Mistaken Identity

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: My parents had been royal guards and died protecting the empress. She sent me to a place my parents had made plans for. It was isolated and the teachers were all former soldiers. When the men came seeking the empress's son they found me. Their mistake cost them but it gave me a place to start looking for my parents killers.

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My parents had been the only ones left. They were royal guards and when they were killed protecting the empress I became an orphan. I was only four then and my life changed in the blink of an eye. I was led away from my parents graves and a nice woman I did not know knelt and wiped my tears, "one day you will stand and watch the ones that did this hang."

I was taken away and to a life my parents had planned for. There was this ancient collection of buildings located in the mountains. It was in a valley with huge tall columns of stone, many were over a kilometer across at the top. The men and women that raised me were not monks but former soldiers seeking peace while teaching boys and girls.

They taught me fighting in its many forms. They also made sure I was educated and learned the many different sciences. At least once or twice a week the woman from the graveyard would call and we would talk. Sometimes she would just appear and stay a few hours and walk with me.

As I grew older I learned she was the empress. I knew she had four sons and three had been assassinated. The fourth was in seclusion and no one knew where. There were many rumors but she never exposed him. Mostly it was believed she was still searching for the ones that had paid to kill her other sons.

I was sixteen when the men came for me. The empress had appeared and we had walked and talked together before she left. I was walking through several huge thick columns when six men armed with rifles stepped out of concealment pointing them at me. I relaxed and waited for my chance as they closed in.

One began to push and shove me further away from the buildings. When we reached a vehicle one man pulled out a comm and made a call. I was still relaxed but paid attention to where each of them were. I looked at the comm when the man turned so whoever was on the other end could see me.

I recognized him as he gloated, "excellent. Gut him and cut off his head. Dump the body in front of the palace gates."

Before he finished speaking I stepped left and back as my right hand snatched the rifle the man behind me held. I shifted as the rifle went off and it shot the man with the comm. I spun as my left elbow came up and back into his face. I turned and went with him and his body jerked as two of the men fired and the bullets ripped into his armored vest.

One went high and his head exploded as I tore the rifle free. I continued to move and dove and rolled as more bullets passed over me. I did not bother coming to my feet as I turned the rifle and fired into two of the men rushing towards me. The first round struck the first in the throat and then the face before the next two went through the second man's head.

The last two dove for cover as I finished rolling and came to my feet. I brought the rifle up and shot one before he could get behind the vehicle. I shifted and the second leaned out to fire and I put four rounds through his neck and head. I looked at the six men before walking to the comm and picking it up.

I looked at the man still on the other end, "you are next asshole."

I disconnected and turned to start back to what had been my home. Four of my guardians stepped out of the bushes as I dropped the rifle. I glanced at them as they fell in and shook my head, "you will not change my mind."

Henry snorted, "and how are you going to find the person on the comm?"

I looked at him while still walking, "his name is duke Markle and he will be in empress's noble hall."

When I reached the buildings that had been my home I started packing a bag with weapons and clothing. I put a thigh holster on my right thigh. I slipped the new twelve millimeter plasma pistol that had been given to me into it. I settled a stun bag pistol on my left thigh. Under each arm were the ammo pouch harness that held six on each side.

I was tempted to take my rifle but decided to leave it. I finished packing and put a long coat on and grabbed the bag. I looked around the room that had been mine before turning to leave. Greg was standing in the door and a girl I did not know was behind him. He smiled as he stepped in, "I am not sure you are ready Andrew but I know you have to go."

He turned, "this is Kensie and she will teach you while you are gone. She is going with you and is to be considered a support and very valuable asset."

I looked at her and frowned, "I do not..."

He cleared his throat, "you take her Andrew and you protect her."

I sighed and finally nodded before heading for the door, "where have you been hiding her?"

He chuckled as I left and she followed, "where a horny boy could not get her pregnant."

She snickered as I blushed, "or where I could not let a horny boy get me pregnant."

I glanced back and she winked before I laughed. I had thought of how to leave and headed back through the columns to the vehicle the men had used. Kenzie looked around as we walked and I could see she knew what she was doing. I ignored the bodies as I checked the vehicle and set my bag in.

Kensie tossed the small bag she was carrying in and sat in the passenger seat. I lifted and turned the vehicle before I accelerated, "first we go to the capital and then we ditch this vehicle. We find a base and I need a ... private site to question duke Markle when I take him. We are going to need electronics and surveillance equipment."

She pulled a comm and turned away and made a call and started to whisper. It was not long before we reached the first town and after that it was a short trip to the capital. I stopped on the outer edge and parked the vehicle where it would not be noticed for a long time. After we got out and grabbed our bags I started walking and she fell in beside me.

She kept looking at me and smiled, "you know I have seen you a lot over the years."

I looked at her, "and I had no idea."

She grinned, "I have an implant now."

I blushed as I looked at her and she bumped me, "after we find a safe place you can pound me."

I snorted as I looked around, "more like bury my cock and grind and hump until I pump you full of cum."

She laughed, "okay."

We walked a dozen kilometers before I saw the abandoned warehouse. I looked around and started to check it and picked the lock on a small rear door. I locked the door after we were in and headed towards the front. I looked in the office and nodded before I set my bag down and began to clean.

I glanced at Kensie when she pushed four sturdy tables together. She grinned, "it will get us off the floor."

I grinned as I went back to work and then we left the warehouse and our bags. I found the old cargo delivery vehicle a dozen blocks away. I watched it and checked for cameras before I moved and stole it. I picked Kensie up around the corner and drove to a small store to buy a few things.

Next I switched the vehicle ident with another before I began searching for another place. What I found was an old fabrication plant with an open plasma furnace. I left Kensie in the vehicle as I slipped in and checked it. When I got back she gave me a location to pick up the equipment she needed.

I was wary but did as she asked and found several bags sitting behind refuge cans. We returned to the warehouse and I slipped in and opened one of the large doors. I parked the vehicle inside next to the office after turning it around. We carried everything into the office and I grinned as the first thing Kensie pulled out was a self inflating mattress.

I set up the room with a cook area and another work area. I made dinner as she made the bed and then went to work with her equipment. We ate and I cleaned up as she showed me several different types of listening and surveillance devises. She stood when she was done and began to strip, "there is a working bathroom right?"

I grinned, "out the door and to the right and yes I checked and it works."

She walked out as I looked at what she had shown me. I slipped them into my pocket and hesitated before I undressed. I looked at the tall bed she had made on the tables and turned when she walked back in. She walked straight to me and looked at my hard cock before she grinned. She kissed me and climbed up and onto the bed.

I followed and laid beside her and felt her before I turned and moved over her to look at her pussy. I opened it and then leaned down to start sucking on her clit and wiggling the tip of my tongue. She shuddered and humped and I felt her hand wrap around my cock. She gave it a stroke, "play with my pussy tomorrow. Right now I want you to fuck me full of cum."

I grinned as I turned and moved over her and settled. I gave her a kiss and lifted to slowly force my cock into her extremely tight pussy. She wiggled and tilted her hips as I pushed deeper and buried my cock. She groaned as she hugged me, "I feel full."

I laughed and gave her a kiss, "not as full as you will be with sperm in you."

She grinned and humped and I pulled back and began to fuck her slowly. It was not long before her pussy was slippery and my cock slid in and out easily. I grinned as she shivered and shuddered and fucked her hard and deep. After several minutes she was thrashing around and clutching me, "aaaahhhh!"

I slowed and buried my cock as I humped and jabbed and pressed. She twisted and wiggled and spasmed while her wet and slippery pussy constantly tightened. After a minute I held her tight and started to fuck her hard again. She arched her back as her pussy clenched, "YES!"

I kept fucking her until I buried my cock a few minutes later. I kissed her as I began to pump and spew cum and she jerked and shuddered. She hugged me tight while her pussy kept squeezing as if trying to milk all the sperm out, "mmmm!"

When I was done I relaxed and shifted until she was on me. She wiggled and grinned before she sat up and started to rock, "my turn."

I woke to her half on me and glanced across the room. I shifted and moved off the bed and began to dress. I bent over and kissed her, "Kensie?"

She sighed and opened her eyes, "it is still night."

I smiled, "I need to go plant a few bugs."

She stretched and started to move out of bed and I stopped her, "stay here and sleep."

She looked at me and I bent to suck on a nipple, "I will fuck you as soon as I come back."

She grinned and laid back, "in that case you better hurry."

I laughed and turned to leave. I parked several kilometers from the empress's noble hall and walked the rest of the way. It was not easy to sneak in but I managed it using the intern entrance. I knew the individual offices would be checked everyday so I placed the listening devises in the door hinges.

I also placed the cameras in the common access areas where the nobles came and went. I searched for intel at assistant and secretaries desks. I found a schedule and left the way I had come in. I had set up a comm relay through several dozen sources before the devises reached our control comm.

When I slipped into the warehouse room Kensie was asleep. I moved to her equipment and input the devise ident for each I had used. I undressed and moved to the tables and climbed into the bed and over her before slowly sinking my cock into her. She sighed as she put her arms around me and humped, "mmmm?"

For three days we listened to the devices I had planted. I used vid cameras to watch the old fabrication plant for their schedule and the open plasma furnace when people were there. The fourth day I kissed Kensie, "stay here and contact home if anything happens to me."

She nodded and I turned and walked out. The small restaurant was crowded with nobles and important people. I watched duke Markle and the two bodyguards and moved as they headed for the back door. As the first stepped out ahead of the duke the other shifted and turned to look at me.

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