Scavenger Hunt

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: Growing up on the edge of the family business is not something I thought about. It was not what I was going to do with my life. My uncle was the head of the largest genetic corporations and someone I enjoyed talking with. With his death he gives me a challenge to earn my future doing what I want. When the spiders attacked his challenge was the only thing that could save everyone on the planet.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

My uncle had owned one of the largest genetic corporations on Thantos. Thontos was considered a grey world by almost all the federations, the few empires and the republics. Not to mentions the independent systems and the kingdoms. We might be a grey world but they all still came to us.

I had known him well and even if I was not into genetics he and I enjoyed talking. I was sixteen and already an engineer and ship designer. I glanced at the two well dressed men when they walked into the small office, "can I help you?"

One looked me over before smiling, "Taylor Green?"

I looked them over carefully, "yes."

He glanced at the other man who moved to the door as he walked to me, "your uncle James has died."

I straightened, "when?"

He looked at the design I was working on, "a couple of hours ago. He left something for you."

I shook my head as I thought of my uncle, "I do not want it."

He grinned, "he said you would say that. He told me to tell you, you have to earn it."

I looked at him, "doing what?"

He touched my design board, "you know the abandoned ship graveyard?"

I nodded and he chuckled, "he said you can only use what is in the yard and have to build a combat suit that is the rival of a ship."

I frowned as my mind spun and ideas came and were thrown away. I shook myself, "and who decides if it is good enough?"

He turned towards the door, "an AI he programed himself."

I turned to watch him, "and what do I get?"

He stopped and turned to look at me, "the most perfect girls he ever created."

I sighed and started to shake my head and he smiled, "and a stake to start your own ship building shop."

I stood and turned to look out a window before nodding, "okay."

He grinned, "we are to stay with you to confirm you only use what is in the yard. The rules are simple, you can only use what is in the yard and the suit or whatever must look human."

I glanced at him, "and rival a ship?"

I shook my head before looking at my design comp. I sighed as I headed for the door and stopped to pack meals. The ship graveyard was full of abandoned ships, mostly smaller ones. I found one of the more recent runners that had been left minus its engines. I began checking it before using the main AI in the small bridge.

First I would need a skeleton, the design was a rough draft as I thought of ideas and tossed them away. The suit needed to be self contained which meant I did not want to use rail cannons or missiles ... eight hours later I had everything and began to search the yard in the dark. I used a small but old comp I found to make a list of what I needed and what I found.

The moly welder on the ancient maintenance ship answered my prays. Not only did it work but the grav systems on the ship still functioned. As I began cutting into other ships and building the inner and then the outer skeleton the design became a solid functioning blueprint. One of the men made a copy and disappeared for several hours before returning.

I had what could be called the skeleton of the feet, ankle and legs done and was working on the frame or skeleton of the body. I glanced at the man with two stunning young women following him. I stopped to look before climbing down and he grinned and turned, "Taylor this is Eve and Venus."

Eve was the redhead and Venus the golden blonde. They both had long hair worn in a braid. They were also wearing coveralls and were looking at the skeleton frame. They looked at each other before looking at me and Eve cleared her throat, "we both have engineering skills and a degree."

I blinked and thought of my uncle before shaking my head, "it figures."

We started talking as I kept working and they began to help. The hard part was making the curved frame that looked like ribs with a thick beam like plate that went from the upper area down to the mid area. The skull we had to constantly moly weld but it only had a short neck area. While I worked on the arms the girls brought what we needed for the reactors.

There would be five small ship sized phase reactors which was more power than a dreadnought would need. We had to change and convert the reactors but with the girls it did not take long. It was late before they pulled me away and to the runner I was living in. We ate and they grinned as they pulled me up and stripped me while pulling and pushed me to the fresher.

They had brought out mattresses and made one large bed in what had been the common area. After washing me they pulled me to the bed and I grinned as I pushed them in, "first I get to inspect and check you and then we can take a test ride."

They laughed as they laid down and I went to dim the lights. I came back and laid down with them and turned to reach out and start feeling Eve. Venus was on her other side and grinned as she turned to watch. Her skin was smooth and soft and her breasts firm and I bent to suck on a nipple.

She shivered and pushed her breast up and I grinned as Venus bent to start sucking on the other nipple. I shifted up to kiss her before I began to kiss down her body. She spread her legs and when I reached her pussy I looked before I licked. She shivered and lifted her hips as I kept licking her and then began to nibble.

I found her clit and sucked before giving it a squeeze with my lips. She gasped and humped and I covered her clit and began to wiggle my tongue and tease it. She shuddered and kept lifting her hips as she began to moan. It was awhile before she jerked and tried to close her legs and Venus laughed and tried to pull me up.

I moved over Eve and kissed her as she panted and slowly pushed and forced my cock into her. She spread her legs and tilted her hips as my cock sank into her, "ooohhhh!"

I rested for a moment before I pulled back and started to fuck her with long strokes. She sighed and lifted her hips each time I pushed into her. I kept burying my cock and pressing to feel her warm pussy as it grasped and squeezed. She began to hump and then thrust up and I started to fuck her firmly.

A few minutes and I was planting my cock after each long deep stroke. She wailed and clutched me as she began to struggle, "aaaahhhh!"

It was not much longer before I grunted as I buried my cock and held her. My cock erupted and I began to gush strong spurts of cum. Eve jerked and spasmed while her tight pussy kept grasping and clenching as it milked the sperm into her. She shuddered and shook and kissed me, "mmmm!"

When I was done I settled as she panted and squirmed and sagged to the bed. I grinned before pulling out and turning to push Venus onto her back. I moved down as she grinned and laid back and spread her legs. I looked at her pussy before opening it and licking. I nibbled on her inner lips and then captured her clit and gently squeezing.

I started wiggling my tongue and sucking and squeezing. She humped and squirmed and moaned as I kept it up. Several minutes later she was shaking and jerked and tried to twist away and close her legs, "oooohhhh!"

I moved up and pushed her onto her back while spreading her legs with my knees. She smiled as I slowly pushed into her and buried my cock. She wiggled and tilted her hips and put her arms around me. I settled and kissed her before I began to hump and grind and jab. She sighed and lifted her hips as her tight pussy squeezed.

After a couple of minutes I pulled back and started to fuck her slowly. She humped up to meet each thrust and her pussy became slippery as it constantly tightened. She began moaning again and squirming as she kept hugging me. I continued to kiss her and fuck her with deep strokes. It was several minutes before she wailed and started to struggle.

She bucked and jerked while clinging to me, "aaaahhhh!"

I continued to fuck her and grind and she kept struggling while her pussy constantly tightened and squeezed. Finally I pushed into her and pressed as my throbbing cock gushed and spewed and began pumping spurts of cum. Venus spasmed and her pussy clenched on my cock, "yyyeeeesssss!"

She shook and shuddered as I came in her and when I was done I settled and relaxed. She was panting while her pussy kept squeezing and finally grinned, "that was a good test ride."

Eve laughed and I grinned and kissed Venus before pulling out and moving to Eve. I woke to the timekeeper and shifted and moved off the bed. I went to the fresher and showered and then passed the girls on my way out. In the dining area the two men were waiting as I pulled out three cereal meal packs and heated them.

The girls walked in and we ate before going to dress and leave. Each day pretty much went the same and ended with us together in bed. It was two weeks before we were done. The suit was over two hundred meters tall, forty deep and sixty wide. It had two independent grav lances that could punch a hole through a battleship in high orbit.

There were six peta watt lasers that could reach out of the atmosphere and into low orbit and twelve energy torpedo launchers. For soft targets there were a dozen sonic lances with a ten kilometer range. For defense there were what looked like a couple of dozen large bulges or bumps or skin blisters.

They were actually shield generators that could emit a field that could stand up to the fire from several battleships. The inside had three cages in gyros where the operator had a complete three dee holograph of everything around the suit. The other two seats rotated or tilted in the other two cages. They controlled the reactors and shields and monitored all the other systems.

For a test we walked to the other end of the spaceport landing area. I used a grav lance and punched a hole through several ships at the same time. I destroyed a dozen decoys that flew or were in low orbit and a hundred targets on the ground. We even stood beyond the landing area as a kinetic missile hit the shields.

We were walking back to the area we had set aside for the suit when the sirens began blaring. Every comm came alive as the system warning alarms began broadcasting. I stopped to listen to the sentry reports of a spider fleet heading towards the planet. I looked at the two holographs of the girls and knew there was no way for us to escape.

Then it dawned on me, we were in one huge combat fighting machine. I grinned at the girls, "bring the sats online with our scans and go to passives on all scans."

I turned to head back to the other end of the landing area as I opened my comm. My cousin answered and growled, "I do not have time Taylor..."

I interrupted, "I am in the combat suit and at the spaceport. Move everything down into the underground storage areas and seal the way down just in case. Keep your comm on and listen for me."

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