by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A retired black operation agent always has emergency plans just in case someone from his past comes looking. Of course when a tactical strike team targets him they are in for a surprise. Now it is time to find answers and follow the trail all the way to a noble planning to kill the emperor and all the senior nobles.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

I was over ninety and looked fifty. The small farm was just outside a huge major city on a first colony world. I had been a black operations specialist for over sixty years until I was forced to retire. Now I was a farmer that enjoyed being left alone. Of course after all my years doing what I had I still had back up plans just in case someone came looking from my past.

For several days I had noticed a strange vehicle going past my farm. It was time to go shopping for supplies. I slipped the small caliber plasma pulse pistol into my jacket before leaving. Like always I armed a few precautions as I drove away. I was almost to the store when my comm beeped.

I was checking around me and pulled it out and glanced at the message. Someone had forced their way into my home and my safeguards had detonated an implosion bomb. The house was nothing but a ball of debris now and the remote lasers had killed the external intruders. Even the vehicle they had arrived in had been destroyed.

I took the back off the comm and removed the power cell before I tossed both out the window. I touched a spot on the console and it opened as an old comp slid up and out. I took it as I pulled into the huge shopping complex. I parked in the very back as I slipped the comp into my jacket and then got out.

I saw their vehicles as I walked towards the buildings. I touched a remote and dropped it in a recycle slot at the building entrance. Once I was inside I headed for the ranch store I always went to before I shopped. I pulled the comp while walking and entered a restricted access number.

I grinned as I put the comp away. The sats and security vids they were using to track and follow me would no longer recognize my thermal bio signature. The huge explosion outside did not surprise me. When they had tried to tamper with my vehicle the implosion grenade had caused the small reactor to detonate.

At the very back of the store I stepped through and into the storeroom. I went all the way to the back before I slipped into the complex back halls. I went all the way to the other end of the building and emerged out a side door. I walked around the building and out into the parking areas.

There was a huge crowd around where my vehicle had been. I walked up behind the two men who were standing behind a new vehicle with dark tinted windows. I pulled my pistol and a tiny sonic cuter I always carried. I switched it on as I struck one man at the base of his skull. As he fell the other began to spin and froze as I touched the pistol to his spine.

He stiffened and I nudged him, "who sent you?"

He looked back at me calmly and I smiled, "son I am retired imperial intelligence. I was doing this when your grandfather was a baby."

He snorted and I shrugged, "have it your way."

I shifted and shot him at the base of the skull. The burst of energy became plasma as it struck but the caliber was small so there was only a pop. I knelt and took his comm and comp before using my old comp to drain the memory from both. I stood and walked away and left them laying there.

Someone wanted something they thought I had and they wanted me dead. The information on the comp traced to an encoded order from the deputy director of imperial intelligence. He was the head of the action group or black operations. I sighed because that meant a trip back to Central.

I looked around as I walked and moved into another parking area. Five minutes later I was driving away in a vehicle I had stolen. I left it in the middle of the city and a block from the main constable building. I walked to it and glanced around as I sat at a public transport stop. I used the old comp and it linked to the constable building comp net.

A moment and I was searching through restricted files until I found what I wanted. It took several public transports to reach the area of the city I needed. The black market enhancement clinic was on the eightieth floor of a huge sky building. When I walked through the outer door a large man stepped in front of me.

A second man was across the room and a richly dressed man leaned back in a chair. The one that stepped in front of me put his hand on my chest, "this is a private..."

My left hand brought up the small plasma pulse pistol until it was under his chin and I fired. His head snapped back as he started to fall and my hand went straight out and I fired again. The second large man was reaching into his jacket when the small plasma round exploded through his right eye.

As he fell I was moving towards the last man who had come to his feet. He licked his lips, "we are protected."

I snorted, "only a fool thinks thieves will protect them."

I gestured to the other door and he turned, "we do not have drugs."

His bio scan unlocked the door and I kept pushing and started to search. I found a lot more than I expected. First was the bio sculpted girl asleep in a stasis container. Then there was the military grade enhancement nanites. If that was not enough, they had over two liters of essence from Oceania.

It was easily worth ten million credits and the moron did not even know what it did. I put him out and sat in a chair and added the nanites to the essence before starting an IV. An hour later I disposed of everything and started to leave. I sighed as I thought of the poor girl and went to wake her and find clothes.

She was timid and frightened but stayed with me as we left and headed to a small building to one side of the starport. I ignored the workers as we went to the back and a locker. I took out a large bag and went to a wall jack. I removed the fasteners and opened the plate before I plugged the comp in.

I entered a set of numbers and waited until the screen went blank. I entered an address on Central and waited as the comp tried to make the starcomm call. When it was answered I entered a long set of numbers and letters and disconnected. The comp had basically used the main comm line and echoed every comm on this planet.

If they were listening to starcomms they were going to have a fit searching for me out of the other tens of millions of comm users. Next was a trip to a tiny booth where I did a search before I bought tickets. It was actually simple to get around starport security and surveillance and slip into a boarding shuttle.

I sat back and looked at the small girl with catslit pupils, "when we get to the station we will eat and buy you new clothes."

She looked at me and nodded, "yes master."

I closed my eyes, "what did they do to you?"

She leaned against me, "retractable claws and the eyes and ... and made my ovaries larger. They were going to give me four more breasts and..."

I caught her hand and gave it a squeeze, "that is over."

She sighed, "I was going to be a breeder."

I looked at her, "you sound like you wanted it?"

She grinned shyly, "well I would not mind the breeding part."

I chuckled and squeezed her hand again, "maybe once we are on the ship."

When the shuttle docked I carried the bag out with Anna following. I used my comp at the first station comp access and uploaded a set of codes. That would cause any and all station vid cameras to blank out and ignore us. I led her to a few of the more expensive stores. I ignored the looks from the clerks when they checked my account balance.

The starcomm had been to an AI that used the code I had entered to unlock a set of authorizations. It had drained every old or unused black operation account and sent all the credits into my classified operation account. We bought travel cases and clothes and even jewelry before I checked the time.

I led Anna through the station to the long arm out to the liner that was just completing last minute boarding. We boarded with a large family while I talked with the parents as if we were with them. Once we were in the ship I led Anna away and to the far side of the ship. We took an inship tram and then a lift up to the first class cabins.

When I closed the hatch I sighed and began to relax before looking at her, "you can set your cases down now."

She grinned as she caught my hand and pulled me through the small common room and into a comfortable looking bedroom. I chuckled as I turned her at the bed and started to undress her, "okay breeder we can take care of you first."

It was strange because I already had a lot more energy and felt years younger. I pushed her onto the bed and began to strip while she wiggled into the middle. I moved after and over her a few moments later and settled between her legs. I kissed her while she wiggled and reached between us.

I pushed and slowly forced my thick cock into her as her eyes widened. I smiled as I kept kissing her and began to fuck her slowly. I pressed to get deeper with each thrust and it was not long before she was hugging and clinging to me. I fucked her hard and deep for a minute and when I slowed she was struggling and jerking.

Her pussy clenched and she started to buck, "YES!"

I grinned and kissed her again while fucking her slowly. A minute and then I was pounding her and grinding and she was thrashing around while clutching me, "fffuuuccckkkk!"

I shoved into her and held her while pumping ten years worth of sperm. She jerked and spasmed when she felt the warm cum spurting into her, "aaahhhh!"

I did not even wait to finish before I began to fuck her slimy hole again. I fucked her a dozen times in several positions and it was hours before she slumped to the bed and fell asleep. I smiled as I moved off the bed and went to wash and get dressed. I checked the ship status to see it moving away from the station.

It would be a couple of hours before it began to skip out and then make the first long jump. Liners always took their time and triple checked every skip and jump they made so it would be at least a day before we jumped. I relaxed and entered a set of commands and started looking at the crew and passenger lists.

I relaxed when I finished and went to wake Anna and send her to wash and dress. I held her hand after as we walked to one of the huge dining areas. For the two weeks it took to reach the next station I pulled Anna around and began to teach her how to exercise. I also fucked her a dozen times a day which kept her satisfied.

The next ship we took was a cargo liner which only meant it was not as small as the last one. We mostly stayed in the cabin on that one. Anna was one used breeder by the time we pulled our travel cases off at the station above Central. I used my comp at the first terminal and entered a set of numbers to block the security vids.

Next was the shuttle down and a public transport vehicle into the city. I used my comp to list a safe house and left the transport several blocks away. We walked to it and I led Anna in and she looked around. I nodded to the hall, "there is a automated med room to the left. Have it run a diagnostic."

She grinned as she left her case and strutted to the hall. I began a sweep of the house and when I finished I slipped into the med room, "well?"

She was laying back on the bed naked and rubbing her pelvis, "pregnant with four girls."

She smile as she looked at me, "can I keep them?"

I snorted as I moved to the bed and bent to suck on a nipple, "after we put them in an artificial womb."

She shivered and held my head before she giggled and humped, "um?"

I laughed as I pulled her off the bed, "first we eat and then I will fuck you again."

She grinned as she ignored her discarded clothes and held my arm when we left. It was the middle of the night when I slipped out and she was asleep. I walked away and finally stole a vehicle. The large complex was outside the city and guarded extremely well. To bad I still had access and parked in one of the underground lots.

I used a service entrance and a cover identity as a maintenance man. I even slipped into the maintenance supply room and put on a new set of coveralls. I made several checks and was a little surprised my official file was missing. I made a couple more checks and nodded before I headed up to the director level.

Most of the floor was for deputy directors and their assistants. It was easy to log into the security vid system and put the office of the deputy director on a loop. By the time I bypassed the simple locks and alarms the only thing anyone saw was the loop. I checked the office carefully and moved to a combat harness to one side of the desk.

When I was done I checked the desk and found the log in and password for the desk comp. A search through the desk comp got me the message from fleet admiral Dugan. He was the internal intelligence commander for the fleet and the one requesting my termination. I used my comp to upload and route the private copy of my files into the system.

I set up a message before moving to the combat harness. I slipped out quietly and drove away and returned the stolen vehicle where I had found it. I triple checked the safe house before silently entering. I undressed and laid behind Anna and she shifted and turned to snuggle. I smiled as I caressed her bare shoulder.

I woke early and looked at Anna before slowly rolling her onto her back. She sighed as I turned and moved over her and spread her legs with my knees. Since the clinic my sex drive was beyond what it had been. I pushed into her cummy pussy and slowly buried my cock. I kissed her as she squirmed and put her arms around me.

She humped and her pussy squeezed and I started to press and rub. She shivered and her tight pussy grasped my cock, "mmmm?"

I smiled as her warm pussy seemed to massage my cock and began to fuck her with long strokes. A couple of minutes and she was shuddering and hugged me tight, "aaahhhh!"

I used firm thrusts and started to rub and grind and she spasmed and began bucking, "YES!"

I kissed her while still pulling almost out and then shoving into her hard. She twisted and thrashed and struggled while her pussy constantly grasped and tightened, "fuck me!"

Several minutes and I buried my cock and held her while pumping sperm. She jerked and her cunt clenched, "ooohhhh!"

She squirmed as I flooded her with cum and when I was done she shook me and giggled, "horny goat."

I grinned as I kissed her, "you seem to enjoy it breeder."

Anna laughed as I pulled out and moved off the bed and pulled her after me. I washed her in the shower and then made a few checks before we ate. I checked a remote vid dump and watched as deputy director Harris sat in his chair. He received my message before a dart from his own weapon harness struck his head and imploded.

I shut the feed off and turned to watch Anna in the other room. I grinned as I stood and went to pull her back so we could dress and leave. I took the vehicle in the garage and drove across the city to another safe house. I had stopped long enough along the way to download several vids and done a little shopping.

I fucked her twice between watching the vids and holding her. We had dinner and I fucked her again before she fell asleep. I took the vehicle when I left and a block from one of the fleet base side entrances I left it. I switched idents while walking to the ped gate and it authorised me access as a civilian contractor.

I took a mag walk all the way to the central base facilities and then another out to the fleet intelligence command complex. By then I had used my comp and added myself to the access list as an imperial intelligence black operations agent. I walked right through the front doors and nodded to the two guards as I used the comp.

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