Drone Fighter

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A desire to actually fly a fighter like in the sims caused a teenager to build his own. Of course it was not a normal fighter. His knowledge of the sims helps him create a drone that uses a different type of weapon tech. Before he can really use it the Deviants attack the system. Now his drone fighter is the only defense to stop them.

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I was extremely good at using the neural net in a fighter sim. I was fourteen when my parents were assigned to Greyton. It was a dead system with a dead sun and twelve asteroid belts. One was so huge it was almost a light week across and went completely around the sun in an unbroken belt.

The belts, especially the ones closer to the dead sun were extremely mineral and metal rich. There were three large stations, two were fairly close together but the third was on the opposite side of the dead sun. Teterus was a huge mining and refining station and had over a hundred thousand people including families.

I was not that popular in the school and could only look at the girls and dream. I was sixteen when war came. I had gotten permission to use old parts and anything from the decommissioned yard. I thought of building a fighter but knew better and thought of a drone instead.

The idea stuck me, I had been keeping up with using the neural net and its improvements. What I did was use two old AI's one for the drone and one for me and an AI sphere that had been vacuumed. I had to get the right program for the neural sensor net. I had found an ancient skip drone and began working.

Since they used and created artificial antimater I went looking and found four miniature mining dome reactors. That gave me a power plant and I pulled the grav engines from a dozen old probes including two skip engines. That and a lot of grav thrusters from various decommissioned ships or shuttles gave my ship the ability to maneuver.

Next was several old scan arrays I updated to create a tactical scan system. I was thinking of how to communicate and control the drone and something both old and new came to me. I did a lot of research into fold space and grinned at what I found. I made my own fold space transmitter and receiver and grinned when it worked better than expected.

The thought of fold space gave me an idea for weapons. I created tiny ten centimeter by fifteen millimeter missiles that could be fired from a rail system. At the end of the barrel was a fold space transmitter I had made and adapted. When the missile came out of the rail barrel it entered a fold in space.

Most of the tiny missile held the charged transmitter that opened the fold where it emerged into regular space. I had the head of the missiles loaded with a light static charge. It took me a long time to get it working correctly. I used an old travel pod and put in a small reactor and then the AI and the empty sphere.

I used an old miner hard suit and a seat and made sure the pod was space worthy before I flew the drone. The drone was a dream but there was a draw back. The neural net sent my mind into the empty sphere and for each second of real time several minutes seemed to pass for me. I was thinking of a way to correct the problem when the fleet of Deviants arrived.

They were aliens that were hostile towards humans. When their fleet moved into the system it was towards the side with the two stations. The fleet stationed here responded and went to block them which left us open to attack. That was when the second fleet appeared on the heliopause.

I had gone to the silent bay I kept my drone in and looked at it before I had the idea. I left and went to the huge mining construction production area. Everything was on hold and people were gone so I had the area to myself. I looked at the asteroid demo sphere system which was completely automated and made a few adjustments to increase the charge.

I started the system and prayed the Deviants would give me time. I made five hundred fifteen millimeter spheres before changing the system to create macro sphere charges. I had toyed with the idea of what I called a capital ship launcher. I had even made four that would be simple to add to the drone.

I pushed the cart with everything back to my bay and began pulling the static charges which were yellow and replacing them with the spheres I had just made. I loaded the multiple launcher magazines before checking on the enemy. I started work on the four retractable capital launchers before making the twenty missile bodies and adding the tiny fold space transmitters.

I had finished and completed a diagnostic check when the Deviants began skipping in. I quickly put the sensor suit on and the neural sensor net. After I was done I struggled into the miner hard suit and climbed into the pod. I closed and sealed it before trying to relax and switching the net on.

From one moment to the next I went from laying in the dark to being in the fighter. I brought it alive before lifting and retracting the legs. I moved to the side as I checked and watched my body stats. I used a grav tractor to lift the pod. I turned to move towards the bay doors as I sent the signal for the force screen and opening them.

Once I was clear of the station I turned and accelerated and when I was well beyond the edge of the belt I used a grav anchor for the pod and let it go. I watched the tactical scan as I accelerated towards the ships skipping in. I skipped and slipped into the AI link deeper and time slowed to a crawl.

I was a light week from the belt when I engaged the Deviants. They had a lot of fancy tech as their carrier ejected fighters out. Over a hundred small fighters sped ahead of the capital ship and I switched on the targeting systems. I brought the weapons systems online and since I was linked through the AI everything was created in a sim.

The only thing real time was the scan data and I rolled and turned as I aimed and began to fire while turning. I continued to fire as I turned, locking other targets and firing and rolling and went back and forth. Deviant fighters vanished in explosions and the carrier kicked out another hundred.

We were closing rapidly as I kept the drone fighter twisting and turning and rolling while constantly changing our signature using the probe engines. I killed the fighters one after another like in one of my fighter sims. Finally I rolled as a destroyer appeared and switched to one of the large capital ship launchers.

It extended and locked and fired in a single movement before sliding back in as the destroyer exploded and died. Another group of fighters erupted from the carrier as it slowed and began turning to escape. I swept to the side and targeted and fired as I turned and killed a dozen fighters before I rolled and fired to kill several more.

I extended the capital ship launchers as a cruiser appeared and sent two missiles into it. I rolled and flipped up and over to fire into several more fighters that were past me and heading towards the station. I turned back and tracked and targeted another dozen before killing a destroyer and then a cruiser.

I twisted and rolled to engage more fighters before turning back as a huge battleship moved to cover the carrier. I fired four capital missiles into it and went after the few fighters left as it was ripped apart. I turned back to the carrier as it accelerated and locked on before firing four more capital missiles.

I let the launchers reload before sending another four into the huge wreck. It was ripped apart and I turned away as the last few large ships began to skip out. I saw life globes and used the fold space link.

I relayed through the pod to the station, "Teterus this is drone fighter Davidson one. The Deviant fleet is withdrawing and those ships destroyed have life globes out and need pick up."

I skipped towards my pod and was finally answered, "uh ... copy drone fighter we will send out SAR."

I slowed when I reached the pod and pulled in the grav anchor. I used the grav tractor to hold the pod as I started back to the station and my bay. After I went through the force screen I closed the bay door. I lowered the pod onto its cradle before moving to the side and extending the legs. I settled and sighed and started shutting down.

Suddenly I was in the dark of the pod and groaned. I was exhausted as the sim lag hit me like a cargo tram. I hit the hatch release and struggled up and out of the pod. I was swaying as I tried to get out of the hard suit and men entered the bay. I just dropped the hard suit pieces to the deck as the bay seemed to spin and everything started going grey.

I began to kneel to keep from falling when all the lights went out. I woke to a dim light in a room filled with a medical smell. I groaned and touched my head and suddenly two girls I knew from school were bending over the bed. I looked at them and then around the room, "where am I?"

Gloria smiled, "the med bay in the decommissioned yard wing."

I started to sit up and they put their hands on my chest to stop me. I hesitated, "how long was I out?"

Jennie looked at my eyes, "about eight hours."

I groaned and twisted as I moved their hands and sat up. They protested and I glanced at the med board against the wall when it began screaming. I reached out to slap the panel, "I am fine quit making a fuss."

Gloria and Jennie giggled as I slowly slid off the bed, "it was only sim lag."

I looked down when I realized I was naked and then at the two girls that were now staring at my cock as it grew hard. I blushed, "sorry I did not know ... where is the sensor suit I was wearing?"

They finally looked up and a female doctor cleared her throat from the door, "in the cabinet but you are not going to need it for awhile."

I looked at her before looking at the cabinet, "I am fine. How many time do I have to tell people that? It was only sim lag."

I took a shaky step and Gloria and Jennie were suddenly there to help. The doctor moved around the bed, "I never heard of sim lag."

I opened the cabinet, "you need to check the tech journals of people working in sim environments. A person in real time can experience sim lag if they spend to long in link. In my case, for every second of real time a couple of minutes of sim time went by which gave me time to think and react."

I started putting the suit on and glanced at the doctor, "the lag comes from returning. The mind has been working a lot faster than normal and needs time to rest so..."

She nodded, "so the person passes out."

I nodded, "if the time difference is to great or you stay under to long serious damage can occur or you can slip into a coma."

She nodded, "I will look into it."

I glanced at the girls and realized my legs were still not keeping me steady, "um ... I need to check the drone and the pod."

I blushed, "could you help me to the bay?"

They grinned and slipped under both arms before we started for the door. They were both volunteer med assistants. Gloria looked at my face as we made our way down the corridor, "the station commander wants to know how you managed to face the whole fleet."

I grinned, "they were moving slow."

Jennie giggled as she rubbed my hard cock through the suit, "slow would feel good."

I looked at her and blushed and Gloria pressed against me, "or hard and deep."

I stammered as they laughed and then grinned, "just as soon as I check the drone and pod we can find a bed and you can show me."

They grinned and we slipped into the busy bay. I frowned at all the people around my drone and pod. I let the girls go as I straightened, "get the hell away from my ship!"

That made people look and one straightened, "we need to know how..."

I growled as I started for the drone, "if you morons have damaged it I will kill you."

He shut up and looked at the others as I yanked a man out of my way. I stared at the fold space transmitter he had been disassembling. I looked at him and then at the others, "get the hell out now!"

I knelt to look at the damage, "you destroyed it."

The man stammered and I glared, "get out before you sabotage something else."

I looked at the others, "out now!"

They backed away and started for the hatch as I began looking at what they had done. I shifted and glanced at the frowning girls, "I could use some help."

They looked at each other as I slowly stood, "it is not as bad as I thought. The morons ruined one fold space transmitter and the fold link relay needs fixing and..."

I shook my head, "and my hands are shaking."

I stood behind them and began explaining what to do. I glanced at the bay hatch when the station commander entered with two station security officers. I growled, "stay back before you bump one of the missiles. One of your techs armed one and it has enough anti matter to blow this bay into the sun."

He stopped, "they were following my orders."

I looked back at the work Jennie was doing, "next time ask or find someone that knows what they are doing. We have at least another hour of work just to repair the damage your morons did. After that I need to use the mining construction production area to make more fold space missiles."

He leaned forward, "mister we have several fleets in the system and the knowledge of this ship can protect the station."

I glanced at him, "you do not have time to build another or make the weapons. Now you can help or kill us all."

He blinked, "what do you need?"

I gestured to the area between the pod and the drone, "a wide cot, food, a scan relay to let me know when the Deviants start moving in."

He nodded, "I want my techs to watch."

I snorted, "if we live I will hold their hand and teach them. Right now I do not need the distraction of questions about why and what if."

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