The Babysitter's Secret
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by Tony Sorrentino

Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Nancy takes a babysitter job to make ends meet. Her ends start getting met by a lot more than the joy of work.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Spanking   Humiliation   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Babysitter  

Live Oak Landings was one of those small towns where everybody minded their own business but where rumors were the quickest way to spread neighborhood gossip about things folks just took a natural interest in if the truth be known.

Nancy Dodge grew up in Live Oak Landings and she was now a budding teenager of sweet sixteen with a delicate bosom and delectable nipples that looked like a prize in a candy store inside her thin training bra that did little to hide her blossoming breasts.

She still like to wear her silly panties that had smiley faces, pandas and sometime even little red hearts that said sexy things like "Kiss me". Of course, her parents thought it was all too cute but Nancy was in dead earnest about the message and hoped one day that some enterprising young boy would see her panties and follow the instructions with the utmost attention to detail.

Nancy's family was a struggling lower middle class family with precious little funds to spare for frivolous things and she had to find her own money to pay for any cosmetics or other teenaged items that a young girl would yearn for at her age. She had tried to get a job at the local super market as an assistant cashier but the older lady that interviewed her told her she looked to immature to handle the customers and told her she was obviously much too shy.

She had cried profusely for almost a half hour after the rejection at the store but kept it all hidden from her parents and her teasing brother Jimmy who insisted on goosing her whenever she went up the stairs. She found it hard to stay mad at Jimmy very long because he was the quarterback on the football team and was only two years older than her but a lot more experienced when it came to the opposite sex. He had a string of girlfriends and his current one was a dark-haired girl from an upscale rich family that frowned at their daughter's association with a musclebound jock.

The girlfriend's name was Veronica and she liked it when Jimmy pinched and teased her right in front of her when they were all watching television on the sofa. For some reason, she didn't mind when Jimmy teased and tickled her when they were alone in private because it made her feel real funny down deep in her tummy or even below that where her secret parts were hidden from boy's naughty eyes.

Nancy had a sort of educated understanding of the birds and the bees as her mother would call it but when it came right down to a visual knowledge of all the moving parts and what they were supposed to do, she only knew the boys or men would probably take control and tell her what to do to get the dirty deed done. She didn't like her brother's advice to just let the boys use her poop hole or her mouth for serious business but never let them inside her female parts unless she wanted to get married and have a baby. It seemed a little sordid to her to think of such things in those terms and she wanted to do stuff like that with a much more romantic point of view with a lot of kissing and hugging and just happy cuddling to make her tingle between her legs.

Nancy was still a technical virgin despite having given several oral sessions to various dates that begged and pleaded so hard that she felt obligated to give them some satisfaction because they did pay for her ticket and bought her soda and a bag of popcorn. In fact, she had even let the assistant principal, Mister Jones do it to her in her backside inside his office because he had caught her cheating on a math exam and she didn't want the stigma of being a cheat added to her name when people talked about her. It had been a real scary moment for her bending over his desk like that but she liked the fact she didn't have to look him in the eye and she kept her eyes closed so his size didn't frighten her before he even put it in.

She was more scared than hurt when he bottomed out inside her gut but the slap of his heavy thighs on her rear cheeks made her realize she was actually taking an adult penis up her butt like one of her brother's girlfriends did all the time. Now she was a full-fledged oral and anal trained teenager but her virginity was still intact.

It was Jimmy that suggested she take a job of babysitter because the money was not going to be taxed and she could also get good tips from the families that wanted to keep a steady girl to take care of their most precious asset. She was not overly happy about the idea of giving up any chance of a social life on the weekends just to make money for the things she felt she deserved without having to sacrifice her free time. Still, money was money and she could watch television and hope that the children stayed asleep and didn't bother her.

Her first job was fairly easy with only one twelve year old girl that snored the entire time. It was almost a crime to take the money and she thanked them for the generous tip. After a couple of months, it all seemed like a sensible way to make money and she began to enjoy the whole thing more than she thought possible.

It was the overnight session at the Andersons that opened her eyes to the other ways she could make money on the job. They were both going to a celebration at his parent's house and they wouldn't be home until about 2AM the next morning. It was arranged she would sleep on the sofa and the husband would drive her home the next morning as soon as they woke up. The pair of children was sound asleep when she arrived and they stayed in bed the entire time. It was an ideal job and she was happy that she would be paid for the entire twelve hours and not just a regular three hour job like all the others.

The wife's name was Cindy and she was a real thin woman with almost no breasts to speak of at all. Nancy saw that the wife was looking at her budding boobs with an envious glance and she was tempted to tell her,

"Go ahead and touch them if you want. I don't mind and that's a fact."

She didn't say anything because she was afraid it would be misunderstood to be rude and she was simply not that kind of girl.

When they came home, the wife had to be carried up the stairs because she had taken in too much of the fruit punch which was a lot more than just innocent old fruit punch to liven up the party. Both Nancy and the husband Marty undressed her and she was surprised that Mister Anderson even removed his wife's undies in front of her but he told her that she, "always sleeps commando" because it makes her feel free and open under the sheets. They tucked her in and went back downstairs like a pair of co-conspirators leaving the scene of the crime.

"Will you be comfortable on the sofa, Nancy?"

She looked up at the handsome older man.

"Yes, sir, it is just fine for me. I brought my sleeping top to put on and I will just wear my panties on the bottom."

He looked at her sitting there with an innocent look on her face and she knew that he was thinking it would be real nice if she slept in the raw just like his spouse so he could get a good eyeful of all her goodies. It annoyed her so much that she decided to put on a show for the horny husband and took off her short skirt revealing her smiley faced panties and then lifting her shirt over her head to put on her short baby-doll top that didn't really hide the panties at all.

Nancy saw that Mister Anderson's eyes were focused on her snatch and she knew that her panties probably showed her camel toe that was puffed up with her bush because she hated to shave down there. Hopefully, her pubic hairs were not sticking out the sides of her panties because that was just gross and she would feel like a slut if he could see them.

He sat down beside her fully clothed and she was disappointed because she had hoped he would have at least taken of his shirt so she could see his muscles. She could feel the hardness of his heavy thigh on her leg and she tried not to gasp when his hand went under her baby-doll top and started to work her budding breast and tiny nipple like he was a husband coming home to his bride in the middle of the night. She wanted to tell him to stop or at least to go slow but all she could manage was a stutter that sounded like she was enjoying it too much to tell him anything but do it harder.

His other hand slid inside her smiley-faced panties in the back and his finger reached her pucker hole with absolute accuracy. Soon, he was probing her dirt-ole with his middle finger like he was testing for her tightness for a later expedition by his manly shaft. She opened her eyes and looked up at the thing right in front of her face and opened her mouth at his command like she was a puppet girl on a string and had to obey his every instruction. The horny husband worked her small teenaged mouth like she was made just to take his shaft inside and give him pleasure whenever he wanted it. He cupped the back of her head and she knew he had complete control. She just hoped that he didn't make her take it all the way when he shoot his load because she didn't think she could swallow fast enough to gobble it all down and not leave a stain on the beautiful sofa.

She heard him growl like a lion out in the grassy plain sighting his prey ready to be eaten. Her eyes looked up and she saw the lust in his handsome face and then the flood hit the back of her throat and all she could do was swallow as fast as she could to show she was a grown-up girl and not some baby without proper experience.

He patted the top of her head and she knew he was pleased with her performance.

Marty leaned down and whispered,

"Get down on your tummy, Nancy. I want to show you how my wife takes it from behind and makes me feel real good."

Nancy was glad she had already taken it back there already because she would be shaking with fear if she had a virgin rear door as well.

Marty straddled the babysitter's long beautiful legs and bounced his happy cock on her crack just to let her know he was still fairly hard and ready to play. Nancy reached back like the assistant principal had shown her and she pulled her cheeks wide open so the horny husband had a clear shot at her brown eye. She knew it was time to take it up the ass and she was ready. She just hoped the wife was truly asleep and wouldn't interrupt this part of her training because all she could think was how much she wanted that long thick shaft up inside her gut and have the husband's weight pinning her to the sofa like a butterfly with her wings held firmly between his legs whilst he probed her inner secrets.

As if from a distance, she heard her whimpers and they seemed almost foreign to her because they came from a deep-seated sense of depraved lust that wanted the humiliation of being taken forcefully from the rear a memory she would never forget the remainder of her life. Her pathetic whimpers changed into animal-like groans of sheer pleasure and she wondered if his wife made that much noise when he gave it to her the same way.

The next morning, she was up early and got the children up from bed and into the bathroom to do their business and she saw that her panties were in bad shape with dried-up cum all over them. Quickly, she got dressed before the wife could see and possibly suspect something and when the husband came down to drive her home, he gave her the envelope with the money and the wife was so hung-over, she never notice him cupping the babysitter's cheeks with his hands and pulling her into his groin to show her how hard he was with his usual morning erection.

Nancy was certain the drive home would be interrupted with a quick stop at the park to get his package back down to normal size and that she would be sprinkled with a fresh squirting of Marty Anderson man juice between her legs. It made her pulse race in anticipation and she knew an early morning stretching was just what the doctor ordered for aerobic exercise for healthy living. She hoped the Andersons would be needed her services often and that the servicing wouldn't be limited to merely furnishing babysitter duties on demand.

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