It Started With Christmas
Chapter 5: Here Comes Santa Claus

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 5: Here Comes Santa Claus - Alex is at a turning point in life, and it's the holiday season. With no one to celebrate with, he hits the road. He is not sure where he is going, only that it will be somewhere different. A broken car leads him to new friends and the beginnings of a fresh start in life. This story (16 chapters and 60,000 words) is the first part in a series of stories about these characters. (The codes apply to the whole story, and not to the individual chapters. There is sex, but not until Chapter 5.)

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Consensual   Rape   Reluctant   Romantic   Fiction   Rough   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Slow  

The next morning, I found myself awake earlier than I had been on Christmas morning for years. For the first time in what seemed like forever, I felt the excitement that used to accompany Christmas morning when I was a child. The only difference was that then, I’d been awake early, wondering what gifts there would be for me. This time, I was awake early, wondering how the two girls would react to the gifts I had chosen for them.

Katelyn came out around 7:00, as she had the morning before, and started coffee. This morning, she had pulled on pants before coming out. I tried not to feel disappointed. I got up and peed while she was in the kitchen, then pulled on my jeans and began putting the couch away. I heard Jessica in the bathroom next, and soon she was out in the livingroom with me. Since the couch was folded up, Jess and I each took an end, and as soon as we sat down, Katelyn brought us all coffee. Just as she was setting the mugs down, she spotted the extra presents under the tree, and the additional gifts sticking out of the stockings. She had known I was buying them both something, but didn’t know I had topped up the stockings, and I doubt she expected the packages from me to be so large, either.

Jess told me that they usually started with the stockings, and asked if that would be ok. She felt guilty, I think, because there wasn’t one for me. I said of course they should do what they would normally do, so they each stood and picked up the other’s stocking, then exchanged them and sat down. Jess sat back down at the opposite end of the couch from me, while Kate took the middle, in between us.

Kate was faster than Jess, and had the paper ripped off the pajamas in no time. “Christmas jammies!” she shouted, seeing that Jess had some that matched. “Let’s go put them on!” She grabbed her sister by the hand and pulled her off down the hall to the bedroom. They were back very quickly, looking as cute as anything I have ever seen. They had clearly talked in the bedroom as well, and knew for sure that the PJs were from me, though I had not written anything on the packages. Jess flashed me a lovely smile. Kate plunked herself down on my lap, gave me a hug, and then stayed there, with her back against the arm of the couch and her feet stretched out towards her sister, as she opened the rest of her stocking gifts.

This raised two problems for me. The first was that I was afraid my body would respond to the firm 17 year old butt that was wiggling around on my lap as Kate excitedly opened the contents of her stocking. The last thing in the world I wanted to do at this stage was to scare Kate off by sticking my prick into her butt as she sat there so innocently. The other problem was what to do with my left hand. The right hand was easy - it could rest on the arm of the couch, safely behind Kate’s back, and not in danger of touching anything. But there was no place to put my left arm. I couldn’t hold it up in the air forever. Eventually I let it move down until it came to rest across Kate’s legs, just above her knees. I held it still, and waited for a reaction from either Kate or Jess. None came, so I relaxed.

Jess had gotten her younger sister some new woolen gloves, and some Sharpies in various colours, and a couple of bags of fascinating-smelling spices, and some lip gloss, and a new hairbrush. Kate had gotten Jess some nail polish (“You just bought this for me so you could borrow it!”), some hand lotion, a pair of socks, some bubble bath, and a package of hair scrunchies. She had also made Jess some fudge, which apparently was from a recipe that their grandmother used to use when the girls were little. And then, of course, they also had the gift cards I had given them. The first one was met with surprise, and as each card was discovered and unwrapped there was greater and greater enthusiasm. When the stocking was empty, Kate threw her arms around me and kissed me on the cheek.

“I don’t know how Jessica found you,” she said quietly, “but you’re amazing. Thanks so very much for buying us all that!”

And then Jess stood up, and coming to our end of the couch, said, “If you’re done mauling him, I’d like to say thanks too.”

And she leaned over and kissed my cheek as well, then hugged her sister.

They both took a break, then, to clean up the bits of wrapping paper and put the unwrapped gifts back into their stockings. That got Kate off my lap. Don’t get me wrong. I loved having her in my lap, but it was starting to get a bit hard, so to speak, to have her there. I was glad I had put on jeans this morning, and not sweatpants. I took the opportunity to stand and rearrange myself a bit before sitting down again.

Now it was time for gifts. The usual tradition, Kate told me, was that she got the first gift, since she was the youngest. Then she would pick a gift for Jessica, and they would alternate. After some discussion, they agreed that they would give each other their gifts, then they would give me a gift from them, which was a lovely surprise, and then they would open my what I had gotten for them. After that was all done, Jess said, there were a few miscellaneous things to open as well.

So, to start things off, Jess stood up and got Kate the package she had wrapped up for her. Kate read the tag, aloud: “To my favourite little sister, with all my love, Jessie.” She giggled. Then she tore into the wrapping paper. Inside there was a large flat box from a local department store, that contained a complete new outfit: a soft pink sweater, and a new pair of jeans. Underneath that was a new package of new socks, a handful of new panties, and a new black lacy bra. Kate blushed a bit when she got to that part. We both noticed, and while I tried to ignore it, Jess laughed and said,

“I bought this all long before I knew we’d have a male guest for Christmas!”

Kate pronounced it all lovely, and then got up to hug and kiss her sister, and then went and got her gift to give to Jessica. She smiled at me as she walked past me, before proudly placing it on Jess’s lap. Jess read the tag to us: “I so wanted to get this for you, but thought I would have to choose something else instead. Then suddenly, somehow, it all worked out. I love love love you. Katie.” Jess carefully slit the paper open with her finger, and peeled it off the box, and lifted the lid. Inside, nestled in tissue paper, were the boots that Kate had been so convinced would be perfect for her sister. Jessica’s eyes went very big, and she removed the boots from the box, then put them on and took a few steps in them. Kate was right - they did make her look hot, even when paired with Christmas pajamas.

“Oh Katie, these are awesome! They are so comfortable! I love them! But how much did they cost? And how did you ever manage to afford them?”

“Well,” Katie grinned. “I saved up all fall. But I was still short a bit, so I decided I would have to buy something else. But then, I found this nice old guy in the mall who offered to give me a hundred dollars if I gave him a hug and a kiss. So I did it, and he gave me the money, and I bought your boots.”

By this time Jessica was really looking worried.

“You did what?”

Katelyn couldn’t keep it up any longer, and she started to giggle. Jess caught on and turned to me. She looked like she wasn’t quite sure whether she should be angry or not.

“First of all, I didn’t give her the money. I lent it to her. And she had already saved up almost enough anyway. And I didn’t tell her I’d let her have it if she hugged and kissed me. She asked what she would have to do to get the loan, and I said my interest rates were a hug. She upped that to a hug and a kiss, but that was her idea, not mine. And I am not that old!”

By this time Jessica was looking more relaxed. She walked over and hugged and kissed her sister, then looked my way and said, “You already got a hug out of it, mister, so you don’t get another one!”

But she was smiling as she said it. Kate then went to the tree and took a gift from under it and brought it to me. I read the tag: “Thanks for spending Christmas with us. xoxo Jess and Kate.”

I ripped open the wrapping, and found a large bottle of rum. Jessica giggled.

“I thought you might like to be reminded of the night we met!”

I got up, then, and hugged them both. And to Jessica I said, quietly,

“How could I ever forget that night?”

Now it was my turn. I decided to follow the pattern and do Kate’s first. There were two packages for her, but I gave them both to her at the same time, placing the two boxes in her lap. She read the tag, which said simple: “To Kate from Alex. Thanks for cooking for me this weekend.” She opened the smaller box, and found the set of knives, and then, with great excitement, tore open the paper on the second box and found the pots and pans. I have never seen anyone look so happy. She handed the boxes to Jessica, and jumped to her feet, then landed on me, with her knees on the couch outside of my thighs and her pelvis pushed up against mine. She took my head in her hands and kissed me, not on the cheek this time, but on the lips. It was a chaste kiss, not a lover’s kiss. But it felt pretty darn good to me. It’d been a long time since I’d been kissed by a teenager, especially one as cute as Katelyn.

“Oh, Alex, what a perfect gift! Thank you so very much! Now I can really cook! Thank you thank you thank you!”

Then she hugged me and nestled her face into my shoulder, and I could feel the tears on her cheeks. I hugged her back, of course, then slowly began to extricate myself. It wasn’t that I didn’t appreciate her affection. In fact it was the opposite. I was appreciating it a bit too much, and the pressure from her pajama-covered crotch against my own crotch was beginning to have an effect. Again, I didn’t want her to feel my reaction and get the wrong idea. So I told her it was Jessica’s turn to get a gift from me, and she slowly climbed off my lap and resettled herself in the middle spot on the couch, beside her sister.

Jess had gently placed Kate’s kitchenware on the floor, and so I pulled her present out from under the tree and placed it in her lap. She read the tag, which said: “Jessica, we met on a cold night, and you’ve warmed me up ever since. Hope this does the same for you. Alex.”

She looked confused briefly, then ripped open the wrapping paper and opened the box. When she saw the coat, she gasped. I hadn’t gone to sit down, so when she took the coat out of the box, I grabbed the wrapping, then held out my hand to help her up. I helped her into the coat, and since she still had the boots on, it allowed me to see that the salesgirl had done a good job. They matched perfectly. And my guesswork on the size had turned out well, also. It fit perfectly. Kate made a twirling motion with her finger, and Jess spun around for us. And I know it’s gauche, but I whistled at her.

Jess came into my open arms.

“Oh, Alex, it’s gorgeous. But this must have cost a fortune.”

“From my perspective, it looks like it was worth every single penny.”

And then she kissed me. On the lips. And not a chaste peck on the lips like Katelyn gave me. A real kiss. With her mouth open, and just a little tiny bit of tongue. I thought I was going to die. In fact, it was only the knowledge that Katelyn was watching that kept me from reaching down and grabbing Jessica’s ass with both hands to pull her closer to me. But Katelyn was watching, so I settled for a hand on the back of Jess’s head instead. God. That kiss felt so right, on so many levels. Where had this woman been all my life?

We came up for air, both of us looking flushed. Even Katelyn looked a bit flushed. I guess watching her big sister get a heartstopping kiss had turned her on as well. Katelyn dashed to the kitchen to get us all more coffee, and then we resettled on the couch for the last few gifts. Jess gave Katelyn an envelope, with a card that said: “Dear Katie, I hear your cooking gets better every day. A good cook needs good ingredients. Enjoy. John.” The card contained a $50 gift card from the store Kate did their grocery shopping at. Jess then opened her envelope from her boss, and read: “Jessica, I’d be lost without you, and I know it. But I don’t know what you want for Christmas. Whatever it is, buy it with this. Merry Christmas, gorgeous. Love, John.” It contained a hundred dollar bill. I tried not to react when I heard Jess read what John had written to her.

Katie then excused herself to make brunch, waving off our offers to help. Once we were alone, Jess snuggled over to the middle of the couch, and leaned her head on me.

“Alex? I saw how you looked when I read out what John wrote me. You don’t have to worry about him, you know. He’s married, and we are just good friends. I love him, and he loves me, but not like you might be thinking. Really. He’s not competition.”

I was relieved, both because she had said John wasn’t competition, and because she implied I might be worried about competition. That suggested she was thinking what I was thinking, that we might have a future of some kind, despite our age difference.

I didn’t say anything in response, partly because I didn’t trust myself. But I did lean down and kiss the top of her head, and I am sure she felt me relax as the tension I had created within myself at the thoughts of Jessica and John dissipated.

In short order the aromas from the kitchen became heavenly, and Kate called us to the table for brunch. She had made a fruit salad, and brought us out plates with eggs benedict. She’d even made her own hollandaise sauce, which had a delightful tang to it. We sat and ate together, and Kate told us that she’d been invited to go to her friend Tami’s place after brunch, and she wondered if that was ok. Jessica explained to me that Tami was Kate’s best friend, and she said that she had no problem at all with Kate going over there for a bit. After we had enjoyed brunch, we got up and Jess and I did the dishes while Kate did some work to get herself organized for the dinner she was making us. She said she’d be home at 3:00, and that that would give her plenty of time to get things cooked and prepared, and that there was nothing we had to do while she was gone. Then, after giving us both a hug and a kiss and pulling a coat on overtop of her new Christmas jammies, she headed out the door to see her friend.

As the door closed, Jess turned to me and said she was going to go and get a shower, and that I could have one after her. She disappeared into the bathroom, and a few minutes later she called out that the bathroom was all mine. I took my clothes in with me, and shaved, then jumped under the hot water. When I was done and had towelled off, I pulled on clean clothes, then opened the door and headed back to the livingroom.

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