The Good Wife: #4 Grace's Discovery

by rmdexter

Copyright© 2014 by rmdexter

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Grace unwittingly discovers her mother and brother fucking. Alicia comforts her young daughter as only she knows how.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Daughter   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

This is story #4 in "The Good Wife" series. It is recommended that the stories be read in the correct order, as the story does proceed chronologically. Story #5 will be coming shortly. I apologize for any confusion relative to the titles, and I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I have had writing them ... rmdexter

"So, were Mr. and Mrs. Gibson going at it again last night?" Jenna asked. She and Grace were in the basement family room at Jenna's home, watching some TV. Actually the TV was on, but they'd just been talking most of the time.

"I don't think so," Grace said and they both chuckled at the idea of the older couple engaging in sexual activities. "But I was so tired from the night before that I think I would have slept through anything."

"I bet it wasn't them," Jenna said mysteriously. "I bet it was Zach."

"Naw, no way."

The phone rang, but the girls ignored it, knowing Jenna's parents would answer it upstairs.

"C'mon, Grace. I bet he snuck Becca into his room and was doing her all night long."

"Jenna! That's my brother you're talking about."

"Hey, c'mon Grace. I'm sorry. You know I didn't mean anything by it."

"I'm sorry too," Grace replied, feeling guilty for overreacting to her best friend's comment.

"But you have to admit," Jenna continued, "Zach is pretty hot."


"Now, c'mon. I know he's your older brother and all, but even you must know how good-looking he is."

"I guess," Grace replied with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Have you ever, you know, seen him?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Like when he's coming out of the bathroom from taking a shower or something. You know, naked."


"Relax, I was just asking. When I've seen him wearing jeans, he looks like he's really packing something in there."

Grace sat there stunned, afraid to say anything, even to her best friend, because she'd noticed the same thing herself. Her thoughts were interrupted by the door opening at the top of the stairs. The girls both looked up as Jenna's dad walked into the room, a concerned look on his face.

"Jenna, something's happened," he said seriously. "Uncle Josh has been in a car accident."

Grace had met Jenna's Uncle Josh and Aunt Jennifer before when they'd been visiting from Indianapolis.

"Is ... is he okay?" Jenna asked anxiously.

"He's in the hospital and in pretty bad shape. The doctors think he'll be okay, but it's kind of touch and go right now. I want you to pack an overnight bag, we've got to go right now."

"Okay," Jenna replied, trying to hold back the tears that seemed to come out of nowhere.

"Grace," Jenna's dad said as he looked at her, "we'll drop you at home on our way. Do you want to call your mom and tell her you're coming?"

"No, it's fine. I talked to her earlier and she and Zach are just going to be staying at home tonight."

"Okay. Get your stuff together then, girls. We've gotta go."

Less than half an hour later, Grace slid her key into the apartment door and let herself in. She kicked off her shoes and dropped her bags in her room. She'd seen the light on in the kitchen and went to see what her mom and Zach were up to. She was surprised that she didn't hear the TV, but she figured her mom must be reading her new book, and Zach was probably in his room on the computer, as usual.

The 14-year old walked into the kitchen, but no one was there. "They must each be in their rooms", she thought. She was about to call out to her mother to let her know she was home, when she heard a sound coming from the hallway. "Ohhhhnnnnn..." It was a long drawn-out groan, and Grace immediately became alarmed, recognizing the sound as coming from her mother. She stood there for a second—frightened, and then the groan was followed by a breathy hiss, "Yessssssss..." The second sound was different from the first, and although she didn't know what was happening, it didn't sound like her mother was in pain. She turned and, looking down the hallway, saw her mother's bedroom door open a few inches, a golden glow of light coming from inside the room.

"So hard..." Grace heard her mother's voice say in a throaty moan, the sound coming through the open doorway. She also heard a rhythmic thumping and the squeak of bedsprings. The teenager was intensely curious, wondering what was going on. The youngster moved stealthily down the dark hallway until she could see inside her mother's room. She gasped in shock and reached out to steady herself on the wall beside her as she saw the wickedly erotic scene going on before her. Her mother was lying on her back in the middle of her bed with a man on top of her, fucking her. By the light from the lamp on the bedside table, Grace could clearly see her mother's mature body clad in daring dark red lingerie, her slender legs sheathed in sheer black stockings. She had on patent leather high heels and her long slim arms were covered in gloves reaching almost to her shoulders, the gloves the same scarlet color as the bodice of her outfit. Grace looked down the length of those gloves to where her mother's hands were pulling at the sheets in a death grip. She looked up to her mother's face. Her mother's eyes were closed as her head lolled from side to side, her hair spread out wildly on the pillow beneath her. Her mother's lips were open and she could see her breathing raggedly, gasping for breath as little moans of pleasure emanated continuously from between her parted red lips.

Grace stood like a statue and watched in awe at the wickedly titillating sight. She could tell that the man on top of her mother was not her father, and she wondered who it could be. The man's pistoning hips slowed and he started to lean back. Wanting to make sure she wasn't seen, Grace leaned closer to the wall, her eyes peering past the edge of the doorframe.

"Now, I'm gonna really open you up for me," the man said as he sat back on his knees between her mother's spread legs.

Grace's hand flew to her mouth as she barely suppressed the gasp she felt in her throat. The man fucking her mother wasn't a man—it was her brother, Zach! Her eyes flew wide open as she watched her 15-year old brother reach down to each side and grasp her mother by her slim ankles, his hands circling around the wide leather band of her sexy shoes. Grace watched spellbound as he lifted her mother's legs high in the air, and then lewdly spread them as far to each side as he could.

"She looks like a wishbone," Grace thought to herself. She was shocked by what she was seeing, but couldn't tear her eyes away. With her mother's legs held open in a wide V-shape, Grace watched as her brother slowly rolled his hips, the firm cheeks of his bum moving sensually, his erection still buried between his mother's legs.

"Oh Zach," her mother groaned loudly, "don't tease me like that." Grace watched intently as her brother ceased the teasing rotation and slowly drew back his hips. She saw his pecker start to come into view and was surprised at the thickness of it, the broad gnarled shaft glistening erotically with pussy juice. Her eyes got wider and wider as Zach just kept withdrawing, inch after inch of rigid cock coming into view. He finally stopped, with the just the tip of the broad flared crown trapped between her mother's shiny pink labia.

"Oh my God," Grace thought to herself as she looked at the enormous cock projecting from her brother's groin. "It's huge!" She couldn't believe the size of it, and she quickly thought about Jenna's comment of how big it had looked in his jeans. If only her best friend could see it now. Grace stared, totally mesmerized by her brother's steely erection as he held still, the broad flared head nestled snugly between her mother's clutching pussy-lips. The long hard love-muscle looked so powerful and strong—even from where she was watching, she could see the flowing blood pulsing through the protruding blue veins on the glistening shaft.

"Okay, Mom, let's see how deep we can go," Zach said as he started to flex forward. Grace's eyes stared intently at their lewdly joined bodies as her brother's monstrous pick slid insistently into her mother's greasy trench.

"Oh fuckkkkkkk..." Alicia groaned deep in her throat as her son's blood-engorged phallus stretched the hot wet tissues inside her almost to the tearing point. Grace's nipples stiffened and she felt a nagging itch in her pussy as she watched the illicitly sinful act of her brother fucking her mother. She looked at her mother's face as Zach went deeper, seeing a blissfully serene look of pleasure as her mother tipped her head up and gasped, while clutching tightly to the sheets in her glove-covered hands. Grace looked back, and watched as Zach forced the final few inches inside, the depths of his mother's hot mature pussy finally yielding to him.

Zach groaned deep in his throat as he bottomed out, the enflamed head of his prick bumping against his mother's tingling cervix as his groin pressed flush up against her shaven mound, his rigid erection gripped tightly by the oily tissues of her mature cunt. He salaciously rolled his hips, stirring her incendiary depths sinfully as the enflamed head of his cock rubbed teasingly against the door of her womb.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHH..." Alicia gasped loudly as a shattering climax tore through her. Grace watched as her mother thrashed about on the bed, overtaken by orgasmic convulsions. It was wickedly exciting to watch, and Grace found herself wondering what it would feel like to be in her mother's place, to surrender herself to a huge powerful cock like that, to feel it bring her indescribable pleasure. Subconsciously, her hand slid down the front of her body as she watched, her fingers slipping beneath the waistband of her sweat pants and right down inside her panties. She found she was already soaking wet, the lips of her girlish cunt sticky with her greasy juices.

"Looks like I've got some catching up to do," Zach said as he levered his engorged lance backwards and then stabbed it back in, driving his rigid erection in all the way to the hilt.

"So bigggggg..." Alicia moaned as her body continued to twitch and buck beneath him. Zach held her legs up and spread far out to each side as he hammered away at his mother, his drum-tight balls drawing up close to his body. Grace was spellbound, intently watching the lewdly erotic act, and listening—listening to the indecent sounds of the headboard bumping rhythmically against the back wall, the bedsprings squeaking in protest, and the salacious sound of Zach's balls slapping noisily against her mother's round curvy bum. She ran her fingers through her oily slit and then brought them to her clit, her slippery fingertips rubbing teasingly over the erect little spire.

"I'm close. Where do you want this one, Mom?" Zach asked as he pounded his mother with every hard inch, driving her gripping twat deeper and deeper into the mattress.

"I ... I... ," Alicia was barely able to gasp out the words, her body trembling and shaking as he brought her to one climax after another. "I want you to come all over my tits ... but I ... I want to do it for you."

"Okay, just a few more strokes," Zach replied as he feverishly fucked his mother, the delightful contractions beginning in his midsection. Grace's heart was racing as she watched, her fingers now rubbing furiously over the engorged nubbin at the apex of her sex.

"Oh yeah," Zach said as he dropped his mother's legs to each side and quickly withdrew his rampant boner from her gripping cunt. Alicia shoved herself up against the pillows stacked against the headboard, her swollen breasts sitting up beautifully on the shelf-like projection of the structured bra cups. She reached for her son as he scrambled on top of her, his knees on either side of her wasp-like waist. Grace gasped as she watched her mother's two gloved hands reach forward, one wrapping around her brother's thrusting erection while she reached beneath him and cradled his sperm-laden testicles in her other.

"That's it," Alicia hissed seductively, her gloved hand starting to pump back and forth on his burgeoning tool. "Give Mommy all that hot cum of yours."

Grace was breathing rapidly, her fingers strumming her throbbing clit as she marveled at the nasty sight of her mother's scarlet hand stroking vigorously back and forth on her brother's long white fuck-stick.

"Oh fuck, Mom, here it comes!" Zach warned as he started to come. Grace watched as a long ropey strand of milky semen jetted forth, splashing onto her mother's chest, the sizable gob already starting to slide into her cleavage. A second streaking rope shot forth, landing on the upper swell of one tit in a massive splat. Her mother's hand continued to pump back and forth, a sultry smile on her face as she directed the tip of Zach's spitting cock all over her chest.

Grace could feel her own pleasure escalating while her mother's scarlet-clad hand stroked vigorously back and forth, flooding her breasts with a barrage of sperm. Streamers of goo were flying everywhere as her mother's hand manipulated her brother's bucking cock skillfully, wads of cum spackling her sexy corset and dripping from her pumping gloved hands. Grace was overwhelmed by the pure eroticism of what she was witnessing, and felt the delicious sensations as her working fingers triggered an intense orgasm deep inside her.

"Ohhhnn," she groaned as waves of orgasmic pleasure washed over her. She gasped and thought she was going to pass out. With her legs about to give out, she stumbled forward as a low animalistic growl escaped her lips, her body bumping against the door frame.

Alicia looked up at the sound and gasped, her eyes immediately focusing on Grace standing just outside the door, her body leaning against the frame. She looked at her daughter in surprise, and then saw that Grace's eyes were half-closed and her mouth was gaping open as she breathed raggedly, her hand shoved down the front of her sweat pants. Alicia could even see the tiny points of Grace's pert breasts through her t-shirt—it was obvious Grace had just finished climaxing.

"Grace?" Alicia said, her stroking hand releasing her son's still-hard cock.

Zach saw the look of shock on his mother's face and his head whipped around to see what she was looking at. He could make out his little sister's form just past the partially open door. He looked back at his mother, terror in his eyes.

Alicia knew she had to take control of the situation before the whole thing blew up on all of them. "Grace," she said calmly, "come in here, Honey." She flicked her eyes to Zach's and said quietly under her breath, "Zach, you better go to your room. I'll come and talk to you later."

Thoroughly embarrassed, Zach bounded off the bed, grabbed his boxer shorts from the floor and hurried from the room, holding his underwear in front of his exposed groin.

Grace had quickly removed her hand from between her legs as soon as her mother had called her name. As Zach rushed past his younger sister, Alicia couldn't help but notice that Grace surreptitiously tried to look down at her brother's crotch. Seeing that made Alicia smile inside—maybe things weren't going to be as bad as she thought.

"It's okay, Honey, come in now," Alicia said softly, her voice warm and comforting. "It's just you and me now." Grace silently walked across the room, her eyes brimming with tears. Alicia sat up slightly and leaned against the stack of pillows behind her, and then gently patted a spot on the bed next to her. "Come sit with me, Grace. We need to talk."

With her emotions in turmoil, Grace slowly stepped across the room and sat facing her mother, her legs tucked girlishly beneath her. She was deeply confused by what she'd just witnessed, her mother and her brother fucking—committing incest. But she realized she'd also been incredibly aroused by what she'd seen—her mother dressed in an incredibly sexy outfit and her brother making love to her with his monstrously huge cock. Grace thought about how exciting it had been to watch them, and how perfect they looked together, bringing each other rapturous pleasure, and she felt jealous—jealous of a special love she knew they shared.

Grace looked over at her mother, sitting peacefully next to her, as if nothing was wrong at all. Her mother looked at her with a warm comforting smile on her face, calming her. Grace had been worried that her mother would be angry on her for spying on them, and the look on her mother's face relieved the anxiety she was feeling. She let her eyes drift downward, to her mother's chest. Her eyes widened in awe as she looked at the milky coating covering her mother's beautiful breasts. The cups of the corset spectacularly displayed her mother's nicely-shaped breasts, pushing them together and up to create an inviting dark line of cleavage—only now, that dark line was obscured by a thick white ribbon of semen, the milky strand trailing down between the curving swells of her mother's tits to disappear beneath the top edge of the corset. Her mother's whole chest was covered with the stuff, wads and strands of whitish goo crisscrossing her chest in a bizarre mosaic. Grace shivered with excitement as she looked at her mother's sperm-coated chest, that tingling itch beginning in her pussy once more.

"Grace," Alicia said, "what happened over at Jenna's? Is anything wrong?"

"Her Uncle Josh was in a car accident. They had to go to Indianapolis."

"Is he alright?" Alicia asked, her voice full of concern. She knew Jenna's family very well, the girls had been best friends since pre-school.

"He's in the hospital, but they think he'll be okay." Grace paused for a second as her mother nodded, relieved. "But they had to bring me home. I ... I never expected to see you ... to see you and Zach like that."

Alicia nodded knowingly, reaching out to take her daughter's hand in hers. She held Grace's tiny hand, the fingers of her other hand caressing it soothingly. They both looked down as Alicia's fingers traced lovingly back and forth, the glove-encased hand she was using was the same one she had just finished masturbating Zach with. The glove was stained and spackled with gobs of semen, and Grace found it perversely exciting to feel the wicked softness of the cum-covered glove against her skin.

"I know it must have been a shock for you, Dear," Alicia said softly, looking directly at her daughter. "But you did stay out there and watch for a while, didn't you?"

Grace felt herself flushing with embarrassment under her mother's intense stare. She nodded, and then dropped her head in shame, unable to meet her mother's eyes.

"It's alright, Grace. Relax, I understand," Alicia continued softly. "You know after what happened last year how we talked about always being honest with each other?" Grace nodded, remembering the talk her mother had had with both of them, and how important 100% honesty was to them, as a family. Alicia had used the same tack when dealing with her son two days ago when she found out about his obsession with her—telling Zach the importance of being honest with each other. She knew she had to do the same with Grace. The future of all of them depended on it and, at this point, she had no intention of lying to her daughter.

"Mom," Grace said hesitantly. "You ... you and Zach. How ... how ... when did that happen?"

"It only happened two days ago for the first time. I accidentally walked in on Zach when he was ... well, you know." Alicia gave her daughter a knowing little smile and was relieved to see Grace give her a tiny grin in return. "So after I'd caught him in kind of an embarrassing situation, we had a talk about being honest with each other. Now Grace, I'm going to tell you something, and I need you to promise me that none of this leaves this house. Our lives together depend on that—do you understand?"

Grace nodded, acknowledging the serious look on her mother's face.

Zach had rushed from his mother's room once Grace had been caught spying on them. He was worried sick, thinking things were going to be changed forever. He might even have to leave—to leave his mother, the most beautiful sexy woman in the entire world. She was the woman he had fantasized about over all others, and ached for in his dreams. Those dreams were now coming true, and he was stricken by the idea that all that blissful happiness could now be taken away. He trusted in his mother to make everything right, like she always did. But if Grace talked, it could all come crashing down around them. He couldn't contain himself as he paced back and forth in his room—he needed to know what was going on. Wearing only his boxers, he crept quietly from his room and crawled down the hallway on his hands and knees until he stopped just outside his mother's door, in the same spot Grace had been. He saw the two of them sitting on the bed, his mother facing towards him, and Grace with her legs tucked under her, facing his mother with her back towards him. He sat quietly, shrouded in darkness as he watched and listened.

"Grace, I want you to know that when Zach and I talked two days ago, and were totally honest with each other, it was wonderful. It's difficult for parents to stay in touch with their children during their teenage years, and when your brother and I talked, I was so happy that it was able to bring us so much closer together." Grace sat still, listening attentively, her mother's cum-soaked hand still caressing hers. "Zach told me how much he cared about me, how much he thought about me, how much he truly loved me. I was so happy to hear he felt that way, and I kissed him. It started out like any other of kiss between a mother and son, but something changed, we both felt a desire for more, and that kiss turned into a kiss only lovers can share."

Grace sat in rapt attention, her breathing getting shallower as she listened to her mother.

"As we kissed, we ... we touched each other, and it just felt so right. There is nothing sweeter, more tender, than the touch of someone that you love with all of your heart. We were both overwhelmed by what we were feeling, and we both wanted more. I needed to be closer to him, to feel him become one with me. We made love, wonderful blissful love—and I'd never felt happier in my entire life."

Grace felt a shiver run down her spine, her own heart going out to her mother and Zach for what they were feeling for each other. She realized she envied them, envied the love she knew they now shared—wishing, hoping, wanting to be part of that happiness they were feeling.

"Was it just that one time, before tonight, I mean?" Grace asked.

"That first time two nights ago was so heavenly, we both wanted to do it again. Your brother is quite amazing, and we ended up making love all night long."

Grace gave off a little gasp, finally realizing that those noises she thought had come from Mr. and Mrs. Gibson's apartment had actually come from her brother's room, right next door to hers.

"And then, a number of times again last night," Alicia continued. "We ended it, stopping much earlier than we did the night before, and I was totally exhausted. I can't believe your brother's stamina—I'm sure he could have gone on all through the night again." She gave her daughter a wicked little smile.

Grace's eyes opened wide and she could feel her heart racing as she listened to what her mother was saying. She could feel her nipples stiffening again and that nasty little itch between her legs was back with a fury. She had a million questions to ask, wondering where to start. "What ... what's it like?" she asked timidly.

"You mean sex?" Alicia asked, looking at her curious daughter coyly.

"Uh ... sex with Zach," Grace replied, her face turning red once more.

Zach's ego soared as he listened to what Grace had just said. He was loving the conversation his mother was having with his sister, and was eager to hear more. He found it extremely arousing to know that his sister was curious to find out not just about sex, but sex specifically with him.

"You are a virgin, right?" Alicia asked her daughter.

"Yes. I've just kissed a couple of boys, and not really much of that either."

Alicia looked at her daughter, feeling the curiosity just oozing out of the young girl. "Sex with your brother is amazing. I've never felt anything like it in my entire life. He's the most beautiful, caring lover I've ever had."

"His ... his thing looked so big. All boys aren't like that, are they?"

"Oh no, nearly all boys—and men, are much smaller than your brother," Alicia replied with a shake of her head. "Zach has the biggest penis I've ever seen." She paused for a second in thought, and then continued. "You know, when it's that big, it doesn't feel right to refer to it as a penis. It should be called what it really is—a cock."

Grace gasped, surprised at the word her mother had just used. Her curiosity was getting the better of her though. "How big is his ... his cock?" she embarrassingly asked.

"It's over 10" long and thicker than I can get my hand around."

"Oh my God," Grace exclaimed, thinking of the stuff she'd learned in health class. "Doesn't it tear you in two?"

"Almost," Alicia replied with a perverse smile, "but it feels so incredible when he's doing it. There are no words to describe how deliciously exquisite it feels to have that huge thing splitting you open." Alicia could see the wanton look of desire on her daughter's face as she spoke, hanging on every titillating word. "And not just that, it feels amazing to have that enormous cock between your lips—to feel that huge throbbing head filling your mouth, to feel the tremendous power in it, to taste it, to taste what he wants to fill you with."

Alicia could see Grace trembling now, a fine sheen of perspiration glistening on her daughter's face as she got more and more excited. Alicia decided this was the perfect time to move forward.

"Would you like to taste it, Grace, to taste what your brother's beautiful cock has to offer?" Alicia brought her gloved hand to her chest, extended her long index finger and scooped up a massive wad of her son's goo. She brought her cummy finger towards her daughter's face, and stopped with the tip inches away from the girl's parted young lips, the milky gob hanging and swaying hypnotically from her fingertip. "Go ahead, Baby, give it a try."

Grace felt like she had lost all control, her young body overwhelmed by the illicit desires flowing through it. She found it incredibly exciting that her mother had just called her 'Baby', too. She opened her mouth and leaned forwards, closing her soft young lips on her mother's gloved finger. Her tongue feathered forward and pressed against the soft fabric of the glove, and then she rolled it all around the invading digit, letting the greasy fluid slide onto her tongue. She loved the texture and taste of it, finding it strangely familiar for some reason. She savored the succulent new flavor on her taste buds for a few seconds before swallowing, loving the feel of the silky fluid sliding down her throat.

"Mmmm," she purred like a kitten as she pressed her lips and tongue against her mother's finger and sucked for more.

"You like that?" Alicia asked, a perverted leer on her face as she slowly withdrew her finger from her daughter's sucking red lips.

"I do. But it tastes ... it tastes familiar?"

"Like yogurt?"

Grace's eyes flew wide open as she realized when she'd experienced that taste before. "You mean ... you mean that yogurt yesterday morning?" she blurted out.

"Uh-huh. Zach had just finished masturbating into the yogurt container. It was supposed to be for me, but you reached over and took it. I was too shocked, and by the time I even thought of saying something, you were already eating it. Now you know why I love it too."

"And that gob on your blazer ... that ... that was Zach too?"

"Yes. I sucked him off after I sent you to the car yesterday. Some of it must have leaked from the corner of my mouth and neither one of us noticed it."

"Does he always come this much?" Grace asked as she looked down at her mother's cum-covered chest.

"Yes. Besides having the biggest cock I've ever seen, I've never seen anyone produce so much cum when he shoots. And not only that, he never seems to tire and that beautiful cock of his barely goes soft before he's ready to go again. Like I said, your brother is the perfect lover."

Alicia could see Grace shiver again as she listened to what she'd just said. She knew she had her daughter just where she wanted her. Alicia slid her hands up the front of her corset and cupped her breasts, lifting them invitingly. "Why don't you have another little taste—there's lots here, you can have as much as you want. Why don't you be a good girl and clean Mommy up?"

Her body trembling with lurid arousal, Grace leaned forward, extended her tongue and slid it across the top of her mother's swelling breasts, her tongue gathering up a gooey clot of her brother's sperm. Drawing it back into her mouth, she purred again, swallowed and then went back for more.

"That's my good girl, get Mommy all nice and clean," Alicia said as she looked down at her daughter, the young girls soft red lips running over her breasts as her eager tongue gathered in her son's pearly seed. She could see that Grace was really into it now, her eyes closed to nothing more than hooded slits, her pretty mouth moving from one breast to the other, but not before stopping at her cleavage and delving deep into the inviting gap with her soft warm tongue.

"Mmmmm, that's the way. Get it all, Baby," Alicia said in a soft lulling voice. Her daughter's lips felt wonderful on her body, her avid mouth and searching tongue lapping up every warm drop of milky goo.

"I ... I think that's all of it," Grace said disappointedly as she sat back, her soft red lips glistening wetly. "There's some more though that seems to have slid inside your corset."

"Well, I want to make sure you get it all," Alicia replied as she reached inside the confining bra cup and drew out her breast, presenting the cummy nipple to her daughter. "There you go, take your time and get the rest of it, I want to make sure you get every creamy drop."

Overcome by uncertainty, but with a savage desire burning within her young body, Grace leaned forward and ran her parted lips over her mother's exposed breast, following the slimy rivulet of semen to where it had gathered on her mother's pebbly nipple. She slipped her lips over the rubbery bud and clamped down, the instinctive feeling taking over as she sucked at the swollen protrusion.

"Mmmmm, that's perfect," Alicia purred as she continued to hold her breast up to Grace's hot sucking mouth. "Just take your time and get all of your brother's cum off of there."

Grace was in no hurry, loving the feeling as the big nipple came alive and stiffened hotly in her mouth. She rolled her tongue in slow teasing circles all around her mother's beautiful breast as her lips sucked and toyed with the hard red nipple.

"That's so nice, Sweetie," Alicia said, pulling back and removing her breast from her daughter's sucking mouth with an audible 'POP!' "Don't forget the other one." She reached into her other bra cup and pulled out that breast, the soft curving surface smeared with silvery cum.

Grace eagerly shifted her mouth from one breast to the other, her tongue gathering in the greasy goo until she latched onto the other thick nipple, her lips sucking gently as it too swelled and stiffened under her oral ministrations.

Alicia leaned back slightly against the pillows behind her, her daughter's wanton sucking mouth moving right with her. She smiled to herself as she ran her fingers tenderly through her daughter's dirty-blonde hair, loving the feel of the girl's young mouth on her sensitive breasts. Yes, this was going better than she could have hoped for. If she played her cards right, she and Zach could bring Grace into their world of perverted debauchery, and it would work out perfectly for all of them, giving each of them exactly what they needed.

"That's the way. That's what I need from my good girl. Now just my glove left to go." Alicia stuffed her breasts back into the alluring corset, adjusted the cups to make sure they were sitting nicely, and then held out her gloved hand, the soft scarlet fabric still glistening with the gooey remnants of the hand job she'd given her son. Grace didn't hesitate, swooping and taking the offered hand in her own, then running her tongue wickedly over the smooth fabric, sucking and licking until she had every pearly drop inside her.

Zach could hardly stand it. He was patiently watching and listening, but his cock was now rock-hard as he watched the scintillating scene between his mother and sister unfold before him. He felt like reaching down and jerking off right there, but something told him he had to be patient. He knew that whatever happened, his mother would be sure to pay him another visit, and he wanted to hang on to as many loads as possible for her.

"Mom, these gloves, this whole outfit, those shoes," Grace said as she drew her mouth away from the glove and ran her eyes over the length of her mother's lithe graceful body, "everything is so beautiful—so sexy."

"Thank you, Grace. Your brother likes it too."

"I could never look as pretty as you. You ... you look so ... so glamorous."

"You could look this nice, Grace. Would you like to try?" Alicia knew that although she was a couple of inches taller than her daughter, they both wore the same size in most things. They had the same shoe size and even the same bra size: 32B. Of the new things she'd bought at the lingerie store today, she had something in mind that she thought would look absolutely enchanting on her pretty young daughter—and she knew Zach would love it too.

"What do you mean?"

"Come with me, Dear," Alicia said as she swung her legs out of bed, took her daughter's hand and led her into the en-suite bathroom. "You just slip off those clothes, Honey, and I'll be right back with something I know you're going to love."

Alicia closed the bathroom door behind her and headed for Zach's room, wanting to let him know what was going on. She pulled open her bedroom door and stopped short, almost crashing into him at his spot just outside the door.

"Were you there the whole time?" she asked in surprise.

"Uh, pretty much," Zach admitted, hoping his mother wasn't angry with him for eavesdropping.

"I guess I'm not surprised," Alicia said with nasty little smile on her face. "So you've seen what's going on?" Zach nodded. "Okay, I'm going to take her into the bathroom and give her something pretty to wear. I think I'll get changed into another one of my new outfits too. Would you like that?" Zach eagerly nodded. "Alright then, I'm going to have to talk to her, so I'm not sure how long we're going to be. You just go to your room and I'll come and get you when we're ready. When I get you, I want you to bring that big jar of Vaseline you've got in there with you. I think this is going to work out perfectly." Alicia noticed her son's huge erection tenting out the front of his boxers indecently. She reached down, wrapped her gloved hand around the engorged lance and squeezed gently. She leaned close to his ear and whispered as her circling hand stroked slowly back and forth, "Just don't go playing with this beautiful thing while you're waiting—I'm sure you're going to have plenty of opportunities to put it in something hot and wet before this night is over."

She nipped playfully at his ear and gave his hard cock one more loving squeeze before turning on her heel and going back into her room. She went to her closet, found the packages she was looking for, and then disappeared into the bathroom.

"I ... I didn't know what to do. I left my bra and panties on," Grace said timidly, standing there innocently with her arms trying to cover her exposed body.

"Just relax, Dear. I've got something here that will make you look so pretty, I just know you're going to love it." Alicia paused for a second, her eyes going up and down Grace's nubile young body before coming to rest on her lovely face. "Grace, just sit down at my dressing table for a minute—I think it's time we had a little make-up lesson."

Grace sat on the padded stool in front of the make-up desk and mirror, her hands held demurely in her lap. Alicia slipped off her long gloves, picked up a make-up brush and began wisping it softly over Grace's cheeks. Satisfied with a soft covering of blush, she turned her daughter slightly and picked up some eye shadow. She decided on soft pink tones, perfect for the girl's smooth skin and youthful appearance. She'd keep the darker, more exotic shades for herself.

"Just close your eyes while I do this, Sweetie," Alicia said as she started to brush on the soft pinkish eye shadow. With the curiosity level her daughter had shown earlier, Alicia decided this was the perfect time to move forward, with Grace sitting quietly.

"Grace, while I'm doing your make-up, I want to talk to you about this new relationship Zach and I have, okay?" Her daughter nodded. "The first thing is that, like I said earlier, you can never tell anyone, it has to be our secret." Again, Grace nodded. "Good. What Zach and I have now is something very special—a special love that only mothers and sons can share. Now that we've discovered it and how much it means to each of us, I know neither one of us wants to ever lose that. Do you kind of understand?"

Grace thought about what her mother had said, her brain swirling with emotions, but knowing deep inside that she wanted more than anything to make her mother happy, especially after what had happened to their family, after what her father did. But there was something else troubling her, and she decided to come right out with it. "I do understand, Mom, and trust me—I'd never say anything to anyone. But you know how we said to be totally honest with each other ... well, I have to admit, I feel a little jealous. I feel jealous of both of you." She hung her head, not sure what her mother would think if she knew that she wished she was in Zach's place, as well as her mother's.

Alicia smiled to herself, having hoped for a response just like that. "Oh Grace, that is so sweet." She took her daughter's face in her hands and kissed her tenderly on the forehead. "Just because Zach and I have this new relationship doesn't mean I feel any less for you. I love both of you so much, and that's why I'm talking to you like this." Alicia stopped for a second, and looked her daughter directly in the eye. "Grace, do you think you would like to be part of that kind of relationship? To have a relationship like that with both your brother, and me?"

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