The Good Wife 3: Alicia Goes Lingerie Shopping

by rmdexter

Copyright© 2014 by rmdexter

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Alicia buys some sexy lingerie in order to please her well-hung son.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Fan Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Size   .

My intention in writing the first Good Wife story, "The Good Wife—Alicia's Hot Itch", was that it was going to be a one-off story, and not a continuing series. (Note that "Alicia's Hunger" is the same story). I found that I enjoyed writing the story so much that I produced a second offering, "The Good Wife—Alicia Wants More." I've now found that I still have more to say regarding this storyline, so with this submission, I have commenced numbering the stories to assist new readers who may be discovering these stories for the first time. This is #3, and I can tell you that #4 is currently in progress. It is recommended that the stories be read in the correct order, as the story does proceed chronologically. I apologize for any confusion relative to the titles, and I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I have had writing them ... rmdexter

Zach had set his cell phone to go off fifteen minutes before their usual wake-up time. He knew that in his mother's condition when he put her to bed last night, she was in no shape to remember to do it. Last night, he'd fucked her to climax after climax until she seemed on the verge of almost slipping into a coma, then he'd carefully taken her to her own bed and tucked her in for the night, but not before jerking off one more load onto her nicely-shaped tits.

His phone chirped and he casually shut it off, lying there with a smile on his face. Today was Friday, and with Grace going to her friend Jenna's, he and his mother would have the whole night together. He couldn't wait—he literally couldn't wait. He looked down at his morning hard-on obscenely tenting up his sheets, and remembered why he'd set the alarm fifteen minutes early. He quickly got up and exited his room. Turning to see that Grace's door was still shut, he stealthily made his way down the hall to his mother's room. He entered, and then gently closed the door behind him. He could hear his mother's soft breathing as he made his way across the room. He reached down and turned on the lamp on her bedside table, bathing the room in a warm amber glow.

"Nnhhnnn," he heard his mother moan slightly when the light came on, but she remained sleeping. He reached down and carefully drew back the covers he'd pulled up to her shoulders the night before. She'd been so exhausted, she was still in the exact same position he'd left her in. A smile came to his face as his eyes roamed over her still-clothed form. When they'd been fucking, he'd left her clothes on the whole time, loving the sexy look of her in her slim-fitting business attire. It never failed to make his monstrous prick hard. A smile came over his face as he looked at her, her clothes stained and matted with his spunk. There were some dark wet stains showing through her tight red sweater from where he'd last shot onto her chest. He looked down at her black skirt, now kind of scrunched up so the hem was sitting just below her well-fucked pussy. There were white crusty patches everywhere on the jet black skirt, as well as on the lower part of her sweater. Some dry cleaning was definitely going to be required. He looked up at his mother's pretty face, at her soft red lips, and knew why he had come. He tore off his t-shirt and pajama pants and stepped next to the bed, his long heavy cock thrusting out before him.

"C'mon Mom, time to wake up," Zach said as he slipped another pillow behind her head, then grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her a little farther up against the headboard.

"Wha ... what time is it?" Alicia asked groggily as she started to come awake.

"It's fifteen minutes before our usual wake-up time," her 15-year old son replied as he quickly clambered onto the bed and swung his leg over her, his young body straddling hers.

"Zach, I ... I... ," she muttered in confusion, her eyes now looking at his rigid erection, the enormously huge cock thrusting over her face menacingly.

"I know you said to save ourselves for tonight, but this one can't wait," Zach said slyly as he wrapped his hand around his turgid shaft and pointed it right at her succulent red lips. "Lick those lips for me, Mom. Get them good and wet and then give me a nice target to aim for."

Still barely awake, Alicia obediently complied, already a slave to her son's big beautiful cock. She slipped her tongue out from between her lips and circled it all around her wide generous mouth, her taste buds picking up the flavor of the last shots of cum he'd wiped across her lips last night. With her full red lips glistening, she formed them into an inviting 'O', anxious for her son to feed her all 10+ inches of his throbbing manhood.

"That's it, Mom. That's perfect," Zach said, a mischievous smile on his face as he raised himself up on his knees and leaned forward, the enflamed crown of his stiff rod slipping right between her beckoning lips. They both watched as her pouty lips stretched and stretched to accommodate the broad flared head, then she purred deep in her throat as her lips slipped over the rope-like corona and closed down, trapping the immense helmet within her hot wet mouth. With his pulsing dick safely locked between her lips, Zach let go of the gnarled shaft and reached up to the headboard, holding firmly onto it with both hands.

"Okay Mom, time to start sucking. I don't think it'll be too long before I'll have a nice creamy treat for you." From his position on his knees and with his legs straddling her body, he started to flex back and forth, feeding his prick lustily in and out of her sucking mouth.

"What a perfect way to wake up," Alicia thought to herself as she caved in her cheeks and sucked wantonly at her son's thick hard cock, the lemon-sized head filling her mouth. She absolutely loved having a cock in her mouth, and she'd never had one as big and perfect as her son's. His insatiable appetite for sex and his unbelievable endurance never ceased to amaze her. Her love for him had only grown over the past couple of days, and she knew there was no way she could go back to the way things had been before. She wanted him badly and, as she sucked on that immense powerful cock filling her mouth, she felt her mature body coming alive, telling her she didn't just want him—she needed him. She needed him to fill every aching wet hole in her motherly body, to fill her over and over with load after load of his hot teenage spunk, to absolutely fill her until the stuff was just running out of her. He'd touched something deep inside her very soul the first time he'd fed every hard thick inch into her needy cunt, stretching her and opening her up deeper than ever before—and there was no turning back now. She knew she'd do anything to satisfy the burning desire she and her young son felt for each other—anything.

"Oh Mom, that's fantastic," Zach groaned as he rocked his hips back and forth, feeding the first few inches of his staunch manhood back and forth between his mother's sucking lips. Her mouth was steamingly hot and lusciously wet, her tongue bathing his pumping cock with her juicy spit. He would have liked to have fed it even deeper into her face—but in this position, with her head backed up against the headboard, it was impossible. Not that he was complaining, her mouth felt like a hot buttery glove pulling at his prick as she caved in her cheeks and sucked at him like a porn star, eager to get the reward he had promised her.

"Oh fuck, not much more," he cooed as his hips started to flex back and forth more vigorously, the headboard beating a drum-like tattoo on the wall behind them. His balls started to draw up close to his body, and he felt those tell-tale contractions starting in his midsection. He looked down at his mother, her lips pursed forward, slavishly sucking at his throbbing cock. He knew just how he wanted to see this end.

"AH JESUS ... HERE IT COMES," he warned as he quickly pulled out of his mother's vacuuming mouth and wrapped his hand around his pulsating erection. He pumped his fist firmly, pointing the blood-engorged head right at her pretty face.

Alicia's eyes zeroed in on the wet red eye, the tip glistening lewdly. She watched as the tiny lips seemed to flex open, then fill with milky fluid for a split-second before a long thick rope shot forth. "Aaaaaaahhh," she hissed as the shimmering ribbon of cum landed on her face, the milky strand running from her neck all the way up into her hair. A second silvery rope jettisoned forth, starting from her jawline, across her nose and onto her forehead before disappearing into her dark hair. She could feel the cum raining down on her as Zach pumped and pumped, her teenage son absolutely painting her face with his warm milky seed. He moved his spewing dick-head back and forth, flooding her face with pearly fluid.

"Open up," he said quickly as he pointed the enflamed crown back at her mouth and leaned forwards once more. Alicia opened her lips just as he fed the spitting helmet back into her mouth. He kept pumping his fist, jacking the rest of his sperm-laden cum right onto her beckoning tongue.

"Mmmmm," she purred kittenishly as she felt the warm thick fluid splash over her tonsils. She closed her eyes and savored the blissful flavor as she drew as much of the gooey discharge out of him as she could. Finally, his nerve-tingling climax over, Zach sat back, noisily pulling his spent prick from his mother's sucking lips with an audible "POP!"

"Good morning, Mom," he said innocently, reaching down and spreading his pearly cum all over her face. She was covered with the stuff, glistening ribbons and thick milky gobs covering nearly every square inch of her face. He scooped up one huge gob with his finger and slipped it between her lips, the soft red pillows closing down enthusiastically over his invading digit as she sucked. He sawed his finger back and forth salaciously, smiling to himself as he watched her suck. Finally, he pulled his finger out of her mouth and crawled off of her, pulling his pajama pants back on. He reached down and tenderly ran his hand over her cum-spackled sweater, his hand coming to rest as he cupped her nicely-shaped tit, squeezing it gently.

"You better hit the shower, Mom, or Grace might think I threw yogurt all over your face."

They both had a chuckle at that, remembering how his 14-year old sister had mistakenly taken his semen for yogurt the day before.

"Thanks, Sweetie," Alicia replied as she took Zach's hand in hers and kissed it tenderly. "That was a beautiful way to wake up. You can do that anytime."

"I loved it too. But we've got to get going. You go into the shower and I'll make sure Grace wakes up, okay?"

"Okay." Zach grabbed his t-shirt and turned to go before Alicia stopped him. "Zach. No more funny business this morning, okay? Let's just try and control ourselves until tonight."

"I'll try my best," he replied with an innocent shrug, a shrug that told her he wasn't promising anything.

With her body aching deliciously, Alicia got out of bed and stripped off her clothes, surveying the spunk-stained damage as she tossed everything into her laundry basket. She had to peel her sweater off slowly, the drying cum on her chest causing the fabric to stick to her lewdly. She heard Zach knock at his sister's door and tell her to get up, and then Alicia disappeared into her en-suite, turning on the shower and letting the hot pelting spray wash the sticky cum off her mature body. She leaned with her hands on the shower wall and let the teeming pellets rain down upon her sinfully aching form, loving the way her body was feeling after the intense pounding Zach had given her each of the last two nights. And tonight was going to be even better—it was the weekend, and they were going to be alone.

"So you're sure you've got everything?" Alicia asked Grace as she hit the elevator button. She looked at her daughter, school bag over one shoulder, overnight bag hanging from the other.

"Yes," Grace replied absentmindedly, her attention focused on her cell phone.

"Do you have your toothbrush?"

"YES, MOTHER!" Grace shook her head petulantly, like a typical teenager tired of being hounded by one of her parents.

"Alright ... alright. I just wanted to make sure you don't have to bother Jenna for anything." Grace was going to Jenna's straight from school, and Alicia really just wanted to make sure she didn't turn up back at home, having forgotten something important.

Zach stood back in the apartment corridor and watched this little bit of sparring between his mother and sister, intently looking his mother up and down. Once again she looked so perfectly MILFISH, dressed up in her business attire. She was wearing a business suit, the long-sleeved jacket and skirt a matching medium gray color, the textured fabric almost looking oatmealy or nubby to the touch. The jacket had a turned-up collar, with curved points where it ended at the collar tips. Seven large black buttons ran down and secured it at the front, Alicia having left the top two open. The squared shoulders fed into a tapered bodice, the jacket forming nicely to her shapely hourglass figure. It narrowed flatteringly at her slim waist before flaring out slightly to playfully caress her wide sensual hips. The last button ended in the middle of her flat stomach, the two sides of the jacket ending in a curving scallop at the bottom a few inches below that.

Zach looked at her from the side, the bodice of the jacket hinting nicely at the shape of her perfect tits as the material shifted against her sexy body. The skirt fit enchantingly over that spectacular ass of hers, the textured gray material showing the flowing lines of her wide hips and curving bum cheeks perfectly. Zach could feel himself salivating, watching the delightful shadows cast by her curvy body move sensually across the textured fabric as his mother turned slightly, now facing more directly towards him. His eyes continued downward, taking in the graceful fit of the tapered narrowing skirt as it fit smoothly over her beautiful thighs—thighs he was getting to know very well. Like the one she'd been wearing yesterday, this skirt too ended just above her cute, dimpled knees. The rest of her gorgeous legs were alluringly encased in sheer black stockings, the soft black tone looking perfect with the gray suit. To complete the outfit, she'd chosen a pair of black slingbacks with a scintillating 4" heel, the triangular toe section teasingly pointy. With her lustrous chestnut hair swirling about her shoulders, and her makeup nicely accenting her lovely features, Zach thought she looked fantastic.

Breakfast had been uneventful. As requested by his mother, Zach had managed to behave himself. The only awkward moment came when Grace expressed her disappointment at not being able to find more of the peach yogurt in the fridge. Alicia and Zach gave each other a conspiratorial look as Grace had to satisfy herself with a blueberry one instead.

The elevator arrived and the three of them boarded, Grace standing at the front, her face buried in her cell phone, her fingers flying as she texted someone. Behind her, Zach shifted closer to his mother and reached over, running his hand over her perfect heart-shaped ass. Alicia let out a tiny little gasp as her son's hand continued to caress her sumptuous behind. Shocked by his brazenly surprising gesture, she stood stock still, keeping her eyes on Grace to make sure she didn't turn around.

Zach smiled to himself as his hand roamed over his mother's soft warm cheeks, his fingers pressing gently into the smooth crevice in the center.

"Aaaah!" Alicia gave a sharp intake of breath at his bold maneuver, then cleared her throat to cover up the sound she had made. Zach's exploring hand felt wonderful on her bum, and she wanted to press herself back firmly against him, but she just shifted her feet slightly to each side, letting him know she had no objection to what he was doing.

Inspired by his mother's invitation, Zach ran his hand down further to the bottom of those round cheeks and cupped them, then pressed his fingers firmly against the material of her skirt, forcing it to rub against her delicate little bum-hole beneath.

"Mmmmm." Alicia gave off a throaty little growl, low enough that just the two of them heard it. Zach smiled to himself, loving the warmth of the spot his hand was in and deciding this was somewhere he'd have to explore more thoroughly, maybe even tonight.

DING! The sound of the elevator stopping caused both of them to gather themselves. Zach quickly removed his hand from his mother's rear end while Alicia reached behind herself and smoothed down her skirt. As the doors opened at the parking garage level, Zach quietly moved to the other side of the elevator car in the narrow space behind Alicia. She gasped again as he purposely pressed the front of his groin against her on the way by. She could feel his mammoth cock pressing against her soft bum, the stiff member feeling like a wooden stake inside his pants. He followed his sister out of the elevator, slipping his knapsack off his shoulder and carrying it in front of him to hide the noticeable bulge in his khakis. He looked over at Alicia and gave her a sly smile as she followed after them, her body quivering from what had unexpectedly happened in the elevator.

"SHOTGUN!" Zach yelled, and raced his sister to the car.

It was mid-morning when Will Gardner stepped into Alicia's office. "Hey, good morning. I'm sorry about what happened with Sweeney last night. I didn't have any idea he was going to be that rude."

Alicia looked up from the file she was working on. "No need to apologize, Will. I know that kind of thing comes with the territory. Don't worry, I can handle Colin Sweeney." She wanted to make sure the faith Will had shown in her by taking her on wasn't misplaced. She knew what was expected of her in these first few months, and she had no intention of letting him down.

"That's good," Will replied, leaning against the door frame and crossing his arms. "That statement he made about being with the mayor's wife was quite a surprise."

"Yes. I'm not sure how we're going to handle that, especially if that becomes the key strategy in our defense."

"You know how something like this could blow up if it got out." She nodded, knowing he was referring to her own experience when Peter's affairs had exploded in the press. "So whatever you decide to do, just tread carefully, and feel free to talk to either Diane or me first."

"Thanks, Will. I'll do that."

He turned to go but stopped, his hand on the door frame. "Alicia, you're doing great. I was very impressed by the way you handled him last night."

"I appreciate you saying that." She smiled, and then remembered something. "Oh Will, I almost forgot, I have an appointment at lunch today. I might be gone a little longer than usual. I hope that isn't a problem."

"No, not at all. After I kept you so late last night, don't worry about it. Take as long as you need."

As her boss left, she went back to her work, happy that she could take that extra time today to do the shopping she wanted. She wanted to make sure things were going to be perfect tonight.

Alicia brought up her daily calendar on her computer. There it was—a meeting with Cary in the middle of the afternoon to go over the Sweeney case. She knew before she came in today that meeting was on her schedule, she just wasn't sure of the exact time. She was looking forward to it, hoping for a repeat of the flirtatious encounter they'd had yesterday. It had thrilled her to hear the day before how Cary had felt about her, along with those two other young men in the office, when they'd referred to her as a sexy MILF. She'd had no idea, and then when she'd discovered her son's obsession with her as well, her ego had flourished, realizing the hidden allure she seemed to have for these various young men.

Finding the degree of Zach's illicit incestuous desire for her had been a treasure beyond anything she could have dreamed of. Her teenaged son had confessed about his fantasies and obsession with her, wanting an intimate relationship with her that she had never even thought of. As she listened to how much he thought of her and desired her, her heart went out to him—she loved him so much. Her own perverse curiosity was piqued, and once she got him to show her his long hard cock, it had taken her breath away. She'd found her mouth salivating as she'd looked at it, and once she'd had it filling her watering mouth and stretching her needy pussy, there was no turning back—she knew she was already addicted to the special love the two of them shared.

She felt a little guilty about flirting with Cary the way she had, but she knew it was harmless—and she also knew Cary enjoyed it as much as she did. Teasing and flirting with the young lawyer got her own juices flowing, and she loved the thought of going home to Zach with her mature cooze already dripping for attention. She felt there was no harm in leading Cary on a little, watching him sweat with desire for her, knowing he was likely going home and jerking off thinking about her. Having him eager to please her might even come in handy—especially since they were basically competing with each other at work. She smiled as she looked forward to her afternoon meeting, knowing Zach was the one she would be going home to at the end of the day.

Alicia's work kept her busy until noon, when she scooped up her purse and headed directly to the lingerie store she had in mind. Just under two hours later, she returned, but not before stopping at her car in the parking garage beneath the building and almost filling the trunk with the numerous packages she'd purchased. Having been too busy to eat during her hectic shopping trip, she stopped in the staff lunchroom and picked up a few things to satisfy her hunger. Will and Diane always made sure there were a few snacky-type foods, pastries, and fresh fruit on hand for both staff and any visiting clients. A smile came to her face as she carefully selected a few items. Back at her desk, she logged into her computer and checked the time: just over half an hour until she had a meeting in her office with Cary to go over their notes from the Sweeney interview. She picked up her purse, went to the ladies room, did what she needed to do, touched up her lipstick with a nice fresh coat, and then returned to her office. With her lips glistening a brilliant red, she waited another ten minutes, then went over and adjusted the thermostat.

"Alicia, are we all set to go over that testimony of Sweeney's?" Cary said as he tapped on her door and walked into her office, right on time for their scheduled meeting. He set the thick file down on her desk and pulled up the guest chair opposite her.

"Yes, I'm pretty much set to go. Listen, I had an appointment at lunch time that ran longer than I thought. I never had a chance to grab a bite." She casually pointed to the plate of fruit in front of her. "You don't mind, do you?" After asking her question, she picked up a bright purple grape, formed her lips into an inviting 'O' and popped the grape inside.

"Uh, no. That's fine. Go ahead," Cary replied, his eyes focusing on her succulent lips as she chewed on the grape. He could feel his temperature going up, but looked around the room as he realized even she couldn't have gotten to him that quickly. "Whew, it's kind of hot in here." He made a wry face and looked at her questioningly.

"Yeah, the heating's on the fritz."

"Do you want me to take a look at it?" He pointed towards the thermostat and started stepping in that direction.

"No!" Alicia replied a little too forcefully. "Uh no, don't bother. I already called this morning and a guy from the building maintenance department came by. He said it's the thermostat itself. He's gone out to get one and said he hopes to have it fixed by the end of the day." She shrugged her shoulders, as if to say there was nothing they could do about it. "I know it's not the most comfortable, but I think we should be okay. This shouldn't really take all that long, should it?"

"No, no. You're right—it should go pretty quickly," Cary said as he turned from the thermostat and came back to her desk. He unbuttoned his suit jacket as he slipped into the chair, facing her from across the desk. After the little fashion show she'd given him yesterday, he'd been anxious to see her again, especially in the relative privacy of one of their offices. He'd loved the way she'd asked him about her clothes, and posed for him in order to get his opinion. He was sure she had no idea how provocative she'd looked as she leaned on her desk, giving him teasing views of her perfect middle-aged body. He'd jerked off three times last night thinking about her while reading erotic MILF stories, and then again first thing this morning.

Alicia flipped open her own file, the notes from the meeting they'd had with Sweeney last night sitting right on top. She picked up a large strawberry off the plate and placed the shiny end between her lips, her slender fingers holding onto the green stem. She looked down at her notes, but she could feel Cary's eyes on her a she pursed her lips and let them slide further down on the large berry, just like she would with a hard cock. As her lips slipped past the widest part of the berry and got closer to her fingertips, she flexed them slightly back and forth, almost as if she was kissing the large object filling her mouth.

Cary watched, totally enthralled at the sight of her beautiful lips pursed teasingly over the shiny berry, her lipstick almost the identical bright red as the strawberry. She pursed her lips slightly forward and he saw her teeth close down, slicing decadently through the cool wet flesh of the fruit, before her hand casually drew the stem down and tossed it back onto the plate next to her. He felt a twitch in his groin, and knew the broken heating system wasn't the only thing causing his temperature to rise.

"Phew, it is hot in here, isn't it?" Alicia said as she picked up another file from her desk and started fanning herself, the gentle breeze it created causing her lustrous chestnut locks to swirl enchantingly about her pretty face. Cary was watching her adoringly, trying hard not to blatantly stare as he shuffled some papers around nervously in his own file. While she continued to fan herself, she reached up with her other hand and deftly plucked open the top button on her jacket, her slender fingers and blood-red nails drawing his eyes like iron filings to a magnet. With the button open, she ran her fingers slowly downwards and then plucked open the next button. She drew the overlapping material of the jacket open at her neck, three more buttons still securing it down the length of her bodice.

"There, that's a little better," she said in a soft breathy voice as she leaned forwards over her notes. Cary's eyes zeroed in on the newly-created opening, the smooth skin below her neck and a white satin camisole now partially visible.

"Jesus, she is so fucking sexy," Cary thought to himself. He pulled at his tie, loosening it—not so much because of the heat, but because of the nervous lump he had in his throat from being so close to this gorgeous mature woman.

"Okay," Alicia continued. "Why don't you read me some of the notes you've made? You can give me your thoughts on Sweeney's statements he gave to us last night, and then we'll talk about the best strategy to put forth and where we go from here."

"Sounds good," Cary said as he picked up his notes and started talking.

While Alicia listened, she reached down to the plate beside her and picked up a banana she'd specifically chosen. Of the ones on the fruit tray, it was the biggest one there. She nodded at one of Cary's points, and then slowly started to peel the banana. She drew down the pieces of peel until the long creamy shaft was projecting suggestively from her gripping fist, the tip curving upwards right towards her waiting mouth.

Cary continued talking, but his eyes were focused more often on Alicia's sexy mouth than his notes. He watched as she opened those beautiful red lips into a beckoning oval, and then raised her fist, the large banana sliding into her open kisser. When the tip went into her mouth, she closed her lips against the ivory-colored column and pursed her lips forward as she pushed the banana further in.

"We uh ... uh," Cary stammered, his eyes fixed on her mouth as more and more of the long creamy tube disappeared into her mouth. Her brilliant red lipstick looked wickedly exciting against the pale fleshiness of the fruit as she pushed the banana deeper into her watering mouth. She finally stopped with her pursed lips almost touching the pieces of turned-down peel at the top of her circling hand, and then she slowly drew the banana out, the shaft glistening from the wetness within her hot sexy mouth. With just the very tip captured between her pouty lips, she repeated the gesture, the banana sliding wickedly into the depths of her hot mature mouth once more.

Cary could only stare, totally transfixed by her highly erotic behavior. He could feel his cock swelling in his pants as he watched her slide the banana back and forth—and then she paused, looking at him curiously, as if trying to figure out why he'd stopped talking.

"Uh ... we should uh... ," Cary sputtered, pointing to his notes as he tried to get ahold of himself.

"Are you alright, Cary?" Alicia asked, her lips slipping off the banana, her clenched fist still holding it in an upright position mere inches away from her wet red lips.

Cary flushed bright red, knowing she'd caught him staring at her. He decided not to try and cover up what he was thinking. "Uh yeah," he replied with a shrug of his shoulders. "It's just that uh ... well, I've never seen anyone eat a banana like that."

"Like wha..." Alicia looked confused for a second or two before continuing, a big smile on her face. "I know what you mean! Everybody in my family eats it like this—my mom taught my brother and me when we were little. That was the way she always did it since she'd been a kid. She taught us to put the banana into your mouth and then, when you pull it out, use your teeth to scrape off a fine layer all around. You just keep moving it back and forth until, eventually, you've eaten all of it. That way you get a nice creamy taste on your tongue and it feels really smooth going down your throat when you swallow it."

Cary felt his heart racing as he listened to her explanation, his prick stiffening even more inside the restrictive confines of his fitted boxers. "Well, that's interesting. Like I said, I've never seen anyone eat one like that before. But don't mind me, I know you missed your lunch, so go ahead—eat up."

"Thanks, I really am pretty hungry." Alicia fed the banana right back into her mouth while Cary looked down at his notes for a second to remind himself what he'd been talking about. He was barely able to continue, but he did manage to keep on point as he looked at her as he spoke, not wanting to take his eyes off the lewdly innocent act going on right in front of him. As Alicia moved the banana repetitively back and forth between her pursed lips, he noticed how the banana was gradually getting slimmer, the flesh of the curving shaft gradually being carved off by her scraping teeth. He found it incredibly titillating—but also wickedly frightening. He kept picturing his own prick sensually stretching those gorgeous lips of hers, but trembled at the thought of her teeth scraping off his pulsing flesh.

They worked for the next ten minutes or so, referring to their notes and discussing Sweeney's statements. Cary found himself sweating, and didn't know if it was from the heat or from the excitement he was feeling as he looked across at Alicia—those dark exotic eyes of hers, that pretty face, and those breathtaking CSLs that had been so perfectly on display during that provocative banana-eating spectacle. He'd never seen anyone with such perfect cock-sucking lips as hers. He felt like he could just stare at her all day. He would have loved to just whip out his cock and jerk it off right there, his eyes focusing on that sexy face of hers. He tried to concentrate on the work, but the heat was really getting to him.

"Oh man, this is pretty bad," he said, fanning himself with his hand. "Do you mind if I take off my jacket?"

This is exactly what Alicia had been waiting for. It was expected that the firm's employees dress appropriately as much as possible in the office—the tone being set by the senior partners, Will Gardner and Diane Lockhart. Everyone followed the unwritten policy, and it was rare to see one of the male lawyers without their suit jacket on.

"No ... no, go ahead," Alicia replied. Cary slipped his jacket off, draped it over the back of his chair, and then loosened his tie even further. Once he had turned back around and picked up his pen, Alicia continued, knowing she had his attention. "You know, you're right—it is pretty hot, I think I might join you."

Alicia stood up, and then slowly ran her fingers up the front of her blazer until she encountered the next button down from the previous two she'd opened at her neck. Cary was mesmerized as he watched those slender fingers work on the button, the brilliant red nail polish on her fingers glistening in the warm office light. She opened the button, and then gracefully let her fingers trace down the front of the jacket to the next one. Cary gulped as he watched her hand slowly, teasingly, undo the large black button. The jacket was gaping open now as her fingers trailed provocatively down the jacket to the final button. She took her time, slowly manipulating the last one between her slender fingers until it slid open. Cary watched as if hypnotized, her delicate hands taking hold of each side of the jacket and drawing it open, her body facing directly towards him. She paused for a second holding the jacket panels wide open, her dainty white camisole blatantly on display, the shiny satin clinging invitingly to her mature breasts.

When she'd gone to the ladies room a short time ago, she'd gone into one of the stalls, stripped off her jacket and camisole, and then removed her bra. Stuffing her bra into her purse, she'd put her white camisole back on, tucking it tightly into the waistband of her skirt so it clung daringly to her breasts. She'd chosen that specific camisole this morning with this scenario in mind. She'd had a little laundry mishap a month or so ago, the camisole shrinking to the point where it now fit her like a second skin. It was beautifully adorned with a lacy border at the top, accented by a tiny satin bow in the middle and two slim shiny ribbons for shoulder straps. It was so pretty that she just couldn't bring herself to throw it out, even though it no longer fit her the way it should. So she'd stuffed it back in her drawer, wondering if an appropriate time might come when she could wear it again. And as she'd thought about what she had in mind for her meeting with Cary today, she'd opened her drawer and taken it out—knowing this was the perfect time. And so after changing out of her bra in the washroom stall, she'd reached down and ran her fingertips over her pebbly nipples, loving the feeling of the thick rubbery buds coming alive and thrusting enticingly against the cool satin fabric. She'd put her jacket back on, waiting to put her little plan into action.

"Holy fuck!" Cary thought to himself, totally unable to take his leering eyes off of her. The simple act of undoing her jacket had been so unbelievably sexy that he almost couldn't stand it. It was like she was doing a striptease for him, and for him alone. When she'd undone that last button and then held open the two panels of the jacket as she faced him, he almost came in his pants. He could clearly see her stiff nipples projecting boldly through the white satin. They cast captivating shadows on the soft curving spheres of her breasts, the tight camisole showing off her trim mature body wonderfully. He could feel his prick stiffening even more as he watched her, his eyes never leaving her spectacular body.

"There, that feels better," Alicia said as she finally slipped her jacket right off. She stepped over and hung it on the coat rack behind her, her back to Cary. She held onto the coat rack with one hand while she lifted one foot and bent her knee sensually, her body facing Cary in profile. She reached down and pretended to adjust her high heel shoe, knowing Cary had a ringside seat to look at her curvy rear end. She also knew that this view would give him a good shot of her nicely-shaped breasts from the side, the cool satin molding itself flatteringly to her breasts.

Cary stared and his mouth gaped open, that perfect heart-shaped ass looking breathtakingly beautiful in her form-fitting gray skirt. She had turned slightly when she bent over, and when she wiggled her shoe, her long thick nipples traced tantalizing lines on the front of her camisole as her breasts shook slightly from side to side with her movements. As Cary looked at her, he thought of how fantastic it would be to just walk up to her and slip his hand beneath her breasts, hefting the weight of them in his cupping hand. He thought about how wonderful it would feel, the lush softness contradicted by the intense stiffness of her nipple pushing against the palm of his cupping hand. "Ohhnnn," he groaned under his breath, unable to control himself as he looked at her incredible MILFISH body.

"What's that?" Alicia said as she lowered her foot and sat back in her chair. She smiled inside as she watched Cary shift nervously in his chair, his arms blocking her view of his crotch. She was sure there was a bulging hard-on there, just waiting to bury itself deep into something hot and wet.

"Uh ... nothing," Cary replied, clearing his throat to cover up his unexpected outburst. "You ... you look really nice."

"Thanks, Cary. Like I said yesterday, I never know if a lot of these new clothes I have look any good or not. And especially today, well, I never planned to end up like this..." She paused, gesturing towards her camisole. "But this heat in here is just too much." She leaned back in her chair, picked up the file she'd been using before, and started fanning herself again. She swiveled back and forth slightly in her desk chair, giving him quite a view of her scantily-clad body.

"Trust me, you look great."

As she swiveled from side to side, she could see his eyes following her nicely-shaped tits, her mature breasts moving back and forth like a hypnotist's watch. She stopped and sat forward, letting him see right down into her camisole. "Gee, I hope nobody comes by—they'll wonder what we're doing in here dressed like this."

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