Long Hike in the Mountains

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: Our survival walk turned into a lot more when we stumbled into the poachers. It was not just anyone but the assembly leader. We manager to escape but they started to hunt us. We were cadet foresters and the forest is where we were trained to be. Even wounded it was time to turn the tables.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Safe Sex   Cream Pie   .

I glanced at Devon across from me. She had volunteered to be my partner on the survival phase of forester training. There were another ten in the program and they were all guys. Each pair would be dropped in a remote region of the mountains. We would have to travel two thousand kilometers with nothing but what we brought in a single pack each.

I had our two man dome tent and Devon had two liners we would use as blankets. We had knives of course but rail or plasma weapons were forbidden. What I had come up with was a short air rifle with a compartment that held one, five hundred round tin of pellets. Devon also had a compact fishing kit and we both had snares and lots of cord.

The flyer slowed as it dropped into a small clearing. The forester gestured and we moved to the door and as soon as the flyer touched the ground I yanked the door open. I held my pack in one hand as I climbed out and started away. I turned to watch the flyer as it lifted and Devon grinned as she swung her pack onto her shoulder, "finally."

I turned and put my pack on before checking a compass. I started walking as she fell in behind me. I glanced back a few moments later, "want to tell me why you wanted to partner me?"

She strode up beside me, "I want to graduate and get a good grade. The other guys only care about themselves so it would be harder."

I looked at her while moving into the underbrush, "not worried about one of us fucking you?"

She grinned and moved back as our way became harder, "that is for night. Besides, have you heard the new policies the foresters are going to?"

I glanced back, "which one?"

She snorted, "male or female partners that are comforters."

I blinked as I searched for a path while walking, "what is a comforter?"

She chuckled, "fuck buddy."

I stopped and turned, "you are kidding?"

She shook her head and gestured to one side, "they said it promotes good mental health."

I turned to start walking as I thought of what she said. We walked along the side of a long ridge for several hours before I started down. When we reached a stream I pulled out a water filter and filled our water bladders after we drank our fill. I looked around and took my pack off, "this is a good place to make our first camp."

She looked around and gestured to a thick evergreen type of tree. Of course the leaves were all broadleaf but it would provide extra cover if the weather changed. I carried my pack to it and took the air rifle off before I gestured, "I will hunt in that area."

She moved to my pack as I started walking and opened the compartment to load and charge the rifle. When I came back I had two scurriers and the tent was up. Devon even had a fire started. I had already cleaned and skinned the animals and hung them with a short piece of cord. I looked at the pot of water she had out and pulled my knife.

I began slicing and cutting the two animals and dropping the pieces into the pot. I set it over the edge of the fire and went to collect more wood. On my third trip back she returned from upstream with roots and several other plants. It looked like she had already washed them off and knelt to slice and cut them up.

Dinner was nice and we washed and cleaned everything in the stream together. When I crawled into the tent it was to see both liners laid out together. She followed and turned to seal the tent, "strip."

I looked at her and she turned and grinned, "fuck buddy."

I began undressing with her and she laid back when she was done. She held out her arms, "I have been thinking about this all day."

I moved over her and felt her hand guide my hard cock. I slowly pushed and forced it into her and she wiggled, tilted her hips and tried to spread her legs more. I settled on her and began to hump and press and rub. She grunted and put her arms around me while her tight pussy gripped my cock.

After a couple of minutes I pulled back and began to fuck her. She shuddered and her pussy became slippery, "mmmm!"

I grinned, "yeah."

She laughed and shook me and I gave her a kiss before I went back to fucking her. I used long strokes that sank my cock back into her completely each time. A few minutes and she was writhing around and humping up. Her slippery pussy was constantly massaging my cock as she jerked and clung to me, "aaaahhhh!"

I continued to fuck her and started to use firm thrusts and grind. She wiggled and shook as she thrust up harder, "yyyeeeesssss!"

It was awhile before I began to fuck her with hard deep strokes. I kept it up for a couple of minutes and she began to thrash and buck. Finally I shoved into her and held her tight while pumping and gushing spurts of sperm. She spasmed and clutched me when she felt the warm cum, "YES!"

When I was done she grinned and rolled before sitting up. She wiggled and then began to rock while her cummy pussy kept squeezing. I woke to the hint of dawn and looked at the girl sleeping on me, "hey?"

Devon turned her head and smiled, "morning."

I caressed down her back to her hips, "we need to get moving."

She nodded before throwing the liners off, "and wash my slimy cunt."

I grinned as I sat up, "want help?"

She laughed as she collected her clothes, "maybe tonight when I want you to put more cum back in."

While she was washing I packed up and then I went to wash. We started following the stream and it was noon when we heard the voices. I glanced at Devon as she looked around, "poachers?"

She nodded and gestured and we started moving closer quietly. I pulled my comm, it might not work here but it could still take vids. We were behind a bush and looking into a clearing at four men displaying animals they had killed while four guards watched. I shifted as a man touched my head with the barrel of a plasma pistol.

I lowered my hand with the comm still recording and slipped it into the front of my belt as I turned to look at another guard. Devon hissed as a second pulled her back and the one aiming at me gestured into the clearing. We moved around and walked into the clearing and the four men turned to see us.

One hissed, "who the hell are they?"

The one behind me snorted, "by the shoulder patches I would say cadet foresters."

He looked at the others before stepping towards us, "do you know who I am?"

I snorted, I recognized him as the planet assembly leader but answered, "a poacher."

As one of the other guards moved towards us I slipped my emergency tracker beacon into my hand and activated it. The assembly leader growled, "kill them and make sure the bodies are not found."

The man approaching reached for me and I moved. My left hand and arm snaked around and over his reaching left arm and locked it as my right snapped out in a knife hand strike to his throat. I yanked him around and into the one with the pistol behind me and slipped the beacon into the neck of his shirt.

I let him fall as I shoved and started for the man behind Devon. I grinned when I saw him stagger as she started running for the forest. I staggered when the plasma round exploded through my right shoulder. I hit the man Devon had kicked between the legs and spun with him until he was between me and the others.

He jerked as several more shots ripped into him and I yanked the plasm pistol from his hand. As he started to fall I lifted it and fired into one of the other guards twice. The others suddenly realized I was a threat and armed and dove for cover. That was my chance and I spun and ran into the forest before turning and aiming.

I fired into the grav engine on their flyer and then turned to walk into the forest. It was not long before Devon slipped out, "you are hit."

I looked at my shoulder with my arm throbbing as it hung. I held out the pistol as I kept walking and angled southeast and up the side of the ridge, "they will hunt us. I killed one of the grav engines and slipped my beacon into the shirt of one of the men that was shot. They have maybe a couple of hours before foresters arrive and already have sats watching."

She snorted as she took the weapon, "we need a place to hide and..."

I shook my head as we climbed the slope and I looked around, "we are going to be foresters. These bastards are poachers and will not hesitate to kill us. We find someplace to ambush them when they start tracking us."

She grinned and pointed to huge rocks higher on the ridge, "like there?"

I nodded, "after we get past them we will circle around and move behind them."

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