My First Time Was With My Brother

by Jessa Lynn

Copyright© 2014 by Jessa Lynn

Incest Sex Story: My brother teaches me what boys really want.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   True Story   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   .

I was kind of excited. It was my first real date. Rob was even allowed to pick me up. My Mom and Dad said as long as I was home by 11:00 then things would be good.

The date didn't go well at all. He took me to a movie and it became clear all he wanted was to try stuff sexually. He put his hands down my shirt and I asked him not to. He kept sliding his hand up my thigh and I was really not into it. I mean honestly, I was 14 and not really ready to have sex. When I told him this he took me home early. I was really disappointed.

When I got home I was even more annoyed. My older brother Jack was home for the weekend. Jack went to college a short distance away and was home a lot of weekends. He was 21 years old and loved to pick on me.

"You're home early Jessa." He gave my long dark hair a tug. His blue eyes glinted at me mischievously. A shock of his brown hair fell across his face and he grinned meanly.

"You need a haircut." I said, hoping to ignore him.

"Date didn't go well?" He snickered as I stomped past. I slammed the door to my room and turned on the TV. I was determined to not let Jack make me mad. I heard my brothers car leave.

A few hours later I heard him come stumbling up the stairs. He was in his room being loud and playing music. I pounded on his door.

"Turn that shit down Jack!! I'm trying to sleep."

I slammed back to my room and I heard the music shut off. Then my door opened a crack.

"You decent?" He said, laughing.

"Are you drunk?"

"Maybe a little. Can I talk to you for a few?"

I grudgingly told him to come in. He flung himself down across my bed.

"Seriously Jessa, what happened on your date.?"

I shrugged. I didn't want to tell him.

"You can tell me. Maybe I can give you advice."

So I told him the whole story about touching my tits and trying to touch my crotch. He sat there quietly. After a few minutes he gave me a strange look.

"Jessa, older boys are gonna want to do stuff like that. They want to touch you and they like to fuck."

"I have never done that stuff Jack!!"

"I'm not being mean Jessa, just honest. High School and College boys want pussy. Period. This is gonna happen over and over."

"What are you saying Jack? I should just put out or give up? Why are they like that?"

"Well for starters you're pretty and have a good body for a 14 year old. I shouldn't say that but it's true. What are you afraid of? Being a Virgin isn't fun."

"I've never even kissed a guy. Not a real kiss."

"Well, lets get that out of the way. You can trust me. I'm your brother." He didn't give me a chance to protest, just pulled me down to him and I felt his lips against mine. He kissed me softly at first. Then his mouth ground against mine harder and his tongue slid into my mouth. I'm ashamed to say I didn't fight him at all. I was confused and my head was spinning. I knew it was wrong, but he kissed me hard and his tongue teased my mouth. God help me I kissed him back.

Suddenly I realized what was happening and I shoved him away hard.

"JACK!! What the fuck?"

"Fuck Jessa, I'm sorry. That was kind of hot though. Look what you did to me." He pointed at his crotch. His erection was clearly visible through his pants. I couldn't help but stare. It looked big. He noticed the direction of my stare and grinned.

"You aren't as prissy as you pretend." He grinned wolfishly. He slid his zipper down and reached in his pants. My eyes were riveted. I shouldn't look, but I had to. He pulled his cock out and I stared. It looked huge. It was at least 8 inches and very thick. It had ridges and veins bulging all over. He stroked it a little and it seemed to get even harder.

"Come on Jessa. Play with me a little. I won't tell anyone. Let me see those pretty little tits."

I shook my head embarrassed. He grabbed my wrist hurting me as he pulled me to him roughly and slid his hand up my thin camisole and squeezed my tit hard. I cried out in fear and pleasure. My gasp of fear seemed to excite him. He shoved me roughly back on the bed and pinned me with his much bigger body. He shoved my camisole up to my neck and his mouth descended onto my 36b tits.

He sucked my nipple painfully hard and tongued it rapidly. I struggled a bit but the sensations tore through my body and my struggles turned to soft gasps of pleasure. He sucked on my tits and bit my nipples and ground his erection against my crotch. He slid his hand down my stomach and down my pajamas into my panties. He felt the smoothness of my pussy and moaned.

"Fuck, you keep it bare. Fuck Jessa, you're killing me."

I struggled against his hand but he held me down with one hand as he worked my pajamas and panties down off my legs. I started to scream but he covered my mouth.

"Shut up Jessa. If you scream Mom and Dad will find you naked in here with your me like a piece of trash. I'm not gonna hurt you. You are gonna love this."

Tears squeezed out but he lowered his mouth to my pussy and he started licking me between my legs. My anguish changed to heat in a matter of seconds. His skillful tongue teased my slit and slid over my clit. He found it and began working it with his tongue and sucking it hard. My hands gripped his hair and he sucked my cunt harder. Soon I was thrashing all over the bed as his hot mouth brought me to climax. I was panting with my legs spread wide open and I saw he had taken his pants off and locked my door.

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