Fighting Raiders

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A wounded soldier freshly discharged does not have much chance against a fleet of raiders. That is unless he find incentive and that was the two girls left behind like him. It was not hard to create and set the traps and then it was just a matter of waiting.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Cream Pie   .

I was wounded during a raid on a rogue world. My term was almost up so they discharged me early and sent me home. There was no direct route but I caught a ship headed to Gilroy. It was a system with three beautiful worlds. The huge space station was the only one and I found out I would have a month to wait for another ship.

Like most soldiers I did not have much to do so I drank cheap liqueur and slept in bars. I was passed out when the alarms for the raiders began and the station evac sirens went off. The system had ten corvettes which should have been enough. I woke to the blaring siren and lifted my head from the table.

I stood and staggered to the bar and looked around. Everyone was gone and my thoughts were sluggish as I moved to the end of the bar. I went around and looked under the bar for a med kit. The detox shot barely even stung as I injected it. I headed for the door and walked out into a silent station.

Well it would be silent except for the blaring siren. I looked at a common vid screen that was replying the evac order. I tried to enter commands before growling as I broke a hatch lock into a restricted area. I went up into what would be a bridge if this were a ship. The first thing I did was shut the damn siren off.

Next was to sit and look at the system scan. The corvettes were fighting dozens of modified ships all over the system. I checked the status for the station and shook my head as I realized everything was gone, even the lifeboats. A few more minutes and I knew the system corvettes were losing.

On the very edge of the system was what looked like a cargo ship or transport. I looked at the construction bays and realized there were a half dozen ships under construction. Only one was close to completion and it was a huge battleship. I turned to start the scan relay to all station vid screens.

I left and went to the construction bays first. I used a transport tube since it was so far and once there checked the airlock. The ship was finished enough to have life support working so I went in. I headed to engineering and then to a little known room adjacent to the feed tanks. The program I slipped in would not be noticed unless the ship went fully online.

I headed back to the main station area. When I walked into the main merchant mall it was completely empty with shops and stores abandoned and left open. I walked through it and looked at the scan repeater on the vid before shrugging as I went to the credit bank. I went into the open vault before starting to pull out pads and large credit notes.

I used a bank pad and credit note deposit machine and walked out a rich man. Not that it would keep me alive when the raiders reached the station. Of course when I walked out it was right into the two teenage girls, one was brunette and the other blonde. They looked at me with wide eyes and I grinned, "hello girls."

Their faces paled as I started to walk down the concourse. One yelled and they ran after me, "WAIT!"

I stopped and turned and they caught up and one cleared her throat, "you are not a raider."

I snorted as I turned to start walking, "not even close."

I glanced at them, "how did you get left behind?"

The blonde blushed, "we um ... we were in the sim arcade."

I nodded, "one of the restricted sex sims."

I glanced at an open jewelry store we were passing and grinned as I turned and went in with them following. I began putting everything in a large bag and even moved around the counter to open the more expensive cases. I kept my eyes on the vids and the system defenders were almost all gone.

We looted a few other stores and a few fancy clothing and sundry shops. I finally had the girls help me load cases of meal packs and water bottles. I accessed the station utilities and closed the vacuum barriers but left all the access hatches open in the barriers. I set up a few more surprises before finding the hunt club.

That was where I found weapons, most were very expensive but at least they worked and had ammo. The pile of loot was very large as we put it in large vacuum cases. I fitted the girls with space evac suits as I watched the raiders moving a cargo ship into the system. We moved everything into a common area fresher.

In the very back was an old access panel I opened. The narrow passage led all the way out to the outer hull and a large maintenance airlock. I set them up in the airlock with a huge pile of blankets and long fur coats before putting my own evac suit on. I returned to the occupied part of the station and watched as the cargo ship and most of the modified warships docked.

They rushed out of the airlocks with weapons drawn and a lot died as a few traps I had set went active. Dozens of modified sonic sensors had been altered and changed to become lances or sonic bombs and they speared into and sliced the raiders apart. The raiders moved slower and began to destroy any and all sensors they saw.

There were several thousand on the station when I was ready for my next trap. A few dozen had gone straight to the construction area and the battleship. I accessed a station wall comp in the fresher and moved to the rear panel quickly. I closed and secured it before all the space vacuum vents opened without the warning alarms.

All the barrier access hatches locked and sealed as air was pumped out while vacuum rushed in and the gravity generators shut down. Few of the raiders wore oxy masks or suits and the rest died gasping for air that was gone. I moved all the way to the airlock before the air was removed from this passageway.

I closed the inner hatch and turned to grin at the two girls that stared at me. I began to strip, "now where was I?"

They looked at each other as I finished and pulled Jill up and began removing the suit. I tugged on a nipple, "now I remember. You were using the restricted sex sim."

Jill grinned as I turned to pull Krissy up and began to remove her suit. She wiggled out of the lower half and wrapped her hand around my very thick cock. I grinned as I pulled them both down into the nest of blankets and furs they had made. I moved over Krissy and gave her a kiss before forcing my cock into her.

She grunted and tilted her hips while lifting and spreading her legs, "fuck!"

I slowly forced my cock deeper before stopping as she squirmed. I gave her another kiss and leaned to the side to give Jill a kiss. She pressed against us as I went back and forth kissing them. I finally pulled back and began to fuck Krissy. She sighed and wiggled as I kept sinking my cock into her deeper.

When I did bury my cock she grunted and clutched me. I continued to fuck her and she began to hump while her very tight pussy squeezed. A few minutes and she was incoherent as she spasmed while wetting me. She was bucking and shaking as I began to fuck her harder. She wiggled and squirmed and then she was thrashing around, "aaaahhhh!"

She clutched me and shook as her pussy clenched. I buried my cock and pressed and rubbed as my balls churned and then I was shoving into her. I shook and grunted as I spewed a stream of cum and Krissy screamed and convulsed. I gushed and pumped huge spurts into her until I was done.

I settled on her and took a deep breath as she panted while her pussy continued to squeeze my cock. I pulled out and turned to push Jill onto her back. I moved over and between her legs as she lifted and spread them. I slowly forced my cock into her and pushed as she grunted. I gave her a kiss as I settled and waited.

She hugged me and wiggled and shifted before sighing. A minute and then I pulled back before I sank back in. I fucked her slowly with deep strokes and she began to lift her hips each time. Her tight pussy was grasping my cock as she shivered and shuddered while moaning. I continued to fuck her and began to go faster and use harder thrusts.

It was a few minutes before she was thrashing around and bucking. She clutched me and howled as I kept planting my cock, "oooohhhh!"

It was a couple more minutes before she began to spasm while her pussy clenched and she screamed, "YES!"

I fucked her hard while she continued to thrash and struggle. I shoved into her when I was ready and she jerked and grabbed me. She yelled as I began to gush warm sperm into her, "yyyeeessss!"

I kept pressing and pushing into her as I pumped cum into her. It was several moments before I was done and settled. She was still panting while her pussy rippled and massaged my cock. I gave her a kiss before I pulled out and turned to roll Krissy onto her stomach. It was a long time before I stopped fucking the two girls who seemed to have satisfied expressions.

I used the airlock interface and checked the station. I was searching the airlocks and the ships docked and grinned when I saw the runabout. I went back to check the records and saw a dozen men leave it before I had opened the station to vacuum. None had been wearing masks or suits and none had returned since.

I glanced at the girls, "put the evac suits on."

I dressed and put mine on before double checking it and then each of the girls. I put leads on each of the cases and the girls. I stuffed the blankets and fur coats into a couple of cases before I sucked the air out of the airlock. I opened the outer door and pulled the girls out with the cases. To one side was the normal maintenance locker and I pulled out a grav tractor gun.

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