A Faulty Lock

by WelshWriter

Copyright© 2014 by WelshWriter

Fantasy Sex Story: Another fantasy of me as a young man with an older woman

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   .


I was home alone that weekend. My mother had gone to visit a friend in for a couple of days and my father was out of town on business. I was in the bathroom when I heard my mother's friend Hazel calling me. She had walked into the flat without knocking as she usually did. I called out to her and heard her outside the bathroom door a moment later. "Your tea's ready," she said "Okay, I'll be right there," I replied. "Well, hurry up, before it gets cold," she said as she banged at the bathroom door.

Now, maybe the door wasn't completely shut, or maybe because the latch was worn, I don't know but it didn't hold, or maybe Hazel figured that it was locked when it wasn't, and decided to give it a shake to get me moving. Anyway, the door swung open and she was halfway into the room before either of us knew what was happening. She found me standing naked in front of the wash basin. For a moment, she just stood there frozen to the spot, she then gave a high pitched squeal and raised a hand to her mouth. I stood there as well, also at a loss what to do. When she'd burst into the room I'd instinctively turned towards the door, so my eight inch, semi erect cock was on full view.

I expected her to turn and leave the bathroom straight away but she didn't, she just stood there her eyes fixed on my cock. Then after what seemed like an age, she spoke. "Oh my God, Mike, you are a big boy." I was flabbergasted, I'd never thought of my cock as anything special in the size stakes, but a woman Hazel's age was sure to have seen plenty of cocks and she definitely seemed to be impressed by it.

Hazel and I had always flirted in a friendly sort of way, but it was never anything serious, after all she was my mother's friend and at least forty years older than I was. My mother, teased her about it all the time. But this was now a step beyond flirting, she was staring at my rapidly hardening cock and from her comment she was liking what she was seeing. I didn't cover up but with my cock getting harder by the second I wasn't going to make any sudden moves. Besides, she'd seen all there was to see and that was that, and from the look on her face and the feeling building in my now fully erect cock, we were both lost in the moment. So I shrugged my shoulders. "Oops sorry," was all I could think of to say. I took a step toward her with her eyes still firmly fixed on my groin. Another pace and I was standing within a foot of her, the length of my erect eight inches meant the tip of my knob was almost touching her. "Do you like it Hazel." I said as I ran my hand up and down my shaft. Her eyes grew even wider as a bead of pre-cum formed on the tip. "Why don't you touch it," I said, reaching out and taking one of her hands and gently placing it on my belly. I pressed it against the smooth skin between my navel and my cock and waited to see how she would react. Looking first down at her hand, then into my eyes, she groaned softly and moved the hand lower it until her fingers just brushed my pubes. This caused my cock to twitch and as it did, it briefly touched the back of her hand. She started slightly but didn't move so I took hold of her wrist, and eased it even lower and to my delight, she wrapped her fingers around my shaft and groaned softly. "Oh yes Mike, it's so big, so hard," she whispered. I just stood there waiting for her to make the next move but she just continued to hold onto my cock and stare into my eyes as if not sure what to do next. It seemed it was up to me to take things to the next level!!!

I slowly began to move my hips backwards and forwards, sliding my cock in and out of her soft hand. I pulled back until my knob was in her fist and she could feel the pre-cum that was now literally pouring out of it. When I pushed back into her fist, it was my turn to moan as I felt the slickness of my natural lubricant on her fingers. It felt amazing and I began to wonder if I should try something else, something even more daring!!!

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