Pain of Love

by Deenara2000

Copyright© 2014 by Deenara2000

: This is what might have happened if the Founders of Hogwarts could have taken a hand in what was going on. Harry Potter One-shot

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Disclaimer - This story is based on the Harry Potter stories owned by J.K. Rollings. The ideas are mine but the characters are hers. Enjoy.

A scream ripped through the air.

"My Baby! That Bastard Killed HER!"

Out in the middle of the Scottish Highlands was a castle. In the small room of that castle where four ghosts. One of whom was in pain for her family.

"Rowena, please, death has come for all of our children," said the other female ghost, her name being Helena.

"Not like this! Yes, some have been murdered but not by that curse! I can feel the pain of it tearing out part of me," the ghost wailed.

The two male ghosts in the room looked to one another trying to understand what their friend was saying. They knew they could feel the deaths of their descendants but there was never real pain. Though for Godric, he did feel a stab of pressure when the husband of the woman that was killed, was killed just before her. The husband being from his bloodline after all. It was part of the magic that was part of them to feel the passing of those who came after them.

"Rowena, you need to calm yourself. There is nothing we can do. Oh how I wish I could," said a man with a pained face. "So much terror by so many and most of it done in my name. The fact that it is my offspring doing this is hurting me also. I would cross over if not for the fact of the retribution that would happen."

"Sal, you know you are not to blame for any of this," stated Godric.

Salazar sighed. It didn't help but there was nothing he could do.

Helena was quiet for a long time. Then finally she spoke.

"There is a way. We would all have to give up part of our souls, but then one of us could..."

"HELGA, you know very well we can't do that. It would make the one that returned no better than that fake Lord now," bellowed Godric.

"No, it wouldn't. She's right. One of use could go and stop this and bring Hogwarts back to where she was meant to be. All of us pored so much of ourselves into creating her that it could sustain the one for some time," said Sal.

"We also put a small piece of yourselves into our portraits. So we would not truly be gone. What part of us left here would crossover," stated Rowena as she came back to herself.

"But Who should it be?" asked Helga.

"I will do it. It is my offspring that is the cause. The question is, when should I go?" replied Salazar as he looked around.

"It is still the night of Allhallows. The power between the realms of life and death is thinnest. With the deaths of Lilly and James you should be able to return to the living world," stated Helga.

"You will have to go quickly. Your return will be in Hogwarts. Go to the child. Return with him to the castle. Raise the child there. If the current Headmaster objects then toss his or her arse out," Godric stated his ideas.

"Why not use the death of another and get there earlier. Then so many more can be saved," asked Rowena.

"Death would not take kindly to losing so many souls and some have already been reborn. No it has to be this night and it has to be now," said Salazar.

"Then let us go to the great hall. There is more magic there," stated Godric.

The four ghosts disappeared from the room they were in and reappeared in the great hall of the great school of Hogwarts.

As they appeared so did four large portraits of the founders.

The four began chanting and light and power began to build. The great castle quaked with the power it was sharing and was happy. One of her parents was coming home.

Then with a final flash of light, three balls of energy flew and slammed into three of the portraits of the wall. The last ball of energy twisted and turned then faded leaving a man dressed in dark clothing standing in the middle of the room.

The man looked at his hands then reached up to his face and felt it. He was solid. Then he heard a sound of several feet running. He turned to see those sounds belonging to what looked like the staff of the school, with a tall man with a long beard in the lead.

"Headmaster, We need to talk. However I must go. I shall return," stated Sal and in a flash of light was gone.

A Large man was carefully coming out of what remained of a house and was met by not one but two men.

"Hagrid, Give me Harry. I'm his godfather. I will take care of him," said one man.

"Sirius, I have Orders to take him to Dumbledore," said Hagrid.

"You would denygh the rights of the child's godfather. You would be violating a magical oath that could harm the child?" said Sal. Having arrived just in time to hear what the larger man said.

"And just who are you?" asked Sirius as he took his godson from the surprised Hagrid. He had seen the man but then again he had not.

"I am a friend. My name is Sal. I have come to protect the child. As you are the child's Godfather you must come with me also," started Sal.

"Look 'ere, I have my orders. I'm to take little Harry to Dumbledore. He's going to take care of him," said Hagrid as he reached to take Harry back from Sirius.

Sal placed his hand on the big man's arm. Then the man was covered with a faint glow. Hagrid staggered and shook his head.

"What did you do?" demanded Sirius.

"Do not fear. Your big friend is all right. I have just removed several compulsion and loyalty charms from him. Come, let us return to the castle and I will explain everything."

With that Sal again placed his hand on the Big man as well as the man holding the child and with a flash of light left that area.

There were several shrieks as the flash of light faded. Three people now stood in the middle of the great hall.

"What is the meaning of this! Just Who are you?" demanded Dumbledore.

"OI' Headmaster, I tried to get 'Arry, but these two wouldn't let me," said Hagrid.

"Dumbledore, you know I'm Harry's godfather. Why the hell would you have sent Hagrid to get him?" yelled Sirius

"You Betrayed Lilly And James! You told the Dark Lord where they were!" yelled a man in black. "You were their secret keeper!"

"What? No I wasn't. Peter is. We changed at the last minute. It was Peter that lead the wanker to Lilly and James. Dumbledore, tell them. You where the one who cast the fadelis charm," stated Sirius.

Dumbledore blanched. This was not part of his plan.


"You placed this child and his family under a spell and then sat back and did nothing when the one chosen as keeper of secrets betrayed that trust. You as the caster would know who the keeper of secrets told. You should be tossed through the veil along with the traitor," yelled Sal. He had turned to the old man and would have done more if not for someone else talking.

"And just who are you?" asked a woman.

"I madam, am Salazar Slytherin. Yes, I am back from the dead to make right what has been left to be so wrong. I am here to protect this child. To train him for what is to come. And to see my heir stopped before he can do more harm."

"Your heir? And just who would that be?" asked Dumbledore. Though he knew if the man before him was Slytherin then knew it was Tom Riddle, otherwise known as Lord Voldemort.

Salazar looked at the man, "And you are?"

"I'm Headmaster Albus Dumbledore. Now answer the question, who is your heir?"

"His name is Tom Riddle. His mother was of my bloodline."

"Why have you come back now? Why not before when he was a child to stop him?" asked the woman in a tartan gown.

"Because the deaths of others did not affect us as strongly as those of our blood," said a woman in a painting. "I am Rowena Ravenclaw, The child is the last magical descendant of myself and that of Godric Gryffendor."

This left everyone stunned for several moments

"But the Dark Lord has been destroyed," said Hagrid. "Tell 'em professer."

"No my large friend he has not been destroyed. He has been disembodied, but not destroyed," stated Helga. "The one you call this Dark Lord has cheated death by anchoring himself to this plane. Those must be destroyed before he can be cast in to the ninth level of hell where he belongs."

Albus watched and kept silent. He thought he had planned so well and that he would be able to raise again to the highest parts of the wizarding world but now he did not know what to do.

Here stood one of the most powerful men of the past and claimed he would stop Voldemort. No that would not work.

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