Life and Times of a Young Soldier

by Dreaded

Copyright© 2014 by Dreaded

Historical Story: My early life and the memories of a great place in history.

Tags: True Story  

Hi all and welcome to my ramblings in the past. Any talk about Rhodesia will be controversial so don't get your panties in a twist and get all upset as these are my views and you can take it or leave it, no worry ... Language may be a little strange in places but try to not get to frustrated, I will try and translate as we go along but I apologize if I forget – most of the slang is pretty simple for example, to the garage attendant, " fill it up China and put some Sky in my Rounds". Now this might seam a little strange to some but think about it. Sky = Air – Rounds = Tyres – so, "put some air in my Tyres" – See simple ... Please remember this is the 70's, we had only just gotten a TV, the PC hadn't been made yet, you drank water out of a tap not a bottle, Milk had cream on the top, the police were respected, women were respected and Rhodesia produced some of the greatest sportsman in the world. We didn't have Cell Phones and communication was the written word. People actually knew how to talk to each other instead of SMS and children made up their own games. We didn't have "Malls" and the first Supermarkets had just been built. Cars were simple and because of sanctions very difficult to come by. Transport was moms car, a thumb or just walk there. (We got our drivers license at 16). Shoes were for school and special events and Shorts, T Shirt and Flip Flops were the dress of the day. Shit times have changed.

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