Intelligence vs. Wisdom

by wcoyote

Copyright© 2014 by wcoyote

Coming of Age Sex Story: A short story about a young Warlock that is way in over his head. This is the first story in a series, I hope. My first try at a short story.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   High Fantasy   Humor   Paranormal   First   Anal Sex   .

Just a little precautionary tale about the difference.

The naked little blonde bombshell snuggled up to me. We had spent the last two weeks fucking in every way we could imagine. With internet porn, our imaginations were pretty wild. This was our last night together as my Mom was coming home tomorrow afternoon from a business trip. So we had tried to make our last day together special.

Snuggling even closer to my side, "Art, do you love me?"

"Oh course, I love you." I said drifting off to sleep.

"Goody" she said sitting up suddenly. I looked up at her perfect little B cup breasts. "So you don't mind if we are together forever."

"Wait! What!"

"Well Silly, remember that incantation I taught you before you released me from the summoning circle."

"Yeah, you told me that it would keep you from harming me."

"Well, it does that too. But it really was a marriage ceremony." she said with a giggle. "Well, not so much married as I am your concubine."

"Hold on. You mean we're married?" I said in disbelief. "We can't be married. I'm only sixteen."

Rose jumped up and glared at me with hands on hips. "So you don't want to be married to me? I gave you my virginity and you said that you loved me. Was that just a lie?"

I was trying to think of an answer to that when the bedroom door opened and the forgotten summoning circle lit up.

My mom coming through the bedroom door, "Hi baby, I came home early..."

Her mom rising up through the summoning circle, "Rose baby, where are you at... ?"

My Mom started a fraction of a second first, "Royce Arthur Wise!!" echoed by her Mom, "Briar Rose Blackheart!!!" Then in unison, "What have you done?!!!" They turned to look at each other and I was pretty sure my short if not so innocent life was over.

To explain how I got into this predicament, I have to go back a couple of weeks. It was the start of summer vacation. I had just turned sixteen and was going to be a junior in highschool next year. Mom had told me that morning that she was going to have to go out of town for two weeks for a business meeting. After some really fast talking, I had convinced her that I was old enough to stay home by myself.

For some high school students that would mean two weeks of wild parties. Since I had like zero friends for me it meant two weeks of WOW all night. And trying to wear my dick out looking at internet porn or reading stories on SOL.

Maybe I should take time to introduce myself. Hi, Royce Arthur Wise, boy Warlock at your service. No, I am not an oathbreaker. In the old days, I would have called myself a wizard. Now I am a Warlock and my mother is a Witch. (And a damn good one, the business meeting she was going to was to add a formula she had came up with to cold cream. All cold creams claim to make you look younger. Her's actually did.) Now that is not something you brag about in the good ol' US of A.

And to make me even less popular, I am a certified genius. No, seriously, I am a genius. Matter of fact, I think I broke one of the proctors at my last IQ test. I got all the answers right including three that he insisted didn't have a answer but the computer said I got right. He was still muttering about it when I left. So I was still taking some high school classes but I was also taking extension classes in Math, Physics and Computer Science at the local university.

And I admit it. I don't do a lot of physical exercise. So at sixteen I was six one and weighed 120 pounds. Maybe if I was coordinated, I could have played basketball or something. But I have trouble walking on a flat surface without tripping. Mom keeps promising me that I will grow out of it but I haven't yet.

All of that adds up to my freak/geek/nerd status in high school. Which means no girls. And at sixteen, girls were on my mind a lot. Actually to be truthful, sex with girls was on my mind. But that required a date. And again, my status in the high school circles was lower than whale shit. So other than a few really ugly girls that weren't going to have sex with me anyway, no girl was going to date me.

So the afternoon after Mom left, I was sitting at my computer desk thinking. I had two weeks by myself. But there is only so much porn and online gaming that one can do. Hell, Mom had only been gone six hours and my dick was sore. I considered throwing a party but I knew deep down how that would turn out. The cool kids would show up, get drunk, trash my house and ignore me at my own party. And the next day I would still be a social pariah. So I was trying to think outside the box. Now every family has something that the kids are not supposed to know about and never touch. It might be anything from Dad's stash of Playboys to a locked gun safe. And every kid at some point tries to get into it. In my family, it was Mom's grimoires. I had some but they were just elementary stuff. The good stuff Mom had in her office in a locked bookcase.

It only took me an hour to download a text on lock picking off the internet. Two hours later I had a simple set of lockpicks made out of paperclips and a broken fingernail file. Late that night I had all Mom's forbidden texts in my hands. I spent most of the rest of the night going through them. Some were just advanced texts of magic. Several covered aspects of magic that I just wasn't interested in. But there was one ominous looking one covered in black leather that was just what I wanted. It covered all kinds of summoning spells. How to summon nature spirits, forgotten gods and even low level angels. But the part I was fascinated with was summoning demons. Specifically one kind of demon, a SUCCUBUS. A female demon that was all about sex. What was not to love. Oh, the whole eating your soul or sucking out your life force was a drawback but there had to be a way around that.

I spent the next two days studying that section and drawing a summoning circle on my bedroom floor. Demon summoning is a lot like computer programming. It is all about the details. One missed semi-colon and a program doesn't work. If I drew the circle wrong or flubbed the incantation, I could get eaten or lose my soul. Like most young people, I was convinced I was invulnerable. So I kept on.

Finally I was ready. I activated the circle with a drop of my blood. I started the incantation. The one thing I didn't have was a name of a succubus. So instead of a telephone call, what I was doing was more like paging everyone in a building. Any succubus that heard me could response or ignore me. I was hoping that someone would respond.

As I am reading off the incantation, the circle is changing colors. It started off white and cycled through a dozen colors before turning bright pink. Even as I was reading, I thought that was an odd color for a demon. I mean I could see black or blood red but PINK? Not very demonic. Suddenly there was a girl raising up out of the circle. And what a girl, she was a dozen teenage fantasies rolled up into one. For some reason as she rose from the circle she revolved allowing me to see all of her. This girl really liked pink. She had on crimson short shorts with a slit for her tail. The shorts were not only short but low. I knew that she had on a pink thong under them because it was pulled up above the top of her shorts like the really slutty girls at school. Her top was a tiny bikini top and you guessed it, PINK.

In addition to her clothes, she had a couple of other accessories that most girls don't have. She had dark pink bat wings coming out of her back. A long pink tail and cute little pink horns finished up her differences. She also had long blond hair and the bluest eyes I have ever seen.

She looked around the room and at me, "OMG, it worked. This is fucking awesome." She looked at me starting there in my finest ceremonial robes. "Oh shit, I mean what do you command, Oh Dread Master."

It took me a second to get my shit back together. I never expected the succubus to sound like a valley girl. "I command you to give me your True Name."

She looked at me again, "Oh hell no. That ain't gonna happen, Boss."

"I command you in your master Lucifer's name to reveal your true name."

She cracked up, "That loser Lucifer isn't my master. And there is no way I will give you my true name. That would just make me your slave."

I stomped the floor, "I COMMAND YOU TO GIVE MY YOUR NAME. Fail and I will visit awful punishments on you."

She stuck her tongue out at me. "Try to punish me and I will just leave. And if you keep yelling, I will leave anyway."

I slumped down and sit on my bed. "Well hell, I guess you might as well go then. I can't let you out without a way to make sure that you don't eat me. And you won't do anything that would let me enslave you. It seems that we are at an impasse."

She thought about it for a minute then smirked at me. "Hey, do you know how to do a truth spell? One so that you can tell if I am lying."


"Okay. Cast the spell on me. I know a way this will work. If you try to compel to reveal my true name, I will just leave. But if you trust me, we can have some fun." While she was telling me this, she was fondling her breasts and ran her hand down to her crotch. I was ready to just let her loose and hope for the best.

I cast the spell on her and she told me about a different incantation. I would read part of it, she would read part of it and we would both sign it. It would keep her from hurting me intentionally and would limit her from sucking me dry. But she would have free will and did not have to let me hurt her in turn. So she went back through the portal and returned with a piece of parchment. We both spoke our piece and signed it.

"Okay, we both have sworn on it. Now let me out so we can have some fun."

I reached across the circle and took her hand. I just mean to pull her out of the circle but she had other ideas. As she came out, she moved into my arms and kissed me on the lips.

I looked down at her in my arms, "After that we shouldn't need an introduction. But I still don't know your name. And I would feel odd just calling Hey You."

She kissed me again, "Most people just call me Pinkie. But my friends call me Rose."

"Well, I definitely want to be your friend so I will call you Rose. Everyone calls me, Art."

She slide her hand down my body. "Now that the introductions are out of the way, I feel something I want." She dropped to her knees and lifted my robe over her head. I could feel her kissing and fondling my cock. "Oh yes, this is a nice one. Not huge but plenty big enough for me."

With that, she started sucking my cock. You have to understand that I was a virgin at this point so I have nothing to compare it to. But it was the most intense sensation of my life. I had stood to help her out of the circle. Now I collapsed back on my bed. She situated me at the edge of the bed and flipped my robes up so that I could watch her suck me. My cock is not that big, six inches long and kind of thin. But she could take every inch of it down her throat. She was bobbing her head and looking at me. After about thirty seconds, I groaned and shot my cum down her throat. She sucked every drop out of me and stood up.

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