The Exhibition: B

by sammy_808

Copyright© 2014 by sammy_808

BDSM Sex Story: Sammy is bored in her new life, but learns more about Annie's plans for her during her next (private) show.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Slavery   Lesbian   BDSM   Humiliation   Masturbation   Water Sports   .

The sunlight glinted through the window onto Sammy's face. She slowly opened her eyes, and looked out to see the it reflecting off the building a few blocks away. "Stupid ugly building," she mumbled to herself as she rolled over. Sammy looked out through the bars of her cage into the rest of the living room. The clock said it was nearly eight, so she had at least an hour until Annie would come in and let her out for breakfast.

Unfortunately, that would probably mean another boring salad. Annie had set up a strict routine for Sammy. Wake up, get clean, have a big salad for breakfast, and then back into the cage while Annie went to work. Sammy glanced at the bottle filled with her urine. It had a funnel and a valve so it was fairly easy to use and didn't spill. Still, it was boring laying in her cage all day. At least when Annie returned in the evening, Sammy had a chance to get out. Annie would serve dinner by pushing a dog dish full of curry rice into the cage. Sammy had to use her fingers to eat it while Annie watched, and then slip her hands through the bars so Annie could wipe them clean.

Annie used to let her out after dinner, and they'd sit and watch TV with Sammy either curled up next to Annie on the couch or down on the floor. However, Annie had been working later and later, and bringing her designs home to work on in the evening, so for the past month or two, Sammy had just been left in the cage all evening. Watching Annie furiously scribble and draw until she went to bed was pretty much the only thing to do. Sometimes she'd make a mistake, and fly into a symphony of swearwords, ripping up the offending page and throwing it away. At first, Sammy had retreated to the far side of her cage, but she quickly learned that after getting her anger out, Annie liked to come over and pet her.

Last night hadn't followed the routine, though, and it bothered Sammy. Annie never came home. Sammy hoped she'd just not heard her come in, but she could see that the chain on the door hadn't been hooked. Sammy laid down and stared at the clock, hoping it would move faster so she'd know if Annie had just snuck in while she was asleep. "Tick tock," she whispered as the minute hand flicked over another minute.

"MOTHERFUCKING DOOR!" Sammy suddenly heard from out in the hallway. A few seconds later, she heard a key in the lock, and it swung open as Annie backed through it. She was pulling what seemed to be a heavy cart, and seemed to be having problems. She bumped into the door knob with a "Fuck!" and when the door started closing as she got past it, wedging the cart against the wall, she followed with a "STAY THE FUCK OPEN, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" After a few more seconds of struggling, the cart was in the apartment, and the door closed with a soft thud. Annie flipped all the locks closed, and kicked off her shoes and shrugged off her jacket, leaving it piled on the floor.

"Is everything ok, Annie?" Sammy quietly asked. Annie simply let out a sigh and walked over to the cage. She knelt down next to the bars, reached through them and grabbed Sammy's nearly full bottle of urine. She unscrewed the top, and dumped it out into Sammy's dry water dish.

"There, now you have something to drink, and you can pee if you need to. I'm going to fucking bed, because I've been working all fucking night, and I'm stupid tired. Keep quiet, because if I wake up to you making a bunch of noise, I'm not going to be pleased." She reached back and pulled her socks off. "Here, you can play with these," she said, flinging the damp smelly socks through the bars. "Quietly," she said firmly. Sammy could see her eyes were bloodshot, and her eyelids were drooping.

"Of course, Annie."

Annie reached through the bars with a faint smile, and pet Sammy's cheek. She then stood up, and as she walked to her bedroom added, "You're also not getting out until that dish is empty." The sound of the bedroom door opening and closing signalled to Sammy that the conversation was over.

Sammy picked up Annie's socks, and smoothed them out of the wads they had curled into. She brought them up to smell them, inhaling Annie's scent. She decided to try to dry the sweat out, and pulled them onto her hands and spread her fingers wide, and waved them around. This quickly degenerated into Sammy making little puppet gestures with them.

Sammy laid down and stretched, spreading her legs as wide as her cell permitted. Her right hand slowly drifted down her body, until she felt the cloth sliding over her lips. She brought her other hand up to her face, spreading that sock over her nose and mouth, filling her head with Annie's sweaty smell. As her muscles tightened, Sammy knew that she was getting close to an orgasm as she twirled her clit through the rough fabric of the sock. Concerned that she might make too much noise, she grabbed the sock on her left hand with her teeth, and pulled it off her hand. She pulled it into her mouth with her tongue, and then clamped her hand down on her own mouth to hold it in.

Moments later, Sammy was curled up with her feet on the bars, ready to push herself back against the window. She knew she'd let out a short whine, and was listening closely to hear if Annie was moving around or coming back. After a minute or two had passed without Annie coming back angry, she was convinced she hadn't woken Annie up. She slid over to the water dish, and sipped about half of it down, replacing the moisture in her mouth that the sock had leeched out.

Sammy looked out into the room. The cart was still sitting by the door, but she could see the fairly large box sitting on it. It was covered in tape, and the random arrangement of the words made it look like Annie had taken a bunch of smaller boxes and stuck them together to cover whatever was sitting on the cart. That thing was roughly the size of a large suitcase, but due to the dents and sagging in the boxes covering it, she could tell that it wasn't a solid object.

"Well, I'm sure she'll show me when she's ready," Sammy whispered as she rolled over to stare out the window. She watched the rush hour traffic taper down, and settled in for another boring day. Lunch time passed without Annie coming back, and as the sun started to set, Sammy could feel her stomach grumbling noisily.

As she was watching the clouds turn a bright pink as the sun set, Sammy heard the toilet flush, followed by the shower turning on. She checked her dish, and made sure to drain the last of the urine out so Annie would let her out as soon as she came back. Soon enough, her bedoom door opened, and Annie strolled out to sit on top of the cage. Sammy could see her sneakers swinging in front of the door. "I see you finished your drink. And I know you enjoyed my socks, didn't you? You're always so noisy."

"Sorry, Annie! I didn't mean to disturb you!"

"Don't worry about it, pet." Annie hopped down, and then dragged the box off the cart and sat it next to the dinner table. She then came back, and unlocked the cage door. "Come on, I want you to see this." Sammy padded out, knelt silently while Annie clipped her leash to her collar, and then crawled behind her to the box. "Help me unwrap it," Annie commanded as she let the leash drop to the floor. Sammy helped rip off the tape, and after a few seconds, the cardboard was discarded to one side. "Do you like it?" Annie asked as Sammy looked at the mass of shiny metal they'd unwrapped.

"It's ... what is it?" Sammy asked as she looked up at Annie.

"Here, let's try it out, and then you can decide." Annie grabbed a squeeze bottle from the table as Sammy separated different parts and laid them to the side. "That's the base, we'll start with that," Annie instructed as Sammy reached the bottom. The base was a large steel square about two feet on each side. A large plus shaped object was welded to the square, which had soft rubber pads wrapped around the horizontal bars. The top of the plus was clearly a huge steel butt plug. Annie drizzled some lube from the bottle, and held out her hands so Sammy could balance herself.

"Does it?" Sammy started.

"In your ass, dummy. Come on, we don't have much time," was all she got from Annie. Sammy eased it into position, and let it slowly spread her open as her weight forced it into her. Annie helped her control her motion, and soon Sammy felt her anus shrink back down as the plug tapered back down. Sammy's ass rested on the padded bars, which she held onto with her hands to keep her balance.

"Great, now give me your foot," Annie commanded, grabbing a shoe like device from the pile of parts. It had a metal cuff that latched around her ankle, with a single bar that connected to a flat plate that Annie placed under Sammy's toes, which were then forced to bend back. Annie flipped clips over each of Sammy's toes, with the end result that Sammy felt like she was wearing a weird high heeled shoe. Annie repeated with the other foot, and when she was happy that the shoes were in place, grabbed Sammy's first foot, and dragged it back across the square plate. Sammy could feel her leg being bent and her knee pushed up as Annie forced the foot back almost to the plus bar. Then, there was a sudden drop as a rod on the bottom of the plate found its hole, and Annie turned to Sammy's other foot. Sammy tried to move her foot, but the rod seemed trapped in place. "Stop that, dummy. It's hard enough to find these stupid holes the first time." Once the second foot had been trapped, Annie took a hex wrench to a spot on the sides of the plate, and after tightening something, Sammy could no longer feel the rods moving around.

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