My Daddy and I Fuck in Boston

by Emily Jezebel

Copyright© 2014 by Emily Jezebel

Father/Daughter Incest Story: My dad and mom are trying to work things out, but a trip to Boston gets things heated for my Dad and I again.

Caution: This Father/Daughter Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   True Story   Incest   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   .

It had been nearly two weeks since my Dad and I had sex. We hadn't had an opportunity to do it. My mom had decided to try to work it out with him and they were sleeping in the same bed again. He didn't seem super happy to me, but I had decided to give him space. I didn't want to make him feel bad. Besides I knew my chance would come again.

It was a few weeks before Christmas and we had planned a family trip to Boston to go shopping and basically stay for the weekend. At the last minute my mom cancelled. She said she had to work. I suspected she was simply not looking forward to spending that much time with my dad one on one. My dad was calling the hotel to cancel our reservations when my mom said, " Why cancel? Take Emily and go have fun."

My Dad looked at me and I shrugged, pretending like my heart wasn't pounding and my pussy didn't start to instantly tingle. He hung up and it was set. I was so excited. A whole weekend in a town where no one knew us in a hotel alone with my dad.

On the way there he tried to assure me that there was gonna be no sexual activity. "Your mom and I are trying to work it out. We can't do this anymore Em. " I smiled and nodded. I had a plan.

When we got there we had lunch and I laid down and took a nap. We were planning on shopping on Saturday, but tonight was dinner. My dad said we could go anywhere and I told him to pick the restaurant. He picked an Italian place and I dressed for dinner. I wore a little black dress cut low in the front and one that clung to my body. I wore my long hair down and put on a little makeup. I wore the highest heels I had ever owned. When I came out of the bathroom my Dad stared.

"You look ... Amazing Emily."

We went to dinner and instead of a father and daughter we let them think we were a couple. I sat next to him instead of across from him and I made sure my legs touched his thigh. I leaned close to him and flirted with him. I could see a few looks from people in the restaurant. Some looked envious of him others looked mildly disapproving because of the age difference. Most just ignored us.

Part way through dinner he couldn't help himself. He put a hand on my knee. I immediately put my hand over his and slid his hand up just a bit. He felt lace.

"Oh my God Emily. Are you wearing thigh high stockings?"

I smiled at him and nodded. No one could see his hand on my thigh and he toyed with the lace at the top of my stockings. I kept eating my dinner, slowly. Though his hand on my thigh was making me a little excited. He softly rubbed the soft skin at the top of my thigh high stockings. I laid my head on his shoulder and whispered in his ear, "I'm not wearing any panties."

He gasped. And his hand stopped moving. I could tell he wanted to touch me, but didn't dare. Through the whole dinner I kept saying naughty things to him, and rubbing my thigh against him. I would lean over and say, "My cunt is so wet," or I would whisper, "I wish I was sucking your cock." He looked very uncomfortable and I knew that he had a raging hard on. Eventually dinner ended and I straightened my skirt and we left together.

He pulled me to him outside the restaurant and kissed me hard on the mouth thrusting his tongue into my mouth and squeezing my ass. It felt so exiting to be making out with my dad in public. He hailed us a cab and gave him the hotel. We didn't stop making out in the cab and I rubbed his hard dick through his pants as the cabbie chuckled.

When we got to the hotel, Daddy tipped the cabbie who gave him the thumbs up. We walked in together and once we were in our room, Daddy grabbed me hard and kissed my neck and down toward my breasts. I moaned softly but pushed him away.

I turned around and asked him to unzip me. He did and I slid my dress slowly off. He looked at me with my thigh high black stockings, high heels and matching garters. I wore a black lacy bra to match that set off my tan skin. I unhooked my bra and my tits were free. He stared at the hard nipples. He reached out and pulled me gently to him.

He sucked on my nipples. He licked them and bit them softly. I gasped in gulps of air. That felt so good. He squeezed my tits and pinched my nipples the squeezed them together so he could tease both of them with his tongue at the same time. Soon I was panting with desire. I reached for the zipper of his pants and he pushed my hand away.

"Not yet baby girl. I wanna eat that sweet pussy for a while."

He lay back on the bed and grinned. He licked his lips. "Straddle me Emily. I want you to stick that pretty cunt right in my face." I climbed up and slowly lowered my wet, excited teen pussy to his sensual mouth. His hands gripped my ass cheeks as he brought his mouth to my quivering pussy. I almost screamed in pleasure as he licked between my legs hard with his mouth. I couldn't help it. I slowly started grinding my cunt on his mouth. He found my clit and he focused on it and I gripped the headboard of the bed humping my juicy slit against my dad's hot tongue. I came hard and fast and my dad thrust his tongue inside me to taste my sweet cum. He didn't stop though. He laid me back on the bed with pillows under my ass and licked me more than I had ever been licked. I screamed in pleasure and he slipped a finger inside and fingered me as he sucked on my clit bringing me to climax over and over.

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