by Oliver Wilson

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Erotica Sex Story: His wife's niece is growing up nicely. She was sheltered enough that she had no sexual outlet, or did she?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   .

A week after my 25th birthday, I received a phone call from a head hunter offering me a job in Germany. I had been working at a small factory after finishing my electrical engineering degree. The offer was pretty good for my experience and had the potential for much upward mobility. I hesitated for about a second before accepting the preliminary offer.

Two weeks later I landed in Hanover and a day later had my first job interview. I was surprised when they made a very generous offer that nearly tripled my old salary and I accepted after minor negotiation raising the money offer another 10%.

The next month saw me move and settle in a small apartment near where I started to work.

Not even two weeks went by and I met my future wife at a lovely park where I took my lunches. Long story short, I was married to her five months later and couldn’t be happier.

During the months before our wedding I met my wife’s family and hit it off with them. They were a decent bunch and a close nit family. After the wedding I moved into an apartment in the family’s building. My wife’s sister and her family occupy the apartment below.

Due to the closeness of the whole family, I spent a lot of time with my wife’s nephew and nieces from downstairs.

The oldest niece Mila was eleven years old when I met her. We hung out, talked, played and everything. One of the most popular games she liked and would often want to play was to pretend I was a horse and wanted to ride piggy back.

Mila was a very cute girl. I knew that she would be a heartbreaker when she got older. She has long chestnut-coloured hair down to her waist, big brown eyes and a cute smile.

Skip forward a few years and Mila went through puberty. In no time, she filled out in all the right places. She loved to ride horses and was an accomplished gymnast, although as a gymnast she slowed down as she filled out.

As she grew up before my eyes, I couldn’t help but notice how tight and perfect her body was becoming. It felt so wrong; she was a little more than half my age and barely legal —14 is the age of consent in this country, and Mila was now 15— she was far too young for me.

Even though she got older and was practically a young woman, Mila stayed playful. I thought by now she would show less interest in hanging out with her uncle and spend more time with friends her age, but she lived a sheltered life and none of that happened.

Mila’s mother was very protective of her kids. By consequence, Mila didn’t get out of the house much, and didn’t have friends over.

Part of the protectiveness was that Mila and her much younger siblings weren’t allowed much TV and didn’t have access to the internet. Mila spent most of her time playing kids’ games outside with the others, so she was emotionally immature and seemingly clueless about boys and sexual desires.

Her behaviour started to change around me slowly as time went by. It seemed like she tried to find any excuse to make more body contact. She would hug me every time she saw me and hold on for longer than what I would consider normal.

When I played piano she would sit beside me so that our legs and arms would touch, often fidgeting so they would rub together.

One time I was sitting in my favourite armchair playing Xbox while my wife was shopping. Mila came into the apartment to drop something off, then came and sat on the arm of the chair, which is positioned at a right angle to the TV.

Her back was facing my left shoulder and I had to lean back in the chair to see around her. At one point, she slipped off the arm and fell onto my left leg. I moved slightly, thinking she had done it by accident.

Mila placed her hands on my leg, to push herself up back onto the armrest of the chair. As she did, her little finger made contact with my cock.

She turned, smiled sweetly and apologized. I said she didn’t have to, it wasn’t a problem.

Over the next few minutes she started slowly lowering herself back into my lap, bit by bit, trying not to be noticed. That was when I finally realized what she was doing and watching her ass slowly lower towards me inch by inch started giving me dirty thoughts about her for the first time.

I shifted slightly in the chair so when Mila finally made contact she was sitting on my junk. It was summer, she was wearing a short skirt and I was going commando underneath a pair of thin cotton lounging trousers.

Just as she started letting the rest of her body weight settle on me, my cock was already starting to wake up.

She asked if she could have a turn at playing the game and I let her as I wanted any excuse to keep her there for longer.

It was a racing game and she leaned slightly with the corners, especially the sharp ones, slowly and gently grinding on my dick.

At one point she was on the final straight in second place, she started shouting to go faster while bouncing up and down.

It took a lot of willpower to fight the inner moral faggot inside me, who was screaming that this was wrong, but I stayed there for 5 minutes while she squirmed on my then throbbing cock.

After the race she got up like last time, this time squeezing my cock quickly as she stood up, thanked me for the turn I gave her on the game and went downstairs.

As soon as the front door to the flat closed I whipped out my dick and started masturbating furiously. The forbidden was such a turn on.

Afterwards I thought about the situation. I love my wife, we have a daughter and although I would never actively go out, hook up with another woman and cheat, I did decide to not shy away from my niece, and, if possible, encourage her behaviour. At least it would give me new material to think about when I jerked off.

She would still occasionally want piggy back rides when she saw me but it was different. I knew she had probably outgrown this shit but was only doing it to force body contact.

She didn’t pretend I was a horse anymore but would sneak up behind me, diving on my back to catch me off guard and make me jump.

I didn’t complain. I now enjoyed the feeling of her tits pushing into my back, having her legs wrapped around my waist with my hands firmly gripping her thighs.

A few weeks after the grinding incident she jumped on my back. She was wearing another dress, which became ruffled up at the front.

I wasn’t wearing a T-shirt and the thought of her pussy being so close to me was turning me on slightly.

I was holding on to her thighs as close to her ass as possible. Her skin felt so soft and smooth. She started to slip down so I bounced her up to catch her again.

As I did that I moved my hands in closer together and the middle finger of my right hand found its way between her legs.

Instant surprise when I realised she wasn’t wearing panties and my fingertip had made contact with her pussy lips.

I stayed like that for half a minute or so, pretending like I hadn’t noticed, walking around with her on my back as she directed me to the patio doors that lead out to the balcony.

When we got to the doors I turned slightly so that she could open the door. I was standing far enough away for her to be out of arm’s reach so that she had to lean sideways.

As she leant to reach the door I moved my hand slightly and stretched my finger out as much as I could.

She leant back to sit straight and my finger was then between her pussy lips. I wiggled it slightly and started to feel the moisture as the tip started to run over her opening.

I pretended to shuffle her up again as if to stop her from sliding but let her drop slightly lower than before. The very tip of my finger was inside my niece.

Felt so soft and tight. Felt instantly turned on and my mind was racing with dirty thoughts.

I wiggled it in her a few times and then let her down on the ground. I don’t want to push it too much and I felt like I had already taken it too far.

I went upstairs and jacked off, sniffing my finger.

Nothing worthwhile happened over the next few weeks, just the usual brushing of body parts and increasing the sexual tension.

Towards the end of the summer we had booked a holiday for a few days so I could visit my family In the UK. The niece had asked to come along to improve her English and her mum agreed.

My daughter isn’t even one year old and my wife was worried about the long car journey and ferry ride with her. It takes about 17 hours to travel from door to door.

We decided that my niece and I would drive in the car with all the stuff, take the 7 hour ferry ride together, stay the night at my parents and pick up my wife and daughter from the airport the next day.

As we were driving down the motorway we had to stop for a piss break. There was a summer storm, so it was raining really heavy when we pulled into the service station. No park places near the toilets, so had to park a good distance away.

Told her I didn’t need to go. Couldn’t be fucked to go out in the rain. Waited until she was gone, pissed in an empty McDonalds cup and threw it outside.

Niece comes back fucking drenched. Looks like she fell in a swimming pool. I laugh at her and, being the responsible adult that I am, remind her than she can’t stay in wet clothes.

However, we realized that all of our spare clothes are in special vacuum storage bags underneath everything.

Mila told me not to look and stripped down to her underwear. Of course I fucking looked but I was pretty stealthy. I don’t think she noticed.

I got to see her in most of her full glory and realise she really has become a hot chick as she got older.

Still feels wrong as fuck. Married, have a daughter, and here I was having dirty thoughts over my fifteen year old niece.

I know many people would consider this a taboo, but don’t forget, she was legal according to the laws of our country. Admittedly only by a few months, but legal nonetheless.

The next hour of the journey went by without me hardly looking at the road. Every time she wasn’t looking at me I was taking a peek.

She caught me a few times but just smiled as I awkwardly looked back at the road. She knew I was looking.

And she liked me looking. Her grin said it all. She had been strangely flirting with me in her own weird and innocent way for almost a year now and she knew that her magic was taking hold.

I couldn’t help myself. I just had to keep looking. Her skin just looked so smooth and soft. Slightly tanned from spending so much time outside with her siblings.

Her body was looking so fine. All the time she spent horse riding and swinging on the gymnast bar in the garden had toned everything so nicely.

She was wearing a pair of turquoise coloured panties. I was sitting there absolutely torn between sexual arousal and morality.

Her flat stomach raised and sank again as she sighed, looking out of the passenger window. Her perk little tits mimicking the movement under the white bra, almost see-through from the rain.

How I wished we were in my truck on a dirt road so I could see them bounce, but no, family car and motorway. But I still had more than I bargained for.

She was turned slightly away. I stared at her lips for a moment. Not the fullest I had ever seen but I imagined how nice they would feel on the end of my cock.

I turned my focus back to the road, I could feel myself getting worked up and I needed to concentrate.

As we reached the port I unwillingly went to the back and searched for some new clothes for her. The heavy summer showers seemed to be over, or we had driven far enough away from them.

It was really warm now and asked her if she wanted to wear something light and thin. It was her first time out at sea. I conveniently failed to tell her how windy and cold it could get.

I also had no problem picking out the shortest sundress from the 3 that she had packed. A thin yellow one, almost see-through, but not quite.

She slipped it on and removed her bra, honestly, I could not figure out why she needed one. They didn’t droop a single millimetre.

My jaw almost dropped when she removed her panties, complaining that they were still wet.

Don’t know why, but I asked her if she wanted a new pair. Maybe I subconsciously wanted to just sift through her underwear but she insisted she didn’t need any.

I’m glad I wasn’t looking in the mirror at the time. My open mouth from surprise before saying “ok” probably wasn’t very attractive.

She just grinned and got out of the car to stretch her legs. I could have sworn she was biting her lip but I wasn’t sure.

Once we were on the boat we had some food in the café. Once or twice her leg brushed mine under the table but she was never looking at me when it happened. She wasn’t flirting, she was teasing.

We chatted for a while and played some cards. The crossing takes 7 hours, everyone is on the boat for almost 9 hours. It’s good to bring something to pass the time.

Once the boat was underway and we had been moving for an hour we went out on the sundeck. The land was barely visible on the horizon. And the wind had picked up.

I watched her while she looked out to sea. Her long hair wildly flowing in the wind, her delicate figure visible through the dress as the sun shone through it.

Her dress flapped in the wind, occasionally lifting slightly at the back. Behind me was an empty bench. Other people were on the deck but were at the other end in the smoking area.

I sat down, to lower my position. The wind blew her skirt slightly and I could see the bottom curves of her firm ass cheeks. She turned and caught me looking.

I felt embarrassed and looked away for a moment. When I looked back again she was leaning further over the side with her legs slightly parted.

A gust of wind hit her dress again and I caught a glimpse of her smooth, little pussy.

Because of her sheltered life and lack of any sexual history I was really surprised to notice, at least from the back, that there was no hair visible. I think I was expecting it to be fairly unkempt.

Now I was curious what the front looked like.

I noticed that my hand was resting in my lap. I started gently and slowing stroking the head of my penis through my jeans with the tip of my finger.

Realised it was not the time or the place for that, got up and told her that I was tired from all the driving. We had woke up at 4am and had been travelling for about 9 hours.

We always book a cabin when we travel. They are really cheap, there is a double bed, toilet, shower, TV etc, and a quite place to go without having to sit with all the other people on the main deck.

Decide to watch TV in bed, maybe have a power nap to pass the time and she decides to take a shower.

I strip down to just my boxer shorts and watch TV. Nothing of interest is on since it’s mid afternoon and half of the channels are Dutch, which I don’t speak.

I was starting to nod off when I heard the bathroom door open. I peeked through half closed eyelids to see her standing there in just a towel.

She was looking at me and must have thought I was sleeping. She removed the towel that was wrapped around her and stood there completely naked.

I couldn’t believe how nice her body was. So fine, and completely shaved. She started drying her hair with the towel. At first facing me, but after a slight pause, staring at me, she turned and continued facing away.

I opened my eyes a little more and got a full view of her ass. My heart starts racing and my dick starts to twitch.

She slipped the sundress back over her head and climbed under the covers with me. I had my back against the cabin wall facing the TV and she was laying the same way.

She shuffled backwards until we were spooning. My dick was about half erect and I was worried he would give the game away.

She wiggled her ass a little until my cock was nestled between her cheeks. She knew, she definitely knew.

I pretended to move in my sleep, gave my hips a gentle thrust, just once, so that my shaft ran the length of her ass crack, and moved my arm over her.

She grabbed my arm, placed it on her stomach with her hand on mine and we stayed there still for what seemed like an eternity.

I was afraid to move, determined not to actively instigate anything. I wanted to remain passive and not be blamed for anything.

It had already gone too far for my taste but I could still claim my innocence if I had to.

I lay there, not moving, anticipating her next move. After a while her breathing became more regular and heavy, so I knew she had fallen asleep.

Despite my aching cock, I managed to switch my thoughts and go to sleep.

When I woke up, she was still asleep. Her dress had rode up and I got a real close look at her ass. I had to climb over her to get out of bed.

I undid the button on my boxer shorts and pulled my dick out slightly. As I climbed over her I let it gently glide over her ass cheek. It was so soft and silky.

I left her like that with the cover off of her so I could look at her a bit more. I went to the toilet and while pissing realised that, because of another mirror on the wall of the cabin entrance, I could see the bed from the toilet.

Turned shower on, soaped up my cock to fuck and slowly bashed one out while staring at her naked young body and it felt fucking amazing.

My balls exploded with the force I haven’t experienced for a while and I unleashed one wave of cum after another on to the wall of the shower. I glanced back at her and noticed something.

She was awake! She hadn’t moved, was still laying in the exact position but her eyes were open and looking right at me. If she was awake for longer than 30 seconds, she would have known exactly what I was doing.

I carried on washing my body, pretending like nothing was happening, occasionally looking back at her out of the corner of my eye. She had pulled the covers back over her.

I started to wonder if I had maybe disgusted her but I noticed that the duvet was moving slightly and she was staring right at me still. Was she touching herself?

I didn’t know, but I stayed in the shower longer than necessary so she could have a good look. I had enjoyed her; I could at least return the favour.

Carried on as normal after that. Sexual tension over for the time being we went back to hanging out, talking shit, no awkward moments, which was nice, and finishing the rest of the journey.

Several hours later we arrived at my parent’s house. A 3 bedroom cottage in the countryside. It was already late and they were in bed.

My brother’s old room was full of Christmas and Birthday presents for us. They had obviously forgotten that I wasn’t coming alone and hadn’t sorted it out.

I know it was summer but we only visit once a year with the car when we stay for a week or two. We go by plane for 2-3 days at Christmas but can’t take gifts back because of luggage restrictions so we take everything while we are there in the summer.

That bedroom is opposite my parent’s one. I didn’t want to accidently wake them up by tidying everything so I told her to sleep in my bed and I would crash on the sofa in the living room.

She told me not to be silly, we had shared a bed several hours ago and we were family after all, there was no point in me being uncomfortable for her sake.

It was quite warm, so we removed the duvet from the covers to sleep with just the outside sheet and opened the windows wide.

I wasn’t feeling overly tired though because of the nap earlier. So I decided to stay up for an hour or so and “relax”.

This generally means drinking several bottles of beer from the fridge, which my parents luckily did not forget to do, and sneaking out to the garden shed.

We store a few things in there, including an old guitar amp that doesn’t work anymore but I kept for part salvage. In the back of it is where I store some weed and a pipe.

I necked about 3 bottles within half an hour and was getting a warm buzz going. We sat outside in the back garden on the patio.

She was fascinated by the amount of stars she could see. In her home city we can barely see more than a few main constellations because of the city lights but in the English countryside thousands are visible on a clear night.

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