A Willing Pupil

by WelshWriter

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Fiction Sex Story: Lodger teaches his landlords daughter the joys of sex

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   .

Back when I was nineteen I was renting a room in a house in Wolverhampton. The owners of the house had a daughter, Hazel. She was a couple of years younger than me at just turned sixteen but as we were both courting, nothing ever happened between us. She was about five feet three or four with shoulder length blonde hair and had a nice figure with a great pair of tits that were bigger than my girlfriends'. If we both hadn't been spoken for, I'd definitely have made a play for her. But as it was she was just my landlords' daughter and that was all. That was until one day about a month after I'd moved in, when all that changed!!!

I was working at a timber yard in Bilston and one afternoon, I wasn't feeling too well, so I went home sick. When I got home, I wasn't expecting anyone to be there, Hazel and both her parents worked so I thought the house would be empty. As soon as I got indoors, I went upstairs to my bedroom for a lie down. Even before I got to the top of the stairs, I realised that I wasn't the only one at home. I could hear moans coming from somewhere. Now I wasn't a virgin, I had a good sex life with my girlfriend and instantly recognised the sounds. Creeping up the few remaining steps, I was surprised to find that the noise was coming from Hazel's room. As I got closer I could see that the door was slightly ajar, so holding my breath, I peeked through the crack. The sight that greeted my has stuck in my mind from that day and still gets me hard thinking about it.

Hazel was lying on the bed with her skirt pulled up around her waist and I could see she had her hand pushed down the front of her panties. I could see her fingers moving and knew straight away what she was doing. She was masturbating. After a couple of minutes, when naturally my cock had got really hard, I saw her start to shake and knew she was having an orgasm. I must have made a noise, because suddenly she turned her head and looked directly at me. I stood there and she lay there, looking at each other for what seemed like an age, before I turned and headed for my own bedroom.

About five minutes later, I was lying on my bed, the image of what I'd just seen burned into my memory, when there was a tap on the door. I knew that Hazel and I were alone in the house, so I went over and opened the door. As she stood there I could see her face was really flushed and she was struggling for words. "Mike," she eventually said, "I'm so embarrassed, I was daydreaming and I thinking my boyfriend. Last night he wanted to have sex with me but I wouldn't let him. I was scared."

"Scared?" I said, "haven't you had sex with him?" She blushed even deeper and shook her head. "No Mike, I've never had sex with anyone. I'm still a virgin." I thought for a moment, surprised that she was confiding in me then said, "and what you were errr, doing then, do you do that often?" I asked. Her face got really red as she struggled to answer. "Yes. I've heard some of my friends talk about how nice it feels when they have sex with their boyfriends and I'd love to try it, but I'm scared to." "Why are you scared?" I asked. She blushed again. "I wouldn't now what to do. I've never done it before and I'm afraid I'd make a fool of myself. Have you ever ... you know?" she asked, now blushing even more. I knew what she was asking and nodded. "Yes," I replied, "plenty of times."

Now I could see she was really struggling for words. "Would you ... errr you know would you show me what to do." She seemed to loose her nerve and turned to leave. "Hazel," I said, turning her back towards me, "if that's what you really want I'd be more than happy to." She looked at me again. "Mom and Dad don't be home for hours. We could do it now and you could teach me." I couldn't believe what I was hearing, Hazel was asking me to do something that would probably end up with me taking her virginity and, never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I pulled her gently into the room and closed the door. She just stood there totally at a loss as what to do so I smiled at her and eased her backwards and sat her on the bed then sat next to her and gently kissed her.

At first it was like kissing a tailors dummy, she was so tense but I broke the kiss and smiled at her again. "Just relax, Hazel. I'm not going to do anything to hurt you and any time you want to stop, just say so." She smiled nervously back at me and I felt the tenseness leave her. "I'm sorry Mike, it's just that I'm so nervous." Leaning in and kissing her again, I started to unbutton her blouse. As it fell open, I found she wasn't wearing a bra and her tits were suddenly fully exposed. "How far have you actually gone with your boyfriend?" I asked, "has he ever touched your tits?" Hazel blushed again. "Yes, once but I had a bra on and I got a funny feeling down there, you know in my ... errr, so I stopped him." I smiled. Well at least her boyfriend had done a bit of the groundwork.

Her nipples were already showing signs of arousal and when I ran the tips of my fingers over them, she sighed softly and they became even harder. I kissed her again then worked my way down over her chin and neck and down onto her tits. I eased her back until she was lying on the bed then kissed my way to her nipples. She groaned as I flicked at them with my tongue, then gasped as I took one between my lips and sucked it into my mouth. My girlfriend loved it when I played with both her nipples so once I'd got the one in my mouth good and wet I moved my lips to the other one, while my fingers worked on the one I'd vacated. Now Hazel was groaning even louder and was squirming on the bed.

While I was busy with her nipples, I moved my free hand to her waist and unbuttoned the top of her skirt then lowered the zip. Hazel raised her hips up off the bed, and I pushed it down her legs. As it slid down to the floor I could see that her white panties were already showing signs of wetness where they were stretched over her virgin pussy. I slipped two fingers into the waistband and pushed then down her over her hips. She resisted slightly, not surprising as we both realised that this was the point of no return, but she relaxed when I smiled at her. "Don't worry Hazel," I said reassuringly, "I promise I'll be gentle."

I got off the bed and knelt infront of her as I slid her panties down her legs and off over her feet. As I looked back up at her I could see that she still had a scared look on her face. I gently eased her legs apart and for the first time gazed at her sweet, virgin pussy. "Lovely Hazel," I said, "absolutely lovely. You have a beautiful pussy." The compliment seemed to put her at ease and she smiled back at me. "What do I do now?" she asked nervously. "Nothing," I said softly. "Nothing at all. Just lay back and enjoy it. This is a day I hope you'll remember all your life and I promise you it'll be a wonderful memory."

I eased her legs further apart and gloried at the sight of her the moist, pinkness of her lips and realised that I was the first male to see this most intimate of places, except maybe for a doctor, but that didn't count. That was there job, this was my pleasure. Wispy blonde hair covered her mound and below that, her pouting lips, the beginning of the cleft. I slowly brushed a fingers from her navel, through her soft blonde hairs and into the top of her slit. She gasped out loud as I slid it lower through the soft folds and dipped it momentarily into the entrance to her virgin hole. She was beginning to respond positively now, as her hips started to move now as I worked the finger up and down through her pink petals. I looked up over her stomach and saw that her eyes were closed and barely audible groans were escaping her lips. Feeling she was ready for the next step, I slid two fingers into her and moved my face between her legs.

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