Morning Run

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 2002 by Ann Douglas. All rights reserved.

Erotica Sex Story: Dave and Jim McKenna were halfway through their morning exercise run when a small accident turned it from a daily chore to a once in a lifetime experience

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Fiction   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   .

David and Jim McKenna were brothers, twins actually, born ten minutes apart. For as long as they could remember, the two seventeen year olds had competed with each other in almost every way possible. Today was no exception as the two of them neared the turnaround point of their exercise run in Marshal State Park.

A satisfied smile filled David's face as he neared the half way point in their four-mile morning run. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw that his younger brother was lagging about twenty feet behind him.

"Let's get a move on little brother," he called back, knowing that Jim hated it when he called him that, forever reminding him that he had even come in second when it came to being born.

Still, it had the desired effect as Jim McKenna increased his pace and quickly caught up with his brother. Both of them were on the high school track team, ranking one and two in the county, and sure to be offered scholarships to a number of colleges come their senior year. That was if they could continue, if not build upon, their already successful records.

The problem was, as least as David saw it, Jim had really begun to slack off over the summer. Even during these exercise runs, he now paid more attention to the girls they passed than getting in a good run. That was one of the reasons David had moved their runs to a later hour when most of the other runners they passed would be older people who caused less distractions.

It wasn't that Dave had anything against paying attention to girls, after all he was a good-looking young man with normal sexual desires. It was just that he felt you had to have your priorities straight and nothing was more important than getting those scholarships for college. Always the more serious of the two brothers, Dave never forgot that aside from the twins, his parents had two other children and could never afford a college education for all of them.

Reaching the end of the paved road, the two dark-haired runners moved onto the gravel path for the last quarter mile. They had a clear view down to where the path ended against the beach and could see only one runner ahead of them.

Since their pace was greater than hers, they quickly caught up and saw that she was a short-haired redhead in, what they guessed, was her mid-forties. The path at this point varied in width with some sections large enough for the three of them and others only wide enough for one. So they had to slow their pace a little as not to run into her.

Most of the older runners they encountered usually stepped aside when the brothers came along, letting them pass as not to slow them down. To their surprise, this woman not only didn't move aside, she maintained the same pace as the much younger teens, running neck and neck with them at one point.

As they ran three abreast, both brothers managed to catch a good look at the woman as they ran, enough to tell them she was in really great shape for her age. A fact that made her ability to pace them a little easier to accept, though not by much. Wearing black running shorts and a white tank top, the woman wasn't even breathing hard, despite the beads of sweat that soaked her outfit.

A few hundred feet from the last marker, the road again narrowed and it became obvious that they were going to have to fall back and let the other runner go on ahead. David and Jim shared a brief glance between them, then slowed down. The woman pulled ahead, pausing just enough to flash a thank you smile back in their direction.

After she had moved about twenty paces ahead, the competitive impulse between the two brothers again kicked in and they both surged forward to be the first down to the post. In doing so, David cut in front of his younger brother. Jim was tired of always deferring to his twin and chose that moment to make a point of it, pushing himself to jump into the lead himself.

The effect was disastrous as the two brothers collided, Jim getting the worse of it. David managed to keep his footing, but Jim stepped into a small depression in the gravel and fell forward, hitting the ground hard.

"You okay, Jim?" David asked as he leaned over his brother, all thoughts other than his well being gone from his mind.

"I think so," Jim answered as he sat up. Dusting the dirt from his blue and white running gear, he took stock of himself.

David reached down to give his brother a hand up.

"Ouch!" Jim called out as he started to get up, causing David to release his grip on Jim's hand.

Both brothers looked down at the inside of Jim's upper left thigh and saw a two-inch square scrape, covered with small streaks of blood. It was a superficial injury, one that looked a lot worse than it was.

"That's gotta hurt," David said, remembering the results of some of his own falls.

"No shit!" Jim grinned back in return.

"Well I guess that does it for the day," David said, his attitude almost insinuating that his brother intentionally hurt himself to get out of the workout.

Catching the suggestion in his tone, Jim was about to tell his sometimes-overbearing brother what he could do with it when another voice interrupted.

"Oh my, that doesn't look good," the soft female said from behind the two of them.

Both brothers turned in the direction of the voice, to see the woman they had been pacing standing there. An inch shorter than the brother's five foot seven, the redhead weighted about a hundred and thirty pounds. The bulk of which seemed to be in a pair of well-developed breasts, the nipples of which were highly visible through her sweat stained top.

"He's okay," David said in response to her statement.

"Speak for yourself, David," Jim said as he stared at the large amount of cleavage visible as the older woman bent over.

"I hope I didn't cause that," she said with concern, remembering how they had moved aside to let her pass.

"No," Jim quickly said, "some of us just have two left feet."

Now picking himself up, he tested his weight on the leg. It was sore, but he could walk on it.

"We'll stop at the park house on the way out and get it cleaned up," David said. "Thanks for stopping though."

"Oh, okay," the woman said as she smiled again at Jim and then began to slowly trot down the path toward the paved road.

David waited for the woman to get out of earshot, then turned to his brother.

"You can put your eyes back in their sockets now," he said sarcastically.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Jim asked.

"You know what it means," David replied. "She's got to be older than Mom."

"But Mom certainly doesn't look like that," Jim grinned, thinking that his mother, as much as he loved her, could hardly wear an outfit like the redhead had on.

Not wanting to start another argument about Jim's less than serious outlook on life, David decided to let the matter drop. Taking the lead, he began to walk down the path, leading to the park house a mile ahead. A moment later, Jim followed him.

They'd gone a quarter-mile, passing by the large Marina that was part of the park when they noticed the woman from the gravel path. She was sitting on one of the benches that lined the track, drinking from her water bottle.

"Hi," Jim said as they passed her.

"Hello," she smiled at him, "nice to see you're okay."

"I guess it was worse than it looked after all," Jim said, "it'll be fine once I get it cleaned up."

"I was thinking about that after I left the two of you," she said. "Despite what you said before, I really feel a little responsible for you getting hurt. My husband has his boat docked in the Marina over there, and it has a first aid kit. I'd really feel better if you'd let me get that cut taken care of."

"That really isn't necessary," Jim said, "but I appreciate the offer."

"Please, it would make me feel a lot better," she insisted.

"Well," Jim paused, aware of David standing behind him, almost feeling a disapproving stare burning into his back. "Oh, okay, if it would make you feel better."

"Wonderful," she said as she stood up and put her small water bottle back in the holder on her belt. "It's just at the edge of the first pier. I'm Catherine Walsh by the way, or Cathy to my friends."

"Jim McKenna," he replied, "and this is my brother, David."

"It's nice to meet you both," Cathy said as she turned and headed in the direction of her boat.

They'd only gone a few steps after her when Jim, feeling that his brother wanted to say something, turned in his direction.

"Hey, if you don't want to go along, why don't you finish your run and I'll catch up with you at the park entrance later," he suggested.

"And let you disappear somewhere after you're done?" David replied. "Not a chance, little brother. We promised Mom we'd clear out the garage today and I'm not going to do it alone."

"It wounds me to think that my own brother doesn't trust me," Jim said, knowing full well that David was right on the money in thinking that he'd cut out the first chance he got. Spending the rest of his day hauling junk to the dump wasn't his idea of how to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

It only took a few minutes to reach Cathy's boat, a twenty-eight foot cabin cruiser named "Cathy's Clown". David and Jim followed her onboard and down into the cabin where she removed a small white case with a red cross from one of the compartments.

"Have a seat," she told Jim as she took a bottle of antiseptic and some sterile bandages from the box.

As the younger brother followed her instructions, David noticed a framed photograph on the wall. Inscribed Key Largo, 2000, it showed Cathy with a man he assumed was her husband. Noticeably older than the woman now tending to his brother's injury, David guessed his age to be somewhere around sixty. Actually, Robert Walsh was closer to seventy, a fact that would've surprised him only half as much as to discover that Cathy was actually fifty-four.

"I'm going to wait outside," David said, figuring that they'd be on their way in a few minutes.

"There's soda in the cooler topside," Cathy said as he backed out the door. "Help yourself."

"Thanks," he called down as he climbed the stairs.

"Your brother is the serious type," Cathy said as she turned her attention back to Jim and carefully wiped his cut with the antiseptic.

"You noticed that too, huh," the crew cut teen replied.

"The two of you don't get along?"

"Oh we get along fine," Jim answered. "It's just that he worries about everything too much. I know that we really need athletic scholarships if we're ever going to go to college, but that doesn't mean that we can't have some fun along the way. If he would just loosen up a little, he'd be a lot happier."

"Well, hopefully he'll realize that eventually," Cathy said as she finished clearing away the now dried blood "Life is far too short not to enjoy it while you can. If would be a shame if two good-looking boys like yourselves didn't take advantage of it. I bet you practically have to tear the girls off you."

"Well, I wouldn't say that exactly," Jim blushed, more due to the fact that from where he sat, he could look right down the opening of Cathy's skintight top. In fact, as she leaned over a little further, he could even see the dark pink edges of her nipples.

"No need to be so modest," Cathy laughed as she pressed a small bandage over the scrap. "I'm not that old that I don't remember how it was and..."

The seventeen year old looked down when she stopped in mid-sentence. He felt even more embarrassed as he realized that she was staring at the erection he had gotten from looking down her shirt. Pressed against his tight shorts, you could see the outline of his full seven inches.

"I'm sorry," he apologized.

"No need to be sorry," Cathy laughed. "If anything, I consider that a compliment."

Jim also realized that, despite having finished taking care of his small injury, Cathy had made no move to get back up. Instead, she was still staring at the outline of his manhood, something that just made it grow even harder.

"I can see that you have nothing to be ashamed about," she continued as she moved her hand just a little bit closer. "You know, I've always wondered that about twins. Just how alike are the two of you?"

Sitting on the edge of the boat, a diet soda in his hand, David wondered what was taking Jim so long. How long does it take to wash a cut and put on a Band-Aid. He looked in the direction of the cabin windows but the curtains were drawn and he couldn't see inside.

"He's probably telling her his life story," David told himself as he put the soda down and climbed back to his feet. "I'd better go down and get him before he overstays his welcome."

David was surprised to find the cabin door closed, knowing that he had left it open. He turned he handle and pushed it inward.

"Oh shit!" he cried out as he stepped inside.

There, standing only a few feet in front of him, was his brother with his running shorts down around his ankles. Cathy was kneeling between the two of them, Jim's cock deep in her mouth.

"Jim, what the hell do you think you're doing?" David asked in an agitated voice.

"I would think that's pretty obvious," Cathy said as she turned her head to face the unexpected arrival, but still kept one hand on Jim's cock, pumping it slowly.

David opened his mouth to say something else, but couldn't think what it should be.

"Well are you going to just stand there with your mouth hung open?" Cathy asked as she continued to play with the cock in her hand. "Or are you going to drop your pants and join in the fun?"

She waited a few seconds for David to reply, but the young man still seemed too stunned to answer. He felt like he'd walked into one of those cheap porno movies that Billy Johnson used to sneak out of his father's video store so they could watch them in his basement.

"Either that, or close the door behind you on your way out," Cathy added.

An option the fifty-four-year-old had no intention of letting him act on. Reaching out with her free hand, she slipped past the waistband of his shorts and pulled out his semi-hard cock. Before he could even react to that, she leaned her head forward and took him in her mouth.

David gasped as he felt her wetness engulf him. With no effort at all, she slid his full seven inches, a match for his brother, all the way inside her mouth.

It didn't take long for the warm softness of the older woman's mouth to bring David to a full hardness. Skillfully, her tongue played across his cockhead, then up and down his shaft. Soft, slender finders stroked his length and her wet trail extended down to his balls. She took first one and then both into her mouth, covering them with kisses.

She continued to suck him for another minute, running her tongue up and down the length of his cock, pumping it in and out of her mouth. Then she turned back to Jim and replaced David's manhood with his and gave it similar attention.

"Well, you said we should do more things together," Jim laughed as he looked into the face of his still stunned sibling.

Whatever his initial shock might have been when he walked in on his brother, or what he might've thought about taking part in what was happening himself, David would've had to be some kind of stone cold superman to suddenly walk out on a woman, whatever her age, who was giving him the most incredible blow job of his young life. Whatever he might have been, he wasn't that man.

Both he and Jim had been on the receiving end of a hot girl's mouth before. In fact, both of them had lost their virginity within the last year. But none of those girls, however hot they were, had anything approaching the talent of Cathy Walsh.

Back and forth she went, slipping one brother's cock into her mouth for a few stroke, then moving back to the other. In between, she maintained two simultaneous hand jobs. Both of them could feel the pressures within them building to an exploding point, and it was only a question of who would climax first.

It turned out to be Jim as he let out a loud grunt and enjoyed an orgasmic release better than he'd ever had with the girls in school. Also unlike those late night encounters, Cathy had no hesitation in letting him come in her mouth. In fact, she seemed to relish every drop of his youthful eruption.

Then, without missing a beat, she spun around and took David back in her mouth just as he exploded, repeating her previous performance. She drained him just as completely, feeling his cock grow soft between her lips. In her other hand, Jim's organ had already shrunk to its pre-aroused state.

"Wow," David said with a loud sigh, echoing a similar though just expressed by his twin.

"I'm glad you both enjoyed it," Cathy said as she rose to her feet, wiping away a small drop of whiteness from the corner of her mouth, "Because I know I certainly did."

"It was," Jim started to say, "pretty..."

" ... fantastic," David said completing his brother's thought.

"Hmm, so what they say about twins is true," the redhead chuckled. "They do sometimes share the same thought. Does this happen a lot with you two?"

"Sometimes," they said in unison, which caused all three of them to laugh.

When the laughter stopped, both brothers were suddenly at a loss for words. Which was quite unusual for the two of them since one or the other seemed to always have something to say. Finally, it was Cathy who broke the awkward silence.

"Well why don't we all get a little more comfortable and we'll see what other fun we can have," the full-bosomed woman said.

She reached for the bottom of her tank top and pulled it up a few inches, exposing a stomach as flat as either of the boys less than a third her age. Cathy paused when she realize that neither of the boys had reacted to her suggestion.

"Well you don't think I'm going to let you just walk out of here after you've had both your dicks in my mouth, do you?" she said in what first appeared to be a quite angry voice. "Especially when I have a few other interesting places that you could put them as well." she added in a much different playful tone.

Jim look across the small cabin at his mirror image, trying to gauge in advance David's reaction to Cathy's statement. This had already gone far beyond what he thought it would when the cute redhead had first reach out and slid her hand up the bottom of his shorts. The younger brother wasn't about to turn down a blow job from any woman, even one who, he learned by simply asking her, turned out to be older than his mother. At least not one who looked as good as Cathy.

David was also trying to make true Cathy's theory about twins and tell what was going on in his brother's head. It was one thing to have gotten blown at the same time as Jim, it had all happened too fast to really think about it, but this was different. Previously, the closest thing they'd had to a common sexual experience was one of them getting sucked off by their date in the back seat of a car while the other enjoyed the same up front. What had just happened raised that bar a great deal. Did he really want it to go any higher?

"David?" Jim finally said, unable to guess his brother's answer.

"I don't know, Jim," he said as he looked from his brother to the woman standing between them.

Again wanting to stack the deck in her favor, Cathy took hold of her top once more and this time pulled it up and over her head. The tight fitting shirt served a dual purpose as, aside from covering them, it held her considerable assets in place. Once gone, the seventeen year olds were presented with a firm, full bust that was the equal to, if not better, than any girl they knew.

"Dave... ?" Jim repeated, wondering if the offer was only to the two of them or if Cathy would settle for just one.

"Damn," David said silently under his breath, thinking again how much this was like one of Billy's fuck films - long on sex and short on believability.

Still, seeing was believing and this certainly was happening. The tingle that still resonated through his spent cock certainly attested to that. And one thing that Dad always drummed into them was to take advantage of life's opportunities. This was probably not what he had in mind, at least not as a middle-aged father. But if faced with a situation like this when he was their age, he probably would've come to the same decision that David now did.

"Okay," he said to both of them, his face filling with a smile.

"All right," Jim said with an identical smile.

"Great," Cathy beamed, "why don't the two of you get out of those clothes then."

With only the barest of running essentials on, it took both of them only a little over a minute to take it all off. As they stood there totally naked, Cathy's eyes moved back and forth, comparing their bodies.

If there were differences between the two of them, they were far too minor for her to notice. They were indeed totally identical, from the very short haircuts to the light layer of body hair on each of their muscular forms. If it wasn't for the small bandage that she had put on Jim herself, she couldn't tell the two of them apart at all. That they were totally alike excited her immensely.

Satisfying her initial curiosity, Cathy took a moment to remove first her running shoes, then her shorts. Like her top, she had worn nothing beneath them. Slowly turning back and forth, she let David and Jim take a good look at her.

There was some evidence of age when you really looked at her, but a lot less of it than women a decade younger. Obviously she had been taking care of herself a very long time. Both young men took note of the tightly trimmed patch of white and gray hair between her legs. It was a color they had never seen on a woman before.

"Why don't the two of you come a little closer," she said, seeing they were still a little nervous. "I don't bite."

They both moved to her right and left and she wrapped her arms around each of their waists, running her hands up and down their smooth skin.

"Actually, I do," she laughed, "but you might like it."

The joke helped ease the tension and she moved her hands up to the back of their head. She gently pulled Jim close, and kissed him on the lips, letting her tongue slip inside his mouth for a brief moment. Then she kissed David as well.

Close enough to feel the heat of her body, the boys could no longer resist and both of them began to run their own hands up and down her. Each would up at the breast closest to them and kissed that as well, their tongues sliding back and forth over the stiff, thick nipples.

"Mmmm, I like that," Cathy said as she tilted her head back and closed her eyes for a few moments, moaning even louder as twin mouths pulled her nipples deep inside.

Opening her eyes, Cathy turned and pressed her body hard against Jim, causing his cock to begin to come back to life as it rubbed against the outer walls of her pussy. At the same time, she reached back and pulled David against her back, his own cock having the same reaction as his brother's as it slipped between the globes of her ass.

"Now this is my idea of a sandwich," she laughed as she moved her pelvis back and forth, massaging each of their cocks until they were once again firm if not yet hard.

Then she reversed the order and let each brother feel what the other had just enjoyed. All the while, they grew ever harder.

She shifted position a third time, now facing one way and the McKenna brothers the other. Taking a small step back, she looked down as she cupped each of there balls, sliding her fingers upward until they'd run across the length of their now standing manhoods.

"You have such beautiful cocks," she said as she ran her fingers down them as well. "I was just wondering, two brothers as close as the two of you are, have the two of you ever..."

"No!" both of them answered in unison, their voices firm and absolute.

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