My Sister Buttercup
Chapter 1

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Brother/Sister Incest Story: Chapter 1 - This is the story of my big sister, Belinda, whom I've been lusting after since before I knew what lust really meant. And she was always being naughty, flirting with her words and tempting looks, flaunting her body at me, and just driving me crazy. We survived adolescence together, sometimes uniting to deal with parents (and others), sometimes nearly ready to strangle each other. But through it all, we managed to love each other to this day. Now she's married, and I'm going to live with them.

Caution: This Brother/Sister Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   Rape   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   MaleDom   Spanking   Light Bond   Polygamy/Polyamory   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Double Penetration   Size   Big Breasts   Public Sex   Nudism  

My sister, Belinda, and her husband Dave have invited me to come and stay with them over my summer break, after the third year of college. I had a job in their city that I'd gotten through a professor at the college; just an internship, but still, a real job in my chosen field, and it was going to look great on my resume because it was with one of the big names in that field. I figured I needed it, because I'm still pretty young.

Bel is really something - beautiful, sweet, but very naughty. She just about killed me, going through high school, with the way she teased me, even after she went off to college. I never met another girl who made me so hard, so often. Maybe that's why I hadn't hooked up with any of the girls in either high school or college. Yes, I was still a virgin at 20! I'd gotten a couple of abortive blowjobs, and had my hand in the bra and/or pants of a few pretty girls, but I really hadn't had time for a girlfriend, because I was so determined to get a good education and enter professional life. Plus, none of the girls really looked even half as good as Bel - and growing up, I'd seen most every bit of her.

I guess I need to describe her, or you won't understand what she's like. She is 5'-10" tall, with a killer body that she displays outrageously, and the most utterly gorgeous complexion and facial features. She's an athlete, and a dancer, and her body isn't just tall, it's a solid 170 lbs - and curvy beyond belief. BIG boobs! At least a C-, if not a D-cup. Her hair and eyes are dark, her lips look slightly bee-stung (though not ridiculously so, like some actresses, who pay a fortune for dangerous medical procedures to 'enhance' their looks.) And she has the most incredible, impish smile that lights up her entire face when she's tickled about something - like the latest of her endless litany of teasing remarks. But she is NEVER mean, not to me.

She picked me up at the airport in the city at mid-morning on a Thursday, driving an expensive-looking luxury sports sedan. Apparently, Dave has a very good income, and is not stinting her at all. She helped me load the luggage I'd brought into the trunk and then asked me to place the airport's luggage cart in the return stile nearby. When I got back to the car (slightly richer than expected for the coins I found in the refund catch cup of the metering system - some people just don't have to pay attention to amounts that small, or get distracted, I guess, but I'm still a poor college student), she was sitting in the passenger seat, looking gorgeous, smiling at me. "I think you should drive, Carl!"

Cool! I like this version of my sister. "Okay, Bel, sure. And thanks! I love this car, by the way." I got in and headed out of the parking lot, paying the fee from the coins I had scored upon returning the luggage cart, and we set out on the freeway to her hamlet.

"I need to talk to you about some things. Will you please tell me the truth, or just tell me to stop if you need me to?" Her expression was anything but playful, now.

She seemed much more serious than usual. And I love her to death, so I nodded.

"Do you remember those times when we were growing up, that I caught you peeking at me?" my sister asked, blushing. "I know you do!"

Where the hell did that come from? "How could I ever forget? You were the most beautiful girl in school, and the things I saw when I worked up the courage to satisfy my curiosity about the female anatomy, and sexuality - you blew all the crap I saw on the xxx websites to smithereens!" I mused fondly. "You're all woman, now, though."

"I'm very sorry I teased you so badly about peeking!" Bel said contritely. "I was mean to you, and in truth, I tempted you deliberately into doing it initially." I risked looking away from the road, briefly, as the traffic was light - her face was somber, and she seemed quite teary-eyed; then I saw a tear trickle down her cheek, on the side nearest me as I drove. Impulsively, I reached out one-handed and cupped her cheek in my palm, using my thumb to wipe away the tear-trail. She nuzzle her face in my hand.

"Hey, big sister, it wasn't that bad. I always knew you loved me, even though we had some things to work through. And you never turned me in to the 'rents! I couldn't believe my good fortune - though you did blackmail me into stuff over it."

"That's what I feel bad about, really." She raised her face off of my hand and I put it back on the wheel. "The teasing that got you to do it, the opportunities I created - all of it, it's all on me. You didn't deserve to be treated so, not with all the loving care and especially the protection you gave me. Do you forgive me for being such a bad sister?"

"Don't give it another thought! I was peeking, again, checking to see if Rod was going to get your top off, or get his pinky stinky, or whatever. I was entirely out of line, invading your privacy on the back porch when you were using it. I deserved to have my ass kicked, rather than the way it turned out in the end." I reflected back on the time, a few years prior, when I established my hero creds by coming to my sister's rescue when he wouldn't take no for an answer. Thank goodness I'd been so intent to see her!

I was getting stiff just recalling the scene; my hot-body sister was topless, and she was giving a blow job, while fending off his hands reaching for her pussy under the miniskirt she wore. I thought I was going to come in my pants when I saw her bobbing on his prick, because I could see her nearly bare ass sticking out of that skirt, as well as her big tits hanging down as she energetically fellated him, though they didn't jiggle around quite as much as they might have. Turns out, she was on her period and she didn't feel like having him mucking around in her 'messy snatch'. So she was giving him the blow job as consolation. Her boobs were shiny from the saliva he'd left on them, as was the dick she slurped off the end of, telling him NO! firmly. He'd then tried to force his way into her pussy, and I burst in and applied a full nelson argument to reason with him. Fucker!

"But I have to! It was underhanded of me, tempting you and then turning your natural curiosity into blackmail material - I can't pretend it was okay. I've felt so awful about it, recently, when I realized just what I'd done to you. I used you, and you never treated me badly in any way. Then you covered for me, not letting the 'rents know I was even topless, after saving me from that ass-wipe Rod, let alone the perfunctory blow job you interrupted. You never tried to blackmail me over any thing. I need to make amends with you, to truly forgive myself. Dave will explain more when he gets home."

"Dave knows?!" I barked. "He's going to kick my ass, most likely!" He could, too, because he was 6'-4" of former all-star linebacker, one who'd turned away from sports when he could have gone pro for millions of dollars. "Why did you tell him?" I moaned.

Before answering, she gestured to an exit sign coming up, so I turned on the indicator and took the off-ramp. "I had to - we've decided to start a family, and he made me tell him everything significant in my sexual history. He says that we have to be completely open with each other, in order to move on into that next phase of our lives.

"Believe me, his stories took much longer than mine. He got more pussy before we met than any dozen normal guys - so I held out a long time. Including a bunch of threesomes, foursomes, and even moresomes, plus stuff I never even imagined people really did. But he gave all that up for me, and I had to tell him my little secrets, too."

She continued chatting to me and giving non-verbal directions on the streets leading to the very nicely-landscaped, large suburban home they occupy, reaching over me to press the remote entry fob on the sunshade over my head, and incidentally giving me a perfect down-blouse view of her tits, which she noted my appreciation of with a smirk. "You'll understand better, when he gets here in a few hours, and we can go into it more, together. He's really quite a guy." We lugged my stuff into the house, and she escorted me to a very nice bedroom sticking back off the house by the kitchen, with an attached bath and a sliding door exit leading to their large pool. "Good grief, Bel, I can't believe this place! It's more of a mansion than a house. Dave must be a great lawyer!"

"Yes, he is, and we're very blessed. You can take a swim, if you like," she gestured out to the pool, "and I'll make us some lunch and bring it out. Or you can sit with me and chat while I make it, or take a nap, or do whatever you want." She smiled sweetly again. "I love you, Carl! I'm so happy you came." Her gaze was adoring, if unsettling.

"The first option sounds great - I can really use a bit of exercise, and in this heat, the pool seems like an ideal way to get some during the day. I'm really glad you guys offered to let me stay here this summer!" I looked in her eyes and said, "I do really love you, too, Bel, I hope you know that. It isn't just convenience that brings me here."

"Silly! Of course I know that." She smiled and gave me an intense look I had trouble placing, then reached out and stroked my cheek. "Go ahead and get in the pool and I'll whip us up something up to eat. I won't keep you waiting too long!" She left and I quickly emptied my bags into the dresser and closet, then donned a swimsuit that I pulled out of the mass of clothing. The water was perfect, clean and fresh with no detectable odor of chlorine, nor any sign of bacterial overgrowth, and I got a pretty good workout in while anticipating Bel's promised lunch. After, I eased myself into the attached hot tub/jacuzzi, which spilled over into the pool, and just closed my eyes.

"Uh-umm." Bel cleared her throat as she set something on the table behind me.

"Not sleeping," I said, keeping my eyes closed. "What did you make us?"

"Sandwiches - avo, lettuce, sprouts, tomato and cheese, potato salad, and salsa with chips. Plus tea! Do you mind if I join you for a minute, before we eat?" she asked.

"Sure, come on in, the water's great!" I said. I heard her get in and opened my eyes, preparing to sit up, and boy-oh-boy, did I get eyeful! "Bel! You're ... you're naked! And utterly fabulous!" I was barking again. She was standing about five feet away, up on the seat as she was entering the water, bare as the day she was born - in every sense of the word. Apparently, Dave likes a shaved cunt, because hers sure as the dickens was. Her pussy looked like an over-ripe peach had split open, and the inner girl-parts I'd so much longed to see were beginning to be apparent - including a large, hooded clitoris. It was all I could do to raise my gaze up to her eyes.

"So, you like, I take it?" she asked, raising her hands to her luscious tits and stroking them gently, causing the nipples to erect slightly. She was looking right at me, standing with legs slightly apart, and that look was in her eyes again.

"I ... I, yeah! Of course I like - any man would have to be either gay, neutered, or three days dead and buried, not to like!" I woofed once again. I was getting into a rut! "Bel, I thought you weren't going to tease me any more," I complained. "Do you want me to die of terminal erectile dysfunction, or something? This is hard on me."

"I'm sorry," she said, sliding fully into the water opposite me. "That was mean of me, too. I suppose I wanted to make sure you still found me desirable. We don't bother with suits out here - it's just easier to dispense with useless clothing. But if it really makes you nervous, I'll put on one of my more conservative suits while we eat - the other ones would be worse than no suit at all, I'm afraid. That's what they're good for, in the end - if a man doesn't want to tear it off me, it didn't work!" She settled herself deeper into her seat, leaving those now more erect nipples poking up above the water. "I never want to make you that uncomfortable. Just a little bit uncomfortable!"

"I'm going to die!" I moaned. I couldn't tear my eyes away from those nipples, now that she'd closed her eyes momentarily, luxuriating in the warm water.

"You can relieve the pressure, if you like - I won't mind. Dave still beats his meat, even though I fuck him all the time, and I do enjoy seeing the 'happy ending', if you will." She opened her eyes and looked at me intensely again, with a very challenging expression on her face now. "You don't have to pretend not to, or hide it from me, ever. You're my brother, loved beyond any measure. And Dave knows everything about me, what I will and won't do, and trust me, it won't cause any trouble, even if he were standing right here."

"What won't cause any trouble, you minx!" Dave announced his presence as he strode out of the house toward us. "You cause trouble just walking down the street!"

"Oh, man!" I wailed. I slipped down as low as I could go, without getting water in my ears, my eyes shut tight. My hard prick stuck out obscenely, embarrassing me.

"Hey, baby!" Bel said. "You got out of your meeting early! Come here and give me a really good kiss, and I'll forgive you for not calling to let me know."

"Okay, just this once, Buttercup." I heard him say, and I opened my eyes. Dave stepped up to the tub behind Bel as she sat up, then stooped down to reach her as she turned her head towards him, and he gave her a very thorough kiss. He also slipped his hands around front and aggressively fondled her breasts; the nipples started to lengthen considerably as they erected further, and Belinda began to moan.

I could see her throat working as her tongue was obviously sliding deep into his mouth, and I instantly became harder than stone. "Ugh!" I exclaimed, as her nipples expanded again, now resembling those little tootsie rolls, albeit shorter, fatter ones. "Maybe I should just make myself scarce for a while," I muttered.

Bel broke her lip-lock with the man whose baby she wanted. "Hold that thought - I'll get back to you shortly, hot stuff," she said in seductive tones. She brushed his hands from her tits and stepped up on the seat over to my left, apparently not concerned about the view that gave me up into her slightly open, but still camel-toe pussy - which had more drips coming off than her nipples did, by far. She then lifted her right leg and proceeded to plant her foot on my chest - opening her cunt to a new level and releasing a substantial trickle of girl juices - and then she shifted her weight onto me and shoved me under the water. I was stunned, I didn't even think to take a breath before I went under, though habits from years of swimming kept me from taking a breath while I was down. Lifeguard training then kicked in, and I grabbed her leg and pushed it away from my center, causing Bel to lose her balance and fall into the center of the tub.

Since I was under water, I could only hear the volume of her utterance, and I'm not sure if she said anything intelligible, or mostly just shrieked as she fell on top of me, while I at the same time used my grip on her calf to lever myself more upright, hauling her back to me - which gave me a great, though intermittent, view of her ass - and both holes. "Goldarn it, Bel!" I said when I got a new breath. Dave's laughter was raucous, as Bel spluttered and dog-paddled off me, kicking none too gently until I let go of her.

"See what I mean! You're a walking incitement to riot before you even do anything to earn your reputation, and then you start to really cause trouble." Dave was evidently not too pissed at me, and not at all scared of sleeping alone tonight.

Bel settled herself on my right, away from Dave and me both. "Humph! You boys both think you're so funny," she grumbled. "And I told you not to call me Buttercup!" she folded her arms across her substantial chest, cutting off our view of her magnificent mammaries. "You're in big trouble, both of you!" she threatened, scowling fiercely.

"Oh, man," I said again as I shook my head, while Dave continued to chuckle. Since my erection hadn't gone away at all, it was more than evident through my tight trunks. I considered trying to cover up as Bel had, but I figured it would make matters worse, so I just sat up tall. Sometimes it's very uncomfortable to be erect!

"Belinda, sweetheart, I'm pretty sure that Carl could not have missed seeing the cup in question - even before I got to you. And when you lifted your leg to play your little trick on him, there was a considerable amount of butter released!" Dave said, as his shit-eating grin threatened to break his face. "I love your buttercup. You know that!"

Bel turned bright red and shrieked again, and raised her hands to her face in a habitual motion which I well recalled from our childhood together, once again giving us both a great look at her chest. Now, the nipples were much darker, in addition to being fully erect on top of crinkled areolae. "Thomas David Amundsen, I am going to get you for this, even if it takes the rest of my life!" she declared heatedly.

"Belinda, sweetheart..." Dave began in a soothing tone of voice.

"Hush up!" She's barking now! "I'm so mad at you I could ... I could ... well, I don't know exactly what I could, but I will!" she said determinedly, still covering her face.

"Darlin', your threats would be much more convincing if we couldn't both see your tits so well right now!" Dave opined. "Your nipples look ready to bore holes in quarter-inch steel plate! We really love it, though," he assured her.

Bel shrieked again and yanked her hands off her face to cover up, and her coloring went beyond crimson to incandescent as she glared at him, her jaw set. She looked ready to chew through the afore-mentioned steel, and I imagined seeing a plume rising in the air above her super-heated cranium. I idly speculated about the amount of gym time it would take to reach the same level of cardio workout, my erection almost forgotten.

"Fine, then! That's it for you, pervert. See what you get for being mean to me." Her gaze shifted to me. "Don't think I've forgotten you, either, you ... you turd, you!"

"Me!" I yelped. "I didn't do anything. Except almost drown."

"Humph!" she grumped. "Have some lunch, boys. Don't let it go to waste - or else!" she said as she arose and stepped out. With incredible grace, she walked away, swaying that magnificent tushie as she went. She grabbed a towel from a stack she'd evidently brought out along with the lunch as she went by, drying her back as she walked and then lower when she paused by the patio door. She wiggled her butt into that towel, exposing and re-covering several times before she went through the door.

"What the blazes was that?!" I wondered aloud, as I also arose and helped myself to a towel. I missed the tushie intensely already!

Dave was following orders and made himself a plate of food. "Don't sweat it, my man - it'll blow over before you know it. She's just a little edgy right now. It's really not a big deal. Trust me, I've seen this before - she just needs a fuck, a really big come." Supremely confident, anyway, I gotta give him that.

I also made a plate, and we settled into loungers and tucked in. The food was delicious, and I made appreciative noises when I got to a particularly succulent bite of sandwich. "My word, she's become some kind of gourmet chef! This is incredible."

Dave finished his bite and said, "Yeah, we decided to get rid of everything that wasn't actually nutritious from our diet - no GMO 'foods' - 'cause they're nothing but poison - and nothing with chemicals on it. Mostly no meat, too, 'cause that's the best way to get something that's really bad for you. Plus, Belinda can't bear to think of the suffering that fills the lives of farmed animals, and I have to say, when I really checked out what she told me about their lives, it was awful. I don't try to tell anyone else what to eat, but if people knew the consequences of their participation in conventional farming, most of them would make the shift, too. They just don't want to have to think about it, so they don't - thus implicitly endorsing the pre-existing food system, by using their purchasing power unwisely, against their own interests."

"Well, if it means eating this kind of food, I'm inclined to go along. But what about the protein and minerals, and all that? Doesn't leaving meat out cause problems in the body?"

"I'm no expert, but I have read a bunch of stuff that Bel made me look at. She's got me convinced that we're actually getting more nutritional value from this than we would out of our old diet, because there's more there to start with, and less bad stuff. Plus, the animals are fed stuff I wouldn't force on even my worst enemy, and the poisons tend to concentrate in their tissues as they grow - so when we eat those tissues, say a nice, juicy ribeye or sirloin steak, guess what we get from it? Poison!"

He seemed to be building a head of steam, so I continued to scarf down the incredible food. "Uh-huh, I get that," I muttered around my bite of potato salad.

"Plus, we don't need all that much protein, in normal life - it's only used to repair damaged tissue, for the most part, and it is actually pretty poor quality protein that our bodies then waste resources processing. The time when we're growing fastest, building our bodies the most, we're living on mother's milk, if our parents are smart - which is about five percent protein, same as fruit. That's another thing that's really pretty screwed up in the standard American diet." He dug back in, which put a temporary halt to that discussion, but I planned to come back to it - this was interesting stuff, but the food was even moreso.

After we finished our nosh, we just mellowed in the sunshine. Eventually, I had to ask him about Bel again. "So, what was that, earlier? Bel was all over the map, emotionally. I've never seen her like that before."

"Okay, listen - I'm going to tell you, but this is strictly in the family, got it? She's a little sensitive on the subject, so don't go blabbering on about it, especially if other people are around." He held my eyes with a somewhat stern expression, and I nodded to indicate my understanding. He obviously cares deeply about her! Well, so do I!

"Okay, mum's the word. What is it?" I'll take his word on this, for sure.

"Did you know she's been on birth control pills?" I nodded. "Part of the reason that was done is so that she had less cramping when her cycle came around." Nodding again. "She had a fairly bad case of endometriosis, and we got it taken care of by means of a laparoscopic procedure - there's a tiny scar, if you look very close, in her navel, from where the doctors inserted instruments that let them go deep inside, in a minimally invasive way, and find and remove bits of endometrium from where they shouldn't be.

"That's the tissue that women generate when they're preparing for a baby, if one is conceived, so the embryo can attach and get nutrition from mom. Usually, that's what's flushed out during her menstrual cycle, which is what the bleeding is all about. Little bits of that were somehow left behind to bleed internally during her cycles, from when she was about sixteen, we think, so she went on the pill to moderate the cramps she gets.

"Now that we're ready to start our family, obviously she has to stop taking the contraceptive. Thus, the surgery to correct the root cause of the original problem, because the "band aid" approach that was taken earlier was causing more problems. Unfortunately, we've had some rather exaggerated issues when her cycle is coming on, which you've seen the results of today; emotionally, your sister is not yet well-regulated, off the pill. But we're going to get that handled, too. We have some great help!"

I reflected on the fact that this was extremely personal stuff - I doubt most brothers in law would trust each other like this. So I had to trust him the same way, because he's so involved with her health. A lot of guys just leave it up to the woman to handle everything - it's way too squicky for them, let alone to discuss with another guy.

"I couldn't believe you just came right out with what that whole Buttercup thing is really about! But since you did - is it always like that?" I figured it must be okay to be curious about it, even if he chooses to draw the line on answering.

"Yeah, mostly, though she's even more buttery these days than she was before, because her body is still adapting to the new situation. And she's even more of a wildcat in the sack than she was before! I track her basal temperature, so I know what she's going through at that level - we got a nice little infrared gadget that I scan her with before she moves in the morning, so we know exactly what is happening in her cycle.

"Right now, she's about two, or maybe three, days away from ovulating, which means her body's hormones are shifting gears, kinda, and she's always like a cat in heat for about five or six days during this time. So, just be aware, that's what she's dealing with; I'm telling you the nitty-gritty truth because she and I have talked quite a lot about her feelings about you, and I know how much you guys mean to each other."

I debated my next topic briefly, and then I thought, In fer a penny, in fer a pound.

"Why did you feel her up like that, when you kissed her? Her nipples looked like they might take a vacation off of her tits! I mean, I know that she is very sexual, and she shared that you are as well, but man! I thought I was gonna have an accident."

"When she said she wanted a 'really good' kiss, that was a phrase from our little love-making lexicon, things we say in the heat of passion. She was telling me what she wanted me to do, and I almost always do what she tells me she wants! Since you were obviously going to see what happened when I did that to her, I knew she wanted you to see it and I was only too happy to oblige. I love her knockers!" he said fondly, chuckling. "They're among my favorite things on the planet!"

"So, you're really okay, I guess, with me watching, so to speak?"

He sat up and swung his legs toward me, sitting facing me sideways on his chaise. "I'm more than okay with it. And you're going to see a lot more than that!" I saw an intense look in his eyes, that reminded me very much of the one in Bel's eyes earlier.

"Well, that's all right, then - I'm sure not going to object to getting an eyeful of my big sister's gorgeous body. But, she invited me to jerk off just before you came on the scene - that's pretty far beyond the normal limits between siblings. She said that you did it, even now, despite fucking a lot. I sure am glad I didn't start doing it!"

"I do do that. Not nearly as much as I did when I was still pursuing her - I stopped seeing other women almost immediately, when I realized that she was the one for me. I had had more poon than most guys can even imagine, almost literally thrown at me, when I was in athletics. I was scared to death that she was going to find me with one of them having grabbed my hand and shoved it under her bra or in her panties! And I wasn't getting much from Belinda at that point. I thought maybe she was a virgin - though that wasn't the case, as it turned out - from the way she fended off my advances.

"So, I had to go from getting sucked and/or fucked at least several times a day, sometimes being double- or even triple-teamed, to none, you know? I resorted to taking matters into my own hands, at least daily. All I got from her, initially, was feeling up her boobs from outside the bra for quite a while, though she really enjoyed that, which was almost as good as getting off myself! The feel of those giant nipples made me nuts, even through the industrial strength bras she wore in the beginning, and I finally told her that I always had to come after making out with her. She challenged me to let her watch!"

"Me, too, way back when. She even blackmailed me into it. Why are you telling me all this?" I wondered aloud.

"First, you're going to be living with us all summer, and as I said, she's going through something like 'puberty all over again' - and we're trying to get her pregnant! Imagine having to hide in your room whenever you're home! We could never do that to you, and we're not going to hide away, either. Second, I wanted you to know now, before it becomes a problem, that you're probably going to encounter us in compromising positions frequently. We talked about it, and Bel is adamant that it's not okay with her for you to end up feeling horny because you, for instance, saw me ramming her from behind because she challenged me to 'breed' her, and then having no option but to hide away and jack off to keep from having blue balls. That's just totally inconsiderate, and unacceptable!"

I guess she meant what she said just before Dave 'caught' us, with her naked!

"She said you could explain some things when we were talking earlier. Is this what she was talking about? I had an impression that it was perhaps even more."

"Let's find her and have that discussion together - it'll make it a lot simpler. She's had enough time now to settle down from what she was going through earlier, but she's likely to have another 'spell' at any time, especially when we talk about this stuff."

We went inside, and he called out to her. She responded from the front of the house, saying she was in the office. This place is truly enormous! We walked together past their exquisite kitchen and formal dining area, etc., and found her sitting at a desk, wearing a super-sexy croptop and a pretty, short skirt, using the computer thereon.

"I'm just looking at what's happening, event-wise; I think I'd like to go see Willie Nelson tonight!" she enthused. She seemed entirely over her pique, back to her usual bubbly good humor. "You know you are always on my mind!" Seductive again!

"Okay," Dave said, taking a seat nearby on a settee, and gesturing to the seat next to him, slightly further from her, indicating that I should join him. "But I think you have something you need to say to your brother before we go any further." Bel blushed and turned the desk chair toward the settee.

"I'm sorry I called you a turd," she said contritely. "I just get very emotional, these days, and then I let my mouth write a check that my ass can't cover. Please forgive me."

"I don't mind..." I started to say, but Dave interrupted.

"No, Bel, that's not true, and you know it!" he said sternly. "You need to make your amends, and forgive yourself, or you'll just do it again." He seemed quite ferocious about it. "And what about the way you treated me? I was just doing what you said you wanted me to do! And it was just family, when I said Buttercup!" Now he was barking!

She teared up and said, "Lover, I'm so sorry for that!" Her pretty face was crumpled in misery. "I take it all back, you're wonderful to me, I don't mind you calling me that, I beg forgiveness." She was so remorseful, I was about ready to forgive genocide, or anything else, for her. Apparently that was not what Dave had in mind!

"I think this is a check your ass can cover! Assume the position," Dave said in a commanding tone of voice. She rose from the chair and walked over in front of me, as he moved to sit on the edge. She turned away and bent down, going across his knees, raising her skirt onto her back and exposing the lacy thong hugging her ass and pussy. "Pull those panties down, now! Or you'll get double the swats," he threatened sternly.

She silently complied, exposing her pussy completely to my shocked gaze. He began steadily smacking her buttocks, none too gently, saying, "Bad girl!" repeatedly.

After about a dozen really hard smacks on each cheek, they took on a rosy hue. It was freakin' awesome, seeing her ass like that! She wailed, "Please forgive me! I don't mean to be mean, you're both the best men I've ever known, I don't know what comes over me, to be like that. I just want to make you happy, let go and allow myself to be loved and give my love to you, to let you know how much you mean to me. I recommit myself to behaving as an adult, responsible for my words and acts - I'll never be so childish, thoughtless and cruel, ever again! Call me Buttercup whenever it seems right!"

"You're forgiven," Dave said soothingly, as he gently move his hands over her gorgeous butt. It looked like it was glowing now, almost bright red. I was stunned, I'd never even been close to such intimacy. They really love each other without reservation - and they sure didn't seem to be holding back due to my presence! I hope I survive it, though - it'd be a shame to miss out on the rest of the story.

"Carl, I need to hear from you, too!" she pleaded. "I can't stand the idea that I might have really hurt you, and I can't easily forgive myself." Dave pulled his hands away, and I noticed that her clit was protruding. I gulped. The smell was delicious!

Dave gestured to her buttocks, indicating that I should also rub that ass, and when I hesitated, he gave me a firm nod and a sincere look. My hands were shaking as I reached out and caressed those beautiful butt cheeks. They were very hot to the touch! My sister had to be the most incredibly beautiful woman in the entire state!

"I forgive you, Bel. I know you mean what you say, that you won't do it again, and I also commit myself to being the best brother I can be to you. You are the best sister any guy was ever lucky enough to adore!" I said, with only a slight quaver in my voice.

"You mean it? I'm really forgiven?" she asked, looking back at me over her shoulder as Dave soothed her tear-streaked face. "You're not just saying it to try to be nice or something, are you?" She seemed genuinely concerned.

"Yes. You are forgiven, permanently. There's nothing else you have to say, or do, ever, and I want you to just blot it out of your mind altogether. Just don't do it again."

"Thank you! That's the whole reason for doing this, to not do it again," she explained, sitting up and turning to me, then nudging between my legs and proceeded to hug me as if I were a stuffed animal that she was kid-proof testing. BIG boobs! Feel good!

"I'm so lucky to have you both in my life! I try to remind myself every day how lucky I am, so I can remember, when the hormones try to take over my thinking. I'm going to work very hard to be a grown-up, all the time, the sister you have always deserved! You can call me Buttercup, if you want. Just if we're alone, though." She looked doubtful.

I nodded. My cock was really hard again, and she caressed it through my pants.

Dave reached over her ass and, presumably, began to stimulate her cunt, judging by where his hand was. "Do you want me to take you now? You said you always dreamed of getting off with your brother, and I think this might be the chance you've been waiting for, to make up for some of the things you did to him when you were kids."

Bel got a very hot look on her face, staring at me, and a questioning look in her eye prompted me to say, "You'll have to wait a long time to hear me object!"

She turned her head and looked him in the eye, then said, "You know you can have me - any way, any time, anywhere - I'm yours! I'm your Buttercup - take me now!"

Dave stood and unbuckled his belt, shucked his pants and underwear in one motion, kicked his shoes off and stepped out of the clothing. His erect cock was truly enormous, at least eight inches if it was one, looking almost two inches wide, pointing sharply upward and dripping pre-cum on her skin as he took his position.

"I accept," he said, bending down slightly to reach around between the two of us as she laid on me. Her face showed evidence that he was manipulating those delicious girl-parts as he held his stiff prick in his other hand and entered her. He grabbed her hips then and started stroking into my beloved sister's pussy, as she moaned and yipped excitedly. Her hand was still on my stiff prick, and the thumping he was giving her ass forced her hand to stimulate me. Not that I thought she wouldn't have anyway - this was clearly not a sudden thought on their part. I love it when a plan comes together!

"Sweet bitch! I'm gonna breed you now, I am gonna knock you up! In fact, I think I'm gonna put more than one in you. How would you like to have twins, one to suck milk from each of your beautiful titties?"

"Yes! Breed me, knock me up - give me your babies! I can't wait to see your face when you look into my cunt and watch our child force it open wider than it's ever been, even for you!" she wailed again. "You fill me up so good! You know just how to push all my buttons, inside and out, and make me come for you!" She grabbed my erection firmly through my pants and looked me in the eye with an adoring expression. "I can't believe I'm about to finally share a come with my little brother, after teasing him so badly for so many years. He deserves it! I love you, Carl!

"Now, get to work! Do me harder, force my pussy to take everything you've got, all the way up into my cervix, and then fill me up to the brim with lots of your creamy man-goo. Give me every bit of what you've got, don't hold anything back, take me, take me, take me - make me your bitch, for now and always! Gimme!" she shouted.

She was getting pretty out of control, and I expected to start hearing a lot more obscenity at any moment. Not to mention creaming my shorts! She was unabashedly jerking my dick, and if she hadn't been being rogered so thoroughly, she looked like she'd have pulled my meat out where she could hold it in her hand - maybe even sucking me off with abandon, as I'd so often dreamt while stroking myself off in my room as a kid, or in the shower with some conditioner.

"You are my bitch! You'll take it from me, now and every time I tell you to, and you'll carry my babies with pride, knowing you're the property of the biggest swinging dick you'll ever have! I'm going to dump a gallon of my baby batter into my pussy," he said, slamming into that sweet ass and cunt even harder as he neared his climax. "You're going to be filled to overflowing, and I'm not going to stop even then - it's going to be forced so far up inside you, it'll come out your ears!" he bellowed. "Take it, bitch!" He slammed into her one last time and reared back, as his face went into rictus.

Bel shrieked "Yes! Yes! Give it to me!" Then it was her turn, and she went into her come with a similar expression. Her grip on my rod so tight I couldn't even ejaculate when I started to come myself. When she was finally past her ecstatic spasm, her grip relaxed and I immediately filled those shorts and got very wet.

She started digging at my waist, evidently intent on getting in there. "Wait a minute - I'm not sure that's such a good idea. I don't want you to do anything that will later be a cause of regret between us," I said. I sure wouldn't mind those beautiful lips going around my dick, though, while her tongue cleans me up. Responsible - that's me.

"Please don't say that. It's the only one I'll ever get to suck beside my husband's, ever again. I had to promise I would never do that, but I have permission to suck yours!"

Dave pulled out and then flopped back on the settee beside me. His cock was still impressive, even after all that, and he was covered with their combined juices. I looked him in the eye questioningly, and he nodded to me, then let his head roll back onto the upholstery, apparently completely drained from his orgasm. Can't blame him!

Bel's pleading expression, as she waited for permission, touched my heart in a way I had never thought it could be. I nodded to her, and she eagerly finished getting into my pants and began to lovingly lick and suck everything she could, cleaning all my juices off as she started chanting "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" My sister, the breeding bitch, was a cum-slut of the first magnitude! And man oh man, did she ever know how to give head - I could hardly believe how good it felt to have her lips and tongue on me. She wasn't just cleaning me up, she was flipping the ridges and skin of my dick with that delicate pink tongue, swallowing and cooing, with the most gorgeous expression of gratitude on her face as she proceeded to complete the cleanup job. I looked over at Dave's messy prick, caught her eye, then gestured at it.

"You missed some, bitch!" I said, pretending to criticize. I could get into having a cum-slut in the house to order around, too!

She got a very naughty look on her face and raised herself off my lap, then pulled that crop-top down, exposing her gorgeous bosom and erect nipples. She gripped the sides of her tits and forced those nipples together, then began rubbing on his soupy prick with them. Dave groaned and reaching down, grabbed her nipples and squeezed.

"Just a cleanup, you horny little cunt!" he said, and she moaned loudly. He was one of the few who could legitimately call my sister little, and the only person I could imagine calling her a cunt without me getting pretty steamed up about it. Bel surely is a horny little cunt! She came again from his nipple play as she thoroughly cleaned him up. Afterward, she climbed up and sat on his face, giving him a cream pie dessert, shrieking with yet another long, loud come that echoed around my head!

Bel laid down on her back across both our laps, her head on his arm. Her pussy was wide open, right in front of my eyes, as she gently played with it. "Welcome to our home, little brother. I hope you're happy to be here! I'll clean your clothes, too, as well as your prick and nuts." Bel had the most unbelievably adoring expression on her face, one I'd dreamed of but never really expected to have aimed at me. Beyond adorable!

"Yep!" I confirmed to her. "I am! Very, very happy. You're an incredibly sweet bitch, and you have made me happier than I feel I have any right to be. I hope you know how much it means to me to be this close to you."

She reached out and grabbed my hand, then placed it on her snatch and began using it to manipulate her bobbin and the surrounding tissues. "I think I'm starting to get the idea, all right! Wait 'til you see what happens once I catch, " she said, smiling. "But you're going to have to let go of the idea that you don't have a right to be this happy, or I'll start thinking up ways to force it out of your head!" I got a very clear image in my mind's eye of her thighs clamping around my head while she comes on my tongue, feet locked together, coming continuously as I drink down her girl-butter, straight from the Buttercup, and clamping down on me so hard I can't pull my head out and breathe.

"What's up, Buttercup?" I asked her, and she smiled a sexy smile at me. Those incredible nipples were starting to look like fat little tootsie rolls again, and I imagined leaning over and lovingly ministering to them while Dave watches - or does something more invasive about it to her, again. I think he's perfectly capable of fucking her right into next week, and he's not giving me any indications of resenting my presence as part of their sexual expression at all. I mean, I'll move my hand out of the way if he wants in her cunt - it's his cunt, after all, and I'm sure glad he's happy to be sharing it with me. I can't wait to see what happens when she's caught! Then she started kissing me...

{It's looking like a nice, long, hot summer. I hope they leave enough of me to actually do some work when I start my new job on Monday - it's still Thursday, my first day here!}

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