He Came in Me

by dcheatham824

Copyright© 2014 by dcheatham824

Coming of Age Sex Story: Love forms between a rural brother and sister. The love between them grow until the baby does inside her.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

My name is Emily. I'm 16 and in the 10th grade. I have a mom and an older brother who just turned 17 named Alex. From the time I can first remember, Alex talked of joining the Air Force. He used to dress up in a uniform and pretend to be a soldier. I grew up in a pretty normal household. My dad passed away before I can really remember from bad car accident. Mom always did her best to provide for my brother and I. As we grew up, I just remember having a lot of time with Alex. Mom would often work odd hours at the plant leaving him to care for me. The thing I've been ashamed to admit, until now, is that my big brother Alex and I have been secret lovers.

The first time he and I took the bold move from innocent kisses, groping or the occasional dirty exchange of our pent up emotions with suggestive chat was when I was 14 and Alex 15. He had come home from a baseball game he pitched in. I remember having feelings for him, as he was a cute boy. I used to love seeing him in his baseball gear. I didn't know better that sisters aren't supposed to think about their brothers. I just knew I had feelings for him that were more than a sister would have. Mom was at the plant leaving us alone. I was in my room reading when I heard Alex come home. I was a small awkwardly shy 14 year old. I had long light brown hair that my mom always had in pigtails. My body was a skinny pale skinned frame. Alex was so handsome. He was tall for his age and at 15 the effects of puberty were evident. He was a ginger boy, red haired with faint freckles. Though he had his uniform on, he had taken his top off as he hit the stairs to come up to his room. I remember everything about that moment. His unusually heavy tuft of reddish armpit hair was sweaty. His uniform was dirty around his butt and crotch. He smelled stinky from this puberty thing I did not yet know about. I met him as he came upstairs watching his movements. I remember looking at his crotch wondering if I'd ever get to see his privates.

As he turned to go towards his room he turned back and asked if we had anything to eat. I smiled and said that I'd made some of the soup mom taught me how to make and sandwich in the fridge. I did most of the cooking since mom, it seemed, was never home. He stared back at me and it just was a different stare than he had done. There was something in the air more than the smells of his puberty ridden body. He approached and asked if I wanted to wrestle. He did this a lot and I, of course, always lost. I said no because his uniform was all gross and dirty. He, without a word spoken, took his pants down and took off the now brownish white socks. He stood in front of me clad only in his white fruit of the loom undies. "Oh yea, I forgot", he said reaching into his underwear. He grabbed his cup and tossed it off with his pants. I giggled and tried to run to the tv room at the end of the hall. He chased after me and caught me as I entered the room. He lifted me and laid me down in the middle of the room. I smelled him and felt something I had never felt before. It was as if I had awoken between my legs. He climbed on top of me and told me to say it. "Say what", I asked though I knew what he meant. "Say I'm the best. Say your big brother Alex is the best at everything". As he spoke he was completely on top of me. I only had a tee shirt and shorts on so I felt him. I felt his heat and I felt something between his legs now stiffening. I refused, as I always did to say it. He again spoke. "C'mon Em, say I'm the best and I'll stop". He didn't realize it but by now the thing that would soon make him a man was kicking in. Hormones. He turned red faced as his cock now throbbed. He didn't seem self conscious at all. He held my arms back over my head and leaned in. We kissed for the first time- not as

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