The Good Wife: Alicia Wants More

by rmdexter

Copyright© 2014 by rmdexter

Fan Fiction Sex Story: After spending their first night together, Alicia can't get enough of her young son's huge cock.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Fan Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   .

"Oh my God, what time is it?" Alicia asked herself as she woke to the sound of a car horn outside her apartment building. She reached over for her cell phone, realizing she'd forgotten to set the alarm on it. It was usually the last thing she did every night before going to bed, but last night she'd had other things on her mind.

"Oh no! We're going to be late," she said out loud as she looked at the time. She threw the covers off and hurriedly sat up, noticing she was still wearing the red evening gown she'd had on when her 15-year old son Zach had fucked her to the point of exhaustion last night. She looked down, cum stains and dried crusty patches visible all over the dress. She let her fingertips trace over the tear where the dress was supposed to cover her left breast—the result of her son anxiously pulling at the material to get at her sexy matronly body. The sound of the ripping fabric had fired both their libidos, and she'd hurriedly pulled his mouth to her exposed breast as he continued to pound her deep into the mattress, his huge cock stretching and filling her needy mature cunt with each powerful thrust.

She stood up and pulled the dress off, her body aching luxuriously from the workout her son had put her through until the wee hours of the morning. She smiled to herself as she felt a strange sensation between her legs, realizing she could feel the massive wad of semen still inside her pussy—the incestuously lurid remnants of the numerous loads Zach had dumped inside her. She was dead tired, but had never felt more deliciously satisfied in her life. It was Thursday, and if she could get through today and have a good night's sleep, tomorrow would be Friday and she planned on having a similar lengthy session with her well-hung son that night. The problem would be whether she had enough willpower to keep her hands off Zach tonight. She knew he would need the rest as much as her, and a promise of a weekend to pump her full with as many loads as possible would hopefully keep him at bay tonight. As the mother, it was up to her to set some guidelines—the problem—she just didn't trust herself to keep to them.

Alicia opened one of her dresser drawers and reached inside as she thought about her son. Her fingers traced over the lingerie inside. A shiver ran down her spine as she touched the colorful satin and lace garments inside, the sinfully cool sensation of the erotic garments seeming to flow from her fingertips through her entire body. She reached down with her other hand and gave her puffy abused pussy a little rub, and thought how nice it would be to put on some of that sexy lingerie and wake her son up with a morning blowjob. She slipped her middle finger between her cunt-lips and then brought it to her mouth, her full soft lips sucking wantonly as she savored the wickedly sinful flavor of their combined juices. She thought about how exciting it would be to tiptoe into Zach's room and slip her full bee-stung lips over his morning hard-on, sucking and sucking until he rewarded her with a nice creamy mouthful straight from the source. She groaned in frustration as she once more looked at her phone, realizing how late she'd slept. With a resigned shrug, and not wanting to give her daughter Grace any ideas that something was out of the ordinary, she closed the drawer and pulled on her old terrycloth robe, then hurried from her room, knocking on the kid's doors as she headed to the kitchen.

"Grace, get up! We're going to be late."

"Zach, time to wake up! I forgot to set the alarm and slept in."

Mumbled groans came from both rooms as she hurried to the kitchen and put the coffee on. She poured glasses of orange juice and had just finished opening a pot of yogurt for each of them when the kids walked into the room, both of them rubbing the sleep from their eyes. They were both dressed in their usual morning gear, Zach in an old t-shirt and worn flannel pajama bottoms, while Grace sported a Mickey Mouse nightshirt that came halfway down her slim young thighs. The outline of her panties could be seen through the faded material of her favorite sleeping shirt.

"I'm so tired," the 14-year old girl said as she reached for her juice. Alicia looked at her nubile young daughter suspiciously, wondering if she'd heard Zach and her going at it all night long.

"You didn't sleep well, Honey?" Alicia asked as she poured herself a coffee, looking at Grace nervously over the brim of her steaming cup.

"I just seemed to wake up a lot through the night—not sure why." The young girl shrugged her shoulders. "Oh well, I'll survive." Alicia breathed a sigh of relief as Grace finished her juice and turned to her brother. "Zach, can I go into the shower first this morning? I really need that to wake me up."

"Sure, go ahead," Zach replied quickly. His little sister spun on her heel and headed down the hall. Once Grace was out of sight, he turned back to his mother. "Mom, last night, it was incredible."

"I know, Sweetie, I thought so too. But we've got to be careful—I was worried Grace had heard us." Alicia sidled onto one of the bar stools at the breakfast bar, one long lean leg slipping out from the folds of her robe as she took a sip of her coffee. She couldn't help but notice the way her son looked at her legs, a sly smile appearing at the corners of his mouth. "Zach, I think we should try to keep to ourselves today, you nearly wore me out last night."

"You mean you didn't like it? I ... I was hoping we could do it again," he replied, a puzzled look on his face.

"No, that's not what I mean—I loved it." She gave her son a sexy teasing smile, reassuring him. "I loved having you deep inside me like that—it was amazing. But we have to be careful and pick our times. Tomorrow is Friday and we can have all weekend. Do you think we can talk Grace into spending the night at Jenna's?"

"I don't know, I think she has a big project due next week, but I'm not sure. She hasn't had a sleepover at Jenna's in awhile."

"Alright, let's see if we can think of something to say to her. In the meantime, let's try and keep it cool tonight. I'm so exhausted, I don't know how I'm going to make it through the day, and I really want a good night's sleep so we're both in good shape for Friday night. How does that sound to you?"

The sound of the shower starting reached them in the kitchen. "That sounds perfect to me, I'm just not sure I can wait until then," Zach replied as his gaze dropped to his mother's legs. "Mom, you are so sexy, I don't know if I can control myself."

Alicia saw where he was looking and her eyes went to the crotch of his pajama pants, the soft flannel starting to tent out as his huge cock began to swell. She had told herself she'd try to be good, but seeing Zach's bulging prick and remembering what he'd done to her with it last night sent her willpower spiraling out of control. She looked down the hall, the sound of the shower still going.

"You really think so, Sweetie, you really think I'm sexy?" she asked as she turned slightly on the stool and spread her legs to each side, the folds of her robe opening up to reveal nearly all of her creamy inner thighs.

"Oh gosh, Mom, you're the sexiest woman I've ever seen." Zach stepped forward and ran his fingertips up the inside of her sinfully soft thigh. The smooth warmth caused his pecker to swell even more as his fingers slid higher and higher, the tips now brushing teasingly over her glistening pink pussy-lips. "These feel kind of puffy and swollen," he said as he ran his fingers over the hot slick surface of her mound.

"Do you think that might have anything to do with you pounding me into your mattress all night long?" she whispered breathlessly into his ear before nipping at his earlobe.

To Zach, this seemed like an invitation and he boldly slid his middle finger deep inside his mother's beckoning snatch. "Mmmmm, nice and gooey in there too." He punctuated his statement by spinning his embedded finger in a slow tantalizing circle, stirring the warm creamy fluids inside her.

"And why do you think that is?" Alicia responded with a wry smile on her face. "It wouldn't be from all those times you filled me up, would it?"

"I guess I'll have to take some of the responsibility for that," Zach replied as he rubbed his buried finger firmly along the roof of her vagina.

"Ohhhnnnn," Alicia groaned as she leaned back against the counter and let her legs fall further to each side, her hips tilting up to allow her son's teasing fingers easier access to her dripping snatch. "Zach, that feels so good." She rolled her hips, grinding her needy cunt against his exploring hand.

"That's the way, Mom," he said as he positioned himself firmly between her spread legs and slipped a second finger inside her, then really started to work her over. He smiled as he looked down, the pearly juices from their lovemaking coating his fingers as they slid back and forth. He ran the index finger of his other hand over the glistening lips of her pussy, soaking it, then slid it higher before rubbing his fingertip teasingly over her sensitive hooded clit. His mother moaned deep in her throat and as her eyes closed, he worked his thrusting fingers deeper and harder inside her.

"Oh my God, that's so goooood..." Alicia groaned as she reached out to each side and gripped the edge of the counter behind her. Zach smiled wickedly, her wide motherly hips twisting from side to side as he plunged his fingers far up inside her. "Oh Zach, I'm going to ... I ... I ... AAAAAAHHHHHH..." Alicia let out a long hiss as her body convulsed through a scorching climax. Zach kept his fingers sliding firmly along the soft folds of flesh inside his mother as the slick finger of his other hand rolled teasingly over her throbbing clit. He looked down between her twitching legs, their combined juices oozing nastily from inside her weeping box. She moaned continuously, her quivering legs flopping in and out as she rode out a tremendous release, her son's fingers driving her crazy as he stirred them lewdly inside her. Her bucking body finally came to rest, and Zach's fingers slowed as the delicious aftershocks of her orgasm coursed warmly through her.

"Well, it looks like we've made quite the mess here," Zach said as he withdrew his fingers and nodded to a spot between his mother's spread legs. Alicia's eyes followed his and zeroed in on her flushed pink pussy-lips and creamy inner thighs, the whole area glistening with milky juices. "We can't leave a mess like this. I better clean this up for you." Zach dropped to his knees between his mother's spread legs and moved closer, his eyes alive with desire.

Alicia was surprised, thinking Zach might want to just touch her. She remembered he'd been an eager student when it came to using his mouth, but she didn't know if he knew what he was getting into—after all, she could still feel her cunt overflowing with the multiple loads he'd shot into her last night. She reached out and put her hands tenderly on his cheeks and turned his young face up to hers. "You don't have to do that, Sweetie. After all, I haven't even had a shower yet after last night, and like you said, it's quite a mess."

"That's okay, Mom. I really want to do it. Didn't you like the way I did it last night?"

Alicia's eyes closed in bliss at the memory of her son's beautiful wet mouth bringing her to one orgasm after another just hours before. She'd never had anyone eat her so enthusiastically in her entire life. She remembered him saying how much he loved doing it, and she also remembered saying she'd be happy to have him do it whenever he wanted. Looking at the sticky silvery mess clinging to her puffy cunt and inner thighs made her realize her son had the same nasty streak inside her that she did. She knew Zach would be willing to try anything, and she was eager to show him that there were no limits to the fun they could have together. She quickly looked down the hall, wanting this badly, yet wanting to make sure they weren't caught. The pounding sound of the shower broke down the last vestiges of what little willpower she had left. "Okay, Sweetie, go ahead, if you want. But we don't have much time. Grace is gonna be finished soon."

Zach moved closer, his face flushed with excitement as he extended his tongue and licked up the inside of his mother's soft thigh. He breathed deeply, the alluring scent of their combined juices stimulating his senses. He felt his sturdy cock stiffen even more as he slid the flat of his tongue higher. It didn't take long before he encountered a warm stream of emulsion that had run down his mother's leg—her creamy cunt-honey mixed with the sperm-laden cum he'd filled her with just a short time ago. His tongue followed the silvery fluid higher as he drew the tasty elixir deep into his mouth, the warm messy mixture soaking into his taste-buds.

"Mmmmmm," he moaned softly as he savored the flavor of the wickedly nasty fluids coating his tongue, then he swallowed enthusiastically, closing his eyes as the pearly juices slid down his throat. Loving the taste, he turned his attention to the inside of his mother's other thigh, where a milky rivulet was flowing from her dripping cunt-lips, then down her thigh towards the stool beneath her. He darted his tongue forward, licking upwards, the gooey fluid finding a welcoming home in the pit of his stomach. He moved from one thigh to the other, quickly lapping up the rest of the oozing juices she'd sprayed onto her thighs when she came. Craving more, he moved even closer, pressing his lips to her slippery pink labia, then slithering his tongue deep inside her, searching for more of the intoxicating juices.

"Oh God, Zach, that feels so good," Alicia groaned as she looked down between her spread legs, her son's handsome young face pressed tightly to her pink enflamed twat. She pushed down with the muscles inside her, forcing the clotted gobs of semen downwards, towards her son's eager mouth. A sexily wicked smile came to her face as a nasty sucking sound reached her ears, the sound of her young son enthusiastically sucking his own cum from inside her. With that sly perverted smile on her face, she reached down and ran her fingers through her son's dark curly hair, pulling him even more firmly against her. "That's it, Sweetie, get that tongue nice and deep. Suck it all out ... yes ... just like that. Eat Momma like a good boy. Get all that nasty cum of yours out of there. Momma likes that."

Zach was in heaven. He'd loved eating his mother last night and now he was thrilled that she was letting him lick and suck her again, especially since her steaming cunt was overflowing with the cum he'd shot into her. He sent his tongue deep into her, the probing lance teasingly circling the hot pink folds of flesh inside her, the scintillating mixture of semen and womanly nectar washing onto his tongue.

"Mmmmm," he groaned deep in his throat as he swallowed once more before sending his tongue back up her hot gooey trench.

"Oh Jesus, that's so good," Alicia said as she put her hands firmly on her son's head and pressed his face flush up against her hot motherly twat. "Lick it, Zach. Lick it nice and deep. I want you to suck out every last drop of that hot cum you shot into me."

He sucked and licked eagerly, swallowing again and again as his mother flooded his mouth with their juices. He had gotten every drop of their combined juices out of her, but was still eagerly lapping up her womanly nectar, something he already knew he was addicted to.

Alicia's son's talented tongue was now pressing firmly on the upper folds of flesh on the roof of her vagina, the force of his probing tongue seeming to tease right up through her insides to stimulate her throbbing clit. She smiled to herself, wishing she could just stay there and let him lick her all day long—but she knew they only had a few minutes before her daughter would be finished in the shower. "Oh fuck, that's so good—but I need you to lick my clit now and finish me off, before Grace comes back."

Zach quickly withdrew his tongue from his mother's sopping canal, his face awash with her creamy goodness. Her gripping hands pulled him forward and his lips slipped over the pulsing red tip of her stiff clitoris. He clamped his lips tightly to her body with a gentle suction as he rolled his tongue slowly over the fiery red nodule inside his mouth, bathing it teasingly with his flowing spit. He ran his tongue provocatively all around the erect nodule, feeling the intense heat as it came alive and stiffened inside his mouth. As he continued to suck at the hot sensitive clit between his lips, he felt his mother's hips flex as she rolled her mature cunt towards his working mouth.

"OHHHHHHHH MY GODDDDDDDDDDD..." Alicia let out a deep growl as she started to cum. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her hips bucked as she ground her mound up against her son's face, his wonderful mouth sending her to a nerve-jangling climax. She could feel herself gushing, her spitting cunt covering her son's chin and neck with her discharge. She twitched and shook as she came, Zach's pleasuring mouth never leaving her pulsing clit for a second as he continued to suck and lick at the throbbing red spire captured between his lips. After what seemed like a minute, the overwhelming sensations finally receded and Alicia had to push Zach away—her clit was just too sensitive. The sound of the shower shutting off caused both of them to become more aware of where they were and what they were doing.

"Zach, that was fantastic," Alicia said as she grabbed Zach by the shoulders and pulled him to his feet, "but Grace will be back soon. We've got to straighten ourselves up." She drew her legs together, pulling her robe about her body. She sat forward on the stool and pulled her son's face down to hers. "Here, your face is a mess. Now it's my turn to clean you up."

Zach smiled to himself as he felt his mother's raspy tongue run lovingly over his face, her lips and tongue lapping up her own sticky juices. Alicia hurriedly licked at her son's youthful skin, her soft tongue running all over his handsome face as she lapped up every drop of her womanly nectar.

"She still has to get dried off," Zach said cockily as he pushed his pajama pants down beneath his heavy round balls and started to stroke his massive boner. "And I've got a nice big load right here for you, Mom."

Alicia found herself instinctively licking her lips as she looked at her son's magnificent cock, remembering how wonderful it had felt to have that incredible cunt-splitter between her legs, and between her lips. Once again she gasped at the amazing size—over 10" of rock-hard cock was pointed right towards her. She'd measured it herself last night, the surprising size taking her breath away as she laid her sewing tape along the length of it, then feeling her pussy twitch with delight as she'd also wrapped the flexible tape around the base of the turgid shaft and took the reading—7".

Zach smiled as he watched his mother's exotic dark eyes follow his pumping hand, each slow purposeful stroke directed right towards her. He knew from last night how much she loved the taste of his cum—between taking loads directly from the source to licking his cock clean after he'd pumped her full, she couldn't get enough. He saw that beautiful tongue of hers run out and slowly circle her pouty lips as the glistening red eye of his turgid dick filled with pre-cum. Yes, he could see she wanted it, she wanted it bad. He so badly wanted to blow this load all over her pretty face, to totally paint her with his white milky seed, and then use his cock to push all of that creamy goodness right into her welcoming mouth. But there was no way they could do that right now, there just wasn't time. A noise from down the hall drew their attention—Grace was going to be back any minute.

"Zach, you've got to hurry," Alicia whispered frantically, her eyes glazed over with lust as she watched her son's stroking hand start to pump more vigorously. She was dying to have his cock in her mouth again, and she was shocked when Zach turned slightly away from her, grabbed the pot of yogurt sitting next to her on the counter, and pointed the end of his pulsing dick towards the open container. Her eyes opened wide as she saw the tip of his prick turn a cloudy white for a split second before he held it still and started to shoot, a long ropey strand of semen spurting forth right into the cup. She gasped as Zach's enormous cock kept shooting, wad after wad of thick white cum gathering in a growing pool on top of the yogurt. Zach pumped again, and a few more ropes of the precious silvery fluid shot forth, adding to the sizable batch from the first few volleys. Finally, as a tingling shiver ran down his spine, he brought the container to the tip of his throbbing dong and wiped the last oozing dregs onto the lip of the cup, his huge load bringing the level in the cup right to the brim.

The sound of the bathroom door opening seemed to echo from down the hall. Zach quickly placed the yogurt container back on the counter in front of his mother and had just finished stuffing his spent dick back into his pajama pants when Grace walked into the room, a bathrobe wrapped around her lithe young body while her hands rubbed at her wet hair with a towel.

Alicia breathed a huge sigh of relief—Zach had managed to tuck away his huge cock just in time. Alicia's hands were shaking as she reached forward with both hands and took a slow sip of her coffee in order to try and calm her frazzled nerves. It had been just a matter of seconds from what could have been a major disaster. She was surprised to see Zach acting like everything was under control as he casually reached down and picked up the yogurt container she'd put out for him, grabbed his spoon and eagerly dug in.

"Aahh, that feels better now," Grace said as she slid onto the stool next to Alicia and picked up her spoon. She put her hand around the container in front of her and then looked over at the one in front of her mother. She quickly reached over and snatched it up. "Mom, can I have the peach one today?" Before Alicia could say anything, Grace dug her spoon into the cloudy mixture before her and slid a heaping spoonful into her mouth. "Mmmmm, this is so good." Both Zach and Alicia watched, their mouths hanging open, as Grace circled her spoon once more around the edge of the cup before plunging it deep into her mouth, then drew it out slowly, the unknown combination of yogurt and her brother's cum settling on her tongue.

"This peach one tastes even better than usual," Grace said as she looked into the container. "Is it a different kind?"

"Uh ... no," Alicia said, her voice quivering in shock. "It ... it's the usual kind."

"There seems to be a little more of this milky part at the top. I usually stir it all together, but for some reason, it tastes different today—I really like it." Zach and Alicia watched as Grace carefully scraped her spoon over the top of the yogurt before coming away with a spoonful that appeared to be almost totally cum, thick clumps of sperm-laden whiteness mixed in with his silvery seminal fluid. She hesitated for a split second with the spoon in front of her mouth, and they watched her nostrils flare as she breathed in the foreign scent. She then slid the spoon back into her mouth, her eyes closing in pleasure as she slowly savored the new taste, the unfamiliar flavor settling pleasurably onto her tongue.

"Mmmmm, that's really good." She looked into the container once more as she spoke. "I don't really know what that flavor is—it tastes different than anything I've ever had before. Can you buy some more of these, Mom?"

Alicia's eyes flicked to Zach, who quickly looked down, his face turning red. "Uh, sure, Honey," Alicia was barely able to get the words out of her mouth. "I'll ... I'll see what I can do." Not only was she shocked that her daughter had taken her cup of yogurt and loved the taste of her brother's cum, but Alicia was frustrated at having missed out on the delicious treat herself. When she'd seen Zach start to pump out his load into the container, she'd felt her pussy quiver at the nasty thought of getting that fresh batch of his sperm-laden seed into her own mouth. As she watched Grace continue to scoop out the whitish mixture and eat it, she had almost sighed in frustration.

"Uh, I better hit the shower," Zach said as he finished up his own yogurt and gulped down his glass of juice.

"Me too," Alicia replied as she took another sip of her coffee before heading to the en-suite bathroom.

Half an hour later, Alicia breezed back into the kitchen, showered and dressed for work. She'd chosen a black skirt-suit with a tight square-necked red sweater. The skirt and jacket were nicely tapered and fit her slim figure perfectly. The pencil skirt ended just a couple of inches above the knee, the narrowness at the hem made easier to walk in by a vent at the back. She left her legs bare—knowing the brilliant whiteness of her skin would look boldly alluring against the jet black skirt—not to mention the pointy-toed pumps with the 4" heel she'd chosen. The sweater fit her slim-form snugly, and she knew with the black power bra she was wearing beneath, the red sweater made her small but nicely-shaped tits look great. Altogether, the outfit made her look like a perfect business MILF, or even a LILF, a "Lawyer I'd Like to Fuck".

She quickly wolfed down the yogurt she'd left on the counter, once again sighing in disappointment at not being able to have the one Zach had prepared especially for her.

"C'mon, kids. Let's go," she called out as she slung her purse over her shoulder and grabbed her briefcase.

Grace emerged from her room wearing her school uniform, the short kilt and knee socks combined with the white shirt, vest and tie making her look like the adorable school-girl she was. "Where's Zach?" she asked as she shifted her knapsack from one shoulder to the other.

"I'll get him." Alicia turned on her heel and strode back down the hall, her sexy high heels click-clacking on the tile floor. She knocked on the door of her son's bedroom. "Zach, are you ready? We're going to be late."

"C'mon in for a second, Mom."

Alicia turned the knob and stepped into the room. "We've really got to get..." Her voice trailed off as she stopped dead still and looked at her son. He stood just a few feet away, dressed in a school uniform just like his sister—only his enormous cock was projecting from the fly of his pants, his massive member standing at full erection. He had his hand wrapped around it in a warm loving corridor, his curled fist pumping slowly back and forth, a gooey strand of pre-cum already drooling from the wet red eye.

"I'm sorry you didn't get that breakfast treat I had for you earlier—I thought you might like another one. I've been getting this one ready for you. It's almost there," he said with a wickedly teasing look in his eye, "if you want it?"

Alicia felt her heart start to race and her belly flipped with excitement. "How I love the stamina of youth," she thought to herself as she became mesmerized by his huge cock, the enflamed purple head looking angry with the need to get into something hot and wet. She'd thought the same thing last night when Zach seemed to recover almost instantaneously and stay hard again and again. He'd given her load after load and brought her to one spine-tingling orgasm after another.

She could feel her pussy starting to cream on the spot as she watched her son provocatively stroke his massive erection. She looked at that drooling web of silky pre-cum and felt her mouth start to water, wanting to feel it slip between her lips, to suck it, to taste it, to feel the incredible power within it as it shot forcefully into her hot welcoming mouth. She wanted it more than she could have ever imagined.

"Just ... just stay here!" she said as she put her hand up with one finger pointing towards him. She turned on her heel and hurried from the room. Her daughter looked up as she stood by the front door of their apartment. Alicia reached into her purse and pulled out her keys. "Here, Grace, go down and get the car started. I need you to do that for me, Honey. Zach's just having trouble with his tie. We'll be right down."

Before her daughter could say a word of protest, Alicia ushered her out of the apartment and closed the door behind her, locking it, just in case. She dropped her briefcase and purse and hurried back to Zach's room, her heart aflutter with anticipation.

Zach smiled as his mother entered his room and closed the door behind her, and then quickly dropped to her knees in front of him. She looked so incredibly sexy kneeling before him in her business suit, but it was her tongue running wantonly over her red painted lips that really drew his attention. He stepped forward, setting his feet firmly in position as he pointed his throbbing dick right at her beautiful lipstick-covered lips, just as she opened them into a sensually inviting 'O'. She flicked her tongue out and lapped up the drooling strand of pre-cum hanging from the end of his prick and drew it deep into her mouth, swallowing eagerly before bringing her shiny red lips back to the tip of his sensitive glans.

Alicia felt her pussy creaming like crazy as she pressed her lips to the hot crimson crown of her son's huge prick and moved forwards, her lips stretching and stretching as they followed the flaring contours of the broad mushroom head. Once again, he was so huge she thought her lips might split at the corners as her mouth was forced to open further and further as they spread over the tremendous girth. She breathed a sigh of blissful pleasure as they slipped over the thick rope-like ridge of his corona and clamped down, locking that huge lemon-sized knob within her hot wet mouth.

"Mmmmmm," she purred loudly as she sucked inwards, feeling her mouth become luxuriously filled with her 15-year old's enormous cockhead. She slid her face forward and sucked ravenously, the insides of her cheeks hollowed in to provide a scintillatingly tight sheath for her son's throbbing cock.

"Oh fuck, Mom, I'm almost there. I'm gonna jerk it off right into your mouth," Zach said as he stroked his hand forward, his circling hand bumping gently against his mother's stretched lips. She drew her head back, swirling her tongue all around the pebbly glans as she bathed it with her hot saliva. She slid her head forward, going further down on his thrusting erection, her tongue pressing provocatively on the inverted 'V' on the underside of his prick.

Zach had been working on this one for a few minutes before she'd first come to get him, and he'd been so excited to see his sister enthusiastically eat his cum that he was already on the verge of popping. Having his mother slip those hot matronly lips of hers over his enflamed pecker was all that he needed.

"I ... I'M GONNA CUM," he groaned as he continued to slide his pumping fist back and forth while his mother noisily slurped away at his engorged cock-head. The first rope of rich cream spewed forth, plastering itself deep into the welcoming recesses of her mouth.

"Mmmmmm," Alicia purred blissfully as she felt her mouth fill with her son's sperm-laden cum. She could feel the potent thickness of it on her tongue and she shivered with excitement, then swallowed, the silky richness feeling exquisite as it slid down her throat. She barely had time for that first swallow before her mouth was filled again as Zach continued to unload, flooding her hot oral cavity with his milky discharge. She felt a little leak from the corner of her mouth and sucked harder, wanting to swallow all of it. She felt her cheeks bulging with the tasty goodness and she swallowed again, then one more time. Finally, as a quivering shudder ran down his spine, Zach was done. His hand had stopped pumping and Alicia sucked firmly at the very tip, drawing out the last creamy morsels of her son's semen—semen that she knew she could never get enough of.

"C'mon, Mom, we better go," Zach said as he pulled his still-hard pecker from her sucking mouth and stuffed it into his pants.

Alicia got to her feet and smoothed her skirt down over her firm thighs. With Zach right behind her, they hurried from the apartment and rode the elevator down to the parking garage. Grace had the car running and was sitting in the front seat, the spot usually occupied by her older brother.

"Shotgun," she called out as the other two slid into the car. "You snooze, you lose, big brother."

Alicia put the car into gear, pulled out of the garage and headed towards the kid's school, rushing to make sure they got there before the bell.

"Hey Mom," Grace said as she turned in her seat and looked at her mother's shoulder. "You were in such a hurry to eat, it looks like you spilled some of that yogurt on your suit." Alicia and Zach both looked to where Grace was pointing at her mother's right shoulder. They both stared in horror at the large gob of semen clinging lewdly to the dark woven fabric, the milky wad slowly starting to run downwards under its own weight. As they watched in shock, Grace reached forward and flicked her finger upwards beneath the gob of cum, catching it on her fingertip and pulling it away from her mother's blazer. Both Zach and Alicia watched mesmerized as she brought her gooey finger to her mouth and slipped it inside, closing her young pink lips around her finger as she sucked up the clot of cooling jizz.

"Mmmmm. Mom, you've really got to buy more of that yogurt—it's delicious."

Alicia knew her young daughter had been carefully protected from the ways of the world, but even still, she was shocked by how naïve Grace was. Shaken by what she had just seen happen, Alicia felt herself trembling nervously as she stopped at the next red light.

"Look at that mark—it's going to leave a stain," Grace said. "Quick, Mom, give me your jacket."

"Wha ... what?" Alicia was barely able to respond.

"It's a red light. Hurry. Give me your jacket. I know what to do." Grace was reaching over to her mother and was already starting to pull the suit jacket off her mother's shoulder. Alicia unbuckled her seat belt and quickly drew her arms from each sleeve before passing her daughter her blazer. She looked at Zach in the rear-view mirror, their eyes meeting in alarm. The light changed and she hesitantly pulled forward, keeping one eye on her daughter.

"This will work, I do it when I spill food on my own clothes all the time," Grace said as she held the jacket up with the damp silvery stain shining blatantly on the dark black fabric. Zach and Alicia watched spellbound as the young girl pursed her lips and pressed them right onto the offensive stain. They could see her tongue run out and lick firmly at the woven material, using her spit to loosen up the sticky wad of semen. They heard her suck noisily as she drew on the fabric, working it with her mouth and lips. Her tongue ran out again, depositing more of her slick saliva onto the jacket before voraciously sucking it back into mouth, licking and sucking to get out the embarrassing splotch. After a minute or two of ardent licking, she held it up and showed it to her mother. The stain was gone—all that was left was a small damp spot which would soon be dry.

"Voila, good as new," Grace said, pleased with herself.

"Oh Grace, thank you so much," Alicia replied, her head still spinning at what had just happened.

The rest of the ride went quietly, and Alicia had to take a deep breath once the kids exited the car. Her emotions were in turmoil. Grace had almost caught them—not once, but twice. But having watched her daughter's reaction to tasting Zach's cum as she ate it from the yogurt cup, and then blatantly slurping it off of her jacket—well, she didn't know what to think. For some reason, she found it strangely arousing. She always thought of Grace as such a demure shy little thing, and even if her daughter had no idea what she had swallowed—Alicia knew, and she could feel her pussy creaming as she remembered the blissfully serene look of contentment on her daughter's face as she'd swallowed her brother's thick rich cum. Alicia knew that look from first-hand experience. She'd had that look on her own face many times after swallowing cum. She thought about Grace, and wondered if the apple didn't fall far from the tree. She also wondered what Zach thought of it all—that was something they'd have to talk about later. Right now, she had to get to work.

She slipped her blazer back on, a smile on her face as she looked at the little damp spot where Zach's wad of semen had been, the spot nearly dry at this point. Grace's soft young lips had been right there, licking and drawing out her brother's milky semen. Alicia ran her fingers over the spot, wondering what those soft lips of her daughter's would feel like. She shook her head, disgusted with herself. She slapped the steering wheel and slowly let out a long slow breath. "Get it together, woman," she said to herself as she snapped her seat belt back in place. She put the car in drive and headed to work, knowing she had a full day ahead of her.

"Grace, snap out of it," Jenna said as she elbowed her best friend. Grace jerked awake, lifting her head from her cradling hands as she sat at the cafeteria table. "What's the matter with you, girl? You've been walking around like a zombie all day."

"I'm so tired. I feel like I could put my head down right here and sleep for the rest of the day."

"What happened? Didn't you sleep very well last night?"

"No, I didn't." Grace looked around, making sure she and Jenna were out of anyone else's hearing range. "I kept waking up," she whispered to her friend. "I think my neighbors were, you know, going at it."

"Mr. and Mrs. Gibson?" Jenna asked, her eyes wide with surprise. "Are you sure? I thought they were pretty old."

"I'm not sure. It never really got to the point where I came fully awake and got out of bed or anything, but I'm pretty sure that's what it was. It was like a rhythmic bumping that went on and on."

"Well, even old people deserve to have some fun every once in awhile."

"But this wasn't just a little fun—this went on all night long?"

"What? All night long?" Jenna asked incredulously.

"I kept drifting in and out of sleep, but the last time I looked at the clock it was almost 5:00."

"And when did you first hear them?"

"I think it was around 11:00."

"Wow!" Jenna said as she let out a low whistle. "Are you sure it was them? Maybe it was Zach. Maybe he had Becca over and you just didn't know it. Your brother is kind of hot, you know."

"No. I don't think Zach would risk doing that when my mom was right down the hall. And for some reason, I don't think he feels that way about Becca, even though she is a little slut."

"Maybe it was your mom. Maybe your dad came over and then snuck out before you got up this morning."

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