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Fantasy Sex Story: The son of the city lord breaks into my home to steal something and a door ward turns him to stone. Of course the city lord is not going to care that he was trying to steal only that he was dead. I could have stayed but it was not worth the fight. After I left it was not long before I ran into river pirates. There is one thing you do not what to do, be a real threat to an Artificer.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Cream Pie   .

The small sailboat stayed close to the bend in the river. This was my fourth pass and I glanced at the back where the wooden staff trailed the boat in the water. There was a bag tied over the end and tiny grains and flakes of gold kept falling out of the staff and into the bag. The staff had a thin gold rod that was enchanted like a lodestone to draw any gold to it.

I turned to head back to the city and reached out to feel the bag. I had to tack back and forth across the league wide river before finally slowing and drifting to the small dock. I pulled the lodestone staff out of the water and climbed out. I tied the bag to my waist as I walked through the streets that climbed the ridge.

I looked at the two men outside my door but did not slow. One growled when he saw me and the other turned to block me. I stopped and looked at him, "you have a problem?"

He fingered the hilt of his dagger, "Stephen is inside searching for the finder."

I snorted, "when he pays I may give it and not before."

I murmured and shoved him aside and he gasped and began spasming as he yelled. I walked into my home and looked at the mess. I growled and looked around before seeing my workroom door ajar. I strode towards it and started to shove it open when I saw the frame shift. I smiled and gently pushed the door to see the stone statue.

It was of a man that looked like he was in extreme pain. I absently caressed the wooden serpent in the frame and stepped into the room. I looked around before I tilted the statue and began dragging it out and towards the outer door. The two men outside glared before looking at the statue.

They gasped as I stood it up to one side and one hissed, "his father will have your head."

I shrugged and turned to walk back inside. I knew he was right, the young man's father was the city lord and not a man with much understanding. I pulled out a long chest and went to start packing small boxes of tiny crystal rods and prisms into it. I added small wooden lanterns and a small jewelry chest as well and my blankets.

I lifted one end and slid a thick bar through the bottom part of the chest in the middle. I put two slim wooden spoked wheels on each end of the bar. I slipped pegs into the sides at the top and made sure they were tight and added two long ones that locked to the sides. After checking and packing books and whatever else I could fit in the chest I left.

I pulled the chest after me, I had several large packs of clothes on the chest as I headed down to the docks. I had to move the packs onto the sailboat before removing the wheels and putting the chest on the foredeck. I untied the boat and pushed off before raising the sail. I slipped the lodestone staff back into the water and tied the bag over the end.

I let the sail take as much wind as it could and the boat began to speed through the water. I sighed as I looked back at the city, I had only lived there for a couple of years but it had felt comfortable. I kept watch on the docks and saw several men looking after me. Within an hour the city was out of sight and around a bend in the huge river.

It was close to evening when I saw the other ship moving towards me. Behind it I could see a sail barge burning. I sighed as I turned the tiller and change the sail. I pulled out what looked like a tiny hand held crossbow. I opened a pouch at my waist and pulled out an ivory tipped bolt only as long as my hand.

As the large ship came closer I dropped the sail and lifted the crossbow to aim. I squeezed the tiny lever in front of the handle and the bolt streaked out and across to the man I had aimed at. It went much faster than the strength of the crossbow could account for. The man jerked and opened his mouth to scream and froze.

I cocked it again and pulled another dart and aimed again. By the time the ship reached me a dozen men were frozen along the side. I moved to the front and held the docking rope before touching it to the ship. I let go and the rope stuck as I jumped and pulled myself up and onto the ship.

I pulled a long knife and a crystal the length of my little finger. I pointed the crystal and rubbed a tiny glyph as a small group of men rushed me and they began screaming. They grabbed their heads and fell to the deck as blood began pouring out of their eyes, ears and mouth. I headed for the helmsman and he spun and ran to dive over the back of the ship.

There was no one else on deck as I looked around. I went to turn the ship and reset the sails before I began to search. I found the teenage girl naked and tied up in the captain's quarters. I looked around and found a single chest of silver and shook my head. I walked to the bed and cut the girl free before going to lift the chest.

I went back up on deck before using a rope to lower the chest to my boat. The rope was pulling it along with no problem. I turned to climb down and the girl was standing right behind me clutching a large knife. I smiled, "you will not need that now."

I started climbing down and she came to peer down at me. I moved the money chest and untied it before going to remove my docking rope. The girl scrambled over the side and dropped into my boat as the large one pulled away. I looked at her and then turned to head back to the tiller.

I changed direction and raised the sail and glanced back at the tiny sails coming around the river bend behind us and sighed, "so the chase begins."

I sat beside the tiller and looked at the naked girl, "I am Michael."

She grinned, "Zara."

I gestured to her naked body, "I must admit I love your attire."

She laughed and relaxed, "I was riding with my uncle and they caught me. They were going to make me their whore."

I nodded, "as beautiful as you are that makes sense."

She looked at me carefully before smiling and looking ahead, "I think I like you."

I kept looking at her as it grew dark and turned to head towards the east shore. I slowed when I saw the stream entering the river. I beached the boat on one side and lowered the sail. I climbed out and moved the chest off first and then the packs and finally the money chest. Zara had climbed out and was looking around as I put the wheels on the chest.

I tied the packs and money chest onto my long chest and went to get the lodestone staff and the bag. I tied it to the back of my chest and pushed the two handles down before I pulled and started to walk. I followed the stream for a little way and then turned straight east. It was quiet as Zara walked beside me and looked around, "how far are we going?"

I looked at her and then ahead, "a couple of hours."

It was a nice night and I found a grassy area to stop in. I stripped and went to a tiny creek to wash before returning. I left my clothes on the chest as I sat and leaned back. I looked at Zara when she straddled me and rubbed her pussy on my growing cock. In the moonlight I saw her grin before she wiggled and forced my cock into her.

She leaned forward against me, "I can be your whore."

I caressed her hips while her tight pussy gripped my cock tight, "whores get fucked a lot."

She laughed and kissed me, "I hope so."

I pulled her forward and then pushed her back and her pussy tightened. She shivered and then began to rock. It was not long before she was shaking and rolling her hips. Her pussy became slippery and she started to breath harder. I felt her hips and caressed her sides as she leaned back.

Her pussy kept grasping and squeezing as she began to wiggle and twist, "ooohhhh!"

I cupped her breasts and tugged on the nipples and she jerked as her pussy clenched. She shuddered and began to spasm, "mmmm!"

Soon she was almost lifting off before shoving down and onto my cock. She was panting and twisting and her slippery pussy was clenching. I pulled her down and held her when my balls churned. She jerked and spasmed and looked at me and gasped when she felt the almost hot sperm pumping and gushing into her, "YES!"

Even before I was done I rolled to the side and then over Zara and began to fuck her slimy cunt. I fucked her and spewed cum into her a half dozen times. I pulled her to the creek and made her squat before I knelt in the water and murmured as I drew a rune under her pussy. She gasped as a cold water geyser was suddenly gushing up and into her to clean the cum out.

I washed her body and then myself and my cock before I gestured and lifted her up. The geyser had stopped as I pulled her out and warm air swirled around us. When we were dry I pulled out a blanket to lay on. I woke to the hint of sunlight and a goat a dozen paces away. I grinned as I drew a rune before standing.

From a pack on the chest I pulled out twine. I whispered and murmured a spell and it began to unroll. It slithered across the ground to the goat that was still browsing and lifted and struck. The end whirled and wrapped around the goat's throat and it froze. I pulled on the twine and the goat turned and moved to me as I pulled it in.

I looked around as it grew lighter and pulled out a piece of cord to tie the goat to. I could see a small herd of goats around us and one by one I sent the twine out and pulled them back. When I had a dozen I stopped and began to make a harness out of cord. Next I went searching and found wood to shape into another axle and wheels.

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