as I pressed into her and humped. My cock slipped out and pushed into her and she clutched me as her pussy was spread open and stretched, "YES!"

I began to fuck her slowly and buried my cock each time. A couple of minutes and she was struggling and jerking while her tight pussy kept milking my cock. I began to use firm thrusts and rubbed as she thrashed and bucked, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I fucked her hard and deep and kept it up as she convulsed. She twisted as her pussy constantly clenched, "oooohhhh!"

When her eyes rolled up I was ready and shoved into her. I held her as my cock gushed sperm and began to flood her. She sighed and shuddered as her pussy milked my cock, "mmmm!"

After I was finished I nibbled and licked her neck and under her jaw before I slowly pulled out. She groaned and shook before smiling at Muse, "I loved it."

I smiled as I moved over Muse and rubbed her cheek with mine. I moved down and licked and sucked on her nipples and she shivered and held my head, "mmmm!"

I kept going and opened her pussy before I began to lick. I nibbled and bit gently and then caught her clit as she shuddered hard and moaned. I kept sucking and began to squeeze it between my lips. I used the tip of my tongue and flicked it back and forth. She jerked and gasped as she thrust up, "ooohhhh!"

I kept it up as she bucked and wiggled and shook and finally I stopped and moved up and over her. I pressed into her and rubbed her cheek as my cock slipped out. It spread her tight pussy as I slowly buried it and she clutched me, "aaaahhhh!"

I started to fuck her already wet and slippery pussy and she gasped and jerked, "yyyeeeesssss!"

She struggled and her pussy kept grasping and squeezing my cock. I began to press into her and rub and she twisted and jerked while her tight pussy continued to milk my cock. A few minutes and she was bucking and spasming as she wailed. Her pussy gripped my cock and I shoved into her and held on.

When she calmed I began to fuck her hard and deep and she gasped and clutched me again, "fffuuucccckkkkk!"

It was several minutes of her almost slimy pussy milking my cock before I shoved into her. I gently bit her neck as my cock pumped a thick stream of sperm. She thrashed and jerked while her pussy constantly squeezed, "YES!"

She kept shuddering as I flooded her with cum and Petal giggled, "it is good this place is sound proof."

Muse grinned as I rubbed her cheek with mine. I pulled out and turned to Petal and she rolled me onto my back and straddled me. I woke to my timekeeper and looked at the two girls before I shifted. I woke them and moved off our bed and left to go to the fresher. When I was done I washed using the sink before the girls came in.

I glanced at them before I left, "we hunt today."

They nodded and I went to dress and put my pack on one of the unused shelves under the bed. I found rations in the cooking area and gave the girls theirs when they came out. We ate and then I led them out. We slipped from building to building as I headed into the city. Once we reached the larger and taller warrens we began to use them.

We would climb to the top floor to look out and search for the Deviants. Three hours and finally I saw a large warren with a lot of drone transports. What drew my eye was the prisoners that were being unloaded and pushed into the building. I searched for a way around the drones and then almost hit myself.

I looked at the top and then turned to lead the girls down and to the clan armory in the building. The weapons were gone but I went to another room. I looked at the anchor throwers and the ropes for climbing. I took what we needed and we left and snuck out and then around to a building across from the one with the deviants.

We went all the way to the roof and I set everything down on the edge. I quietly told the girls what to do and moved to the left. First I used my rifle and amplified the sight to look into the top floor windows. I made adjustments to the power and corrected the sight. I started on the first on the left and aimed at the Deviant inside and past the guard drone.

When I fired, the rifle did not make a sound and neither did the round as it arrived and the Deviant's head exploded. I slowly moved to the right until I saw another and killed it. When I was done all the Deviants on this side of the top floor were dead and the drones frozen. I went to check the girls and nodded and Petal aimed and fired the anchor thrower.

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