Boxes in the Attic

by Oscar Dante

Copyright© 2014 by Oscar Dante

Incest Sex Story: A young man discovers his family history in two boxes he finds in the attic

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humor   Incest   Mother   Son   Aunt   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

"Billy, I want you up in that attic. We're getting the house ready to sell, and I want all the junk brought down and thrown away or packed up to move." Billy's mother pulled down the ladder to the attic and the steps lid down.

"Mom, Andy's here to play some video games." He whined.

"Andy can help you." Mom said.

So, up the ladder we went. It was hot that day, but the air conditioning made the attic sufferable. I looked around at all the stuff one accumulates over a twenty years of living in a house.

Andy looked around, "Look at all this crap. What are we gonna do with it?"

"We're gonna make two piles, keep and throw away." Billy said.

Mom and Aunt Amy were organized and had everything in boxes. Their job was to go through the boxes and determine what was junk and what was worth keeping.

As they sorted through boxes, stacking them in two separate piles, He heard Aunt Amy come home from a business breakfast. Since Dad died, Mom and Amy lived together in the house his Dad bought. Aunt Amy was really a second Mom to him. He would no more disobey Aunt Amy than his mother.

It grew hotter in the attic and they took their shirts off. They'd been working a very old pile of boxes in a distant corner. One box they saw had "Baseball Cards" written on it. He put it on the floor reverently. He collected baseball cards and knew any cards in this bag had to be at least twenty years old. He could smell the old, dusty, money.

Andy rubbed his hands, "This could be real gold in this box. Did your Dad collect baseball cards?"

"Beats me, Mom never said anything about it." Billy said.

The old tape gave away easily. And He opened the flaps and looked inside. "What the fuck?" He said to Andy. There were no old baseball cards in it. It was just a pile of dusty magazines.

Andy reached into the box and blew the cover off. "Oh Shit! This is better than baseball cards. This is porn!" He said.

Billy reached inside the box and pulled out another magazine. He wiped the dust off and saw the title. "Jugs." He turned to Andy who was paging through one entitled, "High Society."

"These girls have big tits. Wow, this is hot." He turned the pages and near the middle saw a girl with big tits wearing a thong bottom, she had long black hair, and a wicked smile. He'd seen the smile before. He turned the page to a shot of her spread. Her hands on either side of her pussy and her lips pulled apart. Tearing his eyes off her pussy, He looked at the face again. No, he thought, it couldn't be. He had seen this face before, in a picture hanging on the wall along the stairs, the smile in the picture of the nudie model was the same as his mom's senior picture. He shut that magazine so hard that Andy looked at him oddly.

"Man, there's some good shit in here." He'd already looked at three of them. Billy put the "Jugs" magazine on the floor behind him and picked up another. It was an issue of Penthouse from 1979. He flipped through it and there at the last photo layout was the same big-boobed girl as in the Jugs magazine. Her name was Tanya Handy. Shit, he thought, Mom's name was Tanya Hahn. It had to be her. Billy's mom did nude pictures when she was young.

He dropped the magazine on the Jugs hiding them from Andy. The next one on the pile was called The Isle of Lesbos. It was full of pictures of women having sex. He quickly flipped the pages, until he found the brunette with big boobs. She was naked and her arm was around the waist of another big-boobed brunette. Oh, God, it was Aunt Amy. She was posing nude with her sister.

By now he was sweating. Andy was looking through a magazine and rubbing his dick through his sweat pants. He saw Billy looking and grinned, "Fuck, these are hot. I need to get off, do you mind?" He asked.

Andy and he had a history of beating off together. If he said no, he would wonder what was up. "Sure, go ahead." Billy said.

He pushed down his sweats and underwear and exposed his eight inches of hard cock. He held the magazine in his left hand and beat off with his right. Billy looked over and saw he had the magazine open to a blond and a guy fucking. He breathed a sigh of relief at least Andy wasn't beating off to his Mom or Aunt Amy.

Andy was in a world of his own, Billy reached in and took another one out. It was called Hardcore, and on the cover was Mom holding a guy's big dick. Now, the guy He knew instantly, it was his Dad. Billy only remembered him from pictures around the house. He found them inside, it was a pictorial of Mom and Dad having sex. She was blowing him, he was eating her out, and he was putting his cock in her pussy. This was just too hot.

Billy was trying to think, how to get these magazines away from Andy when his mom yelled up, "Andy's Mom called. He's got to go home."

Mom yelled this just as Andy popped his load on the wood flooring. "Shit," He muttered and stuffed his cock back into his pants. "I'll be right down, Mrs. Hahn." He pulled up his pants. "Don't let your Mom see these. We have to smuggle them out of here and put them somewhere safe."

"You bet." Billy said as Andy headed down the ladder. He was now alone with his treasure trove.

Billy did an inventory, He had twenty-one magazines with photos of Mom, Amy, and Dad. In the bottom of the box were three VHS video tape cassettes. He had no VHS player anymore, but the labels of the tape boxes were very informative.

The tapes were of Mom, Dad, and Amy having sex, Dad wore this bad fake beard and Amy and Mom were sitting on his lap. The tape was called, "The Slut Sisters Fuck Daddy." The Slut Sisters? Mom and Amy? Impossible! His family did porn in the 90s? Dad had sex with Aunt Amy and Mom, at the same time?

He picked up a magazine called Threesomes. In it were Mom, Dad and Amy having a threesome. Mom and Dad, Mom and Amy, Amy and Dad, all three fucking and sucking. As He looked at the pictures, He got a boner. A big boner. He knew He had to jerk off. He pushed down his gym shorts and exposed his nine inches of hard steel and stroked it as He turned the pages. One picture that held him was of Dad fucking Aunt Amy and Aunt Amy eating out Mom. He worked his dick and wondered if Amy and Mom still got it on. Amy lived with them, but she had her own room. Visons of sixty-nines late at night filled his head as He pounded his dick.

"Don't you think it's awfully quiet up there?" Tanya asked her sister, Amy.

"Yes, it is, since Andy left, I haven't heard a sound. Do you think I should check on him? There might be carbon monoxide up there."

"Okay, you check, I still need to get this cake made for the church bake sale."

Amy got up and walked to the stairs to the attic and headed up. Her head cleared the attic floor and she saw her nephew, Billy, with a magazine in his left hand, and his dick in his right.

Amy smiled, she knew her nephew jerked off, all boys his age did, but she didn't know he had such a big dick. He was as big as his father's Amy remembered fondly. He moved and she saw the picture he was looking at.

Amy screamed and fell down the stairs onto the carpeted floor. Billy dropped the magazine at the scream and yanked up his shorts and leaned over the attic entrance. He saw his mother leaning over Amy trying to calm her.

Billy threw all the magazines back into the box and headed down the stairs.

Amy was sitting up against the wall. She said to Tanya, "He didn't destroy them. Billy just found Jack's scrap book box. She pointed at Billy coming down the stairs, "He was jerking off to our old pictures."

Billy turned bright red.

"Is this true, Billy?" His mom looked up at him.

"Mom ... mom..." This was impossible to admit and impossible to deny. "I'm sorry, I didn't know what they were."

"Billy, go up there and get the box and bring it down here." Tanya ordered him.

He climbed back up the stairs and picked up the box. He noticed another box labeled "Baseball Cards." He picked that one up too. It couldn't be magazines, it didn't weight enough.

He handed then down to his Mom and then climbed down.

His Mom picked up one box and Amy the other and took them into the living room. The sisters set them on the hearth of the fireplace and his mother opened the grate.

Billy watched them with curiosity, "What are you doing, Mom?"

"We're burning all this." She said firmly.

"Burning it. Mom! You can't burn this! It belonged to Dad. It's his!"

Amy stood by him, "Honey, it's very embarrassing things, from a time when your mother and I did some things that we don't want to surface."

"Mom, you can't do this! Think of Dad! We only have three pictures of him in the house. Please, Mom, don't burn his stuff!"

Tanya hesitated, "Billy, these things are in the past."

"Well so is Dad! You can't burn the past. Please just hide them. I'll never tell anyone about them." He pleaded.

Tanya sat down on the hearth. She looked at her sister. Amy looked back and shrugged her shoulders.

Amy said, "What's in the unopened box?"

Tanya replied, "Probably more of our past we need to burn."

Billy piped up, "Let me open it."

Tanya shook her head, "Amy, I think you should open the box."

Amy ripped back the tape, and pulled open the flaps, looking inside she said, "Oh My God!" She reached in and pulled out what looked, to Billy, a bikini top, but it had sequins sewed to it. She pulled out a thong, also, with sequins.

"It's my old stripper costume. I can't believe Jack saved this." She reached in and pulled out a leopard skin bra and thong. "It's yours Tanya, he kept yours too."

Billy said, "Stripper costumes, you two were strippers?"

Amy grinned, "For five years we were the top act in San Francisco. We were headliners."

"He doesn't need to know that." Tanya barked at her sister.

"Oh, Tanya, the boy's old enough to know about his past and about his father." Amy retorted.

"I thought we agreed to keep this secret from him." She said.

"You agreed with yourself. I thought he should know when he was old enough.

Billy's head rocked back and forth at this discussion. "Come on, Mom. I should know about Dad. You've just said he was an entertainer. I thought you mean he was a singer."

Amy said out of the side of her mouth, "More like swinger."

"Amy! Stop it!" Tanya said angrily.

Amy dumped out the costumes on the floor and was sorting through them. She picked up the sequined set, "When I get back, I'm telling him all about us, but first I want to see if this still fits." She left for her room.

"Come on, Mom. I'm eighteen, I'm an adult, and surely you can tell me about my Dad's real past." Billy insisted.

Tanya shook her head. I shouldn't, some of it is embarrassing."

Billy moved to sit next to her on the hearth, both to listen better and to stop his mother from burning the boxes.

Tanya leaned back against the stones. "It started in '89. I had graduated from high school and didn't want to take some minimum wage job, and I wanted to get out from under my mother's thumb. Your Grandma was a controlling bitch. So I took the money I'd save working in high school and left for San Francisco, the capital of the movement."

"Let's get a coke, son." She said and got up.

He was relieved to go to the kitchen as she was now a room away from the boxes and the fireplace.

She popped two cans and set them on the table. Sitting down she resumed the story.

"So, I got this job working in this free clinic for less than minimum wage. It was nasty work, these were drugged out street people."

"One day, the director of the clinic was bringing through some donors, and one stopped to talk to me. I was dressed in this tie-dyed tee shirt, and in those days no one wore a bra, so I was sort of out there."

"He stopped and looked at me, and handed me a card. 'Want to make a grand a week?' He said. That sounded good as I made about $120 a week at the clinic. He said to stop by his club."

"So, I did. It turned out to be a strip club. I walked in and saw girls wearing almost nothing dancing in front of men who stuffed bills into their G-strings. He took me in the back and gave me a costume and said I was on next. I had no idea what to do. So, I peeked out at the girls on and watched then strip off their outfits."

"I went on, and I was terrible. I couldn't keep time, I was blushing a bright red. I looked over at the boss and he made a motion I should take my top off. So I did. The men went nuts, they started stuffing bills in my G-string, and wanting an encore."

"So that's how I got started. I danced for a couple of years and socked away a lot of money. Most of the girls stuffed their earnings up their noses with cocaine, but I never got into drugs."

Music comes from Amy's bedroom. Mom's eyebrows go up. "Wait here." She said and headed back to Amy's bedroom.

When Tanya opened the door, Amy was dancing wearing her old costume. "Look, Sis. It still fits, and I've still got it." She was dancing in front of her mirror. Her boobs barely held by the top, and her ass cheeks exposed from the back.

Tanya smiled, "You do look good. Like you never left the stage." Amy danced and kicked up her leg, a big grin on her face.

From over Tanya's shoulder she heard, "Holy Shit! That's so hot, Aunt Amy."

Billy was watching the show from behind his mother. She turned and tried to push him away.

"Oh, come on, Mom. Let me see. Is this how you came out on stage? Where's your costume, Mom. Can I see you in it?"

Amy laughed, "Come on, Sis, show him what made you Stripper of the Year in '90."

"Mom, you were Stripper of the Year?" Billy said excitedly.

Tanya said, "Three years running, if you please." She said smugly. "No one could turn on a crowd like me, that is until Amy showed up."

"You started stripping with Mom, Aunt Amy?" Billy asked.

Amy turned off the music and sat down on her bed.

Tanya said, "Amy, I told him my part of the beginning, why don't you tell him about when you joined me."

Billy tried to keep his eyes on his aunt's eyes, but the cleavage spilling out of her top made that difficult.

"I graduated from high school, Tanya came down for the graduation, and it was obvious she was doing well. She had a new car, and some great jewelry. She wouldn't tell Mom what exactly she was doing, but she told me. Well, I went back with my sister, and got a job stripping at the same club. Sis was big and headlined and I warmed up the crowd. Then one night I stayed on the stage and we stripped together. We played off each other and did some gentle lesbian things. The crowd went crazy and the tips were flying up on stage."

"From then on we worked together, they didn't advertise us as sisters, but the resemblance gave it away."

While Amy was telling the story, Tanya had left the room. Amy got up and started the music again, and Mom danced into the room in her leopard skin costume. Amy and Billy applauded as Mom shouted, "Mine still fits too." Amy got up and danced with Mom. Amy moved behind Mom rubbing their bodies together. Amy's hands came around and slid up Mom's stomach until almost cupping her big titties, then they broke and exchanged positions. Amy bent over and Mom ground her pelvis into her sister's ass.

Billy was mesmerized by the sight of his mom and aunt in their skimpy costumes as they danced and rubbed together to the music. Billy's shorts bulged with his erection. He cheered them on.

Reaching into his pocket he pulled out two dollars he had and held one out to Aunt Amy. She danced over to him and he stuffed it into her thong.

"What about me?" Mom danced over and Billy stuck the bill into his mom's thong. "Thank you, Sir." She said and danced away.

Mom looked on in surprise as Amy pulled the string on her top and tossed it to the side.

"Amy!!" She snapped at her sister.

"Oh, Tanya, you always reward a good tipper." She danced over to Billy and wiggled her big titties in his face.

"Way to go!" Billy shouted at his aunt. His hands come up to touch her boobs, but she quickly danced backward, "No touching from the audience." She said and wiggled her boobs again.

Mom didn't like being ignored and she tugged at her string and danced over in front of Billy topless. She shook her chest so her breasts spun in circles. Billy stared in amazement.

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