by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A Kaire trying to find his own way leaves the empire. The new system was far from home but had people that looked like his. Some of their customs were... violent which led to his claiming of a daughter and acceptance of his mate. With three mates to start his new clan he and the two empires learn a shocking secret.

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I was trying to get away from family and clan and this was on the other side of the closest human empire and then a human federation. I glanced at the teenage Kaire following me and sighed. I had not left fast enough and Care had been chosen as my first mate. I guest she was okay, she did not speak much and was not afraid to work.

I turned to grab her duffle and lifted it onto the port transport cart with mine as she climbed in. In the distance the huge evergreens seemed to call me. They were what had made me choose this colony to settle on. I had already sent our documents to the port customs and had a colony agent waiting to show me ... us several sites.

The transport slowed to a walk at the gate and I jumped off and turned to catch the two duffles Care tossed me. She jumped down and followed as I walked towards the wide port gate. I do not think the agent had looked at my vid image or expected a Kaire. She was human and I had her vid image and recognized her but she was still watching the gate.

I cleared my throat and she turned and looked up into my face, "oh."

I smiled, "I am Gil No Press sil Motiz."

She looked at Care and then at me, "I was not expecting a Maury."

I shook my head, "we are Kaire."

She blinked before grinning, "really?"

I nodded and she turned and gestured to a large vehicle, "the sites you chose to look at are on the outer edge of the colony."

I glanced back at Care, "but they have the types of house I asked about?"

She held the back door and Care climbed in, "yes and the permits for the greenhouse you wanted to build."

When we reached the clearing where we landed Ms Johnson was nervous, "the family that lives here is moving closer to the city."

I nodded as I opened the door and stepped out. The trees were huge, three hundred meters tall with extremely thick trunks. Ms Gretchen started for a path as Care fell in behind me and I reached back to pulled her up beside me. Her clan was from the deep forests and traditional which meant they obeyed and followed their males.

She looked at me and then went back to looking around. The realtor turned when we reached a thick tree that had a set of stairs and a grav lift. The lift had a set of guide wires that went up into the branches above. She cleared her throat, "I should warn you, the family that lives here has one daughter that is in season."

I nodded thinking she would wear a sent pad like Kaire females. Ms Gretchen hesitated before turning and stepping into the lift. I gestured Care in and followed before closing the gate. As the lift began ascending Care looked at me, "single Maury females in heat will attack males."

I blinked as I looked at her and then at the realtor, "attack?"

She nodded and Care smiled, "once a male has taken them they are mated for life."

I looked at her and opened my mouth but the lift stopped. We were at a platform two thirds of the way up the tree, maybe two hundred meters above the ground. I opened the lift gate and we stepped onto the platform. A green furred male stepped out the door and looked at us, he could have been Kaire.

He wore a loose shirt and kilt like me and looked at me as his hair stood up. I followed Ms Gretchen and nodded to him when we stopped. He took a breath and looked at her, "I thought you said no Maury were interested?"

She opened her mouth but I interrupted, "we are Kaire."

He looked at me before smiling and then grinning and finally laughing. He wiped his eyes and shook his head, "my litter mate said you looked like us."

I smiled, "or you look like us."

He grinned and took a deep breath before glancing at the door, "I need to warn you my daughter is in season."

He looked at me as if weighting me and I nodded. He smiled, "if she attacks breed her."

Care hissed and he looked at her before looking at me again, "she does not like the idea of moving."

He turned to the door and started opening it. I followed with Care and the realtor behind me. The moment I saw the large common area I was in love. I looked at two Maury females in the kitchen to the left before walking across the room. There was a door that opened out onto a large covered porch. I closed the door and went through the eating area to the left.

I looked out the windows before nodding and looking at the male, "all the sleeping floors are above?"

He nodded, "three levels with four large suites on each floor. There is a smaller common room with a porch on each level."

I looked around, "freshers?"

He gestured to a door beside the trunk, "one here and one on each level above with a separate bathing room. Water is brought up from our well and filtered and the waste is sent down to an underground chamber where it is heated and turned to ash."

I headed for the stairs that went up around the trunk, "Care?"

The common room the stairs came to looked comfortable. I crossed to open a door and looked at a large bedroom. Care looked around before we closed the door and went to another. We heard children above as we checked the other bedrooms before climbing the stairs. They looked at us when we stepped out.

One grinned, "do not go into the second bedroom. Siren is really bitchy."

I went to look into one bedroom and then the other two as the children left. I looked at the last door and Care grinned before opening the door to look in. I walked up and pushed the door open wider and stepped in. It was semi dark but I could see well enough and crossed to pull the window covering back.

I heard the growl and turned as a wild animal lunged out of the bed towards me. I shifted and turned as I caught one clawed hand and twisted. I spun as I held it and the wild girl spun with me. I let her go and followed as she went straight into the bed and fell forward. I covered her and reached out to hold her wrists as she struggled.

I felt her bare butt under me and suddenly Care was behind me and yanking at my kilt. I growled as I tried to hold the thrashing girl, "what are you doing?"

Care pulled my kilt up and away, "you have to take her."

I twisted to look at her and she extended her claws as she put her hand on my ass, "what?"

She pushed, "take her."

I turned back to the struggling wild girl and shifted before thrusting and humping. She spread her legs and growled before suddenly going still as my growing cock pushed against her pussy. She tilted her hips and mewed and I slowly pushed all the way into her. She shivered and pushed back as Care sighed and pushed on me, "now fuck her."

I looked back as I began to fuck the girl under me, "you are getting fucked as soon as I finish."

She laughed and pulled on my tail, "so you will finally give me what I want."

I ignored her as I kept fucking the girl under me. Her pussy constantly tightened and massaged my cock and she tried to push back. She was shivering and shuddering and I buried my cock before stopping. I pulled out and she meowed and turned to look at me. I grinned and rolled her over before moving over her and sinking my cock back into her.

She shoved her hips up and clutched me while her slick pussy grasped my cock, "aaaahhhh!"

Care laughed as she laid beside us and kept petting my back. She seemed to enjoy stroking my tail but it sent thrills and shocks through me and into my cock. I began to fuck the girl with deep strokes as I tried to cum. She wiggled and bucked while clinging to me, "mmmm!"

I rubbed cheeks with her as I began to rub harder and grunt. She shook and tilted her hips as my cock throbbed before gushing huge spurts of cum. She jerked and spasmed while her pussy milked the sperm out and into her, "yyyeeessss!"

When I was done I sighed, "I am Gil No Press sil Motiz and I claim you."

She shuddered as her pussy squeezed, "Siren Treehunter."

I rubbed cheek before pulling out and looking at Care. I reached out to strip her skirt off, "Care Has Gre Lass I see you."

She was grinning as she helped me and pushed me onto my back. She straddled me and rubbed her hot pussy on my cummy cock sheath, "I claim you."

She shoved and bounced and wiggled as my cock emerged and grew. It pushed into her as she twisted and rocked to drive it deeper. Siren laughed, "he is supposed to take you."

Care sighed as her pussy rippled and massaged my cock, "we are mated so I can take him."

Siren looked at me as I reached up to start kneading at Care's breasts. She grinned, "I am next."

I thrust up, "we have to finish looking at the house."

Care twisted and rolled her hips as she spasmed and moaned louder. Her pussy grasped my cock and she jerked harder while wailing. Siren grinned and reached up to tug on a nipple. Care jerked and howled, "yyyeeessss!"

I shook my head and pulled her down and rolled. I began to fuck her firmly and she lifted her legs and clutched me, "oooohhhh!"

I kept fucking her with long strokes while rubbing her cheek and licking under and behind her ear. She yowled and thrashed while her pussy clenched, "aaaahhhh!"

It was several minutes before I shoved into her and pushed while holding her. She jerked and spasmed and then howled as I spewed cum into her. She twisted and struggled as I held her and continued to pump sperm into her. When I was done I relaxed as she panted and slowly sagged to the bed.

I pulled out and moved back and off the bed. Siren was grinning as she pulled Care off. I put my kilt on and waited for them before leaving. By the time we returned to the first level I knew I wanted the house. Everyone was in the kitchen and the male grinned when we came down, "we heard you found my daughter."

I glanced at her as she held Care's hand, "violently."

He laughed and I looked at Ms Gretchen, "I will take it."

She grinned, "I will start the paperwork."

I hesitated as she started for the door and Siren's father cleared his throat, "we will be leaving in the morning."

I blinked, "that was fast."

He shrugged and glanced at his mates, "we have family waiting and our new home is ready."

I nodded and started for the door, "come on Care."

Siren came with us and we ended up in a quiet lodge for the night. Well it was not quiet in our bed as I fucked both of them several times. We got up late and washed before dressing. I checked on our crates in storage before we went to eat. The two girls pulled me away to shop while they whispered and murmured.

It was afternoon before we returned to the tree house. It was empty and barren but within an hour our things began to arrive. All of Siren's things had been left and she moved them with Care helping her. The master bedroom suite was more than comfortable and our large bed fit with room to spare.

I was helping unpack the kitchen when a dark grey Maury knocked on the open door. I straightened and gestured him in. He grinned as he walked in, "I was told you were Kaire."

I nodded and he shook his head, "you almost look like my own brother."

I grinned, "I have a few sibs you resemble."

He laughed as he came closer, "I live a few kilometers to the south. We raise scurriers and large game birds."

I nodded, "I will be building a few hydroponic greenhouses."

He held out his hand, "Dar."

I took his hand, "Gil."

He looked at the girls and frowned before grinning, "you caught Siren?"

I looked at her and smiled, "yes."

He chuckled and turned towards the door, "My Zira may come hunting you."

I looked at him as he walked towards the door and looked back, "she is Siren's friend and in season."

Care laughed from behind me and Siren grinned, "we could take a break and go for a walk?"

I looked at her, "you mean go hunting."

Dar laughed as he went through the door, "try the river to the east."

A couple of minutes and we were walking away from our tree and heading east. Care and Siren were whispering together like conspirators. I was watching around us at the forest and liked what I saw. When we reached the river I grinned as I stripped and began to wade. I had kept my belt and pistol since I knew there were predators on this world.

The girls were playing and splashing water on each other. I headed towards them and grinned as they looked at each other before stalking towards me. I spun at the sounds of something running through the forest. A charcoal grey Maury girl ran out of the brush. She slowed before turning to run towards us as she yelled, "a Cuachal!"

I could hear something else coming as I pulled my pistol. The girl reached Care and Siren who pulled her towards the deeper water. I let them keep going as I watched the spot the girl had come from. The Cuachal came out suddenly and slowed as it looked around. It stood on its rear legs and roared.

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