Out of the Wild

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: Many millennium ago the Sidhe came together and argued. They were tired of the buildings made of stone and their people growing away from what they thought of nature. When they walked away and returned to the forests they were called the wild. Time passed and again the sidhe spilt, this time over ruling all. The sidhe slowly grew away from the buildings and back to the forest. Now the time has come for the last wild to return with a gift and a message.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Safe Sex   Cream Pie   .

I was kneeling as I watched the walls of the ancient fortress. It had been over ten millennium since my people had left. Now orcs and other foul ones stained it with their filth. I glanced up and back at the rising sun before I came to my feet. I trotted to the wall where a large crack had appeared. I ignored the empty pack I wore and began to climb.

I slipped onto the wall silently before I knelt and looked around. I began to stalk those on watch and took each one without a sound. I worked my way around the walls only slowing to enter a tower to kill the sub leaders. When I finished I started through the packed bailey and the other open areas where the orcs slept.

I barely paused at each to slip a blade into their brain. When I entered the main Keep only the dead were behind me. Slowly, room by room I killed them and the day grew older. I had no remorse or pity for such as these. The last room was the royal suite and I cut the throat of both door guards as they slept.

I opened the door and looked into the suite before I slowly made my way to the filthy bed. I killed those I found before moving towards the huge fire pit. I pushed the remains out of the way as I pressed and pushed a stone aside. There was a click and I moved over to push on one side. The wall grated as it slowly swivelled until I had a narrow opening.

I moved through and into the dimly lit room. I took the pack off as I looked around and then moved to the shelves. The wrappings on each of small glowing jeweled statues was faded and decayed by age. Each time I picked one up I apologize and asked for their grace and help. These were the ancient gods, the lost and forgotten gods. The gods of war and life and fertility.

I packed them away very carefully before I turned to the inner wall. The single small jewelry chest is the only thing I took but everything else more than fit in it. I closed the secret room after putting the pack on. I left as silently as I had come and climbed down the wall long before the sun began to set.

I did not hurry as I slipped into the almost barren forest and headed east and south. Most of the sidhe had forgotten this place and those that had chosen the dark path ignored it. It was mid of night when I slowed at the edge of a small clearing. I was in the darkest of shadows and even one of my own people could not see me.

When they came it was in a rush and my hands did not come up empty. The two long knives had blades that curved back with grips that curved down. I moved to the left and sliced across a throat as my other stabbed through a wrist and twisted. The first fell and the second screamed as I continued to move.

I yanked both blades free and cut the second one's stomach open and vanished into the brush. I did not go far, that is what kills. These others crashed into the brush in pursuit. My left hand knife stabbed through the back of the neck of the last one as he went by. I lowered him before I began to stalk those that had once been brothers.

There were only three left and they stopped a short distance away. I drifted up behind them and the knife in each hand slipped through the spine and into the brain of two of them. I yanked and let them fall as the last spun and I stabbed up under the chin and into his skull. I held him impaled for a moment before I let him fall.

I glanced around and then knelt and began to strip them of weapons. I also took their belt pouches and any jewelry. I went back to the others and stripped them and made sure they were dead. I moved around to the south edge of the clearing and that was where I found their camp. I looked at their supplies as I squatted and ate from their rations.

I bundled all the weapons together and secured them on the top on my pack before I stood and started south. An hour after the sun rose I knelt and looked out at the human road. It was long disused and overgrown but went in the direction I was traveling. I stood and moved out onto the uneven surface before I began to trot.

The leagues passed slowly as the road climbed and turned to make its way into the King's Pass. That was the humans name but ours was much older. I slowed when I reached Elmfor stream and knelt to cup the cold water and drink. I turned my head and looked into the forest, "come out human."

The green clad human was tall for his kind, with swords and knives and daggers and even a long bow. He moved towards me cautiously, "you are not Sidhe."

I snorted as I went back to drinking until I had my fill. I stood and looked into the pass, "you should not be out his far. My dark cousins are hunting."

I looked at him and he grinned, "so am I."

I shook my head, "than I wish you luck human."

I started to wade across the stream and he cleared his throat, "if you are not Sidhe or one of the Dark ones what are you?"

I kept walking and barely whispered, "the forgotten ones."

I was almost to the fortress as it began to grow dark once more. I slipped off the road and followed a long overgrown trial. The cabin was built into the cliff but no one had lived here in many years. I looked from back in the trees before finally moving across and stepping into the cabin.

The two Sidhe came to their feet quickly with hands flashing to their knives. I did not move as I looked them over. They hesitated and then released the knives and I started across the room. I ignored them as I leaped and caught a sturdy shelf and swung up to another. I reached up and pushed a loose board up and out of the way.

I reached through and pulled out the long black bow and the quiver of arrows. I dropped to the floor and turned to leave. One of the sidhe cleared his throat, "we should kill you."

I stopped and turned to look at them, "you already have when you turned your back on us."

They looked at each other as I strode out and into the night. I slept in a tall tree that night and listened to the human rangers, the sidhe and the dark ones sneaking around. I killed a rabbit with a sling just as the sun began to rise and made a fire and ate. I had sent word months ago to one I trusted.

After I ate I started for the fortress gates and ignored the rangers and sidhe when they emerged from the forest behind me. The guard at the gates looked me over as I approached and stepped in front of me, "hold."

I stopped, "what is it you want human?"

He snorted and turned to spit as the other two guards grinned. He looked me over, "you think you can just walk in here..."

I slid in and one knife came up and stopped against his throat as I looked at the others, "move and he dies."

They glared as I looked at the filthy stinking guard, "first lower worm I am Hawk. I am not a Dark One and I am not Sidhe. You stand on MY peoples land. You will show respect to those that enter and defend against those that attack. Show me disrespect again and I will cut your throat."

I shoved him towards the others, "bathe human, you smell worse than an animal."

I turned to face a well dressed Sidhe and started into the fortress. He started to step into my path and I let one hand touch a knife as warning. The guards muttered behind me but I kept going until I reached the blacksmith. I smiled and swung the pack off and set it on a bench, "Jacob."

He turned from his forge and grinned, "Hawk!"

He strode to me and gripped my hand, "I got the message. I have two horses with saddles and packs. I also have the silven tent and the lathe."

He hesitated, "did the others really go?"

I turned and looked at the sidhe watching us, "yes. I am the last."

I looked at him, "when he comes to ask about me tell him to look in the crystal dream."

He grinned, "cryptic. Can you stay?"

I shook my head, "I have one last thing to do before I must choose."

He nodded, "I would ask you to stay but..."

I smiled, "but it is the longing of the child."

He shrugged, "my family know and respect you and we would miss you if you left with the others."

I gestured, "I must go."

He turned and went to bring out two well fed horses and we saddled them and put bitless bridles on them. While he was doing that I set the weapons I had taken on the bench. I slipped him a dozen gold pieces from the small jewelry chest. He frowned but I closed his hand around the coins, "you must eat and live Jacob. Raise your own children and enjoy your life."

He looked down, "thank you Hawk."

I squeezed his hand before moving my pack to the pack saddle. I took the bow and quiver and swung up on the other horse before I turned and started south. I thought of the sidhe as I rode out the south gate. They were as different from us as the dark ones. They had not spilt away when the sidhe had turned away from us.

The sidhe had brought many things to this world and humans were only the last. They were also one of the reasons the dark ones had left and split off from them. It is strange, we had left to return to the forests and now the sidhe were doing the same thing. All their fortresses were empty, all their tall bright towers were gone.

I rode and camped each night in small hidden glens. Many days later I reached the edge of the Trenadal in the middle of the day and slipped off the horse to lead it. I stopped an hour later and looked around. I let the reins drop and nocked an arrow before I slipped away. The two dark cousins moved apart and began to stalk after me.

I pulled the string back and aimed before releasing. One fell and began to spasm and the other stopped moving. I pulled another arrow and silently moved and a minute later the dark cousin was standing where I had been. My next arrow slammed into his chest and he jerked and went to his knees.

I watched him for a few moments before I turned and moved deeper into the forest. I found the shelter quickly and watched the single sidhe girl. She was cooking and barely dressed and even from where I was standing I could see the whip marks and the bruises. I stepped out and walked towards her and she looked up.

Her face froze and she looked around in panic as she expected one of the dark cousins to appear and kill her. I knelt across from her and looked into her eyes when she finally lifted them and looked at me, "pack the blankets and come."

She hesitated before she whispered, "yes lord."

I snorted as I stood, "you call me Hawk."

I waited as she scrambled to do as I told her before her master returned and killed her. She clutched a large bundle when she was done and I turned to head back to my horses. I found them calmly eating grass where I had left them. I had the girl wait and went to strip the clothes and weapons from the two fallen dark cousins.

I added the weapons to the pack saddle and put her bundle on my horse. I gave her one of the long shirts and rolled everything else up. I looked at her before collecting the reins, "come."

I led the horses into the forest and the girl followed right behind me. I glanced at her a little later, "what are you called?"

She looked down, "Kenysie master."

I growled, "call me Hawk."

I used my sling a couple of hours later to kill two birds. The tiny hidden glen had tall grass so I let the horses graze and made camp under a tree. I led the girl out to collect dry wood and a few roots and wild onions. She kept looking at me after I had started the fire and began to make dinner.

After we ate I put the fire out and went to clean everything we had used in a tiny creek before returning. I looked at the wide bedroll Kenysie had made. She had undressed, (not that she had been wearing a lot) and stood beside the bed. I stopped to hobble the horses and then undressed slowly.

I gestured to the bed and she slowly laid down. I kept my weapons close and laid down and slowly relaxed with the tense girl beside me. I closed my eyes and tried not thinking of her, "sleep Kenysie."

She shifted around and curled up and I sighed and opened my eyes. I reached out and turned her and pulled her against me with her head on my shoulder, "now sleep."

She was trembling as it grew dark and finally a long time later she stilled and her breathing slowed. I listened to the night and held the girl while thinking. It was only a day to the edge of the sidhe city so the dark cousins must have been here to raid. The night sounds stilled and I slept until I felt the girl move.

My eyes snapped open as she slipped a leg over me and moved onto me, "what are you doing?"

It was still night but there was more than enough light to see. She looked down, "you did not want me mast ... Hawk?"

I looked at her firm body, "you wish to give your body to me?"

She nodded and I shifted until she was under me. I lifted and slowly pushed into her until my cock was buried. She wiggled and tilted her hips but I smiled and pressed before I shifted around and helped her sit up. She looked at me as I held her hips and pulled her back and forth, "roll your hips."

She did and shivered as I kept pulling her back and forth. She blinked a minute later as her tight and now slippery pussy squeezed. I let her hips go and reached up to feel and knead her breasts. She hesitated before she continued to rub her pussy on me and roll her hips. After several minutes she stiffened and looked at me in surprise.

Her pussy clenched and she began to jerk and spasm, "ooohhhh!"

She wiggled and squirmed while twisting and grinding. She shuddered and shook for a little longer and began to rock hard and push down. I finally held her and pulled her down before I rolled and pushed as deep as I could. I kissed her as my cock gushed and spewed and continued to pump seed.

She clutched me and kept shaking while her pussy seemed to squeezed my cock for any cum still in it. When I was done I looked at her as she panted and began to hump and grind and she shuddered and lifted her hips, "mmmm!"

It was a long time before I slept and Kenysie was on me already asleep. I woke to the beginning of dawn and glanced at the girl. I shifted and let her slid to the bedroll before standing. I stretched and strangely felt better than ever before. I bent and rubbed her butt and she turned her head to look at me.

I smiled, "come wash so we can leave."

She nodded and moved off the bedroll and followed me to the creek. I walked into the cold water and started to wash and she squatted beside me to wash her pussy. I smiled, "want me to help?"

She looked at me quickly before smiling and shaking her head. It was mid afternoon when I slowed and glanced around the ancient forest the Trenadal had turned into. I snorted before I started walking again, "not only do you smell but you move like a human child in the woods."

Several sidhe walked out carrying bows with arrows nocked. One walked closer, "what and who are you?"

I shook my head, "if you do not know that you have slipped farther away than we thought. As for who, I am Hawk."

He looked at me as he walked closer, "you are not one of us and you are not a dark cousin."

I glanced at him as I kept walking, "are you asking me to teach you your own history?"

He hissed, "none of the wild have existed for many millennium."

I snorted, "because you wish it not or because you have seen us not?"

He looked ahead and after several moments turned and gestured to one of the others, "go tell the queen one has come out of the wild."

The sidhe nodded and started trotting ahead. The other walking beside me glanced at Kenysie before looking at me, "she is..."

I looked at him and he closed his mouth before smiling, "free."

I nodded, "and gave her body to me without asking."

He grinned and then laughed before touching his chest, "I am..."

I snorted, "Halloran."

He looked at me quickly before glancing around, "you let us find you."

I smiled, "even a child can hear and find a horse."

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