The Naughty Adventures of Alice

by Willgreybeard

Copyright© 2015 by Willgreybeard

Fantasy Sex Story: My tribute to Lewis Carol, or what I imagine he might have written. One summer's day, Alice is lying in the long grass by the river masturbating, when suddenly a white rabbit pops up.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Magic   Heterosexual   Fiction   non-anthro   Gang Bang   .

I wrote this piece of ephemeral flummery as a bit of fun, for my own enjoyment, and that of my readers, rather than as a serious contender in the competition. It comes with humble apologies to Lewis Carroll, who would, I am sure, have written a much better story had he been alive today.

It was one of those languid summer afternoons so rare in England, when all one wants to do is to doze in the drowsy air, half drugged by the sweet scent of wild flowers, and lulled by the murmuring of the bees, busy in their task of gathering pollen. It was a time for pleasant daydreams of sensual pleasure, and Alice was lying half hidden in the long grass by the river bank, her reverie undisturbed by the lapping of the water and the occasional splashing of oars, as young men entertained their lady friends with their athletic posturing.

"Oh my ears and whiskers." Well that was what Alice thought she heard, the words just penetrating her consciousness, lost as she was in her own private world of pleasure.

"Oh my ears and whiskers, how delicious, such a vision of female loveliness." There it was again, yes those were definitely the words she could hear.

Alice half opened her eyes to see a funny little man who looked just like a white rabbit with long floppy ears. He was wearing a red jacket, and was hurriedly tucking what that nice Dr Dodgson had told her was called a penis, back into his blue trousers, a distinct damp patch staining them a deeper hue.

This was not quite the Alice that Dr Dodgson had written about in that little book of adventures that was selling so well in all the best bookshops. No, she was almost an adult at eighteen years old, and rather less innocent than he had portrayed to the world. Alice remembered with a rather naughty giggle, how Dr Dodgson had shown her his penis, or his cock as he had told her to call it, as he groaned and begged her to stroke it harder between her slender fingers. She remembered her surprise at the way it had grown long and hard the first time she had taken it in her hands, and her even greater surprise when it spurted sticky white fluid all over her bodice.

As she lay back in the grass, she had been day dreaming of the time just a few days earlier when she had wrapped her dainty lips around the head of the aforementioned male member, and tasted that delicious fluid, as the good doctor groaned and spasmed in ecstasy. There was so much of it, she recalled, that she could not swallow it all, and it had run down her chin from the corners of her lovely pink rosebud of a mouth.

Whilst she was dreaming, Alice had hitched up her long skirts, and slipped her hand beneath the waistband of her bloomers to caress the hard little bud that protruded between the petals of her sex. Dr Dodgson had shown her how to stroke what he explained to her was her clitoris, until sweet sensations filled her body, and took her to a wonderland of exquisite ecstasy. He had been experimenting with the new science of photography, and had taken particular delight in capturing her image on celluloid that afternoon, as she writhed naked on the grass in blissful rapture.

Alice giggled again, as she realised that the man who looked just like a rabbit, must have been watching her as she played, thrusting her hips up, and plunging two fingers into her hot, wet hole in a paroxysm of joy. Since they had been so intimate, Alice thought that he ought to have a name, and looking at him again she saw that he had a large playing card pinned to his right lapel - the Jack of Hearts, so she decided to call him Jack.

Poor rabbit, he must have been unable to resist the vision of female beauty laid out before him. Naughty rabbit, to take advantage of her sweet innocence for his own gratification. Happy rabbit, Alice thought finally, as another spasm washed over her at the thought of being spied on, lying there with all her delights on show to whoever passed that way.

"Oh my ears and whiskers, I will be late," said the rabbit to himself, pulling out a large pocket watch from his breast pocket, and looking at it, and "oh my, the Duchess will be so cross," and still adjusting his trousers he rushed off, promptly disappearing down a hole that Alice had not seen before, but which looked suspiciously like the honeypot between her legs; another name that Dr Dodgson had called her sex, as he diddled her to another wonderful climax with his long, sensitive white fingers. He had promised her that there were even greater delights to come in the future, when he would slip his beautiful shaft into her hole, and ride her to the gates of paradise.

Alice sighed in anticipation of that journey, but eager not to lose the rabbit, for she was a very curious young lady, she adjusted her bloomers, which were, it must be said, somewhat damp, smoothed her skirt over her shapely young legs, and rushed off after him, plunging feet first down the hole in the undergrowth.

She found herself tumbling down a long dark tunnel, until she landed in a rather dimly lit room. This closet, for it was not much larger than a closet, was round in shape, and had a rather curious door set in the side. Well Alice thought it must be a door, although it looked more like a large doughnut. Alice found that she could squeeze her hand through the hole at the centre of the doughnut, but there was no way she could get her whole body through the orifice.

Alice wondered what she was going to do. There was no way she could climb back up the tunnel, which was very long and with slippery walls. In fact, Alice noticed, what looked like water was running down the walls, slowly filling the room, and it was already up to her ankles. Then, as if by magic, she saw a small table near the door, on which was a bottle, with the words DRINK ME written in large letters on a label tied round its neck. As I have said, Alice was a curious young lady, and rather impetuous, so without a thought for the consequences, and because there was nothing else she could do, she picked up the bottle, and swallowed the contents in one go.

What a strange sensation, Alice thought, it must be just what a telescope feels when it is being closed. She was growing shorter and shorter with every second that passed, and if this didn't stop, she thought again, she would disappear completely. When I say she was getting smaller and smaller, Alice was, but her clothes weren't, and very soon it felt to Alice like being smothered in a rather large tent. Struggling to extricate herself from the folds of material, she finally stood there absolutely naked, up to her waist in the water. In her struggles, Alice had not noticed that she had stopped shrinking, and was exactly the right size to get through the door.

Only, now she could see it better, it looked less like a door, and more like a mouth, and it was shut. Pondering what to do, Alice put out a hand, and tentatively stroked what she now thought looked just like lips with the tips of her fingers. This, she thought, was not at all unpleasant, just like touching her own lips in fact, which is what she spontaneously did with the fingers of her other hand. On an impulse she pursed her lips, and sucked a finger into her mouth, to discover that the door responded in the same way, and quite suddenly she found herself being sucked head first through the orifice.

The feeling of the lips on her naked skin as she slithered her way through to whatever lay on the other side, was just like being massaged by the softest pair of hands, and made every inch of her skin glow and tingle with pleasure. And then she was through, and falling out of the door with an audible plop, Alice found herself lying on the ground at the foot of an enormous tree, one of many in a seemingly endless forest of identical trees. Looking up, the trunks of the trees seemed to go on forever, and the sky was only a tiny little patch of blue far in the distance.

Getting to her feet, Alice saw that she was standing on a path that stretched between the trees further than the eye could see. Well there is no point in standing here, she thought, and set out towards the invisible horizon. When she had gone what must have been miles, Alice felt very tired, and looking around spied a tree stump of just the right height, and coated in soft moss to cushion her naked bottom. After she had been sitting for a little while Alice started to feel a pleasant lethargy in her limbs, and closing her eyes, she let the soft and dreamy languor steal over her.

Green tendrils started to grow out of the tree stump to twine around her legs and body. Two of these fingers began to probe between her legs, one entering her sex, the other circling her clitoris. Two more wrapped themselves around her breasts, and a fifth continued its upward journey towards her face. Delicious little sparks of pleasure were shooting through her body from these soft invaders, and Alice began to moan and writhe as her body began to melt into the tree trunk in an excess of orgiastic delight.

Dimly, through the fog of bliss that had enveloped her mind, Alice heard a voice, "You had better get up of that stump before you are trapped there for ever my dear. It may be very delicious, but you will get very hungry after a while."

Slowly opening her eyes she looked down at herself and saw that she was indeed being covered in more and more tendrils, so that very little of the flesh of her legs and tummy was still visible. With a struggle she freed herself from the delicious bonds, and jumping up, looking around to see where the voice could have come from. A few feet in front of her was a large mushroom, which was several inches taller than she was. By standing on tiptoe, however, she was able to see over the edge of the cap, to where a very large caterpillar in a blue velvet smoking jacket, and wearing a tasselled smoking cap, was sitting, languidly sucking on a hookah.

Looking down at Alice, the caterpillar continued, "You are very delectable my dear, such lovely firm young breasts, and your pussy - it is so delightful the way your lips peep out from your public hair, signposting the way to paradise. I am not surprised that my friend down there took a liking to you, but he does tend to be a bit possessive."

"Who are you," said Alice somewhat crossly, because it has been very nice sitting on her tree stump, and the sensations in her body from the tendrils which had invaded her pussy and curled around her breasts, had transported her to the very edge of a most delicious climax, a climax so rudely interrupted by the caterpillar.

"I am your friend, dear girl, and I am sorry I had to break the spell, but it was for the best. Now I believe I have a way of making you full size again, and then it won't take you a tenth of the time to reach whenever you were going in such a hurry. Just climb up here and sit on my head and you will start to grow."

Now Alice could be quite sensible at times, and she knew that the caterpillar was right, it would be so much more convenient if she could regain her former stature. So, hooking her fingers over the rim of the mushroom, she scrambled her way up, until she was standing on the top.

The caterpillar removed his smoking cap to reveal a smooth and shiny pate, which had very strange slit shaped hole right on top. Now she was level with him, Alice thought that close up he looked rather less like a caterpillar, and more like a very large penis, but in this odd world she had entered when she fell down the rabbit hole, that didn't seem at all surprising.

Straddling her new friend, she squatted down until her naked bottom was nestling on his head, and as he had promised, she started to grow. As she grew larger, the head began to fit rather nicely between the those succulent lips which he had so admired, until suddenly it pushed its way into the entrance to her tunnel of love, and she found herself sliding down the body of the caterpillar until it was almost completely engulfed in her warm, wet sheath.

"Now ride up and down my body," came a muffled voice from inside her cunt, "and I will fill you with a medicine to prevent you from shrinking again."

It ought to be said that the caterpillar was being less than honest with Alice when he said this, but she was so very pretty and with such a divine pussy that we must excuse him his very small lie. As he spoke, he thrust himself to his full height, impaling himself even further inside her body, which Alice found curiously satisfying. It felt even better when she did as the caterpillar had instructed, and Alice soon found a rhythm, which produced the same exquisite sensations inside her as she had felt whilst sitting on the tree trunk, only much stronger, and more piercing.

The monstrous organ that possessed Alice was now her whole universe, the source of such intoxicating sweetness that she thought she would die of pleasure. It seemed to grow larger and larger, filling her entire being, and caressing every nerve in her body until it felt as if she was on fire. Alice thought that the pleasure could not get any greater, then suddenly there was an explosion at her core, and what felt like incandescent sheets of flame burst through what vestiges of control she had left, and carried her over the edge into the abyss of absolute bliss.

In her euphoria, Alice lost all consciousness of her surroundings, and she floated for a while in a sea of pleasure, enfolding her and penetrating to the centre of her being. Eventually the world around her began to take form and substance again, as she descended from her cloud of luxurious gratification. The caterpillar had completely disappeared, and she was alone, lying on her back on top of the mushroom with her legs spread languidly. Her labia were still engorged and puffy, and her pussy still throbbed from the extreme stimulation of his penetration into her inner recesses.

"Oh my," she said out loud to no one in particular, "that really was a most unexpected pleasure, but there is no time to waste on self indulgent daydreams. Now that I am full size again, it will take me no time at all to reach the end of this forest, and who knows what further larks there are to come"

With that, she jumped off the mushroom, and headed off along the path in what she thought must surely be the right direction, skipping merrily along in the glow of post orgasmic vitality. I ask you, dear readers, could there be anything more pleasing than this vision of nubile loveliness, hastening through the woods in search of adventures, with the dappled sunlight accentuating every voluptuous curve of her body. These were halcyon days indeed.

After a while the trees started to thin out as the path drew near to the edge of the forest. Alice stopped for a moment, certain that she could hear familiar sounds in the distance. There it was again, definitely the sound of voices, and laughter, and something else that she couldn't quite put her finger on. Oh yes, now she knew what it was - the sound of teacups clinking. Somebody, thought Alice, is having a tea party. What fun it would be to join them, and now she thought about it, she was just a little bit hungry and thirsty, since it must be hours and hours since she had her lunch.

Leaving the path, she branched off through the trees in the direction of the sounds. All of a sudden she burst out into a clearing, in the middle of which was a large square table, covered with a fine linen tablecloth, and laid out for afternoon tea with sandwiches and cakes, and all the other essentials of an afternoon repast. In pride of place in the centre of the table, was that item without which any self-respecting tea party was complete - a very large teapot.

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