by Ka Hmnd

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Science Fiction Sex Story: A man trained to be one of the best thieves and assassins is finishing the last couple of jobs. His specialty is justice and not using the courts. First there is a crime lord who is using a large club as a cover. The mission had two targets, one was the crime lord and the other was three corrupt cops. The last mission is a protected drug lord.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Science Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

First I had to reach the target unseen. That was actually easy since he ran a very large and noisy club on the floor below his penthouse and offices. I had three ways in, a disused air vent shaft that had been sealed. A private set of stairs from a floor three levels down. And last was to climb up one hundred and sixty plus floors and enter through a window or balcony.

I chose the last and the climb took a long time and I was more than ready to finish the job. The second thing was I had to take every credit he had. That was not going to be as easy but I had found a way to do it. I had a secure and encrypted comp reader with a link to a mini super comp to break his account codes and passwords.

The last thing was going to be the hardest, I had to take his daughter. Tiffany was a beautiful teenager with a great body. I had spent two weeks studying her and trying to find what made her tick. I think I had the answer but only time would tell if I was right. The three men that had hired me thought I did not know who they were or what.

Of course they were wrong, I knew before I accepted the contract. They were or had been bent johnny law and were out for revenge. The target had showed they were corrupt and got out of a dozen arrests. As for how they found me? They did not, no one does, I found them and this was almost my last job.

Not only was I going to give them revenge they were going to pay me one million credits. It was from the target's seized credits that would be destroyed when he vanished. It was from a few pending cases other officers had. Of course I was sure they would try to fade and not pay. That would not work either since I had everything recorded including their bio scan data.

They would receive notice as soon as I completed the job. I slipped over the balcony and sat and leaned against the rail for awhile to rest. I finally stood and moved to the door and began checking it and used a sensor bridge. I opened the door and stepped in and then closed it and removed the bridge. The penthouse was silent as I moved through it to the private office.

I knew the girl would be in her room and asleep or at least making her father think she was asleep. She was addicted to masturbating and hated her father and blamed him for killing her mother. It was simple to get past the penthouse office alarm and enter the room. I moved to the desk and took the pack off.

First I had to link his desk comp to access it with the comp reader and use the link relay to the super comp. When it was done I let the super comp go to work as I searched the office and opened the safe. That was a lot easier than I thought since he left it unlocked and open. I took the stacks of large denomination credit pads and credit vouchers.

I had to wait until the super comp was done before putting everything back in the pack. Now was the tricky part, I had to open the security access panel into his business office. I checked and it was empty so I slipped in and stood still. I could hear people outside the office and finally crossed to the desk.

Like in the private office I linked my comp reader to his desk comp and then used the super comp to hack into it and find and steal all the accounts. When it was done I moved to open the large building waste recycler and alter the emergency shutdown scanner. I went to the door and waited, the club would be closing soon and he would come to his office.

When he came in he was alone and carrying a large bag with the day's credits. I stunned him as I pushed the door closed. I ignored the bag as I bent and stripped him before pulling him up. I half carried him across to the open recycler and dumped him in. His clothing followed and then I took everything else and grabbed the bag.

I slipped back through the security access panel and into his penthouse office. I closed the panel before I moved through the penthouse. I stopped at the door to his daughter's room and quietly opened it. I stepped in and crossed to the bed and looked at the naked girl pretending to be asleep.

I smiled, "on your knees and spread them wide so I can fuck your cunt."

Her eyes snapped open and she looked at me and licked her lips, "my father..."

I bent and grabbed an ankle and flipped her over and pulled her to the edge. I felt her wet and puffy slit, "you want him dead and to get away."

She pushed back as she put her head into the bed, "yes."

I rubbed her clit, "I am going to use you hard and plant sperm in your belly."

She moaned and shuddered, "shut up and do it."

I grinned and bent over the bed as I pulled a tiny med injector. I used spider thread and lowered her all the way to the ground before following and burning the thread. The vehicle was waiting a block away and I laid the girl in the back with the large bag and my pack. The small building I went to had the furnace ready and I melted everything I had not put in the recycler.

I drove to a business park with all the vids dead and switched vehicles to a utility vehicle. The drive out of the city was quiet and the farm I pulled into was dark. I carried the girl, pack and the bag into the house before I dropped the bag and unwrapped the sheet around the naked girl. I woke her and she sighed before lifting her head as I undressed.

She looked at me as I reached for her and turned her onto stomach and moved her to the edge of the bed. I felt her slit and rubbed the head of my cock in it before forcing it into her. She groaned as my cock stretched her tight pussy and she pushed back. She wiggled as I held her hips and started to fuck her with long deep strokes.

Each plunging thrust ended with me pressing against the back of her tight pussy as it grasped and squeezed. A few minutes and she was shaking and jerking while she kept shoving back hard. She was biting the covers to quiet her yells and moans. I continued to fuck her and her now wet and slippery pussy felt great.

I smiled as I fucked her hard suddenly and kept it up. She spasmed and screamed while her pussy clenched, "FUCK!"

I kept using deep firm strokes and after a couple more minutes I shoved into her and held her tight as I pumped sperm. She jerked and shuddered hard when she felt the warm cum spurting into her, "aaaahhhh!"

I pulled out the moment I was done and rolled her over before I moved over her and pushed into her slimy cunt. She groaned and wiggled as she tilted her hips and lifted her legs, "YES!"

I grinned as I gave her a kiss, "you are my cum whore now."

She grinned and cupped my face, "shut up and fuck my slimy cunt again."

I laughed and kissed her hard before I began to fuck her with deep grinding strokes. I woke to a tiny chime and lifted my head to see the girl missing. I slipped out of bed and went looking for her and found her naked and on the back porch. She had her feet up on the rail and spread as she took deep breaths and looked out at the fields.

I smiled, "time for breakfast cum whore."

She grinned as she looked at me and stood to walk to the door, "you know you put a lot of cum in me."

I caught her waist and turned to bring her into the house, "and I enjoyed putting it in too."

She laughed and I let her go to start making breakfast, "after we eat we have to clean up and go back into the city."

She bit her lip and I reached out to tug on a nipple, "your father is gone and you are mine."

She looked into my eyes before she smiled and turned to help, "okay."

I sent her to the table, "when we get back I have a ride for you."

She looked at me and grinned, "I like rides."

I smiled as I kept working and then began setting pancakes on the table. After we ate and cleaned up I pulled her to the fresher and washed her slimy cunt. I had a few long skirts and silk blouses for her and she grinned at the lack of panties or breast support. I dressed and let her ride beside me as I drove into the city.

I checked in with a dozen sources before I made a split call. When they answered I smiled at Tiffany, "it is done. Bring the credits to Clint park and drop them into the third trash bin on the north side. By the way john law, I know who you are, where you live and everything else about you. Bring the credits."

I disconnected and looked at Tiffany. We were parked a kilometer away from the park. I shifted and lifted up to open and pull my pants down, "come sit on my cock."

She grinned and pulled the hem of the skirt up as she moved over and turned. She was sideways as she slowly wiggled down my cock and her warm cunt was impaled. I held her and caressed her hips, "now we wait. Just sit and milk my sperm into you."

She laughed and turned to give me a kiss before leaning against me. A few moments and her pussy was constantly grasping and squeezing my cock. It was a half hour before I saw one of the men wearing a disguise. He was a little ways from the trash bin but carefully watching around the entire area.

When he dropped the bag in he bent to look in before turning away. I reached up for a remote as he walked past the other man. I touched a switch and the bottom of the bin opened and then closed. I switched one of the vid screens and cupped one of Tiffany's breasts. Her leaking cunt kept squeezing my cock and I grinned, "move into the other seat."

She wiggled and shifted as she lifted and turned to sit in the other seat. I pulled my pants up and used a remote that was for a maintenance bot under the ben. Two bots were there and both were custom and not traceable. The first moved the debris to find the bag and then opened it. The trackers were easy to find and shut off.

The credits went into a compartment in the other bot and it raced away. The two men had rushed to the bin to find it empty. They threw it over to pry at the hole as I flipped a switch. The area including the bot left behind flared as it ignited in a small plasma storm. I stopped the other bot at a tiny dot in the tunnel.

I turned and looked into the back of the vehicle before moving. I knelt to open a hole in the floor and used a small grav to lift and move a street cover. Another lifted the bot up and in before I replaced the cover and closed the hole. I dumped the credits into a bag and turned to drive away with Tiffany looking at me.

I made a call as I drove and pulled into a narrow alley. I tossed the bag of credits into a bin as I drove by and kept going. I smiled at Tiffany as I started driving out of the city, "that was for the orphans fund."

She grinned and wiggled and I gestured, "you can play until we get to the house."

She leaned back and spread her legs and started to finger her leaking pussy. When we reached the farm she was shuddering and wiggling in the seat. I got out and walked around before I opened the door and pulled her out. I fucked her everywhere on the farm for two days and she never said no or wanted me to stop.

I fucked her hard the morning of the third day and then washed her when I was done. I pulled her with me when we went to the city and kept her naked. I led her into a store and sat in a chair and nodded to an older woman. She looked at Tiffany who frowned and then nodded and pulled her after her.

I turned and picked up a comp and started accessing a site. I smiled at the three former law officers who were under investigation for credit theft from the property room. I looked at a reply message and then started reviewing all the attachments. I made plans and then relaxed until Tiffany walked out.

She had a surprised and used look and looked at me with a what happened expression. I stood and caught her hand and pulled her after me, "have fun?"

She glanced at me as we walked and whispered, "they fucked me silly."

I laughed and looked at her, "but did you enjoy it?"

She grinned, "yeah."

I nodded and held the door to the van. I walked around and climbed in and started driving, "I have a job for a few days. Those three boys will take care of you until I come to get you."

She shifted, "but..."

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