Odd Man in College

by Ernest Bywater

Copyright© 2014 by Ernest Bywater

Fiction Story: Lyn Davies is the Odd Man In - not the Odd Man Out. An Australian in a US college, Lyn is the sort to vanish into a crowd, even one as small as four people, despite many stand-out abilities. Just after Lyn graduates from high school life delivers Lyn three strikes; but this isn't baseball: Lyn is down, but not out. While trying to stand Lyn is served some fast balls, but manages them. One curve ball is what Lyn needs for a solid hit to get on with life with an unusual Pet as Therapy animal.

Tags: Teenagers   Romantic   Fiction   Military   School   Workplace   Rags To Riches   Politics   Violent  

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8 December 2017 Edition

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