Candy Striper

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2003 by Jack Spratt. ALL Rights Reserved

Erotic Sex Story: Jayden Hurst becomes a candy striper at the local hospital. She enjoys helping people. Dale Green is a mature male in the convalescent area waiting to be released. Jayden's visits with him bring the two very close, providing him with much needed relief. The surprising part is that his wife, Keniesha, agrees with the services Jayden provides her husband.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Interracial   First   Oral Sex   .

Special thanks to Phil Gorman 2014 for his expertise in re-editing and proofing.

I have always enjoyed helping people and being a candy striper at the hospital gives me an opportunity to do just that. It all started nearly two years ago when mom and I visited one of my aunts who had an operation. I saw a number of young candy stripers assisting a group of young patients. Mom told me that, at fourteen, I was too young to volunteer. Being persistent, I manage to get an application and a booklet of the requirements to be a candy striper. Over the next two years, with the help of mom, perfecting all the necessary requirements becomes part of my daily life. Finally, at fourteen, the hospital accepts me to help on the children's floor of the hospital. My functions are: to read to the patients; help them color; and for the ones that are mobile, accompany them when they walk from room to room; and for the wheelchair bound, assist them whenever possible.

The children's floor adjoins the adult convalescent section. There are many adults that seem to take a long time before they can leave. As I walk through the area, many say hello in, what seems like, a plea to have someone to talk to. Stopping often, it makes me feel so good to bring a smile to their faces as we chat.

My name is Jayden Hurst. I'm tall for my age, at five foot six. I am proud of my breasts; mom started me on training bras at nine. Now, at a B cup, they are full of me. Mom says my nipples are bigger than hers. Sometimes you can see them right through my bra and top. Compared to the other girls in my class, I have the biggest bust. There are no boys in my life; but, it isn't because they haven't asked. Lots of guys in the higher grades have asked me to date, but I never have. Some of the other girls have and the stories scare me. One girl told a story of a guy taking out his thing and wanting her to suck it. How disgusting!

Over the last three weeks, one of the adults who really enjoys seeing me is a black man. Every day he seems so happy when I stop at his doorway and chat. He often has visitors; but, he always makes a point of saying hello. His visitors are all black. There is a very beautiful woman with him often; who I assume must be his wife. She is always well dressed in well-fitting clothing showing her fantastic figure. One thing I like about her is she always wears a very dark red lipstick that accents her sexy, thick lips. I wish mine were like hers. Leaving the hospital one day, she comes up to me.

"Hello, young lady, I want to thank you for talking to my husband. He finds the time he has to spend in the hospital so boring; but, one of the bright things he told me about is your visits."

"I am glad that it helps. That is what we are supposed to do; try and take the patients mind off where they are. I do feel sorry that people are sick and have to stay in the hospital."

"Dale is frustrated, that is for sure. Sorry, my name is Keniesha Green. I should have introduced myself. My husband is a very active man when at home. I miss him very much. He takes good care of me."

After introducing myself she goes on to tell me Dale has been the best man she has ever known and she feels fortunate she is married to him. They both work: she is a high school teacher at the school near the mall my friends and I shop at. They have no children, yet, but she says it isn't from the lack of trying. She looks down when she realizes what she said. From what we have been taught in our health classes I assume she and her husband have sex often and now they both miss it very much. It must be frustrating for both of them now. Finally, she takes my hands, squeezes them and thanks me again for being so thoughtful; then she leaves. This close she smells so good; just touching her makes my pussy tingle.

My shift goes fast, as there are three new patients. Then, leaving the children's section, I stop and chat with Mr. Green for a minute. While looking at him, I try to imagine what he and his wife do often in bed. Suddenly, I feel warm all over.

On my way home I get the weirdest feeling between my legs. My pussy is tingling for some reason. The only other time that feeling occurs is after rubbing my pussy in the tub or in bed. Some of the girls at school say they rub themselves all the time, including at school when they go to the bathroom. One girl even invited me to watch her. Watching her lift up her skirt and lower her panties had me tingling. Her pussy seemed bigger than mine. The lips are so thick. She rubbed herself, concentrating on the top of her pussy. Her body trembled after a while, and then she looks at me, smiled and asks me if I wanted to do it. Shaking my head no, I was so embarrassed. That night, at home in bed, my finger did the same thing as hers and I did get the feeling to make me tremble. Now, I do it every night at least once.

The next day I arrive at the hospital, nearly an hour before my duty shift, figuring I could spend a bit more time talking to the adults and maybe spend some more time with Mr. Green. Maybe talking to me will make his stay a bit better. After talking to a number of people, I arrive at his room: noticing me at the door he smiles.

"Hello, young lady. I understand my wife talked to you."

"Yes. She thanked me for stopping to chat with you. I thought that was nice of her. She is a very beautiful woman."

"Yes, I know, and I think she is the most wonderful woman in the world. You're early today, something special?"

"Actually, I thought spending a bit more time in this section might help to make you feel better. Your wife says you are very frustrated."

For some reason his facial expression changes to a very stupid smile that I didn't understand until later in our relationship. He motions for me to come and sit on the chair, facing the door, beside his bed. Sitting, my uniform slides upwards showing four inches up my knees. Mr. Green's eyes don't leave my legs. While we chat, I can't help but notice his blanket moving upwards. Whatever is causing the movement is very big; he notices me staring and moves to his side. Whatever it is, it is now pointing at me and is now moving towards me. Then, I realize it is his thing. Gosh, it has to be nearly a foot long! Blushing, I get up and leave.

All afternoon there is no way that vision leaves my mind. Why was I so stupid? I should have realized what it was. Then what his wife told me makes me start to tingle again. They don't have children but it isn't from the lack of trying. They must have sex lots. Heck, it must be frustrating for both of them.

That evening in bed, all I can think of is that big thing inside his wife. She must be really big, a lot bigger than me, to be able to accept anything that big inside her. I fall asleep wondering what it actually looks like. We have pictures of penises in our health books, but they are all small compared to Mr. Green.

My mom is very happy with me leaving early to chat with more patients. She says the more you give of yourself the more will be returned in my lifetime. Just thinking about the different things that have happened recently, I need to talk to someone about it. The only one is my girlfriend, Jessica. She is thirteen, has a boyfriend and they do things together. When we meet in the hall, she agrees to meet me at lunch.

"Hi Jayden, what's up?"

"I need to talk to you about guy things."

"You got a boyfriend?"

"Not exactly. You know I go to the hospital as a candy striper, right?"

"Yes, do you like it?"

"Yes, and the kids like me helping them."

"So, what is the problem?"

"I also talk to some of the older patients because they don't have anyone to talk too."


"Well, there is a black man in the convalescent area and we chat. But, when we do his thing gets hard and moves his blankets. It makes me feel funny and embarrassed."

"All guys get hard when they see a girl. My boyfriend's cock is always hard when we dance. I keep teasing him about it. He tries to stop it, but can't. He says it is because I am so beautiful and sexy looking."

"What do you do?"

"When we are alone he lets me look at it and rub it. If I rub it long enough cream squirts out of it and then it goes really soft. He likes me to do that. Sometimes I even suck it to make it cream."

"What does he do for you?"

Jessica looks around to make sure nobody is close then leans over to me.

"He kisses me between my legs and licks me."

Looking at Jessica, in total shock, I can't believe it. Why would anyone kiss anyone there? The tingly feeling makes me want to touch myself, but kiss? Jessica senses my embarrassment and starts to laugh.

"Don't think it is bad until you try it. Maybe the man will let you see his cock. Is he married?"

"Yes. I have met his wife. She thanked me for talking to him."

"Well, that is part of the problem. At home, they likely have sex a lot; but, they can't in the hospital. When he looks at you he sees a very beautiful young girl. You know you look a lot older than you are."

After school, changing into my uniform, all sorts of things are going through my mind. Would Mr. Green show me his cock? I feel naughty thinking that word. Kiki used it as if it was an everyday word. Just how big is Mr. Green? Leaving to go to the hospital, I tell mom it will be later tonight than usual. She doesn't ask me why; she gives me a peck on the cheek.

Doing all my usual stops before Mr. Green's room, I peer in. He is sitting up watching the door like he is waiting for someone.

"I was hoping you would drop by. If you have a few minutes please come and sit. My wife just left."

Sitting down the first thing that happens is the sheets move upwards. He is looking at my legs and I at his growing cock. Did his wife do something for him before she left? Kiki says she rubs her boyfriend. Mr. Green moves to his side facing me. His big cock is still very obvious, sticking out. What does it look like? Is it chocolate brown like his skin or a different color? The only cock I have seen is a boy cousin and it wasn't much to look at.

"So, how is school?"

"Good, I always get good marks."

"Good for you! I notice you like to spend a fair amount of time helping at the hospital. I look forward to your visits."

"Thank you. I like visiting you too. It makes me feel good about myself."

"You make me feel good too. I guess it shows."

He is looking at the sheets and I am blushing. There is no way I can keep my eyes off his cock. My throat is dry and I am swallowing trying to remain calm. He reaches out and pats my hand.

"Jayden, you are a very attractive young lady. How old are you?"


A look of surprise fills his face. He looks up and down my body. My pussy is really tingling. His sheet jerks at his cock. We both seem surprised at that.

"You look at least fourteen. Let me apologize if I embarrassed you."

"I am not embarrassed really."


"Yes, I am."

Mr. Green looks towards the door. No one is paying attention to us.

"You want to see me?"

The heat of my blush rushes from my feet to my face in record time. This is what I have been thinking about since the first time his sheets moved. Now he is offering to show his cock to me. Not being able to speak, I nod yes. He takes another look at the door, then at me, as he slowly moves the sheet. His cock is about ten inches long and as thick as my wrist. There is a big smooth ball like thing at the tip with a slit in it. Drops of clear liquid seep out of the slit. It is big and brown. I want to touch him.

"You can touch it, if you like."

Standing up and moving closer to his bed my hand runs up and down its length. It is so firm and feels hard as my hand traces its length. Mr. Green closes his eyes and sighs.

"Your hand feels so good, Jayden. I wish we were alone."


"Because I would like to touch you like you are touching me."

He wants to touch my pussy? Jessica said guys like that. Why? Mr. Green's cock seems to jerk as I caress it. It does feel nice. Will he squirt cream if I continue to rub his cock? Then, I notice the time. I have to leave. Giving his cock a squeeze, I cover him.

"I have to go, but I will stop by when I leave."

"I will look forward to seeing you again. Thank you for what you did for me."

Blushing, I quickly hurry out of the room. My time with the children goes fast; but, the sight of that big thick cock never leaves my mind. All through my duties, my pussy never stops tingling. What would Mr. Green do if he sees my pussy? Finally, my shift comes to an end. After saying goodbye to my charges, I walk to Mr. Green's room. The visitor traffic has thinned out and only a few people are still on the floor. The nurses are at their station chatting.

"Hi, Jayden. I am glad you did come again. Come please sit for a while."

As I sit, he moves and uncovers his beautiful monster. I can't believe the effect it is having on me. My pussy feels really different like it is puffy and wet.

"You can touch me again, if you like. You remind me of my wife when you do."

Holding his length, the heat penetrates my hand. It is so smooth ... so big. Drops are forming on the tip in the slit. The liquid feels so slippery. There is a haunting scent about it. The urge to taste the drops is so strong. Looking at Mr. Green, I run my finger through the liquid then put it to my mouth. It doesn't taste that good, but not bad either.

"What else does your wife do to you?"

"She kisses the tip then sucks me."

The feelings running through my body are all new. Staring at his cock, my thoughts are how can she get something so big in her mouth? What does it taste like when she sucks on it? Is my mouth big enough? Do I want to try? The more I look at this big black cock the more I want to do things with it. I don't have much time left so if something is going to happen it has to be quick. The urge to rub my pussy is so strong. What is happening to me? Mr. Green can see me fidgeting.

"You don't have to do anything, Jayden. It is just nice to have you visit me."

Then, leaning over and opening my mouth wide, I am surprised that the large bulb head slips in. The automatic reaction is to suck. Mr. Green is softly moaning as he pushes his cock towards my mouth. Sucking deeply, my hand rubs his shaft; this makes Mr. Green moan even louder. My eyes are closed as I suck and tongue. This new sensation actually feels very good and he doesn't taste all that bad. My eyes open wide when he says:

"Jayden, I am going to cum."

My mind is trying to figure out what he is talking about when there is a surge in his cock. Then a hot flood of something hits the back of my throat. My mouth is so full of his cock the only thing I can do is swallow. The hot liquid flows down my throat. Surge after surge pulses hot thick cream into me and I just keep swallowing. Finally, Mr. Green's cock seems to stop and starts to soften. Is something wrong? Did I do it? Even the shaft in my hand gets soft. He can see the fright in my eyes.

"Oh Jayden, that was wonderful. You are a great cocksucker! Thank you for doing that, it makes me feel so much better. I know I will sleep well tonight, the first time since being in the hospital."

Licking the last drops of the white thick cream from the tip of his cock, I marvel at what happened. His hard, majestic cock is now just a limp hose. Realizing how late it is I lower his shaft to the bed and leave without saying anything. The trip home is fuzzy. My mind is whirling about what has happened. I have never done anything like that in my life and the bad part is I want to do it again; hell, today was my first view of an adult cock. I know it is wrong, but that doesn't seem to matter.

Mom is waiting with dinner for me. After telling her about all the people I helped, she is so happy that many people are benefiting from my efforts. All I can think of is one in particular: Mr. Green and his big brown cock. Finally, in bed I masturbate thinking of that cock and, for some reason; the taste of his cum is still in my mouth.

For the next two days all I can think of is my next visit to the hospital. Will Mr. Green still be a patient? That is something to ask: when does he expect to be released. When he gets home, his wife will resume sucking his cock leaving me wanting. Do all men like their cocks sucked? What would his wife think if she found out what I had done?

For my next visit, I take great care in preparing myself. Looking at myself in the mirror, in my blue thong and matching bra, I feel very grown up. Leaving early again, I head right to Mr. Green's room hoping he is alone. His wife Keniesha is with him and I feel let down. They both wave and call me into the room.

"Jayden, I want to thank you for what you did for Dale. I didn't have the nerve."

She knows that I sucked her husband's cock and isn't angry? I am confused!

"My husband is very horny, all the time, and it is easy for me to take care of him at home, but here I find it difficult. Please don't be embarrassed. What you did for Dale is like a mission of mercy. He needed to cum and you did it for him. I am just sorry I wasn't here to watch."

Now I am really confused! Mrs. Green wants to watch me suck her husband's cock? I thought she would be angry with me for even touching her husband, not thanking me.

"Dale and I want to do something for you when he is released, perhaps take you out for dinner. It is the least we can do."

Then she looks at Mr. Green.

"Dale, I have to go. I will see you tomorrow at the same time. Jayden will take care of you. Bye Jayden."

I watch her leave, and then look at Dale. He motions for me to sit down. My skirt moves up to my thong, exposing my crotch.

"You look very pretty today, Jayden. I hope my wife didn't embarrass you. We have no secrets from each other. She thinks you are a very brave, young lady."

"Thank you. I thought she would be mad at me."

Dale adjusts his body so that he is lying facing me; no one else can see what he does next. Slowly, he raises the sheet exposing his large black erect cock. It looks so beautiful. If possible, I would be sucking him right now, but there are too many people milling about in the hall and it is still daylight.

"I like you feeling me, Jayden. By the way, I had the best sleep of my stay after you sucked me. I want to thank you again for that."

"You want me to do it again?"

"I was hoping you liked doing it, Jayden. I would be grateful if you dropped by on your way out tonight. Maybe I can do something for you as well."

Caressing his monster for a few minutes, I leave to take my duty shift on the children's floor. Leaving, it is obvious to me that my pussy is all puffy; as I walk the lips are moving giving me a different sensation. My shift fortunately passes quickly and I find myself at Mr. Green's room; but, the door is closed. Knocking softly, I wait.

"Come in, Jayden."

Opening the door I see that Dale is smiling and sitting up in his bed reading.

"Why is the door closed?"

"I told the nurse I had a headache and that the light from the hall bothered me so she suggested I close the door. They won't check on me for another three hours."

It is obvious that Dale has been anticipating my return. His cock is sticking out from his body in its full glory. I can't believe how attractive it looks to me. This time he sits on the edge of the bed, his cock is within easy reach. Then he stands and I notice a large sack behind his cock hanging down nearly ten inches.

"That is my testicles or what men call balls. That is where my cream is started."

Handling them, there are two large things the size of tennis balls moving around. With one hand on them, and the other caressing his magnificent cock, I am feeling wondrous. Leaning over my mouth engulfs the moist head of Dale's cock. This time it doesn't taste so bad.

"Jayden, wait a moment. I want to do something for you this time. Please sit on the edge of the bed."

Sitting on the chair, Dale lifts my skirt and spreads my legs. He can see my lacy thong, damp at the crotch. Lowering his face to my pussy he takes a deep breath, and then kisses my thong. The energy of the kiss runs through my body. With a finger, he moves the material of my thong away from my pussy lips exposing them. I can feel his hot breath now. When he actually kisses me and his tongue tries to enter me, I nearly faint. Straining now to spread my legs even wider to let his tongue enter me, it feels so good. For some reason, my feet are on his knees and my hips push forward to meet his tongue. The feelings running though my body are new for me. I hope they never end. Dale's tongue is licking the top of my pussy, my magic button. When my climax comes, it takes my breath away. My body is shaking from the experience.

"I wish we had more time, Jayden. I do want to fuck you, if you will let me."

Fuck? Isn't that is when a man and a woman have sex? Dale wants to put his big cock in me? Shivers run through my body as I envision his big cock sliding into my small pussy.

"You're too big."

"No, Jayden, your pussy will stretch; remember, that is where babies come from and they are a lot bigger than my cock."

We talk about that in class at school, but I never thought of it that way. Now standing, Dale has his cock at my pussy, pushing gently. Oh, I wish I could feel his cock in me. There is no way I can push in this position. What does it feel like to be fucked by a man? What would his wife think about him fucking me?

"I don't think your wife would like that."

"She won't mind if you visit her too. She likes girls and I know she wants you."

Why would someone as beautiful as Mrs. Green want me? She could get any man she wanted; then, I realize what Dale means when he said his wife likes girls. She must be a lezzy. Dale covers my wet pussy and helps me off the bed. My knees are still shaky. Assisting me to the chair, he stands in front of me with his cock at my mouth. Opening wide, he moves forward. Oh, he does taste good! Sucking and rubbing his shaft, I am prepared for what is coming next. Feeling a subtle vibration in his shaft, I know he is going to cum. Sucking as hard as I can the gusher of cream fills my mouth. Gobs after gobs of hot searing cream flow down my throat. Like last night, Dale's shaft turns to a soft limp hose. Pumping his cock to extract every drop of his cream, I finally release the head from my mouth. I like doing this.

"Jayden, you are wonderful. Are you free anytime Saturday?"

"Yes, I was going to go to the mall with my friends, but we aren't going to do anything special."

"If you like, call Keniesha. She really wants you. I think you will enjoy it. You are a very beautiful and sensitive girl."

Giving me their home phone number, I slowly walk home. Like last time, Dale's taste is in my mouth, reminding me of how much I love sucking cocks. Maybe some of the boys at school would let me. No, not boys, maybe a teacher? Mr. Barnes, in math, has always helped me. I have noticed the big bulge in his pants more than once when he looks at the girls in their gym outfits. I bet his cock is big too.

That night as I masturbate, I wonder what Keniesha will do with me. I still can taste her husband. Maybe one day I can suck his cock to fall asleep. There is a big smile on my face thinking about that.

After breakfast, I ask mom if she needs any help. After dusting, I change again, wearing my washed thong and matching bra and I dab perfume all over my body. If Keniesha likes girls, I want to look appealing. Dressed in a white blouse and a very micro mini blue skirt, I tell mom that I am going to the mall and may go to a movie with friends. She gives me my allowance and tells me to call if I need a ride home. At the mall, I call the number Dale gave me for his wife.


"Hi, this is Jayden from the hospital. Your husband said you wanted to see me."

"Oh, yes Jayden! I've been waiting to see more of you since I met you. Where are you?"

"At the mall on Bloor Street."

"I can be there in ten minutes, main entrance?"

"Okay, I'll be waiting."

At the sound of a horn, I see Keniesha waving at me. Hurrying, I jump into the car and we drive away. Keniesha is wearing very short, shorts. Most of her chocolate bum is exposed. Even while sitting there in the car, there is a very wide area between her thighs. Her dark skin shines. Her thin tube top is molded to her massive long nipples. That tingle is running through my body again. She is so beautiful.

"You look very sexy today, Jayden. I hear you and my husband really get along fine. He is looking forward to leaving the hospital. Mind you, your visits have been making it tolerable for him. He does like having his big cock sucked."

Blushing I just nod my head. Her hand comes over and touches the top of my thigh and slowly slides upwards. Her fingers knead me very softly. They move slowly to my panties and, when she makes contact with my pussy, I jerk. She doesn't say a thing, but continues to caress my pussy lips. Unwittingly, I move to give her better access. Her fingers feel good.

Driving into an underground parking garage of a posh apartment building, she parks and we go to the elevator. Her shapely legs look so sexy in her raised heels. Her bum cheeks are flawless. In the elevator, her perfume fills it and she leans over and kisses me. Her lipstick tastes like strawberries. That is the first time I kissed a woman. Once in the apartment, she leads me to the kitchen.

"Would you like a drink?"

"If you are having one."

"Do you like coffee?"

"Yes, please."

Watching Keniesha moving around the kitchen has my spine tingling. She is so beautiful, her breasts standing out from her body; her hips, her bum and the large pussy lips molded in her shorts have me breathing heavily. She offers me my cup, and then sits down opposite me.

"Dale told you I like girls and I do; but, I like men as well. I am bi-sexual. I really like young girls, like you. I want to make sure you understand that before we do anything. Not all girls like to be loved by another girl or woman. What do you think about it?"

"I have never thought about it. I know some girls do at school, but I don't know anything about it."

"Are you interested? Because, I am really interested in you."

"I don't know what to think."

"Well, would you like to try? You can stop it anytime you feel uncomfortable. I never force myself upon anyone."

"I guess I could."

I really don't know what I feel about it, but my body is really excited. My pussy is puffy; I know that feeling ... it is the same as I feel with Mr. Green. Keniesha stands and offers to take my hand. She guides me into a large bedroom with a king sized bed in the middle. This is where Keniesha and Dale must have sex. That is something I would love to watch, his big cock slowly disappearing into Keniesha.

Keniesha is standing in front of a large curtained window. She removes her tube, exposing two beautiful breasts with long extended nipples. She has no sag. They are fantastic, compared to mine. She seems to like me looking at her. Next, she wiggles out of her cut-off shorts revealing red G-string panties that are hidden in the folds of her ass cheeks and pussy. Her large pussy is free of any hair; her cunt lips are massive, with a wide area in between them. She turns her back to me, leans over and removes the G-string. Her asshole is a large wrinkled prune, a lot bigger than mine; I wonder what caused the wrinkles? Then, she turns giving me a view of her gorgeous moist cunt. She sits on the edge of the bed raising one leg upwards, which spreads her pussy lips, exposing her beautiful, pink, inner pussy. I never thought looking at a girl's pussy would have me feeling so horny, like I have to masturbate.

"I am glad you like looking at me. Why don't you get undressed and come to bed with me."

Nervously I undress, embarrassed at my small size compared to Keniesha. Her eyes don't leave me. My pussy is moist and there is a damp stain on my panties. Moving beside Keniesha, she reaches out and softly touches one of my nipples, it feels like I've been branded. She falls back on the bed with her legs spread wide giving me a panorama view of her pussy. Her thick brown lips boarder her beautiful pink interior. Moisture, that is a thin line of translucent liquid, is slowly seeping from her. She pats the bed beside her. On my side, my body is facing her. Keniesha rolls on her side; her nipple is inches from my face. My mind is screaming at me to suck it. Her hand guides me; my mouth opens automatically and starts sucking. The taste coming from her nipple is unique and delicious. She sighs as I try to mouth a large part of her breast in my mouth. Her hand finds my titties: she rolls my nipple between her fingers. My complete body is charged. Her hand runs down my body and finds my wet opening. Like her husband, she gently fingers me; then, she inserts her finger deep, hitting some resistance. Quickly she finds my happy button and soon I am panting close to a climax; but, she stops and rolls me on my back. The next thing that happens is Keniesha moves down my body and her head is at my pussy. Spreading my legs, to give her better access, she lowers her head and tongues me. What a feeling! She spreads my pussy and her tongue attempts to follow where she had her finger. My body is arching, trying to get it to go deeper. A climax is very near. Both Keniesha and Dale like licking my small pussy. Then, I experience a mind-blowing explosion as a climax takes over my body. Only after cumming do I realize that Keniesha has one of her fingers deep in my asshole, slowly moving in and out. This is all new to me and it feels wonderful.

"Jayden, you really taste and smell so good. I love the way your juice just flows. Do you like what happened?"

My voice is just a whisper; but, it is a resounding yes. I want more and more of this. Keniesha is lapping my pussy with her finger still in my asshole. The combination of feelings is driving me wild; my body is thrashing about as climax after climax runs through my body. Finally, she stops and moves beside me; hugging me to her breasts, my mouth quickly finds her nipple. Keniesha takes my hand and pulls it down to her moist pussy. This is a first for me. Cautiously, I slip a finger into her cunt then another until there are three buried. Keniesha's thick pussy moisture runs down my fingers. The urge to taste her is very strong. She must sense my interest as she rolls to her back and spreads her legs. Her pussy is huge and the opening is beckoning me closer. There is a musky odor that seems to act as an aphrodisiac, drawing my face to Keniesha's opening. Throwing caution to the wind, my face is engulfed in her scent and the moisture. Licking my lips gives me a taste of the essence of life. Clasping my lips to her opening, I suck and swallow. Keniesha is much better tasting than her husband. My mouth finds her massive clit that is at least an inch long. I can easily suck it. Keniesha's body is in the throes of cumming. She is tossing her body all over the bed. My finger finds her asshole and easily slips in. With little effort, her asshole enlarges to accept my entire hand to the wrist. The rim of her asshole is really stretched.

"You have found my secret, Jayden. I love my asshole played with. You make me feel so full. Usually Dale has his big cock there."

"He does have a big cock!"

That is why my hand can slip in so easily. Dale's cock is nearly as thick as my arm. Keniesha's anal muscles tighten as she cums for the third time. Finally, we both collapse panting. My hand is still embedded deep in her asshole.

"You know, he wants to fuck you. He told me he mentioned it to you. What do you think of that?"

"He is so big! Do you think it will fit? You don't mind that he wants to fuck me?"

"Jayden, we both can enjoy your company. I just did. I have no doubt after eating your lovely pussy that you will easily stretch to accommodate Dale's large cock. Once you are fucked, I know you will want to do it again. You are a quick learner and I have enjoyed loving you today. I hope you will come back often. Actually, next time, we can go shopping and out for lunch or dinner, to make a day of it."

"That would be super! I think mom will let me, you being a teacher and all. You could help me with a project from school."

"Maybe we can arrange a sleep over for you, when Dale gets back."

For the next three hours, Keniesha shows me different ways to explode. There comes a point when I have to beg her to stop as my pussy and little clit is so sensitive it hurts to touch. Keniesha offers to drive me home and, since my legs are like rubber, I thankfully accept.

Monday, at school, is very busy. Mr. Barnes looks at me several times during his class; twice he walked beside me and looked down my dress. He is close enough I can see the outline of his cock in his pants. It is not as big as Dale's, but I want to suck him, if possible. My panties are damp just thinking about it. How can I get him to let me? Towards the end of the class he asks for volunteers to sort papers. I quickly put up my hand; the rest of the class look at me funny for volunteering.

"Well, Miss Hurst, it looks like it is you and I. If you will stay after class, it shouldn't take us too long. You can call your parents from the office and tell them you will be a little late."

Helping a teacher will get me brownie points at home. Mom is on my case all the time to take part in all school activities. She tells me it was one of the best times in her life. I wonder if she liked sucking cocks at my age.

Mom tells me to take all the time needed and, if necessary, she will come and pick me up if it is late. In the room, it is just the two of us and three large boxes of papers. We have to put them in order; then, use the big stapler to bind them. Sitting in the front row, Mr. Barnes can see my legs; but, this time he can see my panties too because I pulled my skirt upwards and have spread my legs wide. My pink panties have to be damp at the crotch because I can feel the moisture in my pussy. As we sort papers, I notice that Mr. Barnes' eyes don't leave my legs, or should I say my panties. To help keep his attention between my legs, I continually shift them, but keeping them spread the whole time. Mr. and Mrs. Green really like what is between my legs. It appears Mr. Barnes does as well.

When he stands his bulge is quite evident, tenting his pants. It does look good, but how can I get to suck it?

"Jayden, I want to thank you for helping me. I really appreciate it."

"Mom is always telling me I should help when possible."

"I have been noticing you look a bit different. Have you done something to your hair?"

This is good: Mr. Barnes is trying to make conversation. He wants something and so do I. Shifting my dress slips up higher, I give him a better view of my shapely legs and damp panties. They are molded to my pussy.

"No really, I like a ponytail. This is a new dress. Do you like it?"

"It is very stylish and makes you look older."

His eyes are glued to my pussy. With him looking at me, it makes me want more. Gathering a pile of completed units, I carry them Mr. Barnes at the stapler. Placing them in front of him, my hand grazes his bulge and his body twitches. We look at each other. Being really daring, I touch him again, this time caressing him. His cock is firm. I continue to rub him and he moans softly. When I try to lower his zipper he puts his hand on mine.

"What are you doing, Jayden?"

"Mr. Barnes, I want to make you feel good. I know how."

"What do you mean?"

"I like giving men blowjobs. Do you like them?"

Now he is blushing and confused. I guess this is the first time a fourteen year old has suggested he needs a blowjob.

"Maybe we should close the door."

By this time, all students have left the school. The custodians and a few teachers are still milling about. Some teachers are marking papers and have a 'do not disturb' sign on the door. Mr. Barnes slips it over the hook and closes the door. The lock slides into place making a click. He is walking funny as his cock seems a bit bigger than it did before. Standing in front of me, he waits. It is difficult lowering his zipper, but well worth the effort. His pink cock is long and has a large head like Dale's. Leaning over I kiss it, then lick the drop of liquid. Mr. Barnes grabs the desk to keep his balance.

It isn't long before Mr. Barnes gets into the mood with his hips pushing his thick cock into my mouth. When he creams it comes gushing. Long strings of his cum squirt into my throat. He tastes a lot different than Dale. It seems a bit milder. I suck and squeeze his cock to get every drop. When he is soft, I look at him. He is panting heavily. Giving his soft cock a last squeeze, I tuck it back into his pants and tug the zipper. It fits a lot better now.

Sitting down, my skirt rides high exposing my now drenched panties. Mr. Barnes is on his knees in front of me. He surprises me as to how gentle a man can be as he slides his hands up my thighs to my aching pussy. With his head between my legs, like Dale, he takes big breaths. Do all men like smelling young girl's panties? It seems so. Then he kisses my panty-covered pussy. That tingly feeling runs through my body. Moving my panties to one side his lips latch to my open pussy, sucking and licking. It feels so good when he tries to push his tongue deeper. When he finds my clitoris, it isn't long before I am in the throes of a climax, followed by two others. His finger has found my asshole and rubs it, but doesn't enter. Finally, he stands and looks at me with my juice covering his lips and chin.

"Miss Hurst, you have been a great help! May I call on you to help in the future?"

"Yes, Mr. Barnes, I like helping people."

"After what we just did, Jayden, I think you can call me by my first name, Rod, when we are alone. Let's pack up and I will drive you home."

It is obvious Rod is nervous, and excited, as his pants are tenting. Reaching over I rub his cock. He still seems uncomfortable. Taking it one step further I unzip him, grasping his shaft. It is as hard as it was when I sucked him dry. It feels so good in my hand.

"Jayden, you know what we did isn't right. I could get into a heap of trouble if someone found out."

"You don't have to worry, I won't tell anyone. I like what we did. If you pull over and stop I will do it again for you."

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