Flying Cat

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: The Deviant war was killing a lot of Kaire and even though we were winning we needed to adapt. I was picked to travel to a friendly empire to learn what I could about human space fighters. I got more than I expected and sent details and plans ahead to make and refit fighters. There were still battles ahead and it would be the first time we used the small ships but it was time to take the fight to the Deviants.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   .

The invasion of the Deviants was going badly for them but we had learned a hard lesson too. While our warships were stronger, larger and more than capable to face theirs it was the damn drone fighters that did the most damage. They sent them out in the hundreds and those could get close.

So I had been sent to this empire to see a human about fighters. I had been at a nearby system as a shuttle pilot for a clan ship. I came straight from the starport to the palace. It was early morning and I knew I was going to have a wait. Of course the servants kept telling me the empress did not have time to speak with me.

I was not wearing my weapons and they were unsure of me as I started through the huge building. Finally a soldier appeared and smiled as he gestured the servants away, "follow me."

He led me through and up before stepping into a dining room. The empress was at the table with three girls and two boys. I could tell she was pregnant as the male ignored me and kept helping one of the girls with her meal. The empress sighed, "ser Kaire I am very busy today."

I nodded, "I understand but I did not wish to speak with you."

She blinked, "but the chamberlain..."

She shook her head, "who did you wish to speak with?"

I gestured to the male, "your mate."

She grinned as she sat back, "Andrew?"

He glanced at me, "what did you wish to talk about?"

I shifted to the side as one of the girls absently threw warm cereal, "my leader of clans wishes me to learn about fighters."

He sat up, "what I did was a suicide mission and..."

I waved that away as I stepped up beside the girl and caught her hand, "this we understand but we would find out how to kill their capital ships and the drone fighters."

I moved the spoon to the girl's mouth as she looked at me, "eat or you will become the runt of the litter."

The others giggled and she grinned, "daddy says we are a litter."

She took a bite and I let her hand go. Her father smiled as he glanced at his mate before looking at me, "there was something. This came from a federation. They used a single fighter drone to destroy two Deviant fleets."

I straightened, "how?"

He shrugged, "I have not tried it and understand many people are still trying to find an answer to the main problem. What I was thinking about was the weapon systems they used. We got the original specs before they began to refine them."

He looked at his mate and she shifted before she nodded, "give them to him."

He pulled out his comp and gestured and I moved around the table. I pulled mine and he transferred several files before sitting back, "do not underestimate the Deviants. They will adapt and change to your weapons and tactics."

I nodded, "would it be better to let the fighters engage individually or..."

He blinked, "your people really do not use fighters?"

I shook my head and he glanced at his mate again before grinning, "perhaps we could assist with a neural sim program?"

She glanced to the side, "get me admiral Gerka."

A servant bowed and turned to speak into a comm. I shifted and caught one of the little males as he leaned out to touch me and started to fall. I lifted him and looked at him closely, "cubs should ask before touching a warrior. For one that is bold enough to try I will allow it."

His eyes were wide as I used my other arm and rubbed his cheek. He grinned and caught my hand, "claws?"

I sighed and flexed my fingers, "yes."

He felt them and then looked at me and I stepped and returned him to his chair. The girl beside him whispered and reached for my tail which I quickly pulled away. She looked up and I sighed as I moved closer and let my tail reach out and caress her hand. Before I knew what was happening all five were around me.

They pet and rubbed my fur before Andrew cleared his throat, "go to your nan."

The kids spun and ran towards a woman waiting by the door. I smiled and turned, "they are like my younger sibs."

Andrew grinned as he looked at his mate, "it is time for us to have another litter too."

She grinned and then laughed as she stuck out her tongue. Eight hours later I was speeding away and towards the waiting courier. The empire had bought an older carrier from a federation and it was being fitted now. I had basic blueprints for new fighters and even new modified fold space launchers.

As soon as I strode aboard the courier I ordered it to lift. I went straight to the bridge and moved to the comm station. I opened a star comm and encrypted the signal before I sent a data packet. When I shut it off and turned the captain chuckled while finishing her checklist, "we have two passengers."

I glanced at her, "my mission..."

She waved and then grinned, "both the leader of clans and your clan leader authorized it."

She gestured, "they are in your cabin waiting."

I turned and walked out and went to the tiny cabin. When I stepped through the hatch two naked teenage girls stood. One was black with silver strips and the other was smoky white. The first she shifted and frowned, "I am Silva No Mel Alt and I see you."

I hesitated in surprise as the other female purred and grinned, "I am Cryst Sa Der Cin and I see you."

I looked back and forth, "why..."

The first blinked as if in surprise, "you are supposed to tell us your name and..."

I growled, "why are you trying to claim me?"

She looked at the other girl and took a step closer, "we were asked and wanted mates and you are building new ships and..."

I sighed, "I am Kent Sar Alt Saj and I claim you."

She grinned and turned to Cryst, "I told you he would."

I snorted and moved to stroke her tail, "we have a week before we reach the new carrier and the shipyard building the new fighters."

She purred and shivered as she pressed against me, "we were in one of the human advanced schools for engineering."

I glanced at Cryst before I pulled Silva to the narrow bunk. I laid her back and started to remove my clothes, "after I finish our claiming you can look over the data for the fighters."

Cryst moved onto the bed and pushed our mate's legs open and leaned down to start licking her. I grinned as I watched and bent to suck on her nipples. She shuddered and held my head as she moaned. I continued to knead her breasts and suck on the nipples. Cryst licked her pussy and it was not long before she jerked and spasmed.

She pushed me away and tried to cover her pussy and Cryst laughed and moved, "breed her mate."

While she moved up and against the wall I moved over Silva. I pressed against her and began to press and hump and she clutched me when my cock emerged. It pushed into her and stretched her tight pussy as she lifted her hips, "yyyeeeessssss!"

She twisted and struggled as I buried my cock, "aaaahhhh!"

I began to hump and jab and rub against her and she clung to me while her tight pussy constantly clenched and milked my cock. It was a couple of minutes before I pulled back and started to fuck her. I used long strokes and buried my cock firmly. She wailed and thrashed around under me while holding me tight.

I fucked her and nibbled and licked under her ear and on her neck. She kept yelling and bucking as her slippery pussy constantly squeezed. It took awhile before I shoved into her hard and held her as I gushed and pumped sperm. She gasped and clutched me as she wrapped her legs around me, "YES!"

She squirmed and wiggled as I kept pushing and spewing and spurting. Warm cum flooded her long before I stopped and relaxed and she was panting and shuddering. I rubbed her cheek with mine and slowly pulled out. She groaned and sagged to the bed and Cryst laughed. Silva grinned and shifted and moved off the bed as I went to my knees.

Cryst shifted into her place and spread her legs and I bent over her and licked through her pussy. She shivered as she tilted her hips and moaned as I kept it up. I covered her clit and began to suck and nibble and squeeze it and she shook harder and lifted her hips, "mmmm!"

I continued to lick her and began to caress her pelvis. She arched her back a few moments later and gasped as she jerked, "ooohhhh!"

She twisted and struggled as I held her and kept licking through her pussy. Silva laughed and rubbed my back, "breed her now."

I grinned and moved over Cryst and pressed against her and started to hump and press. I was more than ready and my cock emerged to push into her. She gasped and clutched me as my cock sank into her. I rubbed cheeks as I began to fuck her with long strokes. She lifted her hips and her pussy tightened, "yyyeeeesssss!"

It was a minute before I began to fuck her firmly and she was clinging to me. Her tight pussy was milking my cock and she was twisting and jerking, "aaaahhhh!"

After several minutes she was thrashing and bucking as she wailed. She lifted her legs and started to jerk and kick in the air, "fffuuucccckkkkk!"

I fucked her hard and deep and pressed into her and began to grind. She twisted and spasmed as I continued to shove into her. It was awhile before I buried my cock and held her as I gushed another stream of sperm. She jerked as her pussy grasped and squeezed and kept milking the cum into her, "YES!"

When I was done I relaxed while her tight pussy massaged my cock. I licked under her jaw and nibbled on the side of her neck and she shuddered, "mmmm!"

I pulled out and moved and looked at Silva and she grinned as she straddled Cryst. She laid her upper body on her and wiggled her butt. I laughed as I moved up and felt her slit before I began to hump and press and push into her. I fucked both girls a dozen times before we got up and the girls looked at the data for the fighters.

They actually began to refine and alter the plans before we sent them ahead. It took a week to reach the space station where the carrier was. I left as soon as the docking hatch light turned green. The girls pulled their floats after me as I shouldered my bag. The ship was loading supplies when we reached it and went aboard.

I headed to the huge command bridge and stepped in and looked around. I moved towards the clan leader in charge and he glanced up from a report and grinned, "about time."

I gestured to the few humans and he shrugged, "training only. We have fifty fighters nearing completion and another two hundred that might be ready when we reach Dar. Most were old human fighters we are remodeling and putting the new weapons and systems in."

I held up a data cube, "I have the fighter sims for the pilots."

He nodded, "excellent. Get with the strike leader from the Mel clan and he can load it into the flight systems. We leave in six hours even if we are not ready. The Deviants finally broke through and are landing."

I growled and he gestured and I turned and led the girls out. Strike leader Abar seemed capable and an hour after he had the fighter sims four hundred Kaire were using them. The girls found an empty squad bay for us while I used the sim. It was like and unlike flying a shuttle and a lot more exciting.

I think with our faster reactions we were doing a lot better that the human norm. When we were not using the sim we were helping rebuild the fighters. Cryst and Silva were both working with the engineers and workers making updates and corrections. The fleet that went with the old human carrier traveled as fast as possible and we arrived in five days.

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