Molly, Jacob, and Camden

by Cotton Nightie

Copyright© 2014 by Cotton Nightie

Erotica Sex Story: Molly wants to know more about sex, but can't find satisfying answers. She suggests her twin brother, Jacob, and her best friend, Camden, join her on a quest to explore and learn the mysteries together. In one short weekend, they discover more than they ever expected.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   DomSub   FemaleDom   Spanking   Polygamy/Polyamory   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   .

Molly and Jacob sat at their kitchen table for breakfast, each doing homework. The twins may have looked the same, but the outgoing Molly had established her dominant role early on, despite being born second.

"Hey shit head, what did you get for that polynomial factor question?" she asked without looking up from the binder she was scribbling in with a short pencil.

"Bite me, cunt lips," he replied.

"Did you figure it out or got bored half-way through and jerk off?" she looked up with a wicked twinkle in her eye.

"I jacked it to your friend Camden and spelled the answer on the shower wall."

"Just tell me!" Her impatience was showing in her red cheeks so he cracked open his binder to see.

"X squared plus Y squared minus 1," he said and slammed it shut again.

"I knew it."

"Then why'd you ask?"

"To make sure you knew."

He sighed noisily and returned to reading his history text.

"So what did they talk to you about in your health class yesterday?" She stuck the tip of her pencil between her lips.

"Cocks and balls, mostly. Dad told us more when we were twelve and actually gave straight answers when we asked questions. I swear Coach Jeeves was gonna have a heart attack a few times."

Molly was silent for a moment and Jacob looked up to see a pink flush on her cheeks. "They wouldn't answer my questions at all."

"What the hell did you ask?" he snorted.

"They kept talking about periods and shit. Most of us have known about that for years, so I asked about things like how big penises were and how much stuff comes out during ejaculation. Everyone acted like I was a freak for wanting to know."

"You are a freak," he said and laughed at her embarrassed reaction.

"You can't tell me you aren't curious about vulvas and clitorises and orgasms."

"Yeah I'm curious, but I'm sure as hell not going to ask about it during health class. Just google it like a normal person. Jeez!"

"I've seen stuff, but it doesn't explain anything! Like why does the guy always want to splooge on the girls face? And the girls all seem to be able to cum by rubbing, but that doesn't work for me."

Her expression was serious and she sounded upset which silenced Jacob's funny comeback. "Oh. Sorry."

"Never mind," she said and shut her books. "Forget I said anything. I'll see you at the bus stop." Then she grabbed her jacket and left him there with a confused look on his face.

Molly was sitting on the curb with her book bag between her feet when Camden came up and sat beside her.

"'Sup," she said. "Where's Jacob?"

"He's coming." Molly picked at the flaking pink polish on her short nails.

Camden was quiet for a moment, then asked in a rush, "Do you think he likes me?"

"He whacks it to you in the shower." Molly said tonelessly.

"What?" Camden exclaimed and pushed against Molly's shoulder.

"He admitted it this morning over breakfast." Molly said, trying to keep a serious expression. Her friend Camden was blushing in open-mouthed shock.

"Hey," Jacob said and sat down next to Camden before she could fully compose herself. "Dad said he had to work late tonight so we're on our own for dinner."

"We can get off early near the store and pick up some pizza dough and stuff. Wanna come over and make pizzas with us, Camden?" Molly had a wicked grin on her face, but Jacob couldn't see Camden's panicked reaction from behind her.

"Uh," she stammered. "Sure, I guess. Lemme call Mom."

When she got up to make the call, Molly caught Jacob staring at her ass. She leaned close to whisper, "It is pretty nice."

He jumped and glanced at her as his ears turned red. "Jeez, Molly."

"I told her you whacked it to her in the shower." Her whisper turned into a bright laugh when Jacob covered his face with his hands.

"Mom said it's cool as long as I'm home by nine," Camden said as she stepped back to look down at them both. "What's so funny?"

"Jacob thinks you have a great ass," Molly explained and laughed again.

"Jeez, Molly," they said at the same time, then all three laughed as the bus pulled up.

Molly kept the heat turned up on both Jacob and Camden all day. During lunch she started a frank discussion of female anatomy with Camden while Jacob sat red-faced and quiet. Then later on she complained about how Jacob always leaves his towel in the bathroom and walks naked back to his room to dress, spending more time than necessary describing his naked body. Camden kept licking her lips and shifting around like she had an itch.

After school they got off the bus stop closest to the supermarket and went inside. Jacob grabbed a cart and the girls loaded it up with their jackets, purses, and book bags.

"The fresh pizza dough is over in the deli." Jacob said and headed that direction. Molly and Camden walked a little behind, allowing him to lead the way.

"You're looking at his ass, aren't you?" Molly asked her best friend. It wasn't really a question.

"I wonder if Mom would let me sleep over," she whispered. "It is Friday." They'd been friends forever and had sleep-overs back and forth over the years, often with Jacob sleeping with them in a pile on her bed. It had always been innocent fun when they were younger, but the last year or so Jacob had retreated to his own room at bedtime.

"Want me to get two or three?" Jacob asked, oblivious to their attention.

"Let's get three so we can do one veggie for me," Molly said. "I'm not in the mood for pepperoni."

Jacob grabbed three balls of dough, the mozzarella cheese, and a couple of bags of sliced pepperoni. "What veggies?"

"Zucchini, tomatoes, olives, and fresh basil." Molly said, then led the way to find them all. She put them in the cart, then picked up the zucchini and held it up suggestively. "Hmmm..."

"Molly!" Camden shook her head and stepped closer to take the vegetable from her hand and put it back in the cart. "God, what's gotten into you?"

"Not enough," she muttered. There was a distinctive tingle in her stomach and a warm pulsing sensation even lower. "I need a few more things."

Leading the way out of the produce area, she headed to the aisle with the feminine products. Browsing more than shopping, she stopped at the display of condoms and lotions. She selected a three pack of condoms that promised a snug fit and full sensation. Next she got a small bottle of lubricating lotion, then noticed on the top shelf was a small vibrating toy disguised as an egg-shaped personal massager.

Jacob and Camden watched her with wide eyes as she placed the items in the cart.

"Y-You're gonna go through the self-check line, right?" Jacob stammered.

"Yup," she said with more confidence than she felt.

"Molly, what are you doing?" Camden whispered as she stepped close to grab her friend's arm.

"Don't worry, they're not for me." She stared in her friends eyes until the meaning of the words sunk in.

"No way," she said with a sudden laugh. "Stop it!" Despite the protest she made no move to take the items back out of the cart.

Molly moved Jacob out of the way and pushed the cart toward the front of the store while her brother and best friend followed along meekly. As expected, the self-checkout made the potentially embarrassing purchase painless. While Molly slipped her debit card through the machine and punched her code, she noticed Jacob slip his fingers in Camden's hand as they ambled towards the exit.

The walk home was subdued as each of them considered what Molly had obliquely proposed. When they arrived at the house, Jacob unlocked the door and let the girls in ahead of him. Molly dropped her school bags on the sectional couch and carried the grocery bags into the kitchen. She put the pizza items on the island, but left the three other purchases displayed on the counter near the sink.

"Get the pizza pans," she commanded her brother while she got the flour canister next to the stove. Spreading a little flour on the island surface, she dumped one of the balls of dough out and began to kneed it. "Hey Camden, can you get me the rolling pin in that drawer over there."

The tension eased as they fell into a friendly banter around the island. In no time the three small pizzas were in the oven and Molly had cleaned up the mess. She found the two of them sitting at the kitchen table doing homework, so she grabbed her own book bag and joined them.

It was hard to concentrate on calculus. Jacob appeared to be reading the same page over and over. Camden was writing furiously, but it didn't appear to be school related when Molly glanced her way. "Whatcha writin'?" she asked.

She sighed heavily and put down her pen. "Look, we've all been friends forever. I don't want to screw that up if ... something happens."

Jacob nodded and looked at Molly. "It's also weird because you seem to want to be involved. I admit I've liked Camden for a long time, but I've never thought of being with you like that."

"For me it's just about trust. You're my twin and I know you won't hurt me or tell anyone. If I go out with someone to find out what I want to know, it'll come out. It always does. Can't we just play a little."

Camden took her hand. "I know we've played I'll show you mine if you show me yours before, but this is a little different."

"It doesn't have to be," Molly whispered. "Why can't we just have some fun and learn about our bodies together?"

The timer on the oven went off and killed the moment. Shifting the books to a side table, they set the table while Jacob got the pizzas out of the oven. It didn't take long until the food was gone and the kitchen cleaned up.

Molly plopped down on the couch and turned on the television. She found a rerun of a South Park episode and ignored Jacob and Camden talking quietly in the kitchen. She had finally given up on the idea when Jacob and Camden came to sit down on either side of her.

"What the hell," Camden said and shrugged. "If you hate me after this it's your own fault." Then she leaned in close and kissed her friend softly on the lips.

Molly kept their eyes open at first until the tingling in her stomach forced her to shut them. Camden was kissing her deeply, opening her mouth a little as their tongues darted out to touch. The flavor of pizza masked a subtle taste of arousal that spurred Molly to reach around and pull her friend into her lap.

"Holy shit," Jacob muttered as the two girls continued for a moment longer.

Camden began to chuckle, then to laugh. "Holy shit is right. That was really hot. Come here." She was reclining with her head in Molly's lap when Jacob leaned over to kiss her. Molly ran her fingers through his hair, touching his shoulders and tracing his muscles in his back through his shirt.

With her other hand she began to unbutton Camden's blouse, then pull it from her jeans. Seeing her narrow slit of a navel drew her fingers there to trace along her waistband.

Camden gripped Jacob's shirt and hissed loudly as Molly continued to tickle.

"That's it," Jacob said and pulled back to lift his shirt off in one smooth movement. "My pants are too tight." He unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned the fly and pushed his jeans down to stand there in his grey boxer-briefs. The sight of his bulge was enough to make both girls sigh, which set off another round of giggles.

"Okay," Camden said as she removed her shirt as well. "Let's see it."

Molly hadn't ever seen him erect. His shaft hung down to his balls when he walked back to his room from the bathroom, but now it pointed up and away from his stomach. He had brown hair that matched his head and body hair, but it was trimmed short. The ball-sack looked soft, but his stiff shaft was veined with a broad purple head on top.

Camden opened her bra to reveal pale domes with light brown areola riding up high with pointed nipples. Molly drew her shirt over her head and opened her bra to share her slightly smaller pair. Her areola were darker and smaller, but her nipples were just as erect.

Camden slid her jeans down with her underwear to reveal a matted mass of hair at the joining of her slender legs. Molly raced to keep up and left her own jeans and panties on the floor. She trimmed herself shorter than Camden, but still only enough to prevent the hair from sticking out around her panties.

"Can I touch it?" Camden asked with a quaver in her voice.

Jacob sat on the couch between them and grinned. "Be gentle, especially the head and the balls."

Molly let her go first. Watching Camden take his shaft in her hand was thrilling enough, but she shivered when Jacob made a quiet grunt and exhaled slowly.

"It's so soft," Camden whispered. "I mean on the outside. The skin." She prodded the head to see how it would feel, then ran both hands down to cup his balls. "I don't know why, but I never expected there to be actual balls in there," she said with a laugh.

Molly reached over to touch her brother's shaft, then ran her fingertip around where the head met the shaft. When she got to the front, he sucked in his breath, so she rubbed it again, pressing his shaft against his stomach.

"That's the spot," he muttered. "It feels so good when I rub it there."

"What do you think about when you do it?" Camden asked as Molly let her have a turn at the spot.

"I think about you, usually. About how it would feel if you licked me there and touched me." He was whispering with his eyes shut as he leaned back against the couch.

Molly fondled his balls, rolling them around between her thumb and fingers. They were soft and warm, far warmer than she'd imagined.

Just then a bit of liquid dribbled out of his head. "Is that cum?" Camden asked in awe.

Jacob cracked open an eye to see. "Naw, just some precum. It means I'm getting closer."

"Just from rubbing this spot?" Camden asked. "Hell, it takes me forever to get wet when I'm alone, let alone cum." Molly sighed in frustration at her own fruitless attempts.

"Can you rub the slick precum around the head with your whole hand?" Jacob begged.

She made a circle with her fingers and thumb, then began to stroke the top of his shaft. As more liquid dripped out, his head darkened towards red. She was sliding his head out of her fist like some kind of demented jack in the box.

"Slow down, I want to feel it," he whispered. "If you go too fast it loses sensation."

Molly was utterly fascinated by his reactions. He was squeezing his ass in time with her slower strokes, lost in the pleasure Camden was giving him. On impulse Molly took his hand and pressed it over her bare breasts.

"Oh fuck yes," he muttered, squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. He used his other hand to grab onto Camden's larger breasts and did the same to them.

"Kiss me," Camden whispered, looking at Molly with a sly grin.

Without stopping her slow strokes, Camden leaned forward to meet Molly over Jacob's lap. He continued to play with their breasts as they kissed, tongues touching and teeth gently biting lips. Molly felt her body responding as it never had when she was alone. The slickness between her legs made her want to move her hips in time with Camden's hand on her brother's cock.

"I'm gonna cum," Jacob moaned. Both girls stopped and looked down as Jacob ejected ropes of a milky white liquid on his chest and stomach. The pulses came fast at first, throwing the first couple of spurts almost to his chin, then they slowed and fell shorter distances until he let out the breath he'd been holding.

"That was so fucking cool," Molly said as she reached out to catch some on the end of her finger. It was sticky and stretched between her fingertips. "It smells like bleach."

Camden was doing the same thing, but with a daring look at Molly she put her finger in her mouth and licked it clean. "Blech," she muttered. "Slimy and bitter."

Jacob took in the spectacle with a relaxed look of peace. "Well, go on Molly. You wanted to find out."

She glanced between them and then picked up a large dollop on the end of her finger and popped it in her mouth. "It is slimy, but it's not that bad."

Jacob shook his head. "I can't believe my sister just ate my cum."

"So does it always shoot that high?" Molly asked as she drew her finger around his chest through the mess. "Does that much always come out?"

"Not usually. It's been a couple of days and you've been teasing the fuck out of me all day. It's the first time I've ever had ... er ... help, so maybe that makes a difference. It definitely felt better with someone else doing it."

Camden went into the kitchen and got some warm, wet paper towels to clean him up. When she got back she said, "I felt you pulse right before it shot out. I feel the same kind of thing when I cum, too, but nothing comes out obviously."

"Lucky," Molly muttered. "Whatever the trick is, I've never found it."

"It's kind of like trying to sneeze," Camden said as she cleaned Jacob's chest. "You can't just make it happen. All you can do is keep tickling your nose and hope it happens."

"I'm so fucking horny I can't stand it." Molly got up and went to get the rubbers, lotion, and little vibrating egg. When she got back to the couch she tore open the package the egg came in.

"What's that?" Jacob asked as he inspected the box of condoms.

"Some kind of vibrating thingy. Maybe this will help."

"Want me to try?" Camden asked with a laugh. "I got your brother off after all." She knelt down on the carpet in front of Molly and took the little toy. "You just relax and let me try. At least I know where my good spots are. Maybe yours are the same."

Molly scooted to the edge of the couch and opened herself up to her best friend. Camden had a determined look on her face, like she was working on a tough algebra problem.

"Give me the lotion," she said to Jacob who was suddenly interested in what was going on.

"Here ya go," he said as he scooted over next to Molly to get a closer look.

Camden twisted the egg until it made a little buzzing noise. Then she got a dollop of the lubricating lotion and warmed it in her hands, covering the toy with it as well. "Let me know if I hit the right spot."

Molly shut her eyes as her friend slipped her fingers around her furry opening. It kept tickling, but Molly forced herself to be still and let it happen. The first time Camden slid the toy around her opening she gasped and covered her mouth with her hands.

"Oh fuck," she whispered through her fingers. "Oh damn, that feels good."

Slipping a finger inside, Camden held the toy above Molly's clit and began to massage all around with the other hand. The analogy of the sneeze actually helped as Molly chased the strongest sensations, focusing on how wonderful it felt and trying to let it take her away.

Even though her eyes were closed, she knew her brother's touch as she caressed her breasts. "Does this help or not?" he asked, sounding a little breathless.

"It's nice," she whispered back. "Would you kiss them?"

His mouth was warm as his tongue tickled around her areola and over her nipples. He kept squeezing from the bottom, licking between them making her gasp they went from warm to cold to warm as he moved between them.

Camden kept making the same kinds of motions in a slow cycle and Molly felt the stirring of something new inside. When she felt Camden's warm breath she realized Camden was leaning closer and hoped she might ... then she did.

The warm sensation of her tongue tracing between her folds of skin made her cry out. It wasn't an orgasm, not yet, but it was so fine. The feeling of being tasted drew her closer than she'd ever been, but then Camden pressed her mouth more firmly against her lower lips and moaned like she was eating a truffle at the mall chocolate store.

"Holy shit, Camden," Jacob muttered. "That's so fucking hot." He continued to eat Molly's breasts, but stopped to watch Camden occasionally.

Molly felt like she was clinging to the edge of a cliff by her fingernails. Her body shook as Camden and Jacob pried her fingers off one by one. When she finally fell, it was in a screaming spasm as her body finally gave her the release she'd been chasing for months.

Even with her eyes clenched tight, she saw sparks of light shoot through the darkness. The pulsing rush started where Camden was devouring her and rocked her whole body with electric shocks. In the end all she could to was hold on to Jacob at her breast until it passed, clinging to her brother and weeping softly.

"Hey, you okay?" he asked, leaning back to brush the damp hair out of her face.

"Thank you," she whispered, pulling at Camden's arm to join them. "Thank you, thank you." She kissed her friend, tasting her own arousal on Camden's lips. Then she kissed her brother like a lover for the first time, his rough skin rubbing her lips as he kissed her back. "I get it," she said at last. "I finally understand."

After a long snuggle together, Jacob went to the kitchen to get them glasses of water. Molly was staring at her friend's face and touching it gently.

"Sorry if I got a little carried away," Camden said. "I never thought about doing that to a girl before, but in the heat of the moment..." She trailed off as Molly pulled her closer.

"It was amazing. I want you to experience it." She kissed her hair. "It doesn't have to be me or anything."

"I'd like to try," Camden whispered into her neck. "If you wanted to."

"I kinda do." They smiled at each other as Jacob returned.

"Here ya go," Jacob said, handing them each a glass of iced water and joining the snuggle pile next to Camden. As they drank, Jacob ran his hand along Camden's thigh. Sometimes he ran up her side, other times down toward her feet. She sighed and put her glass down on the table behind the couch, putting her knees to either side of his legs. She took his glass from him and set it down next to hers.

"My turn," she whispered as she pressed her body against Jacob and kissed him deeply. In moments he was erect, so Molly pulled out the condoms and tore open one of the foil packages with her teeth. Camden glanced over and chuckled, then leaned back so Molly could roll the condom down his shaft.

"Scoot down a little," Camden said, lifting slightly so Jacob could move his hips toward the front of the couch. "Would you put some of that lube on us?" she asked Molly.

Molly warmed a handful and slid it down his rubber covered shaft, then reached around from behind Camden and slipped some inside her with her fingers. After that she withdrew to sit on the ground in front of them.

Camden slid herself along Jacob's shaft a few times as they kissed. It seemed like she was having a hard time getting going, so he reached down between them to hold his shaft up for her to push back against. Watching her brother's cock spread open her friend's thin lips was highly erotic. As Camden lowered herself onto him, Molly watched his head then his shaft disappear inside her.

It was a slow process as Camden stopped to breath deeply between her attempts to take all of him inside. When they came together completely, Camden hummed deep in her throat and bent to kiss Jacob.

She lifted and lowered herself slowly, kissing him while he cupped her breasts and moaned. Molly sat enraptured at the sight of their union, her own body yearning to know what it must feel like. Soon Camden began to leak a little arousal, the white drips flowing out of her and down along his shaft and balls.

The temptation to join them in some way grew, but she pushed it away to let them have this moment. Her brother and best friend Camden weren't virgins anymore. Watching their tender kisses and slow penetration made her feel a little uncomfortable, but she stayed quiet and still, unable to take her eyes off of them.

"Molly," Camden called quietly. "Come up here."

Molly climbed up on the couch and leaned into her brother's shoulder to watch her friend's face. Camden was flushed and sweating, but had a happy glow as Jacob continued to kiss along her jaw and ears.

"It's amazing," she whispered. "It doesn't hurt at all, just a little snug at first." She shivered as Jacob pulled an earlobe between his lips. "It's like I'm finally full and never even knew I was hungry. I'm so close now."

Jacob followed her increased pace, pulling her hips down hard each time she lowered herself on him. "I'm not gonna be able to hold it back," he whispered. "I'm sorry, but you feel too good."

Molly kissed his shoulder, then bit it gently, unable to take her eyes off her friend's face. "Wait for her," she whispered to her brother. "You can do it."

After a few more strokes, Camden groaned, "Oh yes!" Then she pressed herself down and ground against his shaft in a mad frenzy of straining cries. Reaching one arm around Molly and the other around Jacob's shoulder, she buried her face between them and squeezed them tight until her moment passed.

Jacob lay limp against the couch with his arms around them both. He was panting like he'd run a mile, but then he'd chuckle between breaths. "Oh my God," he muttered. "That was the most amazing thing ever. Camden, baby, you were perfect."

"I need to call my Mom," Camden said when she'd caught her breath.

"You just had sex for the first time and your first thought is to call your Mom?" Molly asked with a chuckle.

"We're having a sleep-over," she said as she hugged them both. "I hope your Dad is a deep sleeper."

Molly heard the garage door open and scanned the room one last time. They had dressed and sprayed air freshener, but the musky scent of sex still seemed too obvious for their father to miss.

"It's fine. We're fine," Jacob assured her. "Just relax. God knows I'm relaxed." The satisfied smile on his face made her chuckle.

He had his feet up on the coffee table with Camden's head in his lap. Molly was sitting with Camden's legs across her lap and was tracing her bare feet with trembling fingers. Camden had lovely feet, with perfectly pink nails. Molly had painted those nails a hundred times over the years, but touching them now created a new kind of flutter in her stomach.

Dad came in through the kitchen. "Hey," he muttered, sounding tense and tired. "I got some bad news. I'm gonna have to fly out tonight to fix a screw up in Atlanta. Jacob, I'm gonna need you to run me to the airport and pick me up again on Sunday afternoon."

"Sure thing, Dad." Jacob's eyes were wide as he glanced between Camden and Molly. He whispered, "You'll wait for me?"

Molly was tempted to tease him, but something in his eyes seemed vulnerable just then. She smiled at him and nodded. "We'll clean up and get ready for bed, but we'll wait."

Camden sighed happily, then sat up. "Hurry back. You make a nice pillow."

Dad packed in minutes and by the time Jacob had his shoes on they were ready to go. Camden had sat up and was looking over the back of the couch as they came back into the living room.

"Oh, hey Camden," Dad said with a weary smile. "I didn't see you there."

"Sorry you have to work all weekend. I hope you fix the problem." Camden gave him a sympathetic smile.

"It'll be fine. It's just technical stuff, but I need to be there to see the problem and fix it." He looked to his two kids. "I don't mind Camden hanging out, but no parties, no guests, and no drinking my liquor. I'm trusting you guys to be responsible. Am I clear?"

"Yes, sir," Molly and Jacob answered in unison.

"Here's a hundred bucks, but this isn't spending money. It's for food and emergencies. I expect to get change back with receipts. I'm sure Camden's parents will be happy to help you if you need anything else while I'm gone."

"Of course they will," Camden said. "I'll tell Mom so she'll know to keep an eye on them for you."

"It'll be fine, Dad," Molly said. "Call us if you get worried. I doubt we'll even leave the house."

Jacob gave them a sly smile as he helped his Dad carry the bags out. "See ya in a bit."

Now that she was alone with Camden, Molly felt butterflies in her stomach and couldn't understand why. Camden sat close and quiet as Robot Chicken played on the unwatched television. Lacking anything intelligent to say, Molly asked, "You okay?"

"Yeah," she sighed and smiled over at Molly. "I feel ... different. But not in a bad way." She paused for a moment as her face flushed pink. "Is it weird that I want to kiss you now? I never wanted to before."

"No, not to me anyway" Molly said, feeling relieved. She took Camden's hand and ran her thumb across the back. "I guess I always wanted to kiss you. It feels that way looking back."

"We were always kinda touchy. It never bothered me or anything. Then when you were really getting into it, I suddenly wanted to taste you." She shivered and chuckled to herself.

"I'm glad you did." Molly turned the experience over in her mind. It seemed like the clear categories of brother and friend had run together like a painting in the rain. The picture may be different, but the colors were just as beautiful to her.

"I'm changing the subject," Camden declared with a sigh. "There's lube in my panties and it feels weird. Can I borrow some clothes?"

"Sure, we could probably use a shower before Jacob gets back anyway." Molly got up and pulled her friend up after her. They continued to hold hands as they went down the hall to her room. Molly grinned as they bumped shoulders when they passed through the doorway.

Her room had white furniture with purple accents. Her full size bed was unmade, with the purple and gold comforter pushed all the way down against the foot board. The dresser was crowded with cosmetics under a large mirror with pictures tucked in along the frame. There were pictures of the three of them through the years, always smiling and always together.

Molly pulled open a drawer and got out panties and long night shirts for them both. Camden had begun undressing, folding her clothes and placing them on the storage bench under the window.

"God, I should keep trimmed but I never had a reason to during winter before. This is long enough to perm!" She pulled her pubic hair in a fist to show Molly how long it was.

"Let me get Jacob's trimmer. He goes apeshit when I use it, but I imagine things may be different now." Molly stepped into the shared bathroom between their rooms and grabbed his electric trimmer off the charger. Getting a towel, she headed back to find Camden climbing up on the bed.

"Can you help me do it?" She blushed as she asked.

"Sure," Molly said. "Hop on this towel so I can keep the hairs out of my bed."

Turning on the buzzy trimmer, Molly focused on her task. The first few passes got the fluff on top of the mons down to a reasonable size, then she pushed her legs open to trim along her vulva leaving enough hair so it wouldn't itch.

"You're lips don't stick out," Molly noted as she mushed the skin around to get into the creases of her legs. Once she got the majority of the bushy hair out of the way, she realized Camden was biting her lower lip. "Am I hurting you?"

"Just the opposite," she whispered. "It's so nice. Like when you give me a pedicure and paint my toenails." She wiggled her nicely painted toes and laughed.

Her strong scent wasn't unpleasant, but the combination of arousal, lube, and personal chemistry kept her from attempting what she wanted to do just then. It only took a few more passes to leave her neatly trimmed and ready for a shower.

"Want me to do you?" Camden asked with a grin.

"Why not?" Molly answered and quickly removed her own clothes, throwing them at the clothes hamper near the door. The tingling in her stomach intensified as she climbed up to place herself on the towel.

The buzzing of the trimmer felt almost as good as the little vibrating egg she'd picked up. Like Camden said, the sensation of being sheared was more pleasant than she expected and she soon found herself biting her lower lip.

"See?" Camden said when she noticed. "I told you it was nice. Lift up your knees, I'm going in."

Camden trimmed down her labia and pushed her skin around to get the trickier areas. When she parted her inner lips, Molly looked to see what she was doing. Camden had a curious expression on her face as she felt around with her warm fingers.

"Lose something?" Molly asked with a chuckle.

"It's just so interesting! I can only see mine with a mirror. I'm more pink, but I like the way your lips look tan here." She ran her fingers to show where she meant. "And I think your opening is smaller than mine."

Molly sat up and tried to see, but she couldn't contort herself enough. "Like too small or just smaller?"

"Hold on," Camden said, then got the lube from the dresser drawer they'd hidden their toys. After warming some on her fingers, she stepped back to the bed. "I wanna see something. Do you mind?"

"Go ahead," Molly said as she watched, more curious than aroused now.

Camden took her first two fingers and slid them inside Molly's opening. It felt tight and tingly, but then Camden started feeling around along the front wall.

"That makes me feel like I need to pee," Molly said through clenched teeth.

"That's the spot I have to hit when I'm playing with myself. One hand rubbing up top, two fingers inside pushing here. Give me your hand." Molly put her hand out as Camden coated her fingers with a bit of lube. "See if you can find it."

Molly slid her middle and ring fingers inside, feeling along until she hit a kind of rough spot along the smooth front wall. "It does feel kinda nice to push there."

"Mine swells up when I get close and pushing on it makes me cum so hard."

Molly grinned, then they both laughed at the situation. "I feel like we're two guys looking at a car's engine. Did ya check the oil?"

Camden stepped closer with an impish grin on her face, then tilted her head as she reached Molly's lips. The kiss warmed quickly as Molly scooted closer, but when it cooled again it left them both breathless. "We promised we'd wait," Camden whispered.

"We will," Molly said. "Let's get cleaned up. Want me to scrub your back?"

While Molly put their hair in the trash and the towel in the dirty clothes hamper, Camden got the water running in the tub to get it hot. They didn't waste much time to avoid the temptation of playing without Jacob. Molly did explore a bit while she had the soapy wash cloth and enjoyed the attention she received as well.

Dressed in Molly's panties and night shirts, the girls sat on the bed together while Molly stripped the chipped polish off her fingernails and applied a fresh coat of her favorite pale pink color. Camden was playing with her phone as she waited, sometimes sliding her toes to tickle along Molly's thigh.

Just doing normal things like this felt exciting to Molly now. Their new intimacy had changed things, but if anything it felt warmer and deeper between them. The silence was comfortable, their occasional touches sweet, but under it all was a passion that bubbled to the surface whenever she stared at Camden's face.

With her nails finished and drying, Molly lay back with her fingers spread over her stomach. Camden kept glancing at the door while she rubbed lotion on Molly's feet. "Hasn't it been too long?"

"He'd have called if something came up." Watching her friend worry, Molly recognized how strongly she felt about Jacob. It made her feel jealous in a way, but not as badly as she expected. "He really likes you, you know."

"Yeah," she whispered and blushed a deep pink. "I've always had a crush on him, ever since we were little."

She felt her stomach churn as she considered how to say what she needed to say. "Hey, if you guys want some alone time this weekend," she started and was stopped by the hard look in Camden's eyes.

"Wait for him to get back," she commanded. Camden wasn't always assertive, but this was obviously something she felt strongly about.

"Okay," Molly agreed and shut her eyes for a moment. "Maybe we should call him." Just then the rumble of the garage door signaled his return. "Nevermind."

Camden was suddenly nervous, like she didn't know how to act. She changed her position on the bed three times before assuming a casual pose next to Molly. When Jacob appeared in the doorway he had two small bouquets of three red roses with baby's breath all wrapped in green paper.

"Hey," he said, bluffing a mature air, but it didn't last a second until his cheeky grin appeared. "I know it's corny, but I had to bring you something. I mean," he paused as his flush deepened. "I had fun and..." he shook his head and gave up trying to be cool. "Shit, you're both so gorgeous. How the hell did I get this lucky?"

"Being my brother, of course," Molly laughed. "All my twin brothers get to sleep with my hot friend."

"And you," he said almost as a question. "I just spent an awkward trip to the airport with Dad, then a long trip home just thinking." He walked into the room and joined them sitting on the bed. "Are you sure you're both okay with this?"

Rather than jump in, Molly held herself back and let Camden speak for them both.

"We've been talking," Camden whispered. "I'm never gonna stop being Molly's friend, even if things change a little from now on. I'm never gonna stop crushing on you, either, apparently." Her flush deepened as she took both of their hands. "I know it's gotta be weird for you two, but I'm pretty sure we can work something out, can't we?"

"It is weird," Jacob admitted. "It's kinda hard to get my head around, but I can't deny how hot is was watching you two." He looked at Molly with his frown fighting his smile. "And then you kissed me. I mean, really kissed me."

"Then maybe I'm the weird one, because I liked it." Molly said and took his hand, then looked at Camden. "And I definitely liked kissing you."

The three of them sat there with the roses between them on the bed, staring around at each other. Jacob finally broke the silence when he said, "Let's see what happens this weekend. Maybe it can work."

"In that case, go shower because I can smell you from here," Molly said as she pushed him to get off the bed. Camden laughed and the tension was gone like it had never been there at all.

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