Raiding the Dark

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A halfbreed bastard find a way to do what the ancient Sidhe had once been able to do. He starts off using it to get revenge. It turns into a lot more when he brings the two Dark Sidhe girls home.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Science Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

I was the halfbreed son of a sidhe or I guess Dark. My father raped my mother on one of their last raids on a human colony. Of course my mother did not want me and I was placed in an artificial womb and later went to a human creche home. What my father had done was shoved into my face at every turn until I left at eighteen.

I was lucky in one way, unlike thousands of other halfbreeds I inherited whatever it was that kept the sidhe young. The system the Dark claimed had been blockaded and they were restricted to their planet. What drew me to the sidhe was the ancient stories of their ability to open a doorway to another world.

To me that meant they had been able somehow to create a wormhole from one world to another. None of the Sidhe or the Dark knew how to do that now. I worked in many jobs and studied the psychics of creating a wormhole. It struck me as I sat meditating and I blinked. I stood and walked to my wall comp and made an inquiry.

A moment later I was looking down from a satellite over the Dark Sidhe world. I began pulling up locations and data before I sat back, "it should work."

I looked at what I needed for a long time before buying as much as I could. What I could not buy new I managed to get at a ship salvage yard. It took a month but when I finished I had a large grav truck that could open a wormhole like a ship in space. It had a small plasma reactor that suppled more than enough power.

The only thing I did not know was if I could survive going through the wormhole. I had a grav generator and planned and plotted everything three times. I went to a isolated piece of land that was my staging area. I set the comp timer in the vehicle and waited until suddenly the rift of a wormhole opened.

I accelerated into the rift and everything seemed to shift and tilt before I was coming out. I stopped and took a deep breath as the rift closed. I checked everything several times before getting out. I put the small grav quad together and got on and started it. I attached the stacked grave sleds with a dozen collapsed hover carts and turned and headed into the night.

First was the king of the Dark Sidhe and his treasury. Then I was going to sneak into his private quarters and steal his two daughters. What I was going to steal the Sidhe would pay me whatever I wanted but the two girls were my payback to the Dark Sidhe. It was a hundred kilometers to the city where the king ruled from.

I what I saw in the city made me slow and really look. They were breeding and raising halfbreed humans into armies. Female humans were the breeders and they had large compounds that listed the number of fertile women to be bred. To me that meant they were planning something and it would be big.

I found someplace to hide during the day that was not to far from the massive fortress where the king ruled from. I did not really sleep so much as nap and keep watch while thinking. I had a ration before it was night and then I was up and waiting. With the night came more Dark Sidhe out visiting the breeding houses.

It was a few hours before I rode out and headed around. Using the sats I had found a way in and came to a stop in the far back. I was against the wall and in total darkness. I adjusted the grav shroud before I opened it and began ascending. I silently landed on a balcony and folded the shroud and put it in one corner of the balcony.

I slipped in and started searching while trying to avoid anyone noticing me. The relics I was searching for were in display cases in a room off the royal chambers. I checked everything twice and no one was there. I removed them from the displays and carried them to the balcony. I lowered them and pulled up the hover carts.

Next was a trip all the way down to the clan treasury room. I managed to sneak past a dozen Dark Sidhe before I reached the massive doors. I looked at the dust and spider webs and no one had been here in many ages. I looked at the wooden doors and the locks before I grinned and pulled a special sonic cutter.

I cut a low door in the middle between both doors and below the thick metal bars attached to them. I had to struggle to pull out the sections of the door before I peered in. I slipped in and used a chem light to look around the vast room. I shook my head and began to move treasure out and load it onto the carts.

I had opened and locked them and attached come along leashes to them. When the weight on and in them had them sagging I stopped. It took several long tense hours before I slipped into the room with the balcony. I glanced at the bed to see a Dark Sidhe asleep. I moved to the bed and stunned him and used a med inducer to keep him asleep.

I strained to lower each cart to the ground before I looked back inside. One ... well two things to do. I walked through the halls openly as I returned to the royal suite. I saw the two guards as I moved towards them but they were nodding. I walked right up to them and used a stunner.

I lowered them to the floor and checked the doors. I had to bypass the locks and burn an alarm before I got them open. I pulled the two guards in and to the side and I straightened. I walked to the king's bedchamber and opened the door and walked in. He was in bed with a Sidhe woman and I crossed and used the med inducer to keep them asleep.

I castrated him and sealed the wound with a mutangenic sterilizer so they could not be regrown. I put everything in a small jar before I stole his crown and scepter. I left the royal bed chambers and crossed to another door that was locked on the outside. I used a small laser to cut the lock and opened the door. I slipped in and across to the large bed.

I looked at the two girls and hesitated before I used the med inducer. I carried them back to the balcony on each shoulder and lowered them one at a time. I put the grav shroud on, stepped up onto the balcony rail and let the shroud lift me. I guided it down and landed beside the quad. I put the girls in one sled and then started unloading the carts into the others.

The sun was rising when I left and began making my way out of the city. I ignored the Dark Sidhe I met and kept moving. I kept checking the time and finally I reached the grav truck. I began loading everything into the truck and put the girls in the cab. I left the quad and sat to wait as I entered the jump coordinates and set the comp timer.

Minutes ticked by and finally the last few seconds slowly crept by before the rift opened and I accelerated into it. I held on as everything shifted around me and then the vehicle seemed to leap out and the rift closed. I took a moment to breathe before I grinned and started for home. My home was a large floating boathouse.

I parked the truck in the garage on the shore before carrying everything to the house. The girls were last and I stripped them and left them in my bed. I took vids of a dozen relics and put them in a packet before I sent it to the Sidhe consul. I moved the boathouse away from dock and then undressed as I thought of sleep and walked to my bed.

I laid on one side and closed my eyes. They snapped open to the girl sucking on the head of my cock and I looked down, "what?"

She looked up and the other girl shifted, "we are not in our room?"

I looked at her and shivered as the other one licked the underside of my cock, "I stole you so I could..."

I looked at them as they waited and the one licking my cock grinned, "rape us."

I looked at her as I blushed, "well..."

The other one grinned, "will our father not find and punish you?"

I snorted, "your father ... I cut his balls off and stole his crown. Your father is restricted from leaving your system."

They looked at each other and then grinned and the one holding my cock squeezed it, "than you can rape us."

I smiled, "how about just sex and a fuck?"

They looked at each other, "what is a fuck?"

I shook my head and pushed and pulled until they were laying back. I moved over one and kissed her, "rape is the act of violence and dominance."

I lifted and slowly pushed and forced my cock into her and settled. She wiggled and shifted and hesitantly put her arms around me, "is this not rape?"

Her tight pussy squeezed and she shivered and I gave her a kiss, "want me to pull out?"

She clutched me, "NO!"

Her sister laughed and I grinned, "than this is sex and fucking and not rape."

She smiled and humped, "you feel very nice."

I kissed her and pulled back and started to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She shuddered when my cock sank back into her and her pussy tightened, "mmmm!"

I kissed her again as I began to grind and she wiggled and squirmed. Her sister giggled and pressed against us and the feel of her naked body made my cock even harder and throb. I pulled back and started to fuck her with long deep thrusts. I kept it slow at first but when she clutched me and kept shoving up I began to use firm strokes.

A few minutes and she spasmed and jerked while her tight pussy clenched and squeezed repeatedly, "yyyeeessss!"

Her sister giggled, "she sounds like the court whores."

She grinned and wiggled as her slippery pussy tightened. She was still shuddering and hugging me as I buried my cock firmly each time. A few minutes later she began to shake again and then she was thrashing and bucking. I fucked her hard and deep and shoved into her and held her as I began to pump and gush cum.

She gasped and looked at me in shock before she went wild, "BREED ME!"

She jerked and struggled and bucked hard while her pussy kept grasping my cock to squeeze all the sperm out and into her. I was shivering and pushing to keep my cock buried until I was done. I pulled out and gave her a kiss as she panted and she grinned, "I am Midnight."

I looked at her sister as she pulled and rolled me onto my back, "Shade."

Her sister grinned as she straddled me and slowly impaled her very tight pussy. She shivered and wiggled as she sat, "I am Star."

I reached up to cup and then feel her breasts, "hi."

She began to thrust back and forth and roll her hips. I felt her breasts and rubbed the nipples as she began to rock. Her tight pussy rippled and clenched and she jerked and shuddered, "ooohhhh!"

Midnight giggled as I lifted my hips and thrust up. Star fell on me and I shifted while holding her. Once she was under me I pulled back and started to fuck her with long deep strokes. She lifted and then wrapped her legs around me as she hugged me tight, "yyyeeessss!"

I continued to use deep thrusts and began to rub and press and grind. She wiggled and squirmed and then began to thrash and buck, "BREED ME!"

I realized that was all the two girls thought this was for and then I realized something else, they might not have implants. I buried my cock and kissed Star while her slippery pussy gripped and massaged my cock. I began to grind and press and hump before I pulled back and fucked her hard and deep.

She was clinging to me and struggling while her slippery pussy constantly clenched. It was a couple of minutes before I shoved into her and kissed her. I held her while she wiggled and squirmed and then I was spewing and gushing and pumping sperm. She jerked and spasmed when she felt the surge of warm cum, "YES!"

When I finished I slowly pulled out and moved off the bed. I turned to pull the girls out of bed and through the house to the small med closet. I lifted Midnight and laid her on the narrow bed, "AI scan for an implant."

I smiled at the girls as a blue light flashed over Midnight and the AI answered, "no implant detected."

I bent to suck on a nipple and stood, "place an implant."

She squirmed a moment later and I grinned until the AI finished, "implant in place."

I helped her off the bed and turned to lift Star and put her on the bed. Like Midnight she did not have an implant and I had one put in. I pulled them both back to bed and moved over Midnight and sank my cock into her cummy pussy. It was awhile before I stopped and both girls had a satisfied look.

I started making breakfast and looked at my comp for mail and then went to answer the door. Two Sidhe stood on the porch with a couple more in a boat. I glanced at the dock to see a half dozen more there as well, "yes?"

One straightened, "we have come to claim the Sidhe artifact you..."

I held up my hand, "first you are not claiming anything. Second they are for sell and third..."

I glanced at the two girls in the kitchen before looking at the Sidhe, "I was cooking breakfast."

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