Confederate Rebel

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: Finding out what had happened to my father was why I broke in and stole a copy of Stonewall intel files. What I found was more anger until I discovered away to get revenge. Of course Stonewall security was after me so it was not going to be easy.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

The world of Stonewall was part of the Confederation systems. My father had spent over twenty years in the army before retiring. My mother had died in an accident shortly after I was born so dad raised me alone. The system and the Confederation slowly began to change and not in good way.

My father lost his retirement pension when he criticized the president publicly. From there we lost everything but my father was resourceful. To one side of the space port was a wide channel. When large storage pods were sent down only one in ten were ever sent back up. They stacked the pods in rows and layers and that was where my father made our home.

Each pod was five meters wide, five tall and twenty long. I was twelve when my father disappeared. In the four years since then the only thing I had found out was the police had arrested him. I earned credits doing odd jobs and learned a lot of different things. I finally had a plan but if it failed I was dead.

The most important thing was the thermal suit which I made from raw material. I had used an old stun wand and replaced the insides to make a sonic lance with a range of ten meters. I had managed to kill three security vids on the capital building and four on the outer wall with a laser. I waited until the distant blue sun set and moved as the few outer lights began to come on.

I went over the wall and across the lawn. I moved into the dark corner and leaped and caught a crack between the huge plasticrete blocks. The toes on my shoes caught and I began climbing. I ignored the floors as I went all the way to the roof. I did not go onto the roof itself, that would set off a lot of alarms.

I started moving to the left and around the building. I could see occasionally patrols walking around the building and each time I stopped moving until they went past. I went over a third of the way around until I looked down and saw the president's balcony. I went past it and finally began climbing down.

The smaller balcony I stepped off the wall and onto was the vice president's. He was also the head of the system's intelligence service. I moved to the balcony door and smiled when I saw it open. I slipped in silently and glanced around the huge office. Everyone was supposed to be down in the assembly hall voting on a new law.

I glanced at the door as I bent to check the desk comp. When I saw it was just asleep I touched the screen. I pulled a small device that looked like a data drive but was not. I plugged it in and entered a set of commands. I looked around as the desk comp linked to the super comp and began to siphon everything and send it out in a burst.

I moved to a section of a wall that was cracked open and looked in. I blinked as I looked at shelves with stacks of mega credit pads. I pulled the collapsing pack off and moved into the open vault. I started on one end and began stacking and filling the pack. It was amazing how much it took before it was to full to put anymore pads in.

I went back to check the progress and squatted to wait. I heard a bell like chime and stood and looked around. The chime meant the assembly was over and that meant the vice president would be returning. I heard voices on the other side of the door and glanced down as the desk comp beeped.

I snatched the siphon link and spun to leave before remembering the full pack. I hesitated and then turned and went to grab it and almost ran for the balcony doors as I shouldered the pack. I started climbing and had just reached the roof when the vice president walked out onto the balcony. I stopped moving as he lit a cigar and turned to walk back into his office.

I began moving again and when I reached the corner where I had climbed up I hesitated. I had a feeling and started moving again. I went around to the back of the building until my arms were shaking with strain. I started climbing down and was just meters off the ground when I realized there were four camouflaged soldiers at the corner.

They seemed to be watching the lawn on the side of the building I had come in on. I kept going until I was on the ground and moved away and straight towards the back wall. I was almost to the wall when lights began coming on and a siren went off. I turned and headed for an open vehicle gate and followed a truck as it drove out.

I turned and headed for the shadows on a street and slipped into the darkness. Police and soldiers patrolled the streets and stopped anyone they found. I had gotten far enough away from the capital building before they locked it down. It took a long time to reach the packing factory. I walked through the factory and into the crowded storage room.

In a back corner I pulled a rack out and stepped into a small hidden room. The small desk was ancient but it only held an old comp and a moly box a third of a meter by a third of a meter. The moly box was something I had made from a hundred old comp molecular drives. I sat and checked it before making a query.

I sat back when I got the result, my father had been executed just because they thought he might be a threat. That pissed me off and I absently did a little random searching until I hit the authorization approval for military raiding missions to imperial systems. I growled as I realized I had found something to pay the bastards back.

The empire did not take raids well and tended to retaliate violently. I just needed a way to get this information to them. I stiffened when I heard sounds in the factory. It was closed and no one should be here. I moved to close the panel that hid the room. I turned and shut the comp down and then turned off the power.

I used a tiny remote screen and entered a vid address. The factory appeared and I was suddenly looking at several soldier searching it. The uniforms were from the internal security which meant killers and thugs. I hesitated before touching an icon on the screen. A dozen sonic lances shifted as their motion sensors aimed them and then twelve men were dead.

I watched as more came in and died before they realized where the threat was coming from. I shut the screen off and thought of look down sats that could have seen and followed me. I quietly moved the desk and knelt to lift the trap door. I hesitated before unhooking the moly box and then climbing down into the hole using the ladder.

I reached up to close the trap door before continuing down. In the tunnel below I had to walk bent over before I got to a panel in the side of the tunnel. That led down and I closed the panel after me. It was several kilometers before I emerged from the drainage and sewage tunnels. This time I headed for the space port and the parking structures.

I waited in a spot I would be able to see anyone following or heading towards me. It was several hours before I thought I was safe and went home. I had spent the time thinking and had a plan. The empire had a consul here but no real embassy. There was an imperial credit bank and I even had a very small account with them.

They provided better safeguards and interest rates so a lot of citizens used them. I would deposit all the credit pads using a remote transfer reader and then leave the planet. Of course there were several details I had to add in but that was my plan. I moved around the huge stack of cargo pods before opening one and closing the door behind me.

Once it was dark I moved to the left and felt my way down to the end. I pushed and the end swivelled enough for me to enter the other pod. I pushed the hidden door closed and moved to the right as a faint glow appeared. A set of spiral stairs led up and I began climbing. There were ten levels of pods and I went up to the ninth.

I stepped off the stairs and crossed to walk through the wall of the pod and into another. Light sprang up as I turned to the left and walked through into the outer pod. The other end was open with a holograph projecting the image of the doors. I walked to the desk and sat after putting the moly box on one corner.

I pulled the pack off and reached for the small transfer reader. I connected it to my desk comp and pulled a pad out of the pack. I had to dump the ashes and clean the reader after each pad but I finally finished. I looked at the balance and disconnected the reader before standing and stretching.

The morning sun was just rising and as much as I wanted to rest I had things to do. I dressed in the best set of clothes I had before grabbing the moly box and leaving. I walked into the city and caught a tram into the shopping district. I used a public locker and put the moly box in it. I bought two new metal trunks with anti gravs and then I bought new clothes.

I put on a new suit before checking the time and heading towards the slave market. A prosperous man had attendants and if I was going to pretend I was a business man leaving Stonewall I needed to look the part. I walking into the large warehouse and glanced around as a man crossed to me.

I frowned, "no boys? I need an attendant."

The man smiled as he rubbed his hands, "well lad we have a couple of girls just in."

I waved my hand, "an attendant is what I need."

He shifted but continued to smile, "they would make excellent attendants."

I shook my head as I quickly thought and finally sighed, "I will take one."

He shifted, "I am afraid they are sisters and come as a set."

I looked at him and he shrugged, "the owner set the condition."

I sighed and checked the time, "fine."

I went over the price and bargained before accepting it. The two girls almost looked identical, they had long dark hair and blue eyes. The slave smocks did not hide their stunning bodies. I took the leashes and walked out and headed towards the clothing stores once more. I only had a quarter of one trunk filled with my new clothes.

We spent another two hours filling the second with new dresses and things for the girls. They undressed when I told them and did what I told them as they tried on clothes. The girls were quiet the whole time we shopped. I made a reservation and went to retrieve the moly box before we had lunch.

I hired a public transport that took us to the starport. I led the girls in on new silver leashes and crossed to the counter. I slipped my ID across to the man, "is the liner still going to Atlanta?"

He glanced at my ID, "after Anderson and Tellerman."

I snorted, "why go into the empire? Is there a more direct route?"

He looked at me, "no."

I shook my head and accepted my ID back and set my account on my comp, "I need to add another attendant to my ticket."

He looked past me at the two girls and grinned as he moved the comp and deducted the credits. I turned and headed towards the security gate with the two girls pulling the trunks behind them. The guards barely looked at me as they checked the girls through and ignored the trunks. At the gate I turned the trunks in with their security seals visible.

While I sat in the lounge the two girls knelt and sipped water. It was a couple of hours before the first shuttle up. The girls sat nervously and I was too but I tried to relax and not show it. We lifted and headed up to the liner and walked aboard to several crew members welcoming us. We had to wait to pick up the trunks before the girls pulled them after us.

I followed a ship guide to the suite and used the boarding pass to unlock the door and register. The common room was small but had a large sim window that looked down on the planet. I checked the large bed and fresher before coming back into the common room. I crossed to the couch and sat, "relax and sit down girls."

They sat on the floor and I sighed, "come sit on the couch."

They did it slowly and sat almost as if I would attack them or beat them at any moment. I leaned back and closed my eyes, "the liner is not scheduled to leave for another couple of hours. It does fewer skips so it will take a day to reach the heliopause before we jump out of the system."

I felt the couch shift and then Sarah put her hand on my crotch, "did you want to have sex?"

I blushed as I opened my eyes and looked from her to Jasmine, "I do not know ... I have never..."

I shut up as my face heated up and the girls looked at each other. Sarah looked at me and smiled, "but you bought us and that is what we are trained for."

I looked down, "I bought you so the guards would not look at me."

Sarah rubbed my cock through my pants, "we could teach you master."

I groaned and stood before turning and pulling her and then Jasmine up and after me to the bed. I hesitated and then began undressing Sarah as she dropped her hands to her sides. I turned her to the bed and began undressing Jasmine and sent her onto the bed. I undressed and moved onto the bed and laid on my side.

I caressed Sarah's hip, "what do I do?"

She looked at me and blinked before looking at Jasmine. She smiled and spread her legs, "look at my pussy."

I moved down and looked as she started teaching me. She told me where to touch and what to be careful of. She had me slip a finger into her and up behind the pelvic bone to feel the spongy area there. She was very wet and slippery before she was done. Jasmine rubbed my shoulder as I looked at Sarah's pussy, "lick through it."

I looked at her as she blushed and looked down and looked back at Sarah's pussy before leaning close and licking through it. She humped and wiggled and I grinned as I kept licking her and started wiggling my tongue on her clit. Jasmine once more rubbed my shoulder, "suck on her clit while you use your tongue on it."

I nodded as I kept teasing Sarah's clit and started sucking. She jerked and gasped and she thrust up harder, "oooohhhh!"

I grinned as I continued to suck and tease her clit while she kept shuddering. Jasmine finally rubbed my shoulder again, "move up between her legs and lift up."

I looked up before nodding as I moved up and over Sarah while she panted, "what now?"

She groaned as she reached between us to hold my cock and position it, "now push."

I hesitated before doing as she said and pushed into heaven. I buried my cock and settled on her as I moaned and held her while my cock throbbed. Sarah wiggled and humped and I looked at her. She pulled on me, "fuck me."

I did not want to move and Jasmine giggled, "pull back and push into her again."

It had felt good pushing into her so I pulled back and buried my cock once more. She sighed and humped and I pulled back and began to fuck her slowly with long strokes that almost pulled my cock out. She wiggled and thrust up and Jasmine giggled as Sarah began to moan louder. She clutched me and began shaking while her wonderful pussy constantly squeezed.

I kept fucking her slowly and started to rub and grind each time I buried my cock. It was not long before she was thrashing around and bucking as her pussy kept grasping my cock. I felt my balls churning and my cock throbbing and looked at Sarah and then Jasmine who pressed against me, "go ahead and cum."

I groaned as Sarah shoved up and tilted her hips, "YES!"

I grunted and began gushing cum into her as she jerked and spasmed, "mmmm!"

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