His Own Calendar

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2014 by Wayne Gibbous

Mother/Son Incest Story: A boy's mom buys him a girly calendar for Christmas but he wants a better one... a calendar of her.

Caution: This Mother/Son Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

It has been an interesting ride being a single mom raising a boy. I'm sure bringing up a daughter isn't so easy either but a son, well, you probably get the idea.

So, as Ellis was getting into his middle teens, sixteen, to be exact, one of the presents I decided to give him was a Playmate calendar. Now, I knew he was masturbating, he kept a bottle of hand lotion for his 'dry skin' on his bedside table and I knew where all the crumpled tissues came from. After all, I grew up with two brothers and three male cousins. Ellis was jacking-off. Big surprise, right?

I really didn't mind, of course, I knew he needed release just as I did. I've been masturbating a long time and I fully understand the urges so I gave him the calendar for Christmas.

We had some family over that day so later that evening, after everyone had left, I took the calendar, wrapped, of course, and put it on his bed.

The next day he came down for breakfast and when he came in the kitchen, he looked at me and grinned. "Thanks, Mom, for the present last night."

I laughed and said, "I thought you might find it useful," and started making French toast for us.

"Um, yeah, it was kinda nice to have around."

I looked over my shoulder and there he stood in the sweat pants he usually wore to bed. It was quite obvious that in spite of the calendar, my son remained quite aroused.

"Well, just remember that those girls are the cream of the crop and you might not end up with one like that. But there are lots and lots of nice, pretty girls around. The calendar ones are pretty idealized."

"Oh, I know, Mom, I'd rather have a calendar of the one that I think is so sexy."

I knew he liked a teacher in high school, Camille Rice, a math teacher he'd had last year.

"Mrs. Rice, huh? She is pretty hot."

"No, Mom, not Mrs. Rice."

Must be someone new, I thought as I asked him who his calendar-pick was.

"You, Mom, I'd love a calendar of you."

Okay, I'll try to be as rational as I can here. Yes, I'm pretty nice looking. I'm thirty-eight, take care of myself pretty well and when I get out of the shower and look in the mirror, well, there's a slight shadow under my boobs but they're pretty nice. And below, my belly is flat and, since I shave, my pussy looks pretty much like the girls in his calendar have.

I have shoulder-length auburn hair that I sometimes wear down, sometimes up, and I've kept my weight pretty close to what it was in high school, about one-eighteen. My skin is smooth and soft and those boobs fill a B-cup nice and full.

So, if Hugh Hefner ever wanted to do a calendar of thirty-somethings, this thirty-eight-year old mother of one would likely be in the running. Yes, I'm that good.

But, I was hearing this from my sixteen-year-old son. He was obviously taking note of his mother's physical charms and I just didn't quite know how to handle that.

"Me? Oh, come on, Ellis, there's lots of girls, lots of women out there better looking than I am."

"Not really, Mom. I mean it, you're the calendar I'd want hanging in my room."

"Ellis, I have an idea what you use the calendar for and surely you don't mean ... oh, come on, now."

"Would that make me a bad son?"

"No, honey, no, maybe I should look at it as a compliment. I guess I should feel good that you find me attractive."

"Not attractive, Mom, your beautiful," he said as I began to smell our breakfast on the verge of burning. I scooped them up onto plate and brought them to the table.

"Why don't you let me make a calendar of you? My cellphone takes really good pictures."

I sat there not knowing even what to say.

"You could wear that bikini you bought last summer, the orange one."

Well, at least he wasn't wanting nude shots. But, would this encourage him to see me as a sexual woman rather than his mother, I wondered.

But then he'd taken pictures of me at the beach already, what was the difference, I wondered. And, maybe it would be fun.

"If we did this, you'd have to take it down before your friends came over, I don't need all your pals ogling me like that."

He laughed, saying, "Oh, Mom, they're ogling you whenever you're around, already. Haven't you noticed them?"

"I guess I haven't. I keep thinking of you and your friends as little boys and, well, it seems that all of you are growing up and thinking about new and different things."

"How about that calendar, Mom, say you'll do it."

I sat there, slowly eating breakfast, looking at my son's pleading eyes and told him I would. It would be after I showered. He grinned through the rest of breakfast as I sat there wondering why I was so wet and turned-on. I just tried to put it to the fact that I would be doing some girly-modeling and that was the reason.

So I went up and showered with the really nice shower soap I use when I'm feeling sexy and did a fresh shave since the bikini I was going to wear was the briefest one I'd ever owned. It wasn't quite a thong but pretty close. And I did look damned good in it.

I put on makeup, just lightly, keeping my lips a light pink and got my hair just right then poked my head out my door and called to my son.

He came in my room and I could immediately see two things. His eyes widened and his pants tented out.

"Oh, Mom, I'm so right. You should be the calendar in my room. Wow, I'd forgotten just how hot you look in that."

"Well, try to contain yourself Ellis, I'm only doing this for you. How do you want to start?"

All the drapes were open and it was a sunny day so my room was nice and bright.

"How about over by the window, maybe looking out?" he asked and he came with me and crouched down taking a picture looking up at me, then he backed away and took another.

"How about leaning over, like they do in my calendar?" he said with a slight blush. I gave him a look but went ahead and also gave him his shot. He looked at the screen and told me it was really good.

"How about ... um ... maybe with your hands underneath?"

It didn't take me long to figure out that he wanted one of those common girly-mag shots with the girl's hands under her boobs holding them like offerings.

"Hmm, I think my little boy is growing up," I said as I leaned over and put my hands under my breasts like he wanted. He took a few like that than asked me if I could make the top smaller.

The top had a bottom string under the breasts that tied around the back with the two small triangles that covered my breasts (some) held up by a top string that looped around the back of my neck. The two panels could slide on the bottom string if you wanted it wider or narrower. Ellis wanted it narrower.

Again, I looked at him with a bit of a look but went ahead and did what he asked trying to keep my nipples covered. At least they're small, not the big, wide kind, so I kept them out of my son's eager view. But he kept taking pictures.

"Can you ... um ... like, push them together?"

I gave him another look but pushed my boobs together the way he wanted, creating a burrow of cleavage for his next shot.

"Oh, yeah, that's great, Mom. Can you make to top pieces a little smaller? Just a little more?"

"Ellis, what is it you really want? Me topless?" I asked, just a bit irritated.

"Yes," I heard him say softly.

"You're kidding me, right?"

"It would really help me, you know, what I do in bed."

"I'll make them smaller, Ellis, that's all," I told him and I slid the bottoms of each triangle closer together so they almost showed my nipples.

"Can you pull the bottom down a little more on your hips?"

I lowered my bikini bottom down until I was almost showing him the beginning of my slit.

"How about from behind?" he asked and I turned around as he then asked me to bend over as he took a few more of my butt, even crouching down and shooting up.

"What are you trying to get, Ellis?"

"Um, oh, nothing really," he said rather suspiciously but I wasn't sure if he could see my labia from behind me or not.

"Are you about finished, now?" I asked him.

"Just one picture without the top?" he asked smiling his handsome boyish grin at me.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"I really would. I'd never let any one ever see it. It would be just for me, my hot, sexy mom, topless."

Now, perhaps you carefully think everything through in your life, spend hours and hours weighing the pros and cons of every action you take. Well, not everyone does. I reached back and undid the top and took it off over my head and stood there as my sixteen-year old son stared at my breasts.

There's a slight curve under them, after all, I'm hardly sixteen any more but they do look pretty good and the bikini really offers little in the way of support. So, what you saw in my bikini top was pretty much how they looked without it.

He was taking pictures, I have no idea how many but I think his finger was pressing the button a lot.

"You really are beautiful, Mom, you really are. This is just what I've wanted," he said as I told him that was enough for his calendar and reminded him again that it was only for him, no one else was to ever see it.

"I know Mom, I know," he said and then took me in his arms and kissed me, kissed me hard on the lips even before I got my top back on. I went and changed and tried to forget the whole thing.

That worked fine until later that night when I went in to say goodnight and there it was, on his wall, a calendar, all twelve months, one after the other, with his topless mother on display.

"Oh, my, I'm not so sure this was a good idea, Ellis. I know you're growing up and all and giving you the Playboy calendar was to help you, um, take care of things but the thought of you using me to get off, well, that's seems a bit much."

"I don't think so, Mom, and I can tell you, your calendar works better than the other one."

I felt my face get warm when he said that.

"Well, the one I gave you has women a lot closer to your own age."

"But not as sexy. With your pictures, I just can't stop."

I wasn't exactly sure what that meant and I suppose my face looked a bit quizzical.

"I just do it over and over until I get sore and have to stop," he said softly. "I just can't help it, it's all I want to do now that I've got your pictures. It's really sore, all red."

"Honey, I only did that for you to enjoy. Maybe I'd better take the pictures down. I don't want you hurting yourself. Is it really red and sore?"

"I was just so excited, Mom, it's all I've been doing since I printed out the pictures."

"Just how sore are you? Do you think you need to see a doctor?" I asked, not knowing just exactly what my son had been up to.

"No, it's not bleeding or anything, just really sore and red."

"Maybe you should let me see?" I asked and as soon as I did I wondered if that was the right thing to do.

He pulled the covers down and there it was. It was red all right, a rather bright red. But what I noticed the most was the size. Ellis was sixteen but his penis was at least the size of the man who fathered him.

"My, it is red, I think I need to get you something, I'll be right back," and I went and got the bottle of clear lube from my bedside table and brought it to him. "This stuff is really slippery, you can try it but I think I'd leave it alone for a while."

He hadn't covered himself and while his penis was red it was also erect. I just had to ask.

"If you've been masturbating that much, why are you still, um, that erect?"

"It is down some," he said as I stared at his penis. It had to be about the largest I'd ever seen. And he was telling me that he wasn't fully erect.

"You mean it's really bigger than that?"

"Yeah, some, I guess."

"I know a mother shouldn't be asking her son this but have you ever measured it? When it was fully erect?"

"Um, I didn't but, um, it's seven and a half inches."

"I suppose another question I shouldn't ask is if you didn't measure it but know its size, then one wonders how or, perhaps, by whom it got measured. Maybe you shouldn't tell me."

He smiled at me and said, "Um, yeah, maybe I shouldn't," as he sat there on his bed grinning with the sheet down around his knees.

Another thing I perhaps should not have asked was, "Does it hurt when you touch it?"

His hand went down as I watched his fingers wrap around his cock and say, "No, it's kind of inside where it hurts. I think I overused it. Maybe I should try this?" he said as he picked up the bottle.

"Well, it might help," I told him and before I knew it he was taking a few strokes as I stood there rather astonished.

"Well, I'd best leave you alone now, Ellis," and started to turn.

"I'd love it if you stayed. I've wanted to do it for you. I've wanted you to watch me do it."

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