I Seduced My Own Daddy

by Emily Jezebel

Copyright© 2014 by Emily Jezebel

Father/Daughter Incest Story: I decided to seduce him. I know I shouldn't have. I spent weeks making him horny, until finally I got him. I knew he couldn't turn it down... The explosion was everything I hoped for.

Caution: This Father/Daughter Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   True Story   Incest   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   .

My name is Emily. I have always been what is considered "cute" or "pretty". I have always used that to my advantage much to my poor mom's distress. "You can't use your looks and your body to get your way forever Em, eventually your luck will run out." I just rolled my eyes at that. I was 16 and so far it had worked out pretty well.

I was pretty experienced for a 16 year old I had to admit. I had a boyfriend who I let fuck me pretty often, and had managed to seduce one of my dad's friends much to poor Mike's embarrassment. My dad knew nothing about it of course. I had fucked Mike nearly every Saturday night for almost a year when I was 14. He was a single dad and had his daughter on a lot of weekends. Grace used to invite me over to make it more fun. It was fun. I would slip into his bed and we would fuck our brains out. He would say how wrong it was, but it never stopped him from sliding his big cock inside. Eventually that ended, because Grace and I grew apart. I think he was also afraid my Dad would find out.

Oh that brings me to my point. My Dad. I had noticed him for a while now. He was quite lonely I could tell. For whatever reason he and my mom slept apart. I guessed it was because of the rumor that he had been fucking Allison Davis, one of the teachers at my school. My dad was handsome and charming. His golden hair had only faded a little and he had bright blue eyes and a decent body. He had naturally a golden skin tone. To me he looked very handsome. He was 45 and I thought he was awesome. I thought it was sad that he had to sleep in the guest room every night.

I know this sounds weird, but I really fantasized a lot about him. I wondered what it would feel like to fuck him. I remembered when he and my mom were still sleeping together, the sounds that sometimes came from their room when I would get up for a glass of water. I had never planned on doing anything about it until one night when I was masturbating in my room and I heard a noise. I looked over and my Dad was standing there looking very embarrassed. "Emily, you should close your door." He looked at the floor but I could see the slight bulge on his pants as he fought down his arousal. I knew then that he had secret desires. I decided to seduce him.

I started slowly. I made sure to try on things for him. It was the middle of summer so I had reason to come downstairs in my bikini. We had a pool. I would slip into his home office and model it for him. "Do you like this one daddy?" He would look me over and smile and go back to work. I made it a point to take my straps down when I would tan in the yard. I always unhooked the back when I laid on my stomach. One day I remember him walking by and I asked him to rub lotion on my back. He did, and I would tell it made him uncomfortable. I left my bedroom door open when I was changing so when he walked by he would get a peek. I did the same when I showered.

I also started touching him more. Giving him hugs when I wasn't wearing much. I quit wearing shorts at night. I would come downstairs in my panties and a camisole to get a drink, or talk to him. Then I would give him hugs goodnight. After mom went to bed if we were watching a movie I would scoot up next to him so we were touching. I did this for literally weeks. I noticed him getting more and more impatient and frustrated. One night I came downstairs when he was watching TV and I asked him for money to go shopping that weekend with my friend Lori. Again, I was in skimpy panties and a camisole.

"What did your mom say?"

"She said no, but I really want to go."

"I don't wanna piss your mom off."

I plopped down in his lap and hugged him close. "PLEASEEEEEE Daddy?" I pressed my body against his and put my head on his shoulder. I whispered in his ear, "pretty please?"

He pushed me off his lap angrily.

"Jesus Christ Emily! What are you trying to do to me. I'm only fucking human. Weeks you've been running around the house half naked. I'm only a man." I noticed his erection right away. I grinned a naughty grin and pointed. "Did I do that?" He glared and reached in his wallet and gave me his credit card.

"Go shopping this weekend. "He stalked upstairs.

I knew my time was ripe. I waited till after midnight. I could hear sounds from his room. I cracked the door. He was watching porn slowly stroking his dick.


He gasped and hit the power button on the remote.

"What is it Emily?" He sounded very stressed. I pulled the door shut and locked it. I walked quietly to the bed. I pulled back the covers. I undid my robe and I stood there in only a pair of lacy panties.

"What the hell are you doing?"

I slid into the bed and cuddled close to him. My firm young breasts pressed against him and I slid my thigh between his.

"Emily No! This is very wrong."

He lay stiffly not moving. I slid my thigh up and down. I whispered into his neck. "I want you Daddy. Please touch me."

"Emily please, you have to get out of here honey. This is so bad."

I reached over and took one of his hands and pulled it gently to my panty covered pussy. His hand was touching me through my panties and I I moaned softly. He didn't move his hand to rub me but he didn't take it away either. I began sliding my self against his hand. "Daddy that feels so good." I kissed his neck and ran my hands over his chest down toward his crotch. He grabbed my hand.

"Emily stop. I can't take much more."

I grabbed his hand and slid his hand down inside my panties and I sighed in pleasure.

"Shit. Shit. Shit. You're so smooth and soft." I wiggled my cunt against his hand.

"Please Daddy. Please make it better, I'm so wet for you."

Almost against his will I felt a finger slide up and down my slit probing and pushing between my soft cunt lips. I spread my legs a little bit and his finger slipped inside me.

"Ooooooh. That feels good."

"God you are so wet honey."

He slid his one finger in and out slowly coating it with my juice. He pulled it out and found my hard little clit and rubbed it gently. I gasped in pleasure. He rubbed my clit harder and I moaned softly. Then he slid his finger back inside.

"You know how much I wanna see your pussy right now? This is crazy wrong Em."

I slid my panties down and he pulled the covers back and looked at my bare glistening cunt. He slid his finger in and out and watched me growing hotter. His thick stubby finger slid in and out easily and I spread my legs even more.

"Are you a virgin?"

"No Daddy"

He took his fingers out and sucked them.

"Damn that tastes so sweet." He slid two fingers in my tight cunt and rubbed my clit with his thumb. I gasped over and over as he made me arch my back in pleasure. He was watching me and I knew he wanted to go further.

"Daddy, will you please lick me there"

He shook his head no, but his mouth came closer and closer as he fingered me. He reached down with his other hand spread my plump lips with his middle finger and thumb.

"Please Daddy. Please lick me."

He couldn't stop himself. His mouth covered my mound and his tongue dove into my cunt flicking over my clit rapidly. I put my hands over my mouth to keep from screaming in pleasure. He literally sucked on my clit. That was something no one else had done. His sensual bottom lip scraped against it as he made a seal with his lips and sucked. I bucked my hips in pure pleasure. My hands gripped his hair. I didn't want him to stop. He plunged his tongue deep in my cunt and licked me everywhere. He would bring me almost to orgasm then his teasing tongue would seek elsewhere. Finally his tongue sought my clit and he focused there licking my throbbing clit hard and fast and sucking on it. I almost ripped his hair out and my thighs clamped on his face as I shuddered in a very intense orgasm. I lay panting and he fell back on the bed.

"Emily just go before we do worse."

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