The Beginning of Wisdom

by wcoyote

Copyright© 2014 by wcoyote

Humor Sex Story: The continuing story of a boy and his succubus.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Romantic   Paranormal   BDSM   .

This a sequel to "Intelligence vs. Wisdom". If you haven't read that, this isn't going to make much sense.

To recap, after a couple of weeks of mind blowing sex with a succubus, my Mom had showed up early and apparently my succubus Rose's mother had appeared unexpected (and uninvited). Oh, and somehow I had managed to get married to Rose without knowing it.

The two moms glared at each other and turned to glare at us.

"Royce Arthur Wise, Downstairs, NOW." by my Mom.

"Briar Rose Blackheart, you are coming with me." Rose's Mom.

I stood up and grabbed by bathrobe off the floor. "Yes, Mom."

Rose had other ideas though. "No." Just one word but her mom was turning a really scary red color.

"Young lady, don't you disobey me. WE are going home. And you are grounded for the rest of your life."

"No, Mother, I am not. Art and I are married. My place is with him. I might come to visit but this is my home now."

"Don't talk crazy. You are only 28 gazelons old, you can't be married."

"Well, I am. And here is the proof." Rose snatched the parchment off the bedside table and handed it to her Mom.

Rose's Mom was getting even redder while reading the parchment. My Mom on the other hand went deathly pale and flopped into my computer chair. "Arthur, is what she is saying true?"

"I guess so, Mom. It all happened pretty quick. I didn't know what was it was when I signed it."

Now I had three women glaring at me. Crap, I had to fix this fast. "Wait, wait. I said that wrong." Looking at my Mom, "Mom, I know this is sudden but I love Rose. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me." Better, now I had one woman glaring, one looking stunned and one smiling happily.

Mom shook herself and stood up. "Well, if that is the way it is, that is the way it is. Madam, I think we need to talk in private." Looking at Rose and me, "You two get dressed. We will come and get you when we have decided what we are going to do with the two of you." They went downstairs taking the contract with them.

Rose and I dressed quickly and sat down on the side of the bed. She looked unhappy so I put my arm around her. "Rose Honey, we will get through this. Mom is good with people. We signed the contract. And one thing I know about Magic. You DON'T break contracts." Rose sighed and leaned her head against me. "I know, Art. But Mom can be so unreasonable. That is why I wanted to get away so bad." We sit and held each other while waiting for our respective parents to make a decision.

It seemed like hours before Mom came back. But I looked at the clock radio beside the bed and it was only twenty minutes. Mom told us to come down. We started downstairs hand in hand. I hadn't felt like this since I was six and got caught playing doctor with the little girl next door.

We all got seated at the kitchen table. But with both Mom's on the other side glaring at us, it felt more like a courtroom. I told my side of the story. When I got to breaking into Mom's locked book case, she held up one hand to stop me. "We WILL talk more about that later." Great, but I keep on. After me, Rose gave her side. Her mother stopped her a couple of times. The first one was were did she get the contract? She explained that she copied out of one of her Mom's law books. The look that her Mom gave her at that told me that I wasn't the only one doing a little lockpicking. She started up again and got the part about the potion. Her Mother stopped her and asked if she was sure it was the blue and not the purple. Rose got a little indignation and said the she could damn well tell colors. Her Mom calmed her down and started whispering to my Mom. They were both staring at me like I had two heads.

"Arthur Dear, did you drink all the potion." asked my Mom.

"Yeah, it tasted odd but not bad."

"And you feel okay? No headaches or anything?"

"No, I feel fine. Wait! Rose said that potion was harmless. Am I going to be okay?" I panicked a little bit at their questioning.

Rose's Mom spoke to me directly for the first time. "Calm down. Rose physically CAN'T do anything to harm you. It seems like that extends to harming you by accident. It's really strange though. All the other humans or warlocks we have feed that to melted into a big puddle of goo." She finished in a wondering tone. Both Moms were staring at me again.

Rose finished her side of the story. My Mom started up the inquisition. "Royce Arthur Wise, what made you think it was a good idea to get married at sixteen?!! And she is only 28 gazelons old!"

"Mom, I didn't know I was getting married. I don't regret it," with a quick look at Rose. "I know it is quick but I love Rose. And she loves me. Okay, she is an older woman but I love her anyway." They all started talking at once. My Mom even got up and smacked the back of my head.

"Arthur, she is only fourteen. Their years are half as long as ours."

"No, wait. That can't be right. Rose told me she was 5110 years old."

Rose spoke up. "Yeah, you said a year was the time the earth revolves around the sun. It doesn't revolve around the sun. It makes a revolution. I just figured that you primitive earth people didn't understand that and I adjusted my figures."

It was a good thing that I was sitting down or I would have fallen down. "Oh shit, I am sorry. Rose Baby, I thought you were older than me. I would never have had sex with you if I had known how young you are."

Rose looked at me with tears in her eyes, "So am I too young? You don't love me anymore?"

I stood and walked to her chair. Taking her in my arms, I said, "Rose, I love you. Nothing will ever change that. I just am sorry that I took your childhood away from you." Looking at our parents, "Look, I am really sorry that I did this to Rose. But we are married now and in love. Even if I could change what happened, I wouldn't." Looking down at Rose, "Maybe we messed up, but we love each other. That has to count for something." Rose had her face buried in my chest and was refusing to look at anyone.

We got chased out of the kitchen so they could talk some more. I held Rose while we watched some mindless TV. She proved she was a girl by stealing the remote and watching fashion shows. I don't know why as she called most the clothes dowdy and unattractive. When I asked her why, she said they didn't look sexy at all. Well, I guess a succubus would know about sexy.

When we got called back into the kitchen, Rose's mother addressed me for the first time. "May I call you Arthur?" she asked. I gave her a nod and she continued. "You can call me Scarlet or I guess Mom if your Mom and Rose agrees?" Rose squealed (again proving she was a teenage female) and hugged her Mom. "I understand how Rose and you feel. But marriage or to be more accurate, a concubine contract, between a human and a succubus is going to be a difficult road." She hugged Rose. "Rose is my baby and I love her. But she is a succubus. Have you thought about that? Even with your heightened sexual capability, this is not going to be a monogamous relationship. She is going to need to feed on other men. And without your protection, there is a good chance that some of them will die. Having sex with a succubus is addictive. Most men keep coming back until they wither away and die. Maybe in a decade or two she will be able to feed without sex. But for now you will have to watch or know that she is having sex with other men to survive."

I looked at Scarlet. "I think the key there is "to survive". Rose won't love any of those other men. As long as she loves me, I will love and take care of her."

Mom took over. "There are some other problems. Arthur, I try not to brag on you too much. But you are one of if not THE strongest Warlock of your generation. And that was before you took that blue potion. The Council is going to want you to father babies with one or more strong witches. Rose, Can you deal with Arthur being in a relationship with another woman? One where there are children? You haven't known Arthur long but he would never abandon one of his children."

Rose looked at Mom, "Mrs Wise, I knew when I signed the contract that I was the concubine. I know what that means. I will love and protect Arthur's wives and children just like I will protect Arthur. I swear this on my honor as a child of Lilith."

Both Mothers looked at each other. "Well, what is done is done. No one not even the Gods can change the past. We both have to talk to some other people about what must be done. You two go back upstairs and amuse yourselves. We will bring you some food in a little while." Scarlet said with a dismissive wave.

Rose and I scampered up the stairs glad to be out of the line of fire. Once back in room, I asked her what she wanted to do. "Well, baby, I have not feed since this morning. And I am getting a little hungry. Would you like some kinky succubus sex?" Hell, I am a teenage Warlock. If I didn't not want sex, I was asleep or dead, most likely dead.

"How kinky?" I asked in reply.

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