Unclaimed Cargo

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A cargo master accepts two crates that are paid in full. On the way to the next system pirates attack the ship but they turn the tables on them. At the next port the merchant fails to pick up the crates. Once the ships lifts he finds two girls in the crates and his life is changed.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Science Fiction   First   Cream Pie   .

I glanced at the captain when she stepped into my office, "ma'am?"

She leaned against the hatch, "what was that business with the small cargo transport?"

I smiled and leaned back, "two crates going to Melborne. He paid in advance and in full. He did not even kick about signing the waiver if his contact fails to pick the cargo up."

She nodded, "and the cargo of power cells?"

I grinned because power cells were made here and not very expensive, "a full cargo and I was able to get them down to seventeen percent below what we wanted to pay."

She grinned, "and where did you put the two crates?"

I hesitated, "I did not have room in the hold so I ... put them in my quarters."

She laughed as she turned to leave, "you better hope they get claimed."

I smiled as she left and went back to work. I had to not only list our cargo but create a three dee model of every hold to show how large the crates were and where they were. Each crate that had been brought aboard had a number and I had to match those numbers to a location. I also had to begin sending out inquiries and look for a new cargo at the next port.

I checked the time and went to the interior door into my quarters. Since I had to make checks of the crates power I knew something alive was in them. The days became routine and I managed to find our next cargo. I got with the captain and first officer to go over the price we would be willing to pay.

Just a week out of the system and after our first long jump was when the pirates hit us. I ran to my office as the rest of the crew rushed to the arms locker. I grabbed the combat vest on the stand beside the door and the short barreled rifle hidden under it. Normally pirates wore armor which meant sonics no longer worked.

The rifle fired static armor penetrators which were very dangerous on a ship. I ran to the central point and waited for the captain to let us know where they would board us. I put the nose filters in and ran with the rest of the crew when we knew which airlock. I was with three others in the airlock when the pirates docked.

I watched as the pressure equalized and nodded to the engineer assistant who hit the door release and it slid open just as the pirates started to open theirs. I did not wait and sprayed rounds through the opening hatch and watched as armored figures went down. The others fired and the pirates died faster.

I moved through and into their ship as I changed the magazine. Their inner hatch was open and I started shooting men that were not in armor. The crew joined me and then one slipped into the ship and then another. Our inner hatch opened and more of our crew rushed to join us. I slipped out and gestured to several, "take the engineering."

I gestured to others, "come with me to the bridge."

The first officer grinned and waved, "after you."

I nodded and spun and started moving with the rifle up and ready. The pirates fought and died as we took their ship. When it was over we moved all the bodies to another airlock for fleet investigators. I went through the ship with the first officer before he assemble a prize crew and the ships separated.

There was a lot to do when we got to port and I began to unload the cargo. It was sold before the first crate came down the lift. I was busy logging and accounting for every crate that came off the ship. It was a very long day before the holds were empty and the crew cleaned them. The merchant signed off on the bill of lading and released the credits in the bond account.

I slept well and was up early for the arrival of the first cargo trams with the new cargo. I had sent the credits to the bond account and began checking random crates and logging each one in. The crew put the crates away according to my assignments and when we finished loading I released the bond.

I was eating when the captain peeked into my office, "did your crates get picked up?"

I blinked, "crates?"

She smiled, "the ones in your quarters?"

I glanced at the other door, "uh ... no. The contact has not shown up or called."

She shook her head as she turned to leave, "if they are still here when we lift they are yours."

I looked at the door and sighed, "well if nothing else I could open the crates and sell whatever it is in the next port."

She laughed and I grinned before I went back to eating. I looked the two crates over before going to sleep. Most of the crew were off the ship except the standing comm watch. I was busy with the cargo model all the way up to after we lifted to head out of the system. I looked up at the chime when we left atmosphere.

I looked at the speaker and frowned before I stood and went into my quarters. I looked at the two long cylindrical crates and opened the first. I blinked when I saw the stasis tube and the girl inside. I hesitated and opened the other before going to the intercom, "captain?"

She chuckled, "well mister cargo master what do you have?"

I looked at the crates, "teenage girls."

It was silent and then she laughed, "girls?"

I smiled slightly, "two girls."

The intercom shut off and a minute later the hatch opened. The captain was grinning as she walked around to look and then take one of two billing address labels off. She read it and grinned as she handed it to me, "you have two sex slaves straight from the creche and not even broken in."

I looked at the label over her shoulder, "what am I going to do..."

She chuckled as she headed for the hatch, "whatever it is we do not sell slaves."

She stopped in the hatch and looked at me, "you are overworked and do not take time for yourself."

I blinked and she gestured, "they belong to you so open it and enjoy."

She left and I looked at the two girls before I sighed, "I think my life just became a lot more complicated."

I opened both tubes and shut the stasis fields down and the girls took a breath before opening their eyes. They smiled as I helped them out and tried not to stare at their naked bodies. I cleared my throat, "I am Michael Terman."

The one with shorter hair smiled timidly, "I am Kazahana master."

I growled, "do not call me master. I am Michael."

They looked at each other before she nodded. I looked at the other girl who had long hair that went down to her thighs. She smiled shyly, "I am Misty ... Michael."

I was not sure what to do with them but pulled them into my office and sat them in the two chairs as I thought. I grinned and turned to pull two comp remotes and began setting up a series of tests to find out what they liked and could do. I gave them the remotes, "just answer the questions and do what the comp tells you."

I hesitated before going back to work while they whispered. When they finished the first set I went to get a couple of long shirts before leading them to the dining area. I guess I did not think ahead because by the time the ship went to night time running I had not looked for a set of quarters for them.

They solved that by pulling me into my room and striping the shirts off. They undressed me as I stammered and pushed me into bed. Kazahana stalked onto me and straddled me before Misty held my cock and she wiggled down it. I groaned as her tight and warm pussy surrounded my cock.

She smiled and wiggled as Misty laid beside us, "this is what we enjoy Michael."

I reached up and began to feel her breasts and she started to thrust and rock. Her pussy was grabbing at and pulling on my cock as it came out and then it would slid into her. A few minutes and she was panting and jerking back and forth, "ooohhhh!"

I grinned and pulled her down before I rolled, "I do not think you have done this before."

I kissed her and then began to fuck her firmly and bury my cock. I reached for Misty and pulled her close for a kiss as I started grinding. Kazahana wailed and struggled and began to buck and clutch me. I kept fucking her with long deep thrusts and it was a couple more minutes before I shoved into her.

I kissed her and tried to hold her while she squirmed. My cock erupted and I started to pump cum. Kazahana jerked and wiggled when she felt the warm sperm, "aaaahhhh!"

Her pussy clenched and kept squeezing while she squirmed. When I was done I sighed and pulled out before turning to Misty. She grinned as she rolled onto her stomach and spread her knees. I moved behind her and looked at her spread pussy before moving over her and pushing into her.

She groaned as I buried my cock and began kissing the back of her neck and humping. I jabbed and kept thrusting into her and it was not long before she started to shake and struggle. I began to fuck her with long, deep, plunging strokes and she tilted her hips. Her slippery pussy tightened and clenched a few moments later and she spasmed, "yyyeeeesssss!"

She struggled and jerked and her pussy squeezed as she grabbed the bed. I continued to fuck her slippery pussy and sink my cock as deep as I could. She twisted and shuddered hard while grunting, "aaaahhhh!"

I began to fuck her firmly as I tried to cum. Each long deep thrusts had her tight pussy rippling and grasping my cock and massaging it. It was several minutes before I shoved into her and pushed as I gushed strong spurts of sperm. Misty gasped and spasmed while her pussy gripped my cock, "mmmm!"

She wiggled and squirmed as I held her and flooding her with warm cum. When I was done Kazahana rubbed my back, "do me like that."

I fell asleep exhausted after the two girls finally had enough. I woke to my alarm and shifted out from under Misty to shut it off. I started rubbing their butt and fingering their slimy slits until they woke up. I grinned and pulled them out of bed and into the fresher. First we went to the bathroom and then washed and I put the shirts back on them.

No one said anything in the dining area as we ate and I took them to my office. I thought of the empty crates and went to move them and that was when I found the two trackers. I weighed them in my hand before calling the captain. I let her question the two girls in my office while I removed the crates and made sure the trackers were shut off.

I was trying not show emotion when the captain returned. She caressed my cheek, "they were decoys. They did not know about anything else being in the crates with them."

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