Fucked on the Fourth

by Sakka

Copyright© 2015 by Sakka

Sex Story: A mature woman's life is turned upside down by sex she doesn't remember while drunk; told from her perspective and that of the teenage boy who raped her.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Masturbation   Pregnancy   .

(This story was inspired by "Impossible Situation", one of my favorite stories from the Old Impregnorium. I was never able to contact the original author JJenny, but I hope this will be taken as my homage to a piece that certainly fired my imagination.)

Before I tell you my story, I should probably tell you something about myself. My name is Maeve, which was my grandmother's name; since I was an only child and my mother couldn't have any more children, she thought it was appropriate. Apparently it means "intoxicating", but maybe "easily intoxicated" would be more appropriate in my case...

Unless you like short, dowdy ladies I'm probably not fantasy material, although I've always been proud of my double-D's and try to work out. Stuff tends to sag as you get older, though, and the summer this happened I was feeling my age with my 50th birthday just around the corner. The girls at the office tried to cheer me up, telling me I was cute with my blonde bangs, but I definitely felt my age as I noticed my monthly friends were drying up and my doctor confirmed that I'd soon be entering my change of life. But anyway, it had been years since I'd been with a guy so I was resigned to being single and childless.

I still enjoy a good party, though, so I was game when our office manager June invited me to join a road-trip to Monterey for Independence Day. I was a little reluctant at first since we'd be going to a beach party, and I wondered if I might look very dumpy compared to the younger girls from the office. June actually felt the same way, though, since she was in her early forties and had never gotten her figure back after having two kids in her twenties. To boost our confidence, she offered to go bathing-suit shopping with me and talked me into a rather-revealing orange bikini that definitely showed off my boobs. When it was actually time to go, though, I pulled on a long white T-shirt over the bikini, along with a floppy sun hat, sunglasses, chunky clogs and a beach bag.

Well, it was fun; the drive took over 3 hours but it was a sunny day and the beach was packed when we got there, full of people enjoying live music and the natural beauty of the sea. I kept my T-shirt on for most of the morning, though, until after I started drinking and got a good buzz going. Then I took my shirt off to expose my bikini and enjoyed occasional glances from guys who appreciated my cleavage; there were plenty of younger girls around, though, so I didn't entertain any illusions about hooking up with anyone. Only June's young son looked at me with sustained interest, though not exactly for the reason I thought at first. Although I didn't know the boy well, June said that her son Larry was very bookish and shy so I wickedly decided to give him a treat with a flirty wink and jiggle of my boobs. Sure enough, Larry looked flustered and uncomfortable and avoided my gaze when I looked right at him. But then the 15-year old summoned the courage to come closer and note that I was turning bright red with a bad sunburn.

"Oh, shit," I said; "you're right..."

That was typical of me; I started drinking and spaced-out on what I was doing. I had started rubbing some lotion on my legs earlier, but didn't bother with my upper body while I still had the T-shirt on.

"I just wanted to let you know..." Larry said, as he started to move away.

"Hey," I said, "would you help me rub some lotion on my back? I'd really appreciate it."

Although Larry was obviously uncomfortable around girls, he overcame his shyness enough to come back and help me, rubbing lotion into my back and neck and shoulders, but nervously avoiding the front of my body. I had to take care of that myself.

"Thank you," I said, taking the tube of lotion and rubbing some into my boobs. "You're a gentleman."

"Um ... thanks..." Larry said, obviously enjoying my cleavage before anxiety pulled him away. "Bye."

Then things got a lot more blurry, as I've never been good at holding my liquor and continued drinking a lot. I do remember the sun going down and someone starting a bonfire, but not much else. Although I'd come with June, I vaguely remember her being very angry about something and driving off before I was ready to go. But other girls from the office had also come on the trip, so some of them offered me a ride home in the back of their SUV. All the front seats must have been packed, since they tucked me in the back among some blankets and coolers, but I hardly noticed since I was completely wasted. All I remember is it was cozy and dark and I was soon out like a light...

For me, the beach party had been very frustrating. At first I thought it would be cool to join my mom for the 4th of July trip, vaguely fantasizing about meeting some cute girl there, but of course I was just as shy at the beach as I was at home. The only girl I really talked to was some old chick from my mom's office who was so drunk she didn't even realize she was roasting in the sun. Glancing at her boobs did put a charge in my cock, but she was like 50 or something way too old for me. I was brave enough to help her rub some lotion on her back, but I soon felt the familiar anxiety of being close to a girl and had to run away. Feeling pathetic, I then snuck a beer from an unguarded cooler, but that just left me feeling even more frustrated.

When I tried to talk to a young girl later, she just ignored me; so I returned to sneaking beer until Mom caught me. Naturally, she was livid.

"Young man, you are so grounded! Come on, we're going..."

But for once I actually stood up to her. I guess it was the beer talking.

"You can't tell me what to do, bitch!"

"How dare you!" Mom said. "I will leave you here, young man!"

"Fine! I'll find my own way home!"



So I felt empowered for about 10 seconds, until Mom stormed off and I remembered our home was in the Central Valley more than 200 miles away! Not for the first time in my life, I thought about humbly apologizing to Mom, but Mom really wanted to teach me a lesson and took off without me. Luckily, though, some other girls from her office had another SUV handy and took pity on me. Ordinarily, being around so many girls would have given me hives, but I mostly just wanted to get home somehow before it got really late. I'd worry about apologizing to Mom later.

The only problem was the front seats were all occupied; all the driver could offer was the rear cargo compartment.

"There is someone back here already," the driver said, "some chick from your Mom's department, I think. But you're pretty small; just wedge yourself in there if you can."

"O ... kay..." I said, trying to move some coolers and blankets enough to wedge myself in. Then, as the driver closed the hatch on us, I noticed the sleeping lady was that same older lady I'd helped with the suntan lotion earlier. Instant nervousness again; but she didn't seem to budge at all as I tried to make some room for myself. Smelling of booze, she was probably out cold. My nervousness subsided a little.

More compelling at first, as the SUV got underway, were the nearby coolers. Remarkably, one of them still had a few beers in it so I happily helped myself. Up front, the girls were chatting loudly and listening to the radio, so I could open the cans without being caught. Maybe it was wrong, but my buzz from earlier was wearing off and I was still worried about what would happen when I got home. I figured a few beers might help me get some sleep at least.

For a guy who doesn't drink often, the light-headed rush felt wonderful and I briefly wondered if any of the girls up front might be drunk or desperate enough to try anything. Even with a buzz, though, I wasn't bold enough for that. I knew I was a nerdy dork, and might as well accept that; my best friend Joey and I were classic virgins, and would probably be that way well into college.

So I tried to stretch out a bit, and only then recalled my companion in the compartment. I didn't know her name and she was facing away from me toward the rear row of seats, but a flash of passing headlights gave me a good look at her backside; with that blonde hair and orange bikini bottom, she was definitely the same lady. I kind of wished she hadn't pulled a T-shirt on over her top; I'd enjoyed looking at her boobs. But maybe, if she really WAS passed out, she wouldn't mind if I slid her shirt up a little...

"Um, lady... ?" I whispered, giving her shoulder a nudge. "You awake?"

She didn't respond, but it was starting to get quiet up front as the driver turned down the radio and the passengers were trying to get some sleep.

"Lady... ?" I continued, giving her shoulder a stronger nudge. But she was definitely out of it; I leaned in closer to get a look at her face and saw she was definitely passed out, not only smelling strongly of booze but also drooling a little spittle from a corner of her mouth.

Then an idea started to percolate in my mind; maybe I could do more than just lift her shirt a little. Nobody up front could really see in the back very well, and I myself could only catch an occasional glimpse of my surroundings when another vehicle passed by. And here was a flesh-and-blood lady passed-out drunk, sure but still right in front of me. The anxiety was still there for me, but it wasn't nearly as strong with a lady who didn't even know I was there...

I started slowly: another nudge of her shoulder, another whisper in her ear. Then I started lifting up her T-shirt, exposing her back. In the dark it was hard to tell, but she wasn't terribly fat for her age, certainly not dumpy like Mom. With my heart racing already formulating what bullshit excuse I could roll out if I was caught I touched her back with my fingertips, then rested a hand on her flesh as she continued to remain unresponsive. I remembered rubbing suntan lotion into that skin, and started moving my hand in a similar fashion; then I started slipping my hand downward, downward, until I was cupping the round flesh of her buttocks in her bikini bottom.

Now I had an erection, so I shifted and adjusted myself. Then I slipped down closer to the lady, and started to slip my fingers under the fabric of her bikini bottom. It felt nice to my hand, so I started slipping the fabric down, downward off her ass and toward her thighs. Headlights passed, and a beautiful bare ass flashed before me.

My erection was now distracting, so I was forced to pause and lower my own trunks. I know I don't have a lot, maybe 5 inches if I'm really aroused, but all 5 inches were engorged and fully erect now, oozing pre-cum in long strings. As hard as I was, I knew there was no way I'd be able to avoid popping soon.

Sorry lady, I thought, as I took my erection in hand and started stroking myself. This usually took a bit, but already the cum was rising so I rolled over on my side just enough to aim my cock at her back, then let loose a rope of semen that flew through the air and landed on her skin with a splat. I was actually impressed with myself; I usually just had a few spurts when I jacked off, but several long streams now followed the first, landing variously on the lady's back as well as the back of the nearest seat and the floor of the compartment.

"Oh shit... !" I muttered, still squeezing the shaft as I wondered how hard all that mess would be to clean up. Luckily, though, most my cum actually landed on the lady so I quickly started rubbing it into her flesh (hoping the grassy aroma wouldn't waft to the driver). Then with cum-slick fingers, I dared to reach down between her buttocks and feel the soft mounds around her labia. Inwardly, I was glad I'd just come or feeling that would definitely have made me come; instead I began to explore, noting her labia were dry before I started rubbing my cum into them. So a girl isn't just naturally wet down there; good to remember...

Since my cum was quickly drying, I then spit on my fingers as a substitute and resumed my exploration. It was hard to get very far at first; could this lady be a virgin too? But eventually I started to slip a fingertip inside her and felt a charge go through my cock again. Even if I had little clue what I was doing, my cock sure knew what it wanted and soon was hard and oozing pre-cum again. Earlier, that stringy stuff had been annoying, but now I had a use for it; after hocking up a big gob of spit in my hand, I grasped my cock to add a generous portion of my own lube, then cupped the lady's muffin with my hand again, now massaging, now pressing my middle-finger inward.

Again I leaned around her to check she was passed-out; yes, she was actually snoring now. At first I worried that the noise would alert the driver, but it also reassured me as I continued my work. I needed something better than just my own spit and pre-cum, though, so I paused just long enough to rummage in her bag and find the very tube of lotion I'd used on her earlier. Now I turned it to a new purpose, rubbing some into my hand and some into her pussy, and hoping this peculiar smell wouldn't alert the driver either. My middle finger now slipped fully inside the lady, suddenly ensconced in tight folds of hot flesh, and I was gratified to feel new wetness down there as I started to churn her. Her own juices were now joining my spit, pre-cum and lotion, letting me dare to thrust my ring finger inside her as well.

"Lady, I'm sorry," I whispered, leaning in close to nibble on her ear, "but I'm gonna have to fuck you..."

I paused just a moment, waiting for a protest, but she didn't protest. I forced myself to take my time, though, lest I be too rough and wake her up. I drew closer to her, caressing one of her legs with my bare foot and pushing off her chunky clogs with my toes. Then I slid her bikini bottom all the way down to her feet and left it hanging around one ankle before pushing her knees slightly upward; luckily for me, in the close quarters of the cargo compartment she was already in a good position for what I wanted to do...

And thankfully, after my first nut, I didn't have to worry about cumming again too soon. Carefully, then, I steered my oozing helmet toward her vagina until it touched her wet flesh. Excitement shot through me, but I patiently let my glans take up where my fingers had left off, rubbing my cockhead up-and-down up against her juicy furrow. It felt wonderful on my cock the slippery warmth of the lady down there but I knew the warmth inside her would feel even better; I adjusted the angle slightly, felt my helmet pushing into her vestibule, and then I was inside her.

So warm! I thought. So tight ... so wet!

Indeed, I nearly passed out with pleasure as I pushed deeper, until my entire shaft was engulfed in the heaven of a woman's folds. Balls-deep now, bathed in hot and slippery juices, I savored the paradise for a long moment, then began thrusting in-and-out of her.

"Oh, fuck... !" I gasped, then wisely buried my face in her shoulder lest my moaning be too obvious. Meanwhile, I reached around her front to cup one of her bikini-clad breasts. That felt nice too, boobs surprisingly plump and firm, but not nearly as nice as her pussy felt wrapped around my cock. Was it actually sucking me in deeper? Did it have a mind of its own, slurping on my shaft even as I thrust harder now, faster and deeper... ?

Whether it did or not, the cum was rising in my balls again. Should I pull out?

I considered that briefly, but then remembered how much of a mess I'd made earlier with my first cum; it would be smarter to cum inside her.

"Oh, fuck... !" I grunted into her shoulder, trying to muffle my pleasure as I came. Ramming in very hard, I felt the cum explode from my penis even as I strained to press every inch I had inside her, trembling with tension as rivers of semen blasted into her belly. Since I'd already cum buckets before and was used to mere spurts I was surprised again at how much I came. Long streams, not just spurts, splashed my clueless lover's womb and filled her with teeming legions of my babymaking semen. I was just glad, as the flow subsided and I rested a hand on her belly, she was way too old to get pregnant.

"Thank you," I said softly, churning her cum-battered hole with a few more thrusts while I was still hard, then resting inside her until I went soft and slipped out. We were still driving along, so I could only suppose the driver hadn't realized what was happening. Then another flash of headlights, and a glimpse of cum oozing from her pussy lips.

So I'm a rapist, I thought. I didn't dwell on it, though; a more pressing concern at the moment was not getting caught. Lighting on the suntan lotion again, I rubbed it into her pussy to mix it with my oozing cum, then also rubbed it into her ass and thighs so it would be less conspicuous. Then, of course, rubbing her body like that started to get me hard again.

Did I have time? Unfortunately, I didn't have a watch but I did find a cell phone in the lady's bag, and that had the time; only 11:30, we'd been on the road less than an hour!

That was all the encouragement I needed. I was soon beside the lady again, and slipping my resurgent penis back inside her. This time I lasted much longer, grinding my pelvis against her hips for a good ten minutes before I even began to feel a hint of a third load boiling up in my balls. So I continued to grind away inside her, churning the mixture of her lube, my lube, my spit, her lotion and the cum I'd already pumped inside her; now, too, I lifted the cups of her bikini top to let me fondle her breasts properly, then reached down to rub the hard nubbin of her clitoris as I continued sawing in-and-out of her. I eased off on that, though, when I thought I heard her moan; though rock-hard and up to my balls inside her, I suddenly came to a dead stop. I wondered fearfully, is she waking up? But no, it was just someone up front talking in her sleep; my lady, meanwhile, was still blotto and oblivious to the cock throbbing inside her. Reassured, I started pumping again, then felt the familiar pressure of my cum building. I tried to hold off a few seconds longer who knew when I might get to fuck a girl like this again? But finally my cum exploded into her despite myself, coating her insides with another rich load of my spunk. Then, again, I rested inside her a long while, letting my cum continue to ooze into her belly until I softened and slipped out of her. It was only midnight, I now saw with relief; more than an hour to go and I still hadn't been caught.

Finally sated, I again made an effort to hide the mess I'd made; the lady's thighs, ass and belly were especially messy with assorted lube and juices, so I dabbed them up with a towel before pulling up her bikini bottom as best I could and tugging the bikini cups down over her boobs. Best to get some rest now, I thought...

I had scarcely closed my eyes, though, when I felt the SUV turning and slowing; were we already home? But no, the driver was just pulling into a gas station to stretch her legs. I joined her and the other passengers who weren't asleep, then we were back on the road again.

"How much farther?" someone asked the driver.

"Not too far," she replied. "We'll be there in about an hour."

An hour? I thought, glancing down at my well-fucked lady.

"Fuck it..." I then muttered, sliding down again to join her. Despite it being several hours now since I'd started, a strong shake of her shoulder revealed she was still unconscious; so I slid her bikini bottom down just enough to reveal her pussy, slid my own shorts down my thighs, and gave my cock a good shake to make it hard. If I did feel a twinge of guilt now just using this woman because she was there that promptly evaporated as my plunged my shaft back into the snug warmth of her pussy. If anything, it felt better now I knew what I was doing; fresh pussy-juice soon coated my cock, and hinted at pleasure she might have enjoyed if she could actually feel it. I hardly cared, though; all I cared about was my own pleasure.

Then I noticed an exciting difference from before; the ladies up front were starting to chat now as we got closer to home, totally oblivious to the fact that I was raping their coworker just inches away from them. With that in mind, I had all the wood I needed to fuck her well without making too much commotion. Long wonderful minutes passed, pumping, pumping, pumping; then again I came, crushing my balls into her love-mound as my happy penis leapt inside her, coating her hole with fresh gobs of spunk.

Still oozing inside the lady, I then noticed a lot more light outside the vehicle and realized we were approaching Sacramento; my home in Roseville would be just a few miles further down the road. But I was satisfied; reaching around to rub the lady's belly under her T-shirt, I gave her a few last thrusts of appreciation, then pulled my cock from her oozing hole and returned to a now-familiar routine of cleaning up and concealing evidence. In much better light now, I saw that the lady wasn't all that unattractive, and might even be cute if he she weren't so hammered. Was there any chance she might be interested... ?

But I wisely gave up any thought of trying to pursue this further. The SUV was soon pulling up to my house, and I tried to act as nonchalant as I could when the driver opened the back hatch to let me out. But I couldn't help but give a quick look back at the lady with a bellyful of my spunk before turning away from the love-nest I'd shared with her during the past three hours.

The next thing I knew, one of the girls was shaking me awake and helping me stumble out of the van. She must have helped me inside my apartment because the next thing I knew I was waking up in daylight, hung-over and smelling strongly of suntan lotion.

"What the fuck did I do... ?" I asked, as I stumbled to a mirror. I could only hope it was fun, as I noticed my bikini bottom was on askew and my left boob was half-hanging out beneath its cup. Well, lesson learned: avoid getting wasted on the beach!

I also avoided alcohol in general for a while after that, though I knew I'd be tempted at a 50th birthday party June wanted to throw for me in September. I knew she just wanted to make me feel better since I'd been moody and felt weird recently, but I begged off with an excuse about having to see some relatives back east. But really, I didn't have any relatives to see; I just wanted to avoid another embarrassing scene with booze.

Although I was technically lying to June, I did feel good about laying off the booze and decided maybe this was a good time to take better care of myself in general. 50 was just a number, after all, and I wasn't so overweight that I couldn't benefit from hitting the gym again. Weirdly, though, as the calendar moved into October and November, I noticed that I couldn't seem to get rid of a chubby bulge in my lower belly. Plus my pants were getting really tight, so much so I could barely button them. At work, June was the first to notice.

"I thought you were trying to work out."

"I am! But I can't seem to get rid of this gut..."

"Maybe you're pregnant," June said with a sly wink.

I gave her a sidelong glance as if to say 'get serious'. But I did discreetly pop into the ladies room after that to have a look at myself. Turning sideways, I could see how much my pants were straining and I looked like I trying to smuggle a watermelon under my blouse. Did I have some kind of crazy tumor? Realistically, I didn't even consider pregnancy since I hadn't been with a guy for years; but just to eliminate that possibility, I did pick up a home pregnancy test on my way home. It was positive.

"What the fuck?" I said to the test strip. "How... ?"

Supposing I'd misread the directions, I tried the test again. Still positive.

Although I was really scared, I still didn't consider the obvious; obviously, whatever weird-ass tumor I had was somehow screwing up the test. Trembling with fear, I made an appointment to see my doctor the next day.

"Well, the good news," she said. "It's not a tumor."

"Then ... what is it?"

"You're pregnant."

"You're kidding..." I said; but I could tell from her expression she wasn't kidding.

"Doctor, I can't be pregnant! I haven't even BEEN with anyone!"

The doctor gave me an amused look, as if she had never heard that one before. But she patiently rested the chestpiece of her stethoscope on my bump to verify the diagnosis.

"Unless you have two hearts," she said, "that's a baby."

"But Doctor, I really haven't been with anyone!"

To the doctor's credit, she was very patient with me and arranged for an ultrasound in obstetrics. There I saw the evidence first hand on the screen; a fetus the size of a big grapefruit was growing in my womb. The obstetrician could even tell it was a girl.

"She looks very healthy," the obstetrician said; "about 20 weeks along. You should be expecting in about four months."

"A girl... ?" I said, feeling woozy. "Four months... ?"

It's just as well I was sitting down or I would have passed out. Even so, I could scarcely believe it.

"Doctor," I asked the obstetrician, "when did it happen?"

"Don't you remember? You must have been there when it happened."

"Um ... no?"

The specialist was sympathetic, and worked backward in her mind.

"Based on gestational age ... maybe July?"

Oh my God, I thought. The beach party? What had I done!

I racked my brain, trying to remember; had I been with anyone? I couldn't remember. Aside from some guys looking at my boobs, and Larry helping with the lotion, I didn't remember any guys even showing any interest in me.

"Doctor," I said to the obstetrician, "is it too late... ?"

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